I believe for men cars and wives are alike, usually they don’t share these two with anyone, still there are many males who give their car to specifics to ride and there are very few males, like my husband and his close friend Ritesh who give their wives too to specific to ride.

Yes! This is about wife swapping between two best friends and it all began with exchanging of cars and finally reached to the exchanging of wives. For introduction I would say my husband Mohit and Ritesh are childhood friends; since they were in 3rd standard but soon after schooling somehow they lost contact and later, thanks to FB they once again came in touch after around 15-16 years.

By now both were married, me; Pooja married to Mohit and Ritesh married to Ridhima. We; both the couples are married more or less from last seven years, both the marriages were love marriages and at present we all are reaching to our mid thirties. I am mother of one but Ridhima is mentally yet not prepared for a child.

The Males; Mohit and Ritesh are tall, more or less 5’10’, broad shoulders with bit of tummy, physically as well as mentally they are almost alike but females; I and Ridhima are very far from each other in looks and otherwise. Ridhima is fair with average looking face and light brown eyes where I am good looking but dusky in color with big black eyes.

Tall, not exact but almost same as males with flat belly Ridhima has balanced fleshed all over her body but I am barely 5’5” with lot of extra flesh over my arms, thighs and hips. She has perfect round medium sized breasts but mine are huge.

Her hairs are dark brown with few golden tints ending few inches below her shoulders and mine are black and long, ending few inches above my waist. Ridhima wears only western outfits and because I live with my in-laws, also physically I am bit plump I rarely wear western outfits.

I must mention this fact too that I and Ridhima are different not just in appearance but we are also dissimilar in overall nature, I am little reserved with bit of sheep thinking but Ridhima is very straight forward and far open minded than me.

Anyway, while moving back to sequence I would say after meeting on FB after 15 years my husband Mohit and Ritesh were like gone mad for each other and in next two or two and a half years we saw dozens of movies together and had countless drinks and dines at each other’s place and like males soon we two females also got close to each other like childhood friends.

Whatever, recently; couple of months before when all this happened we; both the couples bought new cars. Both SUVs but different brands and soon Mohit and Ritesh started exchanging their cars on regular intervals. No problem! Not for moment I felt anything wrong in this but things turned nasty on New Year Eve’s get together.

It was held in Ritesh and Ridhima’s flat and like always my child was left with my in-laws at home and it was just we 4 in the house. I was wearing formal Salwar Kameez with entire marital make up while leaving the house but after reaching at Venue I was made to change into western outfit by my husband.

Time was 10 or bit more when we reached at Ridhima’s place and till 11:30 we had lot of snacks along with drinks. I was two drinks down of Scotch and Ridhima and both the males were three drinks down of same when suddenly Ritesh came out with a thought of dancing on New Year moment with each other’s partners.

Everything was preplanned by both males and Ridhima but when Ritesh spoke came with this idea everyone except me behaved fascinated. There was yet 20-25 minutes left for New Year and Ridhima quickly made one more set of drinks for all of us. I was not willing to have more as I was already feeling intoxicated but Mohit insisted me and soon after ending our drinks we;

all four came in the middle of the living room to dance. Ritesh played particular romantic no. which was appropriate for the kind of dance we decided to do and Ridhima reduced the lights. Music started and with exchanged spouses we all came close to each other.

Almost touching and holding my one hand in his hand Ritesh moved his other hand to my back and I accomplished the ballroom posture putting my left hand on his upper shoulder. Nothing wrong, looking into each other’s eyes with bit of smashed smile we; I and Ritesh moved slowly on the beats and I saw Mohit and Ridhima were also dancing in same pattern.

Couple of minutes passed and from my back Ritesh’s hand moved down to my waist. Yet no problem and I continued dancing with Ritesh silently without much hesitation. Couple of more minutes passed, in the mean time I did not bother to see Mohit and Ridhima,

rather I was waiting for clock to reach to mid night and suddenly Ritesh moved his hand further down and rested his palm over my ass mound. Nothing else, I removed his hand from my bottom instantly and looked up at his face with a question in my eyes and he asked me to see behind. I turned and saw Mohit’s hand was also on Ridhima’s ass mound.

I was surprised and for a fraction looked at Ritesh and he was smiling. Next I turned again to see my husband and I saw his hand squeezing Ridhima’s mound. That was unpleasant but before I would have reacted over that Ritesh slipped his hand over my ass mound again and squeezed me there same way.

