Hi everyone, am Haasini 24 years old, fair complexion, petite figure with the stats 32 28 34, short hair that comes up just below my shoulders and height 5’4″ from Tamil Nadu. I am here to narrate the best birthday sex so far in my life with Raj, my college classmate and we are together for the past 6 months.

During my college days,I was in a relationship with a guy and we used to have hard core sex from midnight to next day morning onmy birthdays. I broke up with him some 7 months back and it was Raj my classmate who was with me during those tough times and I was quickly over the relationship due to Raj’s caring nature that I eventually fell for him.

We used have sex atleast once a week as both of us could not stay without each other. This year my birthday was on a Sunday and I was really looking forward to it. I met Raj as usual on Saturday evening and we went out to a pub in the city. I ended up having some 3 vodkas and was little high. Both of were dancing holding each other and I made it a point to feel his dick once a while.

They close the pubs at around 11:30pm and Raj dropped me off home without saying anything and he left. I was really pissed with him for forgetting my birthday and leaving me home that night. I got back home at around 11:55pm and went straight to my room and was lying down in the bed frustrated to the core.

By the stroke of 12 I started getting calls for my birthday and I was in no mood to attend any of the calls so put the phone on silent and went for a bath. I got back and checked my phone to find some 50 missed calls and not a single call or message from Raj, that I got too angry that I threw my mobile away. At around 12:45pm, my door bell rang.

I opened to door to find a stranger with a cake, flowers and a small basket. He delivered that and went away wishing me Happy birthday. It was from Raj and there was a note asking me to keep my balcony door open for Raj to enter my bedroom.

I rushed to my room and found Raj standing outside I my balcony, I opened the door for Raj. He walked in and took me in his arms and we were kissing standing right there. The kiss was so romantic and it lasted for nearly 20 minutes. We broke the kiss and Raj wished me happy birthday. We then went on to cut the cake. I was just wearing my bathrobe and my hairs were still wet.

Raj plcaed the cake and lit the candle. He came behind me and was hugging me from behind, playing with my boobs over the thin fabric and also kissing my ear lobes and neck. Once I cut the cake, Raj removed the knot of the bathrobe and removed it from my body. He then applied cake all over my face, lips, boobs, navel and pussy area.

He removed his clothes too and came on top of me and was licking the cake from my body. I applied cake on his body as well and both of us were licking each others body and we had some kissing and licking session for the next half an hour. I was fully aroused by now that I staright away Raj to fuck me right now.

My pussy was all wet with my juices and I took his dick and licked it fully lubricating it my saliva and fell back in the bed with my legs wide open, inviting Raj to fuck me. He placed two pillows on my ass and got into position quickly and he wasted no time in penetrating me. Raj kept pumping me for nearly 20 minutes before discharging his entire load inside me.

I by then had 2 massive orgasms and moaned very loudly during that time. Raj was quick to close my mouth with his hands / mouth to stop me from moaning as my parents were sleeping in the room downstairs. Raj then left asking me to meet him at his apartment tomorrow morning at around 8am.

I woke up early in the morning, went to temple with mom, had breakfast and quickly left home by 8am saying am going to spend the whole day with my frens. I reached Raj’s apartment at around 8:30 and he welcomed me in with a warm hug at the doorstep. He was homealone for a week and so we had a place to have all our fun.

I walked in and Raj closed the door behind me and came to me and hugged me from behind pressing my boobs over my salwar. I was wearing a white salwar with a deep neck and a white leggings. Raj threw off the duppata in the hall and started to kiss me on the neck and boobs over my salwar. Raj then said lets move to the bedroom, and when I turned towards the bedroom,

he pulled me to him and again said that I should enter the room in my birthday suite and he removed the salwar over my head in one go. I was wearing a black, g-string panty that would just cover my pussy and a thin fabric that runs between my ass cheeks and a mtaching bra, that reveals all my boobs except for my nipples.

Raj was so happy to see me with that bra that he immediately took my boobs in his mouth and biting the nipples over the bra and in the meantime, his hands were working with my legings to remove it. I helped him to remove that and now I was just left with that bra and panty. I then removed Raj’s t-shirt and shorts. He wasn’t wearing his inners and his dick was already saluting me.

I myself removed the bra and panty by shaking my hips and body in front of Raj performing a mini strip tease. Raj then came behind me and covered my eyes with his hands and we walked towards the bedroom, since Raj was so close to me, I could feel his dick touch my back above the ass. Once inside the room he let my eyes free and there was the second surprise for me.

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He had arranged the bed and there were rose petals on the bed which said Happy Birthday Deeps inside a heart symbol. The windows in the room were fully covered and very miminal sunlight was inside the room. Candles were placed around the bed in a knee height stands, a vodka bottle was also there in a small bowl with ice cubes around the bottle.

I was so happy to see that and also I was happy to be in a relationship with Raj. I turned around and jumped on Raj, kissing him on his lips and face. Raj then broke the kiss and carried me to the bed and made me lit the candels and he turned off the light in the room. The room was filled with sex and Raj pulled me down and started to bite my nipples, boobs and also lips.

He was doing this for the next 10 minutes and I pushed him back on the bed and I got on top him. I at once moved down to his dick and was circling my tongue at the tip of his dick and I managed to swallow the entire length. I gave him a blowjob for good 10 minutes and he stopped me and he came down to my pussy and was licking it for sometime.

His tongue was sending me shivers down all over body, I wrapped my legs around his neck, pushing his head further down. Very soon I had a massive orgasm and Raj managed to drink some of my juices and came to my lips and we started to smooch for around 5 minutes. Raj by now had come over me and placed his dick at my entrance.

