I fucked my son’s gorgeous, married teacher She is really one of the hottest female I have in my life and she keeps my life spicy and happing throughout. Its not a very old story which has happened just few months before and continuing. Let me descrive her. She is 5.5, 36-32-37, absolutely fair black hair big eyes and her skin is smooth like Venus.

I can’t thank god enough to have given a chance to be with her and fuck her. I am Sahil (Name Changed), Iam 5.9 and good looking guy. I am 37 and married to cute lady. We live on the borders of Delhi and we are having a very healthy sex life when I got married and before marriage also I have had several sex experiences which I will come back later.

My wife was always great in bed but after she had her first child her interest in sex died down and it went down further after we had our second baby within two years. Several times I tried improving our sex life with Exotic Holiday, trying to spice up at weekends, tried to talk to her several times but I made some temporary improvement but it was never an permanent solution.

Due to my very active sex life I was always horny and starved for sex. We both were quite disturbed. This thing continued for next few years and our children started growing up.My son, reached 1st Standard. Right from Nursery to Lower Kg to Higher Kg and now 1st, both my wife and I used to attend the schools Open House/Parent Teacher Meeting.

Our younger son got admitted to a very Famous Play School on borders of East Delhi. Teachers were really chosen with utmost care and most of them were pretty and cool looking young ladies. Some of them really dressed provocative. I never paid much attention anyways. Class teacher of my son was on the WhatsApp of both me and my wife.

But most of the information was coming to my wife and I really never bothered to attend any PTMS. One day when I was scrolling through the list of my Whatsapp contacts I saw one very gorgeous lady and there was no name mentioned in front. I was bit stunned and bit scared too as I was thinking what if she is one of the friends of my wife.

However I send her HI and said “ you look Gorgeous”. Hers was a usual reply “Who are you and how you have my number”. I had my heart in mouth. Suddenly I had this “Thank-YOu”It gave me a bit of a solace. I said “ I really dono you but since your number was here and I found you pretty so couldn’t stop from complimenting” She asked me what’s your name “I told my name “I asked hers and she says” Shweta ( name Changed).

This was when I was having my regular morning walk and she was also having her morning walk in the park. Our conversation started to roll and I asked more about her and till that time we didn’t share much about what she did and what I was doing in profession. However she told me that she is teacher in a play school in Delhi and lived in Jhilimil somewhere.

As we knew each other more..She told me that she is teaching in the same school where my younger son was studying. This was shocking for both of us and one thing was sure that we both were hiding our conversation from our respective spouses. There was further surprise in store for us when asked about My sons name and she told me that my son was in her class.

Things started taking shape and we started talking a bit more freely. Discussing some more intimate things but still not so open. Than we decided to see each other. There was parent teacher meeting and I went to attend it along with my wife. My wife had no clue why I was so happy. My goodness. As soon as we entered the classroom, I just couldn’t take my eyes off her.

I was shell shocked and dumbfounded to see a woman so beautiful to be a teacher. Infarct she was one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen in my life. She was milky white. But a clear smooth milky radiant complexion, big eyes silky hair and her boobs standing like two beautiful mounds waiting to be kissed.

I was struck by the lightening and,my dick was rock hard all the time meeting her. I just could not stop staring at small cleavage from her black blouse and her mounds were white like venus. She was talking to my wife but watching me look at her with so much passion. She could notice me and definitely she was bit uneasy. We finished the PTM and came home.

My mind was all the time filled with her lovely pic and I desperately wanted to be in love with her fuck her. Our conversation on whatsapp continued and we made it clear that we are both married and we have to play it safe as we have kids and we can not take extreme steps. We seemed in love.

We kept on sharing our naughty thoughts day and in and day out and we had in mind that we will meet soon. It was never safe to meet on the malls or coffe shops and it would be a disaster if some one see. Finally one day my wife was away in a marriage function and I decided that I will make advantage of the situation and will go a day later.

I called her up and she says Ok, we will meet at my place for some time and see how it goes. The day I was suppose to pick she took a day off from the school and told at home that she will go late. I shaved, shaved my dick and took good shower and soaked myself in perfume and was ready to take her and eat her up completely.

