My name is Aaryan (aka Sunny) name change. I am 26 years old, leaving in Gujarat. I am accountant in mnc company. I live alone as I came here on for studies. I started working as an accounting work for this company

when I was doing my Bachelors. After my exam, they hired me and I became full time employee. My parents live in Mumbai. I visit them every other six month or year for two weeks. I call to my parents every weekend just so I can keep in touch with them.

I am their only son so my mom worries a lot about me. My father owns his own business there and he is doing really well. They have no desire to live with me here in Surat. They have come and visited me once about two years ago.

When they were here, my mom mentioned a friend of hers from College time who came here after her wedding. Her name was Haasini. She came to surat about twenty years ago and she lives in near my place.

When my parents came to Surat, we went to vapi and spend a weekend with her. We came to know that she has been divorced since twelve yeas and she lives alone. One day, I came back from work and as usual I was going through my mails (bills, and junk mails)

and checking my answering machine. I couldn’t believe that Haasini Aunty called and left message. She just called to say HI and wanted to know what I have been up to? She left me her number so after my dinner I called her around 10:30pm. I was surprise that she was still up.

I gave her my best and you know usual talk. She asked me if I was doing anything for the “Long Weekend”. Since I didn’t have any plans, I said no. She then invited me to come over to her place. Since I had no plans, I accepted her invitation.

She also added that if I could bring my girl friend with me. I said, No aunty I don’t have any girl friend or I am not seeing anybody at the moment, as I am too busy with my work projects. Upon that comment she said, “Then I will be sure that you have THE BEST time with me.”

I said I am looking forward to the long weekend. It was Thursday and I left work around noontime. Since, our long weekend started from Friday to Monday; I wanted to avoid the traffic to get to Vapi. I came to my place,

I had my begs ready – I took shower, got ready and hit the road by 2:00pm. I called Haasini aunty to inform her that I have left and should be there around 8:00pm. She said, “I can’t wait to see you.” I came up to her house around 7:30pm and it was dark outside as the sun

sat early those days. She came out and saw me. I came out of my car looked around – it was on hillside, and very quite neighborhood. There were only two other houses by her house. They seem to be empty as there were no lights or cars in there drive way.

Haasini aunty came out and she looked so beautiful. She must be about 5’5”, 105lbs, 36-28-36 her size, silky hair up to her mid back and very attractive face. I am like 6’2”, 185lbs, and fair skin. We went inside the house and she showed me the guest room.

While I settled down in the guest room, she went out and made Martini for both of us. We sat on the sofa and started talking about just general stuff. She asked me how my parents are and when they are planning to come out and what not.

She also asked me about my work and what do I do and if I have girl friend. I said, No aunty I don’t have time or space for any girl friend. I am very busy with my work and I also teach Marital Arts on Weekends. She liked the sound of that.

She said, and then what do you do for “your needs”? I understood her very well and I said, oh I got things on side here and there you know. When I go to clubs, bars or parties with my friends, I hook up really fast and that takes care of that issue.

She laughed and said, of curse hunny, a hunk like you shouldn’t have any problem with girls. When I asked her what about her, she said that she was divorced since 12 years, she doesn’t have any kids and doesn’t want or plan to have any.

She dates every now and then when ever she comes across “nice” guy. But she usually keeps it short, as she doesn’t want to get into relationships. I knew what she meant. She also said, that she hasn’t dated in two years since she took on new project (she is an interior decorator)

thus her sex life is at complete stop at this point. Our eyes mate and we took our last sips of Martini together. I knew then that I would have the best weekend in years. I got up and asked her that if would be OK with her that I took shower first before dinner?

She said, sure Sunny. I will just confirm our reservations and arrange cab. I went to take shower and she went back to making calls (as I could hear her talking). I came out of shower with just my boxers and the towel strapped around my west.

My body was wet as my hair was and I was going through my beg to find nice pair of clothes to the dinner. She came inside and she said, “WOW, look at you, you are some peace of fresh meat. Look at your chest, your arms, neck and those broad shoulders and flat stomach.