I guided his cock inside me and Raj started to fuck me real hard for some 10minutes and we changed positions with his dick still inside me, I came on top and was riding his cock for another 5 minutes before he sprayed his hot cum deep inside me. I fell over him and we kissed each other and remained in the same position for the next half an hour.

I got up and fixed drink for both of us and got back to the bed. I was sitting on his lap and Raj was leaning against the wall behind. Raj started to praise my beauty in the candle light and he was giving me small kisses inbetween and was playing with my boobs. He then asked me to get some ice cubes and he put one in my pussy one in ass hole.

I just can’t explain the feeling and even now when I am writing the story, I feel some kind of sensation in down there in me. He covered both my holes to make sure the ice cube pdoesn’t slip out. I was moaning out load and he started to kiss me on my lips to stop me from moaning. I had the icecubes inside my holes till it melted away.

Then Raj poured some vodka over my pussy and started to lick it. Raj was so good in that and he licking my continuously there for 15-20 minutes. I had multiple orgasms and then pulled him over me and kissed him on his lips and went down to suck his cock. I gave him blowjob for 10 minutes and he sprayed his cum all over my face saying that its a facial treatment.

I then got up and went to the bathroom, Raj followed me there and helped to clean my face, pussy and ass. We then got into the shower and was soaping each other. I always wanted to try standing 69 position and so asked Raj to get into that position. He sat down on the seat and he hepled to get to that position, with my pussy in front his mouth and my mouth in front of his dick.

Raj then got up from the seat carrying me in that position. We were in that position sucking on each other’s organ and both of us reached the climax at the same time. I then placed my hands on the floor and got off from Raj. We then had a good hot water shower and came out fully drenched. Raj loves to fuck me when am completely wet and hence I was expecting him to take the move.

As soon as we stepped out of the bathroom, Raj carried me from behind and took me to the bed. There he made me stand on all fours and entered my pussy from behind. He was fucking me real hard and at time he would pull me back with my hair, I would bend towards him to kiss him and he would continue to fuck me with all the energy.

He fucked me for mearly 20 minutes before discharging the load and both of us collapsed on the bed in the same position. We got up at around 3pm ordered some pizza for lunch and we roaming around the house all naked. We were playing adult dare games with the app from his mobile and tried all sort foreplays as in the app.

We then had our lunch and continued with our adults games from different apps. If the app said FUCK, Raj would pounce on me and start fucking me in the pussy. I had to leave home by 9pm. We had some 3 hard core fucking sessions till 8pm in the night and I had a feel that my pussy was torn apart and had some difficuilty in walking.

So Raj suggested that I stay with him there for the night as even Raj didn’t like me going home. I then called my mom and her that I came off to the nearby hill station with my frens and the car broke down and so we cannot reach home that night and I would come home the following day. We then sat down in the couch with our drinks. I had vodka and Raj had whisky.

We were naked still cuddling in the couch and sipping on our drinks. We were talking about the amount of sex we have had in past few months and I couldn’t believe that we had been so horny from Day 1 till date. Raj then went on to cook some dinner for us and I helped him in cooking.

And as all you know that girls get turned on when their partner cooks for them and that’s what happened here too. I got turned on and went behind Raj and hugged him from behind, Raj pulled me to his front and I was kissing him on his lips and then went down to give him a blowjob.

His dick was in the limp state and with some 10 strokes and few sucking it started to gain its length. I was sucking his balls and dick making him go mad and once he went to a stage where he couldn’t keep his hands off me, he caught hold of my hairs and started to fuck my mouth real hard.

His dick was touching the deepest point in my throat chocking me with every stroke of his and within few minutes he sprayed his entire load deep in the throat. He pulled me up to him and hugged me tight and placed me on the kitchen table and he bent down to take my pussy in his mouth.

He then took a banana( long green one) and inserted it into my pussy peeling away the outer part. It was soft and tender inside my pussy and he continued to fuck me with the banana for some time and removed it from my pussy. He took out another one and started to fuck my arse with that and this continued for next 15-20 minutes. I had cummed twice.

He then carried me to the couch and put me down there. I was kneeling down with my hands on the top part for support and leaning over the couch showing my ass to Raj. Raj took some vodka and poured it over his dick and some on my asshole too. He then came behind and placed his cock at the entrance of my asshole and that was the 3rd time I was getting fucked in my arse.

I lost my arse virginity to Raj only and that is a different story altogether. So Raj found it difficuilt to enter my arse and with some force he entered inside in one go. I gasped for breath and was screaming in pain. Raj then closed my mouth with his fingers and started to fuckk me in the ass.

His right hand was cuppping my right breast and left hand closing my mouth to avoid moaning sound. He would lean over me and kiss me on my neck, shoulders, ear lobes. He would also turn my face and kiss me on the right cheek. He was fucking me for another 15 minutes and emptied the load in my arse. After this both of had no energy left even to raise our hand in the air.

Raj somehow managed to get up and went to the kitchen and got dinner for us. We had dinner sitting in the couch. I went to sleep leaning over Raj’s chest and he was sipping on his whisky. I had slept for an hour or so and when I woke up Raj was sleeping too. I woke him up and both of us had the last drink for the day raising a toast for the wonderful day we had and went to sleep in the bedroom all naked.

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  1. Maya I love your stories. You make them so real with details and dialogues. I am a writer myself and used to write erotic stories when I had a girl friend who used to live in another city. She insisted that i write a story everyday fantasizing how we are going to make love tonight and then we used to enact it on phone…

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