Unfortunately we had a situation that some one came to my place and things seemed to be impossible but he left and I again called her and this time she was angry and said we wont meet. OOPS. I said darling lets try, she said OK, pick me at 11 and come at the Metro Station. I was happy like there was no tomorrow.

I picked her and we were hiding from every one on the neighbourhood and finally we were home. I took her in arms and hugged her and it seemed like I have taken a silk bundle in my lap. I kept on hugging her for several minutes and feeling her in my chest. This really seemed a moment when you say, time must stop.

We got seated on the sofa, got her water and were talking as if we are like stranger and situation was awkward and suddenly I pulled her closer and hugged her. She tried to make a fake push but held her hard and hugged her and she started losing herself and she came into my arms with a full hug, her boobs crashing in my chest.I kissed her forehead and then cheeks.

Slowly I placed my lips on her lips which were drying due to shyness. She was shivering and I rubbed my tongue on her lips and she was showing token protest and trying to push me away. She was bit uncomfortable on sofa and I took her hand a guided her to the bedroom and the moment we were on bed, I put my lips on hers and she slowly opened her lips and let my tongue explore her warm and wet mouth.

Her responses started getting wilder every moment and kiss got wilder and wilder and she responded by sucking my tongue and my hands were exploring her body over the top and I was slowly touching her lovely boobs.

She didn’t mind me exploring her boobs and it was encouraging and I put my hands on her bare back below her top and explored her waist and she was puffing with pleasure and our lips were locked. I was sucking her lower lips and she loved every bit of it.

I put my hands under her bra and could hold her boobs and her nipples got hard with my touch and she threw her head back in pleasure and I kissed her neck and exposed area above her boobs and she was now responding with puffs and moans. I started rubbing her thighs over shalwar and she was in heaven.

I tried reaching her fuckhole and she dropped a bomb “I have periods”..What the fuckkk…I didn’t want to let the chance go I kept exploring her big melons and she was responding with equal vigour by raising her hands and I make her get rid of the top and she was there with me in her Pink bra.

Wow what a sight it was I immediately removed her bra and there she was in front of me like white marvel…her boobs were perfect and hard and nipples were erect. She was bit shy but I moved forward and took the nipple in my mouth and held another boob in hand and started sucking her, as if there is no tomorrow.

I removed my t-shirts and hugged her hard, her lovely boobs crushing in my chest. I took my shorts and underwear out and she could hold my dick..she was surprised to look at the size of my dick and was very amused to play with it. We are reaching the level of no return with every kiss and every bite but the fact that she was having periods was stopping us from going further.

We knew that next meeting is going to be really hot and this one really was icebreaker. She left after a brief stay of about one and half hour. She left and we continued our chat on whatsapp and we were getting desperate for more. Our talks were getting bolder and we were talking and spending a lot of time sharing message. Our talks were getting more and more dirty.

She initially had some guilt of cheating her loving hubby but lust and intimacy and excellent chemistry between us was more charming than anything else and all feeling of guilt started disappearing. Finally one fine day My wife decided to visit her parents in Mumbai and I wasmore than glad to book her tickets. She planned a 10 day visit and I was all alone at home.

I informed my lady about my wifes visit and she was equally delighted. She confirmed that on a Tuesday she will visit at my place but “we wont fuck” haha.What a weak request that was. Tuesday came and we decided that she will come herself to my place to avoid being spotted. I was equally keen to fuck her.

There was she in lovely saree and black goggles and she look absolutely gorgeous. Iimmidiately guided her to my apartment and I closed the door once she was in. One glass of water and we hugged and lips were locked within minute and we knew where we were heading for. Her cleavage was visible from the blouse which was unable to hold her boobs.

It was making me mad. I was missing her wet kiss and we were exploring the mouth like hungry mad lovers. I removed her blouse and there she was in her lovely bra which was unable to hold juicy melons. I took off her bra and started sucking lovely boobs..her nipple were tight and holding both boobs and sucking the nipples together was driving me mad.

She was moaning as if there was no tomorrow. While kissing I started raisning her saree above her knees and further up her thighs and I was getting mad at the sight of smooth shapely legs. It was after ages I was seeing so smooth white kissable thighs.