No hair besides on your head, eyebrows and eyelids always a BIG Plus.” She came near me and ran her hand through my wet hair and then all over my upper body. I just stood there looking at her body. She looked so fine – she had nice red dress on,

nice perfume, pair of earrings, nice silver watch, hair was untied and left open on and beautiful red lipstick to make her lips look more luscious. She gave me one kiss on my cheek and then started kissing me on my chest, my arms, my shoulders and my neck.

She ran her hands all over my back and through my wet hair. She came close to me – hugged me and ran her hands all over my wet, necked back. My tool started coming to live and I am sure she must have felt that it was throbbing and was eager to come out.

I ran my hands through her hair, and then kissed her on her cheeks, neck and then pulled her near me kissed her on her lips. She opened her mouth to welcome my tong and our tong danced – I ran my hands all over her back and pressed her beautiful butt.

I unzipped her dress and it fall like the leaf falls in the fall season from the tree. She kicked her dressed back and I was very surprise to know that now her bare breasts were touching my body and also I could fell her bare butt cheeks without any panties.

She looked at me and said, “Sunny, I haven’t had this in two years now. Please baby; rock my word tonight and all weekend. I have been craving for this. At this age, I don’t get a hunk like yourself more often.” I said, “Don’t worry Haasini Aunty; I will rock your world tonight.

And if I say so myself, you have far much better body, figure and face then some of the girls I have dated. Any guy would be lucky and happy to be with you.” She then took my towel off of me and saw my tool standing through my boxers. She said, “Oh my! Let me unleash the beast.

I want to see what kind of monster you have.” She pushed me against the wall and pulled my boxers off. She saw my 6” monster and she said, “Good Lord! Any women would die for this meat. And today and for next three days it’s all mine.”

She looked at me and she started stroking my tool back and forth slowly. I put my one hand on back of her head and one on her breast. I stared sucking them hard. I pinched her nipples. She moaned aaaahhhh aaaahhhh ooooohhhhh uuuuuummmmm…

She kissed the head of my tool and I was in heaven all of a sudden. She started kissing my tool all the way from head to the end and also licked my balls. She took my balls in her mouth and started sucking on them while stroking my tool faster then before.

I held her head from both hands and rocked myself back and forth. She continued this for about a minute or so and then took my tool in her mouth. I felt so warm, so nice and soothing. I held her head by one hand and started sucking her breasts from the other one.

I stared pinching her nipples hared. After a minute or so I held her head from both of my hands and I was just fucking her mouth. In next minute or so I was about to explode and I pulled it out – she said, “Sunny, give me in my mouth. I want to feel the lave gushing down my throat.”

She opened her mouth and took my tool deep in her mouth again and gave me few more strokes and I exploded in her mouth. I held her head tight, pushed my head back and I had my eyes closed and sense of joy ran all over my body.

She came up and had no drip of my cum anywhere on her lips or on her face. She looked at me and said, “It was the best I have ever given to any man.” I looked at her and said; “It was the best I ever had” I picked her up and took her to bed.

I laid her on the bed and came on top of her; at this point my whole body was touching every part of her body. She opened her legs and got between her legs. I started kissing her deeply. I ran my hands through her hair, kissing her.

I kissed her lips, her checks, her neck, her shoulders, and her arms and started sucking on her breast. She moaned aaaaahhhh ooooohhhhh I started circling her nipples with my tong and that set her on fire. She started running her hands all over my body and pushed my head on her

breast and said; “Harder baby… harder…” I started sucking really hard while with the other hand I was sucking her other breast. Then I switched the breast and took the other one in my mouth and pressed the other one. I did her breast for about good ten minutes.

She was dripping wet at her love whole and I felt her wetness on my tool as it was touching her love whole. I started going down to her stomach and also circled her bally button. She was moaning hard aaaaahhhhh aaaahhhhh ooohhhh ooooohhhhh ooohhhhhhhh aaahhhhh

aaahhhaahhh She was moaning very loud and crazy. I went further down and came right upon her love whole. I kissed her and she almost jumped out of the bed. I asked her to spread her legs more so I can get full access of her nice, shaved, wet and fully swollen love whole.