I removed his hand swiftly again but before I would have moved away from him he once again took hold of my fleshy mound and squeezed it again.”Arre yaar thoda bahut to chalta Hai…” Ritesh spoke that as I got away from him and to my surprise my husband supported Ritesh’s statement and asked me not to feel shy and somewhat showed me his hand which was resting on Ridhima’s ass mound

“Ab tum Sharmao matt…dekho main bhi touch kar Raha Hun Ridhima ko” and after saying that he once again squeezed her mound nicely and turning her head Ridhima smiled while looking at my face. That was unbelievable, how can Mohit do that? Moreover how can Ridhima accept that?

I was speechless and without saying a word as I tried to gaze Mohit in objection he ignored looking at me and turned Ridhima back in dancing posture and continued moving on music beats with his hands on her ass mound.

“Come let’s dance” saying that Ritesh once again took me in his arms and with mild hesitation I continued to dance with him. I saw Mohit repeatedly and his hand did not stop playing with Ridhima’s mound and to my revelation Ridhima seemed enjoying all that.

Next for a minute or not even that Ritesh’s hand stayed on my waist and as he saw Mohit is playing with his wife’s ass continuously he too landed his hand over my mound and squeezed it. Ridhima was fine with it but it was not accepted to me but as I once again tried to get away from him, gripping me harder Ritesh asked me to relax. I was feeling intoxicated and with whatever Ritesh was doing with me, I was not willing to dance with him but I suppressed my hesitation with a thought that he is drunk and it is a matter of couple of more minutes until clock will reach to mid night and unexpectedly assuming my ignorance as my acceptance Ritesh started playing with my ass mounds freely;

he rubbed his hand all over my bottom and squeezed my ample flesh repeatedly; just like my husband was playing with his wife’s ass mounds and by the time clock reached to mid-night sexually he was so turned on that shouting “Happy New Year” he clenched me hard against his firm chest.

Mohit also screamed same from somewhere behind at the same time and I tried to push Ritesh, mainly to see my husband but he was too powerful and after crushing my breasts with his chest he grabbed both of my ass mounds in his hands and tried to pick me up.

Anyhow that was not possible for him without my consent and soon after getting away from him as I looked back to see my husband I was shocked to see Mohit lifting Ridhima by holding her both the ass mounds and her legs wrapped around his waist.

“Mohit….!!!” Addressing his name I somewhat yelled in shock and next instant releasing Ridhima back on floor he moved to me and hugged me saying Happy New Year. Not just Ritesh but Mohit was also smashed, I could make out from his body language and next as Ridhima also came to me and hugged me I realized that she is also in same state.

“Feeling jealous hmmm…?” looking into my eyes Ridhima asked me with naughty smile and I tried to bring my expressions back to normal and denied for being jealous with tiny smile. I thought that it is just a momentary obsession and now everything will get to normal but next as both the males settled down on different couches

with one more drink in their hands Ridhima came and sat down into my husband’s arm and took sip from his drink. It was unpleasant to see but assuming that she is just trying giving me envy feeling I smiled to suppress my real sentiment and very next instant Ritesh got up from his place and sat beside me and took me in his arms same way.

I looked at Mohit and there were no odd expressions over his face, rather he smiled looking at me and asked Ritesh to give me a sip from his drink. “Thodi pila issko apne glass se” and hearing that from Mohit Ritesh tried doing that.

Obviously I resisted, I was already feeling drunk and I tried a lot to avoid but wrapping his arms around my shoulder Ritesh did not stopped insisting me until I took one sip from his drink. After that I almost released myself from Ritesh’s arm but Ridhima went better into my husband’s embrace and started sharing his drink properly.

“Now you are feeling jealous….” She smiled while asking me again and knobbing my head in no; I continued suppressing my real emotions with casual smile. Ridhima was drunk and I thought she is just trying teasing me; that’s what anyone at my place would have assumed but everything was running planned and after taking couple of more sips from my husband’s

glass Ridhima somewhat challenged me that I will certainly feel jealous if she will kiss Mohit “agar main Mohit ko kiss karungi tab to tum definitely jealous feel karogi”. I got perturbed with what she said but I did not reacted over her words;

anyhow I could not imagine that she could be serious over that but soon after seeing my firm facial expressions she turned her face to Mohit and started sucking his lips. What is that? I was not surprised but I was traumatized; I was jammed at my place with my heart beating high and as I turned my head to look at Ritesh, he moved ahead and planted his over mine.

