It was truly a pleasure trip after a long time. We were together after a long time due to my business demand. So we decided to take a break without kids. We both were sexually aroused and had wonderful time whenever together. This time also our intention was to enjoy the days as if no tomorrow.

This time we have selected a beach to spent our three days vacation. After a long journey, we reached there around 9o’clock in the morning on a Friday. As booked early, we checked into the beach hotel from where we can see the waves, the visitors etc etc…

She liked my selection of the vacation spot and the hotel and its atmosphere. We had a detailed bath and got fresh. Had breakfast and sat on the chairs facing sea. We were making comments on the people who were walking through the beach. Commenting their looks, walk beauty etc… and the comments started changing to naughty comments.

When I comment on any good sexy girls like ” wow… she is really sexy.. if she was near me!!!” She also started responding about nice guys……It ended up so and we decided to have a drink and spend some time in waves. I had 2 pegs of whisky and she had a bottle of beer. We played for sometime in the waves. Some guys were watching her sexy appearance in the dress.

It was a T shirt and tight shorts. I saw her also glancing at them frequently. I reached close to her and asked in a naughty mood “How will be if one of them share with us tonight?”. She looked at me and gave a naughty smile. I left it there and continued to play thinking that she just supported me, though not serious, not to spoil the mood.

We came back and took shower. I had one more peg and had lunch. After lunch, we just had a nap. After half an hour, when I woke up, she was not in the room. I opened the door and she was sitting outside on a chair watching something. I went near her and to my surprise, she was watching the same guys who came out and was changing dress.

This made a naughty thought in my mind. I went near to them and had chat with a handsome guy in the group and came to know their required details. They were staying in the adjacent hotel and they will leave by next day morning train to their native which is some 600 Km from that beach. I collected his mobile number and came back to room. She asked why I went and I replied “simply”.

It was around 3 o’clock and I took one strong beer for her and 1 peg whisky for me. I can read a clear naughty mood on her face and we started to chat in general topics. Suddenly I noticed that she was wearing only one front open loose shirt and midi type bottom with no inner wears….By this time she had her first glass so fast and I was just sipping my glass.

She was in the mood of drinks and I just walked near her and cupped her boobs over the shirt and whispered “ohhhhhhhh you look so horny darlingggggg” She held my hands without removing it from the lovely place and whispered back ” Dear…. I feel to go really naughty… The guy to whom you talk is sooooo hooooot darling…”

I got a hit on my head hearing this and became in the naughty moood. I asked her whether for him you kept your valuables ready? Reply came immediately… Not so da, but I wishhhh. Any way we came to enjoy na? I nodded yes honey, why not, any way he is handsome and he is a stranger too…

I agreed and told her to finish the beer fast ( Knowing that taking drinks fast will give speedy kick ) and I went out. I called that guy over phone and told him to come out to a shop. There I told him that I have a surprise gift for him but with a condition that his friends should not know. I didn’t tell that this was a well made plan. I told him to handle the situation carefully so that things will workout.

He agreed and we had a cigarette there. In the mean time, I called her and told her to be in bathroom and come out once I give signal. She agreed to it. We started to room and once reached there I understood that she is in bathroom. I told her loudly that myself and my friend is in the room having drink. And she responded “ok ok, enjoy,”

We had two pegs in the five min time and suddenly as if the cigarette got over, I told him to sit and went out closing the door from outside as if in mistake. I called her and told that I am outside and in two minutes she can come out and start enjoying. By the time I will join. Also warned her that pretend to be an unexpected incident as I told him this is without her knowledge.

She thanked me and gave a kiss over phone. Note: the first part of the incident, she explained me later, but I am adding it here for the readers to enjoy it in full. She came out in a bath towel wrapping her body tying it over her boobs. As if seeing him unexpectedly, she stared at him with shyness and fear and asked where I am.

Seeing her reaction, that guy got afraid and in a polite manner told sorry to her and said that I went for buying something and will come back soon. Suddenly, she came into naughty mood and her mind started working. Understanding his fear, she came near him and gave a pinch on his cheeks and told him

“Relax yaar, just relax… let him come… you carry on” telling this, she started to change the dress. The guy was watching her without taking eyes. He was feasting his eyes and brain with the sexy godess. She understood that and pretending as if trying to put her bra she tried to put the clip on the back side.

She then requested him to help her, as if it was tight, if he don’t mind. The sight of her body in towel and the support of the drink, he was already loosing his control. Hearing the request, he rushed to her and before he reaching, she left the bra strap and started to tie her hair. The bra strap hanged to the front and he got perplexed how to move further.

Seeing this, she told in a husky voice, common dear, just take it and clip it. By this he understood that she is also in the mood and with shivering hands he took both ends of strap in both hands. While taking it, his hands braced her boobs on the sides. A deep gasp came from her mouth and suddenly she pulled both his hands and made him close to her back.

His dick was already bulging in his Bermuda and by this act it pressed to her ass cheeks and he felt an electric shock passing through all over his body. He hugged her from back and cupped her boobs and the towel slipped down from her body and she stood totally nude. She turned her head a little to him and said, we came to enjoy here, and let us dearrrr.

