I am Dolly, aged around 23 years and doing my graduation in Architecture, my brother Deepak aged 31 and my bhabhi Haasini housewife around 26 and we belong to Ranikhet. At the time of this incidence my Parents were on U.S tour. My elder brother was posted in Lucknow and bhabhi was staying with us as because my parents were on vacation trip and to take care of our grand parents.

This incident happened last winter when my maternal cousin visited us. He is a successful software professional and I was meeting him perhaps after a decade or so. I had very faint memory of my cousin and must have met him only two three times only. As of me, I was there to enjoy my semester break and considered cousin’s visit as intrusion to my privacy and fun.

It was Haasini,my bhabhi who consoled me by saying that any male is welcome and meaning fully winked at me. We played joke on my cousin even before his arrival and we had a mental sketch of him as a boring, spectacled, bulky man talking only about computers. Finally my cousin arrived and I was a bit surprised because of his sense of humour and well toned body.

He established an immediate rapport with me and Haasini. Even my grand parents were impressed by his courteous behaviour and witty nature. First day went un event ful and at night Haasini already declared that she is having crush on Rahul (my cousin). Bhabhi had shifted to my bedroom and gave her bedroom to Rahul and kept my parents bedroom locked.

Rahul was very friendly and by second night he was sharing drinks with my Dada ji and both were acting like buddies who have met after long long time. Next morning he asked us to show him around and he wanted some adventure. I took him to all the temples and by the end of the day became his die hard fan. He was a good company and one can never feel bored with him.

Next dawn I woke up early and thought of going for morning walk but the chill outside prevented me and decided to use treadmill. I went to our mini gym room and was mesmerised to see Rahul wearing a sleeveless T shirt and shorts, jogging on the treadmill. He was sweating and his muscular body was all wet due to it.

He looked like adonis and to tell you the truth I had an instant crush on him. He saw me and smiled and continued to jog and was gradually increasing the speed of treadmill. The flexing of his calf muscles and upper thigh muscles was great and something inside me tweaked. I have a boy friend and shamelessly compared him with Rahul.

After some time he did weights and I feasted on his body and imagined a lot of dirty things. Meanwhile Haasini also joined us and complimented him for being in such a good shape. She also winked at me and said ” are Rahul zara salman khan ki tarah aang pradarshan to karo, hum bhi thoda mazza le le “. I giggled and Rahul blushed. ” kya bhabhi aap bhi subah subah leg pulling karne lagi ” Rahul said.

Haasini then said ” main bhi…… Iska matlab Dolly mere se pehele hi tumahara pull kar chuki hai “. Haasini then turned toward me and meaningfully asked me ” Dolly kya kya pull kar chuki ho bata do, main jo bacha hai pull kar ke hi khush rah loongi “. I blushed at her double meaning sentence and said tum bhi…..and I started my work out on tread mill.

Haasini continued with her double meaning sentences and soon Rahul left the room. Once he left Haasini said ” yaar iske neeche to koi bhi piss jaeyega, bahut handsome hai, tera flirt karne ka man nahi karta “. I said Haasini cousin hai mera aur aapka devar. Haasini responde by simply saying so what. Both of us completed our work out and left the gym. I found Rahul chatting with dada and dadi.

Dada ji was telling him about his trek adventures when he was posted in Lenz down. Soon Haasini also joined and asked Rahul about today’s plan. When Rahul said he would go for trekking Haasini burst out in laughter. She said ” Rahul, I can bet that you will call us to bring you back “. Rahul while getting ready asked us to join to which Haasini said ” Rahul main doosre adventure sport me believe karti hoon, haan agar Dolly chahe to woh tumhare saath ja sakti hai “.

Rahul just smiled at this and looked towards me. I excused myself saying that I need to make project report. On seeing Rahul leaving alone dadaji scolded us and called us lazy bones. I did not want to tire myself so remained adamant on project work. Then dadaji instructed Haasini to go with Rahul to help him with routes.

To my surprise Haasini agreed without protesting and made it look like that she is being complled by dadaji. Haasini again winked at me and asked me to join. I don’t know why I also agreed and by 8:30 we were on our way. Rahul was very excited and started walking briskly. I said Rahul don’t walk fast you will quickly loose energy. To this Haasini chipped in saying yes Rahul save some energy for the night also.