Now what is that? I was more than shocked and I pushed him and before I would have got up from there, Ridhima got up from her place and sat beside me. “Let’s have group sex…! Mazza aayega” she smiled and while saying that moved her hands on my breasts roughly. That was erotic and her touch stirred me with strange sensation,

yet I was not so intoxicated and as I removed her hands from my breasts in disagreement Ridhima straightaway took off her t-shirt and threw it away. No words; truly speaking friends I really don’t have any words to describe my mind state of that moment, till then for me it was just that Mohit is crazy about Ridhima and he has always ended up fucking me after meeting her

on such drink and dine and with that I knew this fact too that Ritesh is also crazy about me, Ridhima has shared this truth with me but anyhow I could not imagine these two along with Ridhima can think of being so nasty. Whatever Ridhima was wearing white color stylish bra and after looking in my eyes with smile she turned to see my husband.

No wonder seeing her fair and perfect round breasts caged in tight bra Mohit smiled with evident lust in his eyes and seeing his reaction I screamed and got up from my place. Next with me everyone got up and as I moved bit close to Mohit, holding my wrist he pulled me and wrapped his arm around my waist.

No time to think as everything was running fast and I was yet not out of shock of what Ridhima just did and Mohit lifted my t-shirt and somehow managed took it out from my arms even after my opposition. I once again screamed in shock and without looking at Ridhima and Ritesh tried to get my t-shirt back from my husband but he threw it away.

We both the females were topless now but with entirely different mind state, me in shock and Ridhima in pleasure and before I would have thought about rushing towards my t-shirt Ridhima came from behind and bumped into me. “Let’s do it….” she spoke and her hands once again squeezed my breasts rough and hard.

I puffed in low voice but tried to get away from her and Mohit blocked my movement. “Let’s do it…” he too spoke same words and reached to my waist to unbutton my jeans. “Please…Mohit…what are you doing?” saying that I removed his hands from my waist swiftly but before I would have tried getting away from being sandwiched between Ridhima

and my husband Ridhima drifted straps of my bra down from my shoulder. I shouted again and for and instant saved my breasts from getting exposed but next instant Mohit grabbed me from my waist and clenching me hard against his chest and started kissing me.

He was my husband but it was weird, I resisted but really failed to stop him and after a minute or bit less started responding to his kiss. “Aaj hum group sex karenge” after kissing me Mohit did not asked me, he somewhat told me that and with that moved his hands on my back to unhook my bra.

I was yet not prepared and as I tried to stop him he asked me to turn and see Ridhima “Ridhima ko dekho” he spoke and I turned and I was shocked to see her standing just in panty. Next Ridhima smiled and moved ahead and once again clenched my breasts from behind and spoke

“Aaj hum dono Cars hain…aur ye dono ek dusre ki Car chalyenge” (means today we are Cars and they will drive each other’s cars). I was not willing but I was drunk and hearing Ridhima’s words I felt losing control over myself. Ridhima continued squeezing my breasts from behind after removing my bra completely and I did not protest much when my husband unbuttoned my jeans.

I was already topless and soon my jeans also went down to my feet, Ridhima did that and seeing my uneasiness looking into my eyes Mohit smiled a bit and once again kissed me long and deep. Mentally I was yet not completely into the act but I was getting aroused with every passing moment and soon after breaking the Kiss Mohit also started taking off his clothes.

Ritesh was standing somewhere behind me and next as I heard Ridhima asking him to take off his clothes too my heart started beating high. I did not turned around to see him, I did not had courage to see him but soon holding my wrist Ridhima pulled me and asked me to turn around and I saw by now Ridhima was stark naked but Ritesh was yet having his underwear over his body.

I was also just in panty with my breasts exposed to Ritesh and I blushed as he wowed with smile while looking at my sagging melons and took off his underwear in front of my eyes. In the mean time including his underwear Mohit also took off all his clothes and moved forward to me and drifted my panty down to my feet.

No words; once again I don’t have any words to describe the sensation I was going through while standing stark naked with three more ready to get into group action. Certainly by now sexually I was well charged but my heart was still beating in strange fear and my arousal

and uneasiness enhanced when wrapping his arm around my waist my husband brought me close to Ritesh and came out saying “YE LAY….TU MERI CAR CHALA…MAIN TERI CAR CHALATA HUN” (Means; take it…you drive my car… I will drive your car) Virtually I and Ridhima were nothing more than cars for our husbands and soon both the males took each other’s cars and occupied different couches. Ritesh was crazy about my big breasts, I knew this as I have seen him staring them countless times and after kissing me for a minute he started sucking and squeezing them like hungry animal.