Telling this without turning her body, she caught his dick through the Bermuda. He was in cloud nine and lost all the control. He hugged her covering her boobs tightly from behind and kissed under her ears. Gently he took one hand and placed on her pussy and rubbed over it. She gave a moan and turned towards him and both of them hugged together and she planted a kiss on his lips.

Then she kneeled down and undressed his Bermuda and got up and lifted his T shirt. Seeing his young body, she got thrilled and hugged his nude body making sure each and every part getting in touch together. By this time, I entered and seeing the sight I got my erection and without making noice I sat on a chair.

They were hugging in such a position that she saw me over his shoulder and winked. I too nodded yes to go ahead. As he was turning back from me, he didn’t see me. He gently kept on hand on her pussy and she widened her legs little more for him to have an easy access to the heaven spot. She too took his tool and started playing with one hand. Still hugging together.

He bend a little and gave a kiss on her one boob and started licking it. All this time my tool was getting harder and harder. Then he kneeled down and started kissing her pussy and trying to lick inside. But she was not comfortable and lifted him up and told him to come to bed. In all this movements she managed him not to see me.

He lied on the bed and she too came and sat near him. Then he whispered something in her ears but she refused, which I think was a request from him to suck his cock. Then he made her lay on her back and started to lick her pussy in a standing position on his knees. His cock was near to her hand and she started playing with it.

In that pleasure he moved a little more to her face and now his cock is almost near to her mouth. He was busy drinking and licking her pussy. She looked at me in a worried manner for not licking his cock. I signalled her that there is nothing wrong and encouraged her to do that. She was really into the mood and lost the control and raised her head and licked his cock.

With her lips touching his dick, he crossed his legs across her face and they settled into 69. After two three minutes, I understood that she is going to gift him with her honey and in a second it happened.. He was happy like a child and drank it fully and licked and raised his head and saw me sitting on chair.

First his face went pale and seeing me enjoying, he got happy and gestured a thanks to me.. By this time she was really giving a hard blow job and he was about to come. Before even he could remove his dick, he sprayed his entire hot cream into her mouth and she drank it fully. That sight really surprised me.

Then he turned to her and lied down near her and she hugged him and he too did it. Then I got up and asked them about having one more drink and getting recharge. They got up and said ok. I filled three glasses of whisky and we sat together in three chairs. They stll nude. One by one they went to bathroom and cleaned themselves.

While sitting and drinking, he told that it was a real fun and really I thank you both. Then in a naughty way, she said, so only this much?? And you are happy?? He said, not happy fully, and I don’t feel to leave you and go. But my friends will be searching for me and I don’t want them to know this.

Then I told that I liked his behaviour and what he said is correct. The ultimate enjoyment should be in a relaxed mood and let us wait for it. She too agreed and he went near her and gave a kiss on her lips and to my surprise, they started smooching and she took his dick once again in her mouth and sucked it for 2 – 3 minutes. He was fondling her boobs. After that they separated and she told to call her in my mobile after meeting his friends.

We went out to beach and had spent about one hour in the waves and by 6.30 we came back to room and had shower and got fresh. We ordered some snacks and took one bottle beer for her and me my whisky. She told that she wish to have whisky that evening as it gives more effect than beer. I was really getting confused at her behaviour.

Later I understood that she is expecting a memorable evening with the guy and is getting prepared for that. We had two pegs each and was having the snacks. My mobile rang and it was the guy whom we were expecting. I gave the phone to her and after few conversation, she asked me about that guys’ friend.

Though the intention of question was not clear to me, I said that he is also good. Then I asked why she asked? Reply was a naughty smile and told me “ dear.. tonight is for you to enjoy and for me too… and from tomorrow all this happened should be a movie only. I mean no comments or anything. Agreed?”

I understood that much more is going to happen that night and I agreed. My only condition was that I should be in the room. (Though every thing is a fun, I am afraid if some thing worst happens there. Like guys making her do something which she don’t like etc) Then, she replied over phone something and she disconnected the phone.

In a very humble way she requested me not to think bad about her by doing these and all. It is only a fun which with your support I am doing. And it won’t happen again. Once again she said that we can stop it right here if there is anything bad I am feeling about it. I felt sad and hugged her close and said “Dear I know you and why I should feel so.

After all you are not cheating me dear. You are doing with my permission. So don’t think that and all. Have fun and enjoy it at its best. I LOVE YOU”. She was so happy hearing this and gave me a deep kiss on my lips and told me to arrange drinks and snacks in the platform outside the room. She too helped me to keep things proper. We sat there in opposite chairs and was chatting.

By this time both the guys came and the first one introduced his friend to me. Both of them gave a very polite and formal wish to her too. I invited them to sit and have drink. I filled four glasses and we started sipping the drink. She had her drink little fast and had one more peg and said excuse to all and went into the room.

She changed her costume into a tight shorts of mine and a loose T shirt without anything inner wears. After 2 minutes, she called the first guy into the room. Gave him a deep hug and asked about his friend. He said, in their group, that guy is a well behaved friend and so only he requested to take him in the evening.