Leaving her boobs I started kissing her things and wow..raised her saree further and could see her lovely pussy and there was wet spot on the lovely white transparent panties she was wearing. I slowly removed her saree and petticoat and now I could see her only in panties and she was laying before me like a marvel figure with silk smoothness.

I turned her upside down and kissed her smooth back and she was puffing with absolute pleasure and I could see her lovely face filled with ecstasy, She was moaning loud and I was fucking scared of the people could hear her moans. Slowly while she laid on her stomach I lowered her panties and kissed her butt..it was one of the loveliest asses seen in few years and I was licking it like a hungry mad man.

I turned her over and kissed her boobs again and went lower kissing her naval. She bent like a bow with pleasure and I moved further towards her pleasure hole and the moment I kissed on her lovely white pussy lips a big moan came out of her mouth and she was shivering with new feeling. I opened the lips of the pleasure hole and she was flooding with juices and juices were flowing down till her ass crack.

I slowly put a kiss on lips and darted my tongue in her soft pussy and it was hot like volcano. Without raising my tongue I pulled a line with my tongue down her pussy until her ass hole and the moment my tongue touched her ass hole she almost shrieked with pleasure and pushed her ass on my tongue and I pushed my tongue in her lovely brown ass hole and it was out of the world experience.

Now I was eating her pussy and ass she was getting crazy with pleasure and her eyes were closed. She looked like a sex goddess and lust on her face looked amazing and it could have raised the dick of a dead man. I was out of my shorts and tshirts and was eating her pussy like a ice cream. Than I suggested that I will lay down and she sit on my face.

She followed and immediately crossed her legs and put her ass on my tongue. She wanted me to lick her ass, she says no one ever licked it before and she wanted it more and more. I started sucking her ass and pussy simultaneously and her pussy was oozing juices in gallons. She was loosing all strength and she cum twice and I was happy to accept the nector flowing from her love hole.

She was in complete lust and now she started bowing and took my dick in her mouth and we got in 69, and she was sucking my dick perfectly. She told me that she never liked sucking dick but she was now loving it thoroughly. And could take half of my dickin her mouth. It was lovely feeling..her boobs were toughing my thighs and my dick now was disappearing more than half.

It was gagging her face but she wanted more of it. It was almost 45 minutes we kept on eating each other and now I poured some beer on her pussy and drank the beer from it, it was awsum and the chill of the beer was putting her pussy more on fire and the day was getting more and more memorable. It was now time tos tart with real and deep fuck.

I pulled her to the edge of the bed and open her legs and folded them. Pussy opened up and was ready to take on my massive monster. I slowly rubbed my 4icnhes girth dick on her pussy and gave a little push and the head went inside. Her pussy was tight like a virgin and she shrieked with pain and pushed me behind and I pulled out the dick.

I again sucked her pussy and again rubbed my dick and pushed it in and again head went. She seemed in pain but was ready for the assault this time. I started making gentle pushes in and out and pussy was accommodating to the size and was taking it inside inch by inch and with in two minutes whole dick disappeared in her tiny pussy.

She was all puffing with both pain and pleasure. I pulled out a little and pushed deep again and this time it was buried in her cunt till hilt and it was now touching deepest part of unexplored pussy. She later told me that my dick was almost double both in thickness and size that of her hubby.

I started fucking her with slow thursts and now she was enjoying the fuck, her pussy adjusted to the size of my dick and was gripping it like it didn’t want dick to go out. I placed her legs behind her shoulder and she was almost folded and her pussy was up and I could make powerful thrusts and touch the deepest corners of her pussy.

Her pussy was really unbelievably tight but was loving the brutal assault of the monster and now started enjoying the hard fuck. I pumped her for almost twenty minutes and I could see that she was getting the fuck of her life.I released my gunk inside her hot pussy and she also orgasmed at the same time and I laid on her spent.

My dick was still inside her pussy and she was holding me tight and her boobs crushing under my chest. After few minutes the dick slipped out of her cum filled pussy and I opened her legs and could watch the cum oozing out of the freshly fucked pussy. Her lips were swollen due to hard fuck but she looked completely satisfied with new fuck experience.

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