I was surprised when Rahul shot back saying ” bhabhi don’t worry mere pass ek davaa hai jisse aapki raat ko saari thakan door ho jayegi “. Haasini was also surprised at his double meaning talk and I started laughing and said ” lo… Ab jawab do “. Haasini also smiled and said ” now it will be fun “. Gradually I also opened up and we all made it a norm to speak double meaning talk.

Haasini and myself were getting tired and so asked Rahul to stop and have lunch. The return was very scary as I slipped once but Rahul firmly held my waist and pulled me up. His grip around my wasit made me hot and I rubbed myself against his body. Haasini quietly asked me ” how was it sweetheart”. I just shook my head in disgust.

We were back at about 4 p.m and Haasini said ” dadaji thakan to bahut hai par purane din yaad aa gaye, aaj jaldi ka ke so jaungi “. We went to our rooms and there once again asked me ” dolly tu sach bataa maja aaya tha ki nahin.” I cursed her for this but she held me and said pls share kar, tu meri friend hai. I smiled and said doosra hath thoda upar hota to maja aata.

Haasini then said dekh sabke so jaane ke baad main kaise majaa leti hoon and rushed to bathroom. Her statement made me mad thinking what she was upto. We had our dinner at 7 p.m and servants were asked to go. Once in bedroom Haasini asked me ” pehele tu ya main jaaon “. I was surprised and asked her what she meant. She said stupid us se davaa lene.

I said Haasini tum pagal ho gayi ho. She seemed to be serious and said dolly tu so jaa main shayad raat apne hi room mein bitaun . I said theek hai and went to bed. Haasini changed into a nightie which was just above her knee and had very thin straps. About all of shoulder and back was visible and was appropriate for summers not chilly winter.

For the first time in all these years I felt that Haasini had a great shapely body. She wore a shawl over it and said so jaa aur taank jhaank mat karna and then winked at me. I would’nt have peeped but became curious. I got up from bed and saw myself in mirror. I am also having a great figure, I told myself. I decided to peep. So I tried my luck and went to their room.

I waited for few minutes in front of their room and tried to listen. I heard Haasini saying rahul tumahari davaa effective to hai na, kahin aisa na ho reaction se mera dard bhad jai. Rahul said bhabhi ek bar le logi to din mein 3 dose lene ke liye line laga dogi. Haasini laughed and said to main aaj raat hi sab dose leti hoon. They kept on joking and then rahul asked dolly so gayi kya.

Haasini asked kyon dono ko ek sath hi davaa dene ka man hai. Rahul laughed and said koi zor zabardasti nahin hai agar aap logo ko mera davaa suit kiya to…. Haasini said theek hai main marketing kar doongi tumahari davaa kaa. Both laughed. Rahul said bhabhi iske saath I feel like smoking. Haasini said not in the room let us go to balcony.

I waited for some time and then silently crept inside the room. I hid myself behind a curtain. I was pretty sure in dim light they would not notice me. After a while both of them returned. Haasini then sat on the bed and asked rahul to start the treatment. Rahul bowed a bit and said at your service madam. Rahul brought olive oil from bathroom and went near bed.

He sat near bed and asked Haasini to keep her legs on his lap. As she was about to do so Rahul said ” ek minute bhabhi and removed his sweater and shorts “. I saw his well toned thighs and biceps. He was looking so sexy. Rahul said bhabhi tel lag jata is liye utar diya. Haasini just smiled. Then he took Haasini’s leg on his lap and poured oil over her legs. He started massaging.

Haasini moaned and said truly Rahul you have got magic in your hands. She was still been wrapping the shawl. I could see that his hands were now moving above the knees and getting lost beneath the nightie. This continued for some time and Haasini kept on moaning out of pleasure of massaging.

Rahul then said kya bhabhi aap bekar hi taarif kar rahi hain, agar aaram mila to shawl utar do aur phir dekho. Haasini threw away her shawl without uttering a word. Rahul positioned her at the centre of the bed and made her lie on her stomach. He sat near her head kneeling. He then slowly removed the slender straps of the nightie and slid the nightie up to her ass.

He again poured oil and started massaging her entire back. While moving down to her waist he would slightly bend raising his hips and his crotch would be just inches away from her face. While moving back from waist to shoulder his hands would take a curvaceous route down to Haasini’s boobs. While Rahul was silent Haasini continuously moaned uuuuuuuummmmmmh aaaaaaannnnnh uuuuuuuumnnnnnh.

