Wife sharing sex stories I am Vandana a 28-year-old woman married for four years to Rakesh who is as loving a husband as there can be. Rakesh since childhood had a friend who was very dear to him. His name was Pankaj and both of them were buddies since the time they started growing up.

Both were schooled together went to college together and when both of them were invited to join the same company at the same place their joy knew no bounds. Both were about the same age and started working together while sharing two-room apartment having one room each and sharing the kitchen. Taking baths together holding each other’s cock for fun and watching each other masturbate came naturally and without any inhibition.

Never they thought of parting ways and staying alone and whenever one went out of town even for a day for company’s work the other had horrible time alone. Things started to change a little when Pankaj started courting Shelly and within no time they were seriously thinking of marriage. It followed very soon and things started turning a little awkward when Shelly shifted into the two-room apartment the boys was sharing and Rakesh having no other place to go to had to put up with the couple. Pankaj was generous.

He understood the awkward time Rakesh was going through and even tried to arrange for a date for his friend but his efforts were of no avail. I am unable to bear the noises I hear from your room in the night,” Rakesh once told Pankaj and they both had a hearty laugh. Pankaj told in detail what he did to Shelly on their first night together. Both were sitting together in a bar after work and with booze in their guts with a lot of backslapping and a lot of sentimental rubbish Pankaj blurted,

We both are good friends we share everything we have”. “Everything” exclaimed Rakesh “Are you sure”. “Yes,yes very much” came the reply “What about Shelly” “She too is as much yours as mine”…discussion went on and after about half an hour later and half a litre of more booze inside them they arrived at a plan to get over the resistance Shelly was likely to show against this “sharing The following night Pankaj took Shelly out on a dinner to an expensive restaurant held her hand all along the drive back home and cajoled her to carry out a fantasy of his.

She agreed. A blindfold was put on her eyes and her wrists and ankles were tied to the four corner posts of the bed. Slowly her sari was removed and then the blouse. She had black laced panties and bra on. Slowly he unhooked the bra and the pointed nipples were freed from the tight bra and jutted up in the sky. He started pinching the nipples slowly and they the brown nipples started swelling. He put her lips on them sucking them slowly and then pinching them little with his teeth.

She sighed and her body became tense, as his lips started moving downwards towards her navel. His fingers went inside and elastic of the panties and drew them downwards so that the thick bush she was carrying exposed and beneath it the lips of her pussy lips throbbed. The journey of the lips continued and he thrust her tongue inwards and the moist juices started to drip around the pussy lips. He brought the scissors and cut the panties half to leave her completely naked and blindfolded.

Suddenly he was gone for a minute and Shelly thought he heard the door opening but she wasn’t sure. He was back and the sucking continued albeit a little slowly. Now her juices were flowing and she was nearing her peak. “Come on get on top of me I am nearly there” she cried. His cock, which was already erect, first hit the pussy lips and then slide inside smoothly. He wasn’t speaking tonight and nor was she feeling the same familiarity.

Something was amiss she was judging as she exploded into a climax. Aaaahhhh..she cooed and then her body went a little limp. He was also nearing her climax and within a stroke he also spilled his cum on her belly. “Honey let me see now,” she said. “Remove this and untie me”. “Yes yes” he said and removed her blindfold. It took her a second to adjust her eye to the sharp light. But as she adjusted she saw her husband standing there and as her eyes darted back towards her legs and she was dumbfounded to see

Rakesh standing there naked with her cock glistening in her juices…she was aghast..”what on earth is going on”..she almost broke the strings that were holding her hands and legs. She was flabbergasted. Her mind went blank and she was in state of frenzy. Tears bellowed in her eyes as the reality dawned to her. Pankaj put his hand on the forehead and consoled her. “Darling Rakesh and I are not separate. We both will take good care of you”. And he continued consoling his wife.

Days went by and now Pankaj and Rakesh were sharing Shelly regularly. The guilt attached in her mind was slowly itching away and she was beginning to enjoy the attention she as getting from the two men. “To hell with it” she thought. “When my husband is not having any problems why should I ?” she was relishing the taste of two cocks. She was enjoying sucking one cock at one time and the other one the other time. What she enjoyed most was the time when she had one cock in her pussy and one up her asshole. She was ecstatic writhing slowly between those two bodies and coming again and again while they fucked her back and forth.

Times changed when Rakesh and I started meeting regularly and within no time we were seeing each other almost daily. I was completely unaware of what was happening between the three of them and when Rakesh came to our house and asked my hand from my father for marriage I was walking on the skies. A week later I was married to him and we decided to go to Kashmir on our honeymoon. We had to leave the next day and to tell you frankly I was a little surprised to find Pankaj and Shelly on the airport with their bags ready to go with us.

However I was not unnecessarily perturbed as it was common for friends to go holidaying in groups. First day in Kashmir and I was a little annoyed to see Rakesh and Shelly touching each other freely, sitting cuddled together and drinking beer from the same glass but I kept mum and let it pass. Rakesh kept telling me how close friends he and Pankaj were and how he liked them both. I felt a pang of jealously but kept quiet. At the nightfall our first night together alone I was a little excited little hot and a little frightened.

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Pankaj and Rakesh were both drinking in our room at hotel and I and Shelly were sitting on the bed talking. The men had taken a lot of booze and were a little high. Suddenly Rakesh suggested that we should play cards since the evening was still young. Later I came to know that it was all preplanned though at that time I was a little perplexed as in my opinion it was a little inappropriate to play cards on the first night of honeymoon. Nevertheless I did not know what could one do in such sort of situations and as I didn’t want to play spoilsport on the first night itself I kept quiet.

