My name is Jayanraj. Mother’s name is Divya. I am 24 and my mother is 43 now. But what I am going to say is about an incidence which happened when I was in 12 th standard vacation when I saw raw sex for the first time. Actually I kept on noticing things for almost a year, but didn’t know what to do. Whether what was happening was wrong or right I didn’t understand.

But deep within there was a feeling that something which was wrong, was happening around me. I was a simple boy who had been taught that sex is a bad thing, not to be discussed or shared with anyone. I had no one to fall back to ask. If I asked my mom she would have beaten me like a dog. If I asked my friends they would have made fun of me. So I kept it to myself and waited for the opportune moment to arrive. Now I will start with the story.

My mom is beautiful and has figure of 38-32-35 size. Mom is of wheatish complexion around 160 cm tall. She had long hairs like all Malayalis do, she loved flowers in hair, had big and round ass, her breasts were stout and heavy, her big sparkling eyes black in color, small nose and she boasted smooth tummy. She was very good to look at. All my friends were her fan and would love to be in my house just to taste idli.

She was admired at by all even in the locality and family. Everywhere I saw people watching her up and down whenever we had to venture outside. It was the time we have started our house renovation. The house was partially demolished to give it a new look. We vacated the concerned portion and started staying in the remaining part of the old house partially demolished. It was only me and mom. Dad was in gulf working at that time.

I used to stay in a shed nearby and mom in the room. We made sure that at least one room and kitchen were not demolished of old house. Mom used to sleep in kitchen and I was made to sleep in the room covered with shed. The toilet was in the courtyard so I had to cross kitchen when ever I had to pee.

This place is at Chennai. Basically we are from Kerala but settled in Chennai as dad was working there for long time. We had a trustworthy servant as mother’s household help, our servant Baburaj was from a poor family and stayed on top of a hill which we have.

He looked after our rubber plant and house work also. But not kitchen work.

He used to stay vigil sometime at construction site. Life was going on in usual pace had I not got suspicious of mom and Baburaj’s behavior. Last few nights I noticed that when ever I woke up for peeing I used to see light emanating from mom’s room and when I looked for our servant, he was not in the shed he slept within. Which raised doubt in my mind sometime, but I shrugged it off thinking it was mere co incidence..

I never expected mom to do anything wrong. She was goddess for me, my real life idol whom I loved a lot. But that perception was soon to change. One fateful night when I came out for pee at night I didn’t switched on lights of my room or courtyard or toilet. When I came outside I heard mom’s voice in whisper.

She was telling some one, “Oh…now…come inside. I can’t take risk…” with low voice from the side door of the under construction house where servant Babu used to sleep. I thought mom wanted something from him. But to investigate further I hid myself behind the construction material and watched. Babu came out of his room and mom was pulling his hands. I tried to have a better look of mom. I was surprised to see them as mom was in nighty and Babu was in full nude. I had never seen an adult man nude before. Although I knew much about sex and human anatomy and female sex parts I never had an opportunity to see it live before me.

His dick was standing in 90 degree looking to mom. He was actually trying to hug mom from behind which she stopping him and calling to room and pulling him behind her. Like that only they walked inside house. Later the door closed behind them. I moved to the side of the house whose side wall was demolished and there was a temporary wall with metal sheets.

There was lot of gaps within and between the sheets. Mom had told me that she needs to sleep in kitchen due to this. We have dog in house for our safety.. So she believed in safety of the under constructed house. I got curious. I wanted to see what they were doing and why Babu was nude at night and why mom was pulling him behind her into the room. While pulling him mom tugged on to his erect cock few times. This surprised me as my mom was very religious lady. Why was she behaving like a loose woman? Why was Babu nude with her? These questions needed quick answer. I decided to wait for the plot to unfold that night.

Then I found out a suitable gap through which I could see inside. There was an emergency light in the room which had sufficient light for me to watch the proceedings. The light was covered by towel on one side to avoid lights going out of the room and make people suspicious.

Babu sat on the floor and said, “I am nude so why are you in dress? Remove it and show me what you got.” Mom laughed at this and said, “Don’t be so impatient dear. The entire night is for you. I also want to get out of it at the earliest. I want to remain nude for you the whole day but can’t do that due to people around.”