I noticed as Rahul’s hands were nearing her boobs Haasini would slightly lift herself allowing him to cup more and more of her boobs. I was getting excited and I dont know when my hands reached my love hole and started rubbing it. The next development made me jealous. Rahul massaged her with one hand and with other he pulled down his shorts.

He is having a nice about 7 ” long and 40 mm ( I literally measured it just a day after ) in dia dick. It was fully erect and hard. Now as his hands moved down he would thrust his dick to Haasini’s face and then slowly retreat. After doing it two three times Haasini matched him. As he would thrust his dick she took it in her mouth.

The dick would go half way inside her mouth and then Rahul would pull out. After some time Rahul took off her entire clothing and shed his clothes as well. Now Haasini was lying straight and he climbed over her and both engaged themselves in a passionate kiss. There was slurping sound and in between uuum uuuum uuuuum aaaaraaam seeeee Raahul uuuuum bhaaaabhi uuuuuum uuuuum abbbb kyyyyyya khaaaaa uuuuuum jaaaooooogeeeee ummmmmm.

They kept on kissing and talking. Then Haasini pushed Rahul’s head towards her nipples. Rahul got busy with her nipples and kept on shivering, I dont know out of pleasure or cold. After he was done with her nipples he buried his face in her naval area and tingled her ( I know with his tongue ). Haasini wriggled on the bed and tried to pull herself upwards and gradually succeeded.

Then all of a sudden she moaned heavily aaaaaaaaaaaaah uuuuuummmmmnnnh yeeeeeeeeeeessssssss ummmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnh . Rahul was sucking her love hole. She clasped Rahul’s head with her legs and kept on thrusting her pelvic on his face. He held her with her ass and gradually lifted her. Haasini’s head and shoulder were on bed and remaining body in air.

She was franatically moving her head and clutched the pillow with both hands and biting her own lips and moaning loudly uuuuuuuunnnnnnnngggggghhhhhhh aaaaannnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh eeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss. Rahul then slowly put her back on bed and positioned his dick and was inside her. He began at a rapid pace and the in out movement sound cannot be penned down.

Both were moaning. Haasini was more expressive and kept on moaning loudly and rahul breathing heavily occasionaly. Within a minute Haasini’s whole body got stretched tightly and she held Rahul tightly. Rahul then decreased his pace and gave powerful strokes which made Haasini inch upwards.

I was surprised to see Haasini going slack and not making any sound and Rahul stroking her very gently and kissing her occasionaly. He sucked her nipples, bit her lips, licked her neck and continued at a very slow pace. He would occasionaly stop stroking and kiss her. After some time Haasini was again moaning. As her moaning grew Rahul increased his pace.

He then removed his dick. It was still erect the way it was when he undid his shorts. He made Haasini turn and entered from behind. His both hands were on her boobs cupping them. Then Rahul stood still and Haasini pulled and pushed her ass banging on Rahul’s crotch. She was again moaning loudly when Rahul Rahul withdrew again. He put 2 – 3 pillows and forced Haasini to keep her head there.

He then parted her legs further apart and then without warning entered her. But the reaction from Haasini was surprising. She cried and nearly shouted noooooo rahuuul plsssss nahiiii aaaaaaggghhhhh bahut dard plssssss bahar nikaloooo. Rahul folded Haasini’s leg and held them tightly and jerked further in. He continued to so till he was totally inside her.

He stood still for a few moments and gradually resistance from Haasini also waned out. He then released her legs and started stroking gently holding her waist. Again Haasini started moaning. Rahul then said dddeeekha abb dard nahi ho raha naaa. In response Haasini moaned only. Now slowly Rahul was coming on top of Haasini and increased his pace.

His one hand circled around Haasini’s waist and he inserted his fingers in her love hole. The strokes increased in power and so did moaning of Haasini and Rahul. Rahul was now stroking with circular movements af his ass and grinding out Haasini.

The power of thrust were visible when the bed also vibrated. Then they both collapsed and Rahul gave occasional jerks. He was panting and so was Haasini. I too had masterbated and my hands were filled with my cum. Now, I wondered how to get out of the room.

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