Then it was decided that everybody will change into comfort clothes and then we shall assemble again in 15 mins. That was fine and the other couple went to their room and was back again and it is not truth if I say that I wasn’t a little shocked to see what Shelly was wearing. It was an almost see through tee shirt and a very short skirt. It was apparent that she wasn’t wearing any bra because her dark nipples were protruding out of the thin white fabric.

Pankaj was wearing a shorts and a tee shirt. Rakesh and myself had chosen to wear pajamas and seemed a little orthodox. The play continued for a while and I wasn’t able to take my eyes off Pankaj and Shelly who were sitting snugly together and doing things that were a little disturbing. Sometimes he was squeezing his nipples and sometimes pinching on her bottom. Things were getting a little out of hand I thought when I caught Shelly squeezing an obvious harden over Pankaj’s shorts.

I looked at Rakesh and found that he was enjoying the spectacle. Things continued in that vein for a while and found that I too was getting a little hot and wet down there and couldn’t fail noticing the hardon in Rakesh’s pajamas. The room had become electric and one could feel the sexual tension hanging there. Suddenly Pankaj grabbed Shelly and kissed her passionately as if we were not there. To my surprise and she didn’t raise any protest on her part. When they unlocked Pankaj said panting “Let’s play a game friends,

I shall deal and whosoever gets the lowest card will do whatever the person gets the highest card proposes.” I was half expecting denial from my husband when all three of them cried “We are all game Vandana are you..?” I had no choice but to say yes. And then it all started getting out of hand. First deal and Shelly was the one who got the lowest card and then what did her husband asked to do who was the highest card holder said “take off this tee-shirt of yours honey”. I thought she was going to protest but in a swift motion off came her tee shirt. I was aghast to see her boobs hanging unclothed with her large nipples protruding out.

I was dumbstruck unable to speak out. Next time again her skirt went away and then her bra and panties. I couldn’t believe she was stark naked. I didn’t know though at that time that it was all preplanned. Within no time three persons beside me were naked and I was all fully clothed still. Next turn and Shelly was asked to suck her husband’s cock. Watching them do this my belly was churning and cunt was dripping. Slowly Rakesh put my hand on his cock and I felt it grow under my hand.

This was turning out to be a hot first evening. Slowly Rakesh unzipped the front of his pants and brought out his cock. It sprang to its full height immediately and I found myself rubbing it. Things were getting a little out of control and this wasn’t my idea of first night with my husband nevertheless my pussy was dripping and there was terrific sexual energy in the atmosphere. Slowly Rakesh reached for my tee shirt and I found myself helping him take it off.

The other couple in the room had stopped playing with one another and was taking part in my undressing. One by one each part of my clothing came off and I was feeling as if I was getting naked in a market place and I was feeling slutty but found myself powerless to do anything. Off came the bra in a while and I saw three pair of eyes drilling into my already erect nipples. Slowly the gazes slide downwards as

I brazenly saw my soaked panties removed and my hairy pussy open for all to view. I had never felt so naked in my life as three pair of eyes were baring everything that was me. I felt a feeling of ‘to hell with it’ and ‘who cares’ in me. I was ashamed of the dripping juices in my cunt but what the hell I had never felt so hot in my entire life before. The three smiled conspiracy and then all three were there attending my body and I was feeling like a bundle of ecstasy.

Shelly started sucking my nipple and started squeezing the other one between her thumb and forefinger. Rakesh was bending over me with her tongue nearing my bush and his hands were grabbing my asscheeks. Pankaj was playing with my toes and his tongue was gradually moving up my leg. I was moving on the seventh heaven and the pleasure was almost unbearable. With one hand I grabbed my husband’s cock and squeezed it. It was solid like a rock. I could feel the pulsations in my hand.

Suddenly I felt fingers of my husband splitting my crack and reaching my puckered asshole and gently rubbing it. Pankaj was also moving steadily up and he was too licking my thighs. I noticed that Shelly while sucking me was also stroking his cock gently. Suddenly she got up and produced a tube of lube and handed it over to Rakesh. He applied a little bit of it on his finger and let it slide right up my asshole. I cry left my lips I didn’t’ know whether it was pain or pleasure. The all seemed to be working on a plan.

It was indeed a plan, which I came to know later but at that time I was not going to care for anything. Positions changed and now Rakesh was lying on his back and I was made to sit on his cock. Shelly positioned me in a way that his cock slid right up my asshole. I was crying with pleasure as I grated my ass over the cock and I had a feeling that my ass will explode. The feeling was so wonderful.

Meanwhile the other two were attending other parts of my body. Shelly was squeezing my nipples and her husband was exploring my cunt, which was now dripping like a running tap. Suddenly I was asked to change direction and now I was holding Rakesh’s cock inside my asshole while my back was facing his face. After a little while I slowly reclined on him while his cock was still inside me. Pankaj who was till now exploring my cunt now positioned his cock on my cunt and slid it in.

Ooohhh I cried as my both the holes were filled in. What a feeling it was! I started moving in small circles while both the cocks were crushing on the internal walls of my holes. The movements became furious in few minutes and now we were all crying with pleasure. Soon Rakesh cried that he was about to come and so did Pankaj. I don’t remember how many times I had come in between. My whole body was trembling with pleasure. Soon they took their cocks outside and shot their loads on my belly.

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