Then I saw mom was pulling her nighty up to remove it.. And within seconds she was nude before Babu. I saw mom’s sexy beautiful body from behind. Her round ass made my penis harden up. I remembered the time which saw her ass moving sideways while she walks. She had big ass with wide crack between.. The smooth skin shone in the light.. When she bent down to pick up something I saw her pussy lips….Her pussy lips could be seen shivering from back… Then she turned facing me and saw her naked boobs and bush covered pussy.. Ooohhhhhh god I never forgot that scene in which I saw a naked woman the first time, who happened to be my mother. Although I never had any sexual feeling for my mom I got angry and jealous on Babu for a short while as he was so lucky to see my mom nude and get to touch and enjoy with her where as I was standing outside watching them.

Her tummy was hanging on her navel, her navel was big and deep, she had firm boobs, large areola of the size of one rupee coin, big and brown black nipple almost reaching her navel, little hair on armpit, smooth thigh rising from knees, lovely cunt between her thighs with bushy hair on pussy area, stretch marks due to child birth on under belly, big ass cutting from behind. I wanted to suck my mom’s boobs and make love to her passionately. I wanted to bite her nipples and suck in as much as milk. I wished to extend my hands and press the melons. To hell with Babu, just me and mom fucking together….. God help me to fuck my mom……

Mom got some itching in her cunt. She inserted her finger and rubbed it. I got opportunity to see her pinkish hole. Her finger got wet when it came out of mom’s cut hole. I was mesmerized watching my birth place which was few feet away from about to be savaged by my servant and not me. I wanted to touch my birth place, I wanted to kiss it and I wanted to lick the juice it was wet with.

I heard Babu say, “Why are you scratching your pussy. I notice you scratch it very often.”

Mom said, “It is itching for big cock. It needs good rubbing from muscular men.”

Babu said, “No I think it is due to the bushy hairs there. It sweats and creates trouble. You should clean the bushy hairs.”

Mom was in naughty mood and said, “Why don’t you clean it for me. I am afraid I might cut myself while using razor.”

Babu brought a razor from bathroom. He said, “I have only razor but no cream or foam. Now what shall I do?” “Wait I can use my saliva to wet your cunt hairs and then shave it.”

Mom said, “Ok but be careful. Don’t cut or wound me.”

Mom lay on the floor spreading her cunt for him. I saw her pussy inner. It was very pink and wet. Babu knelt before her began licking her cunt. I was surprised to see that. I though how cloud mom allow her servant to lick her cunt the most sacred part of her body. My cock was hard seeing this. I could barely manage to keep it quiet.

When mom’s pubic hairs were wet, Babu straightened up and began using his razor on the tuft. He was doing a good job. He cleaned the entire patch.

Mom began giggling like a teenager girl, “That tickles you idiot. Be careful…… Don’t apply pressure to that sensitive spot. Ooooooohhhhhhh……aaaahhhhhhhhhha……. Aaaaaammmmaaaaaaaa.”

And within few minutes Babu’s job was finished. I was eager to see mom’s clean twat. When she rose I got stunned to see her pussy beauty. The most beautiful pussy ever I saw, the same hole from where I came out in this world.

Babu also couldn’t stop from praising her hole, “Divya you have got such a lovely hole.” And he kissed on her hole. Then he licked and cleared few tuft of hair strands sticking to mom’s pussy. Her wet and hot pussy was shining in glory.

Mom said, “This is your property till your master returns. You got whole night for it.”

My mind was on fire. I forgot the difference between right and wrong. I forgot the woman standing there was my mom. I forgot she was the one who gave birth to me, so I shouldn’t think about her in sexual manner. My cock was as hard as iron rod. She was just an object of desire for me. My dream woman was standing nude and I could not touch her. I was dying to insert my erect cock in her lovely cunt my birth place.

Then thought about dad and thought about how cheat is my mom. My father was in gulf earning money for her and here she was enjoying sex with her servant. I wished to call my dad to see the scene himself.

Babu than tried to hug mom which she pulled him away telling, “No.. Call them and get them inside without letting anyone notice anything Babu.”

He told, “Sorry madam. I am going to call them.”

Then mom told, “Hey I told you earlier don’t call me madam during this time. Now I am not your madam. What am I?”

He called mom, “Sorry Divya darling my keep, my slut.”

Mom hit him softly which he replied with laugh. When mom hit him her breasts juggled right and left. What a scene……Then he called somebody on phone. By his word I understood somebody was coming. He was giving instruction to somebody to come near gate and get in once he came there.