Then we heard she calling the other guy by name and told him to come inside. He too went inside. I was in a doubt whether to go inside immediately. But didn’t do as I want she to take control of the situation. I am giving different names to both guys to narrate the incident more attractive.

The first guy is Arul and the second one is Vinu. Arul was sitting on the bed while Vinu entered the room. Vinu was SEXCITED seeing my wife in that costume and suddenly took his eyes and looked at Arul. He was sitting on the bed as if everything is normal. Seeing this, my wife reached near Vinu and hugged him close and gave a wet kiss on his lips.

He was really embarrassed at the same time was not sure how to proceed. He felt his manhood growing inside his pant. He too hugged her close and responded with his lips. He held her close with both hands holding her head. This went for a minute or two. Their tongues were mating each other and both were loosing their control and were getting hornier.

Suddenly she parted him and gave a naughty smile and started to unbutton his shirt. Then she removed his shirt and gave a suck on both his nipples and knelt down and unzipped his pant and removed it and his underwear. She was surprised to see the erect dick of him fair and little more bigger in size. She gave a gentle kiss on his manhood and got up.

He also lifted her T shirt and hugged her close and gave a kiss on her lips and cupped her left boob in one hand and started sucking the other. A soft moan came from her mouth. He then knelt down and unbuttoned her shorts and made her nude. All this time, Arul was watching his greedy friend and was rubbing his cock over the shorts.

She turned to him and invited him with a gesture to stand close to her. He jumped to her and removed his clothes by himself. They hugged together and exchanged their saliva. The room was getting heated up. Both Arul and Vinu started to smootch her standing on both sides. Vinu was busy with her nice shaped boobs while Arul was still giving lip to lip kiss and one hand slid down to her holy pussy.

He started rubbing over her pussy. She widened her legs little more for and easy access for his fingers. She held the head of Vinu close to her boobs and all of them were enjoying as if no more chance in life. By this time I finished my fifth peg and entered into the room. The sight of two guys working on my wife’s nude body made me really horny.

And the whisky gave me a boost up and I sat on a chair. They didn’t see me as her eyes were closed in enjoyment and both guys were busy with her body. She opened her eyes and saw me sitting on chair and gave me a wild sexy naughty smile. She guided them to the bed and she sat in between them. She asked for little more drink and I gave a peg to her.

She sipped and shared it with both the guys and were relaxing. Still both working gently on her heavenly parts. Seeing me horny, she gestured me to come near her. She pulled my Bermuda down and took my dick and started playing with it. She gently put my manhood in her mouth and started giving a fine blow job which never I got before from her.

I was really raising into heaven with her magic mouth work and in five minutes I loaded her mouth with my juice and she drank it fully and sucked and cleaned my dick. She gave a naughty smile and never never I have seen her in such a horny mood. She whispered to me “ darling we are always together dear. Tonight I want to keep this horny guys a nice treat.

Shall I? “ I nodded yes with a smile in face and naughty thought of watching the more erotic scene of the night. I sat back on the chair with another peg. She turned her attention to Vinu and raised his face and gave a deep kiss in his mouth which he too reciprocated. His hands were still busy with her boobs as if he wont get such a luck once again in life.

Arul was busy with her pussy and now his two fingers are almost inside and was giving her a nice finger fuck. Suddenly I heard a loud moan from her and understood that she is going to cum. She pressed Vinu to sit down on floor and pressed his mouth to her pussy. He raised her hips little up and started licking her sweet pussy and she screamed and from the movement of Vinu

I understood that she is feeding him with her honey. He licked it like a child drinking milk. Arul gave a kiss on her lips and came near me and sat on a chair after taking a peg whisky in a glass and was watching the show with me. She gently lifted Vinu and they both lied on the bed and they started kissing again and were hugging so tight that they made sure that every part of the body were meeting.

She pressed him by keeping hand on his buttocks so that his dick should press on her pussy. Then she lied on her back and pulled Vinu to her top. She pulled him to his face and now Vinu is on top of her with legs on both sides of her body and his dick near her mouth. She held the dick in her hand and started giving a mouth fucking to him.

It continued for a minute or two and she pushed him down still holding his manhood in one hand. She widened her legs and drove his long dick gently into the pussy. He too gave little thrust and gently he went in completely. He was in his heaven and waited there for a while without moving and she gave a nice smile to him.

She was also happy feeling his manhood fully erect in her. She was licking her lips with tongue. Seeing this, Arul lost his control and walked near to her. She smiled at him and took his manhood in her hand and started rubbing it. Arul cross legged over her face and she happily took his tool in her mouth and started sucking it.

By this time Vinu started to pump gently and she was responding by lifting her hips with his pushing. It was really nice to see her getting fucked and sucked in a very nice way and my dick got erected again. Vinu increased the speed and she was not able to enjoy both at a time and pushed Arul from her top and started to concentrate with Vinu.

She held him tight on his buttocks and gave maximum support for his manhood to touch the inner wall. After a few more strokes he pumped his load into her honey hole and she too hugged him tight and had her orgasm. He hugged her and fell on her. They were on bed like that for a minute and separated to both sides.

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