She parted her legs wide open and I started just kissing her swollen love whole and she moaned heard aaaahhhh aaaaahhh oooohhhhh mmmmyyyyy ooohhhh mmmyyyy I then stared kissing and sucking her cunt really hard.

She went crazy and pushed my head more towards her love whole. I sucked and licked every inch of her love whole. I then inserted my tong in her love whole. She almost jumped out of bed. She pushed my head deeper and I licked her very hard.

She moaned hard aaaaaahhhhhh – She kept pushing my head inside her and just in few minutes of hard core licking – she starched her body as much as she can, she threw her head back, closed her eyes, held my head tight and shoots out streaming BIG “O” (orgasm)

I drank her every bit of hot lava. That totally set her on fire. She kept on moaning aaaahhhh ooohhhh gggooodddd oooohhhh sunny. You are the best my love. Aaaaahhhhh aaaahhhhh aaaahhhhhh ooohhhhhh ooooohhhhhh –

She pulled me by my arms up to her face and kissed me deep. She held me tight and said, “That was the first orgasm in longest. And it was the best ever.” We took brake for few minutes. I lay next to her; she had her head on my chest and running her hands all over my body.

I was running my fingers in her hair, and pressing her butt cheeks. After three or four minutes, she started kissing me again. She started licking my body. She took my tool in her hand and started jerking hard. She got up and climbed over me – placed both of her hands on my chest

and sat on top of me. Now my tool was rubbing against her love whole and it was throbbing to get in her. She started moving her butt little back and forth while I was cupping to her bare, 36B size beautiful soft breasts and her pink nipples.

She lifted her self after a minute or two and held my tool in her hand and pushing her self on my tool – I saw an inch by inch my tool disappearing in her love whole. This whole time she had her eyes closed, head back and I cupped her breasts.

When I was all the way in, she sat on me for about half a minute and then started ridding me like cowboy rides a horse. She had both of her hands on my chest and rubbing my chest, I was doing it same while I was keeping up with her strokes.

Her hair was all over her face and jumping back and forth from her shoulders. She was moaning aaaaahhhhh aaaahhhhh aaahhhhh yyyyaaaassss yaaass yyyyaaaaa oooohhhhh ooohhhh ooohhh aaaahhhhh aahhh aaahh aaaaahhh

I started rubbing my thumb over her love whole while jerking her hard – she screamed aaaahhhh yyyyyaaaaa yyyeeessss ooohhh – After a minute or two she stopped and I know she was having her another orgasm – I let her let out all the hot liquid from her and it got all over my leg.

She started rocking me again, and this time I was stroking her very hard. She was screaming aaaahhhh yyyyeeessss yyyyeeesss yyyeeesss baby… I held her breasts and pressed her tits; I pulled her by her hair and kissed her fully.

Her body was so stemming hot and it was dripping sweat from her body. Edge of her hair was getting wet due to extreme heat. I was matching jerks with full force and each stroke was harder then pervious one. It continued for about five minutes and then she stopped again,

she let a big moan out, threw her head back and closed her eyes. Her body shivers and hot liquid runs out of her love whole. I pulled the pillow on my back so it would provide me a back support, I still had she attached to my body through my tool and her love whole.

I pulled her near me and lifted her up from her butt – and started pushing my tool in and out off her love whole. She was moaning hard aaaahhhh aaaahhhhhh aaahhhh yyyyeeessss yyyeeesss oooohhh yyyyaaaa yaaaaa aaahhhh aaaaahhh…

Her moans were just getting louder and louder. I took one by one both her breasts in my mouth and nibbled on them, circled my tong on her tits, ran my fingers through her lovely hair, kissed her and the best thing, looked straight into her eyes while I was fucking her.

She was also looking straight into my eyes and giving me each stroke harder then the one before. After three minutes of that I was feeling pressure building up really hard and I was ready to explode in her love whole. I said, I am going to cum, let me pull it out.

She said, No Sunny, give me all in my love whole. Fill me up with your love. After few of those strokes, I filled her love whole with my cum. We both were very exhausted by our love making session. We both laid into each other’s arm for few minutes. We got up after about ten minutes and we took shower, got ready and went out for dinner.

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