Than he opened door and called our dog and walked to gate. Then I saw 3 persons coming with him. They looked like labors. They were aged around 35-40. They had covered their face with a towel to hide their faces but I could recognize them. On seeing them I remembered who they were. They were Babu’s friends who had come from his native place. They had earlier come during day time also. They used to visit him whenever they came to Chennai.

Our dog was just following them as Babu was with them. They also went inside the room closing the door behind. Then I peeped inside again. Mom was wearing a bed sheet around her body to cover her nudity. They came and sat on the floor as if they were accustomed in the house, as if they had come here many time earlier also. They removed their footwear, washed there hands, face and legs dried up with a towel that mom had given.

They all began conversing in Malayalam. They asked about me, my dad, other family members’ etc. they were talking in a very hushed voice but I could hear it as I was standing few feet away. My dad is good looking. Actually all this three man were not so good looking and black in color. In fact they were rustic and villager.

They told, “Our train would leave at 5.00 am. The time now is 1.00 am.”

Mom laughed and said, “So you have time up to maximum 3 hours. So relax then we will start.”

Than one of them asked mom, “Why have you covered yourself with bed sheet? Don’t you want us to see what you got inside?”

Mom laughed and told, “Haven’t you guys seen it before? When you guys remove I will let you see what I got for you.”

Babu told everybody, “You have not shown your beauty and see still our Kamadevatha rod is shy and has not waken up.” and laughed.

Then I understood that this had been going on for sometime. This was not the first time for them to see my mom in nude. They were her old lovers. I wished to push open the door and slap my mom and fuck her then and there before those rascals but I couldn’t dare. I still feel I should have ventured inside and talked to mom about it. Maybe she would have let me fuck her.

Mom’s next move made me upset and proved how dirty minded she was. She threw her bed sheet away from her body and stood nude in front of three fully dressed men who were her servants/labors.

She stood still showing her private parts and told them, “Now take your Kamadevatha and make me like a bitch”.

They were talking in language which was full of dirty words. What I understood was that mom likes it very much so they are talking like that.

All the three man removed there dress and one told “Divya by seeing your nude lovely body, my dick stands like this. This has happened even in the first attempt. My wife needs to suck and play minimum 10-15 minutes for it to stand erect. You are marvelous, lovely body, boobs, cunt, ass and mouth. We don’t need any sucking from you to make it hard for your deep cunt.”

Mom’s face smiled like she got an appreciation. Her cheeks turned red listening to their description. She tried to hide her bushy cunt with her palm. One of the guys came near her. She saw his dick was around 8 inch long may be. With in minutes mom and those men caressed each other. Mom squeezed all cocks one by one and made their shaft up. I thought in mind how powerful my mom is in sex matters. Why my dad not much interested in keeping her with him always. I wondered in mind.

He removed mom’s hands from her cunt and said, “Divya, we have come here to get the darshan of Goddess Rati Devi. Why are you hiding it from me?”

Mom removed her hand and hid her face in her palm. I noticed all were approaching her in nude. Babu’s tool was also hanging now.. He had a big one with hanging big balls. The 3rd man’s size was may be around 7 inch but little thick. He hugged mom from behind, his erect cock was touching mom’s ass. Babu held mom’s face and kissed her hard on her lips. He was sucking her lips. One guy planted his mouth on mom’s breast and began sucking. Mom was covered by 4 men from four sides but she was enjoying it.

Mom caught one guy’s cock and began squeezing it. Her hands were going all along the length of the shaft. Suddenly one of the guy lifted mom and laid her on the floor. I had to change my position outside to view it further. My cock was as hard as iron rod. I kept on rubbing it in the same rhythm mom was jerking one guy’s tool.

Now mom was in full control of the 4 guys. One was sucking her breasts and pressing the second nipple. One guy was licking her armpits. His tongue was doing wonderful work on mom’s unshaven armpits. One guy was licking her smooth thighs from knee to her cunt. He would lick her thighs reach cunt area then again go back to knee. He would slide his tongue in her ass crack also. Then he concentrated on her swollen lips.