I was moaning and gasping and just like me Ridhima was also panting in same pleasure. Ritesh and I were on three sitter and few feet away Ridhima and Mohit were on kind of divan and while Ritesh was chewing my long and hard nipples I saw Mohit laid Ridhima on her back and buried his face into her thighs.

Ridhima grunted in pleasure and smiled while looking at me and seeing his wife getting sucked Ritesh too asked me to lay down on my back. Eventually I too hissed in pleasure as Ritesh folded my legs inwards and started licking my wet and swollen fuckhole while sitting on floor and just in few more seconds’ room was filled with mine and Ridhima’s pleasure cries.

Holding Mohit’s head with her both the hands Ridhima was enjoying getting licked by my husband but I was yet not completely out of my uneasiness. I can’t say I was not enjoying, wiggling his thick tongue in my fuckhole Ritesh was licking me so good and deep that I could not bear that pleasure but there was something which was holding me to express my enjoyment.

Anyhow I could not throw this fact out from mind that I am getting fucked by somebody other than my husband but on the other couch everything was going good as Ridhima was just not moaning in pleasure but she was asking Mohit to suck her hard.

Anyway things moved further when Mohit stopped sucking Ridhima and addressing Ritesh told him that now he is going to fuck his wife “Ritesh Bus Ab Main Chodne lagga hun teri Biwi ko” and Ritesh replied to him saying same “Main Bhi Chodne Lagga Hun Teri Biwi ko ….”. Eventually both the males stopped sucking fuckholes and got up to plunge them.

As I mentioned Ridhima was on Divan on her back and for an instant Mohit scrolled over her in same posture but three sitter couch on which I was laying was not that wide and Ritesh asked me to get up and come to bedroom and seeing us going in bedroom Mohit and Ridhima also decided to get onto same bed.

Next I don’t know if it was their excitement of that moment that after sucking our fuckholes they straight away thought about fucking but as we all reached to the bed they decided to get their cock sucked. It was Mohit who asked Ridhima to suck his Cock and seeing his wife ready to suck my husband Ritesh too asked me to suck his Cock.

By now mentally I was more than ready to get fucked by him but I was not willing to suck him and as I denied doing that Mohit started requesting me to do it while hugging me and kissing me. What to do? Finally suppressing my hesitation I agreed to suck Ritesh and soon both the males stood on their knees on the bed and I and Ridhima started sucking each other’s wedded cocks.

“Ohhh… Yess…! Ridhima… ! yess….yes…ohh…Baby…! Chus mera Lund…achhe se..Chus”

It was my husband Mohit who began speaking erotic as Ridhima took him in her mouth and Ritesh followed him by addressing me “Ohh…Pooja… Meri Jaan…Baby…you are mine…aaj tu Meri Hai…and I will fuck you whole night”

Once started both the males did not stopped moaning while speaking nasty for each other’s wives and as it usually happens with me, hearing nonsense erotic Hindi I got further aroused. Not precisely but Ritesh and Mohit were almost same size and initially I was sucking him casually,

just to do it but slowly as got aroused I took almost half of his in my mouth and rubbed my tongue over its tip repeatedly and Ritesh went mad in pleasure. He caressed my hairs while grunting in pleasure and holding them aside saw my face filled with his cock and praised my beauty saying “ohh…Baby you are so good looking”.

On the other side Ridhima was also holding Mohit deep in her mouth while sucking him hard and like Ritesh Mohit was also moaning like crazy. “Ridhima… you are my Doll…I really love you baby” Whatever we both; I and Ridhima sucked each other’s cock nicely and felt them growing harder in our mouths until both the males stopped us and took us into their desired postures.

Lying on his back Mohit asked Ridhima to ride on him and I was asked to get on my four. Ritesh was crazy for my bottom too, I didn’t know that, he told me as I turned around “Pooja…yaar…I really love your ass…” and saying that he once again burried his mouth in my fuckhole and licked my opening from behind like a real dog.

I groaned in pleasure and unconsciously bent my upper half and lifted my bottom to give him better access of my fuckhole. Ohhh…Wow! Ritesh was really crazy, no hesitation, no pause and he buried his face in my ass and licked my fuckhole so deeply that I really failed to hold myself in that posture and collapsed on bed on my belly.

Ohh God by now I was dying to get fucked and puffed in relief when Ritesh climbed on me after putting pillow under my belly and plunged me while sitting on my ass. On the other side Ridhima took Mohit in her fuckhole while sitting around his waist and just in few seconds’ room was packed with our pleasure moans.