Mom placed his head on her cunt motioning him to lick her cunt. I was shocked to see him licking and sucking mom’s bushy cunt. He covered the cunt lips with his mouth. Her cunt was trembling due to the assault. Her pussy lips were opening like lotus flower. Oh such a lovely pussy my mom has but she never let me suck it. How could mom allow a labor to lick her cunt? I bet I would be as good sucker as they are. Mom was bucking up her ass to insert as much as tongue in her wet and hot cunt. Whenever he lifted his face to catch breath I could see his nose and mouth were wet from mom’s love juice. Mom carried a tanker in her vagina.

He asked, “Why does your pussy taste so different today?”

Mom said, “Babu had fucked me few minutes before and I didn’t clean it. I wanted you to clean my pussy before guys fuck me again. You are very good in licking pussy. Thanks dear………I am spreading my thighs for you……..LICK me………. Oooooohhhhhhhhh…………….kneel…………..between my parted thighs and LICK me to a terrific orgasm!!!”

This made him hotter. He continued licking her cunt. His tongue was sliding along the edges of her cunt lips sometimes waiting to lick her clit. Suddenly Babu inserted his cock in mom’s mouth. I almost screamed seeing this but mom was happily sucking the big cock as f it was candy.

Mom suddenly jumped. One guy was biting mom’s nipple. She hit him with her hands and said, “Bastard suck don’t bite. This is not wife’s nipple. It belongs to your owner, understand.”

Babu said, “Shut up, now you are our slut our whore…We can do anything that we want. If you protest we would throw you out of the house in nude won’t let you in until the morning. Your sons will you naked.”

He didn’t know her son was seeing her nude now also.

Mom bit his cock jokingly and said, “Before that I would cut off your cock and feed it to the dogs.”

Mom was engrossed in 4 men who were all over her body. She felt one big orgasm approaching. So did Babu felt in his balls. Mom stiffened her body and tightened her hold on the guy sucking her cunt and lifted her body in air as orgasm approached her. She cummed heavily, throwing it out on the guy’s mouth. He was overwhelmed by this. He kept on lapping up the liquid as if it was cold drink for him.

Seeing mom cum Babu also reached orgasm. He removed his cock from her mouth and aimed his cock at her breasts. He shot load after load on mom’s boobs. Then he rubbed it on her nipples. The other guys watched him do this and clapped for his feat.

Then the guy who was sucking her breast came over her and said, “Now I will fuck her lovely cunt made wet by us. It will easily get in as it is too wet.”

I saw his size; he was not less than 8 inches. When spit a large amount of saliva on mom’s pussy. Then he placed his cock head on mom’s cunt she said, “Do it slowly. Your dick is very big. That’s why your wife needs to suck it to make it hard. My cunt is not habituated to your size.”

He smiled and replied, “Don’t worry. I will show you gate of heaven.”

He pushed his cock in the hole. He found it difficult to penetrate. Mom tried to stop him but he pushed ahrd and inserted his cock in one go.

Mom screamed, “Bastard…. Motherfucker….. Told you to insert slowly but you pushed so hard…. Do you want to kill me….. My husband’s cock is toy when compared to you…You should have come at the last… as your cock is so big you should let other enjoy then you should fuck me…. Now my cunt hole will elongate and other guys would not enjoy to the fullest.”

He did not pay any attention to what mom was saying and kept on banging mom’s pussy like a piston. I was jerking my cock in same time. The room was echoing of the sound of their bodies banging together. Other guys didn’t know what to do.

Then mom beckoned on guy to insert his cock in her mouth, “Come darling……let me SUCK your huge cock…….you must……………CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM in my hot mouth! I need to keep my mouth shut from screaming from this savage fucking.”

It was lovely scene…. One guy was fucking mom with force and her body was jerking as per his thrusts making her breast jiggle right left and her head was also bobbing on the other guy’s cock. Babu was smearing the sperm on mom’s breast as if it was some oil. His hands were getting sticky; he removed the guy’s cock from her mouth and inserted his cum filled fingers in mom’s mouth. Mom readily sucked his fingers and tasted it.

Within seconds mom was back sucking the guy’s cock again. The third guy was waiting for his turn. He was surprised watching a woman taking two cocks at the same time with eyes open wide. Babu pinched his arm. He pointed Babu’s gaze to the scene…… there lay my mom with one cock in her cunt and another in her mouth.

Babu who had cummed on mom’s breast earlier said, “Why are you standing still? She has got one more hole free for us. You can use her ass hole. Go for it she will enjoy.”