Screaming in intense pleasure I was on my belly with a pillow, my legs stretched in big V and digging my fuckhole with steady pace Ritesh was crushing me under his massive weight and same thing was happening with Mohit on the other side because Ridhima was riding on him like a hungry bitch.

Somewhat killing my husband in pleasure Ridhima was driving his entire length in her fuckhole by moving her bottom up and down, back and forward in circular motion and Mohit was crying ecstasy like I never seen him crying with me.

Anyway they; Ridhima and Ritesh fucked us consistently for a minute or bit less and as Ridhima got tired she broke the posture and seeing her Ritesh also stopped fucking me from behind. Next Ridhima lay on her back and Ritesh turned me around and soon lying on our top with their cocks in our fuckholes both the males started kissing us. Really I don’t have words to describe my mood of the moment; Ritesh Ridhima and Mohit were hesitation free since beginning but now I was also fallen into their mind state;

lust was gone so worst in me that I was enjoying fucking with a other male without any guilt and hesitation. Ritesh was kissing me while driving his length in my fuckhole and holding him in my embrace I was kissing him back with all my affection.

Beside me Mohit and Ridhima were also doing same, Ridhima was grabbing my husband in her arms and long legs and Mohit was also pumping her while kissing her deep. “Ridhima…my Doll…I will fuck you baby…I will fuck you hard” next that’s what I heard from Mohit and with that he started fucking her hard and fast. What else?

Seeing him fucking his wife enthusiastically Ritesh also started fucking me same way “Pooja…tu meri Jaan hai…aur ab mein tujhe roz Chodunga…baar baar Chodunga” that’s what Ritesh uttered for me and started grunting loud while screwing me deep and fast.

No wonder I and Ridhima were also panting in pleasure but as few more seconds passed and both the males climbed high in passion we; both the females began shouting loud with brutal fucking.

Certainly while getting fucked vigorously by Ritesh I could not see how hard Mohit is fucking Ridhima but I knew his fervor and energy very well and I must say none among two were less as both the males were thrusting their hips back and forward with uncontrollable pace.

I was crying with woofing gasps, Ridhima was also hissing endlessly but no mercy even for their best friend’s wives and both the males continued thrashing us as if we are cheap sluts and in the end squeezed their entire length in our fuckholes. I orgasmed hard with tremors passing through my body and soon Ridhima’s shattered cries also rang in my ears.

Ritesh and Mohit also grunted loud while releasing their seeds in each other’s wedded wives and in the end rolled away from our top. What a hell! Sweating and puffing in pleasure finally we all were dead and without saying a word somehow we all adjusted ourselves on the bed for few minutes and it was Ridhima who got up first and it was Mohit who broke the silence saying “Mazza aa gaya”.

Ridhima entered in the washroom first and Mohit followed her and as they disappeared from our sight Ritesh came close to me and kissed me. My fucking fever was over and I was feeling really very weird yet I responded back to his kiss. Later, as Mohit and Ridhima came out we;

I and Ritesh entered in the washroom and soon after wearing our clothes we all once again gathered in the living room. No need to say we all were smashed and as both the males were in mood for at least one more session we all had cup of hot tea. Well, what to say, during and also after tea except me everyone was normal.

Flirting and passing nasty comments for each other’s wives both; Mohit and Ritesh were like nothing odd has happened and to my surprise Ridhima was also well indulged with them. Apparently I was also into the talk but deep inside I was feeling guilty over what I have done and after around 15-20 minutes of ending our tea when I denied having sex with Ritesh

both the males picked me and brought me to the bed and fucked me one after another. It was Mohit who plunged me first and fucked me for couple of minutes and later Ritesh fucked me hard and fast until he released his jizz in my fuckhole.

Next after around 10 minutes of my fucking with two, same things happened with Ridhima in the other bedroom and obviously it was Mohit who spewed in her fuckhole. Fucking night ended there, I don’t about Ritesh and Ridhima but Mohit slept soon after falling on the bed and I remained awake in strange depression till I reached back home next day.

Well, in the end I would say initially; for a month I was fallen into intense depression but Ridhima really worked hard to bring me out of it and now I have accepted this swinging as a part of my life.

Actually from last 2-3 years we; I and Mohit were somewhat bored of our regular sex life and we were doing role playing to kill that boredom but now since real swinging has began our sex life has found another peak of excitement and same thing has happened with Ritesh and Ridhima.

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