Mom removed the cock from mouth and said, “No not my ass hole. It pains a lot. Last time when you guys fucked my ass I couldn’t walk properly for two days. My cunt and my mouth is for you…. Fuck it as per choice. I will extract his seeds in no time then I will call you.”

But Babu was in no mood to listen. He reached mom’s waist and made her lie on her side thus dislodging the cock from her cunt.

He told the guy standing nearby, “Now you lie on the floor with your cock raised to air and slut Divya will lie over you inserting your cock in her ass hole.”

He followed the instruction. Mom was hauled up by three men and the guy was made to lie down on the floor with his cock pointing the roof and mom was dropped on his erect cock. His cock was really big for mom’s anus.

She began screaming, “Oh ho. It is paining. Remove that donkey dick of yours. My anus is not meant for cocks. Take it out you bastards.”

Babu said, “Don’t worry we have a way out. You stay still like that. Today we will fuck your anus baby.”

But unable to bear the pain, mom got off the guy and his cock came out of her small anus making a swish sound. Babu brought butter from the kitchen rack. He took out large amount of butter in his fingers and applied it inside my mom’s anus. His finger disappeared in mom’s ass hole. Then he applied the same treatment to the guy’s erect cock. He had stamina as his cock was still stone hard. Babu applied butter to his entire length making it as slippery as possible.

Then he asked mom, “Now get on all four like a bitch. You are a bitch we will treat you like it.”

Mom got on all fours with her ass rose high facing me. Babu took hold of the guy’s cock and he placed it perfectly at mom’s anus opening. The guy pushed his body forward and his cock glided into her ass hole due to his body weight. This time it was not hard to insert a big cock in mom’s ass. The guy was real ass man. His cock was lodged inside her ass. He began giving jerks to his pelvic. His pelvic thrusts prompted others to join the fuck.

One guy got under her body and inserted his cock from below. The 3rd guy inserted his cock in mom’s mouth. Good lord her three holes were filled with cocks of different size. All three were fucking her in tandem.

Mom shrieked for help, “You bastards…………..motherfucker………………….What have you done to me……….. My but hole is paining…….. How can I take three cocks at the same time?”

Babu said, “Don’t you remember they have only few hours left for their train. They don’t have whole night to bugger your cunt. They came all the way from my village to fuck you and all have to be satisfied. You have never tried three cocks at once now is your chance. So enjoy.”

Hearing such language I spurted my cum on the floor. It was one of the most enduring orgasms in my life till that date……My mom was used to such language…. Oh my god……

I saw other two joining the action again each inserting his cock one in mouth and one in her pussy. They began fucking her merrily……… three cocks in three holes…… The guy above and below found rhythm in banging her, both pulling away at same time and banging in her at the same time……..making mom a sex sandwich… Mom was in seventh heaven enjoying this savage fuck………..


Babu said, “Now tell me how you enjoyed your foursome?”

Mom could barely speak due to the cock in her mouth but removed it to say, “Oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..Yes dear….it is real foursome for me……….I am loving being banged like a slut…. Like a whore……… Continue fucking my assssssssssss uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggggg.”

The room was filled with aroma of raw fucking…..

This went on for another 15 minutes or so when I heard a guy say, “I am about to cum… I won’t remove my cock from your ass hole. I will shoot in your ass.”

Mom said, “Fill my ass hole with

your hot sperm..Oohhaaaaaaa………… love to have your huge cock in my ass hole..Fuck my ass hole deeper”

Hearing this he reached his peak and began spurting cum in mom’s ass hole….. Within few seconds the guy fucking her pussy also cummed………….. I could sense the guy who was mouth fucking mom was about to cum when he arched his body backwards catching his breath and then shot his load….. Mom did not let the cock escape from her mouth and kept on sucking…. His cum went into mom’s mouth spurt after spurt after spurt……. She happily drank all his jjissm like vanilla ice cream.

This was too much for mom also as she also stiffened her body and bucked her body up to cum in waves after waves………….. Her second or maybe third orgasm of the day. But the hardest of all………

The guys got up from her limp body. I thought mom would need hours to get back to normal but she was ready in few minutes. She really was a whore. Now the guy who cumed in her mouth said, “I didn’t fuck her pussy. I wanted that not her mouth.”

Mom said, “Wait for sometime. You will get to fuck my pussy before you leave for station. I also want all four cocks one by one in my cunt one by one. You have ignited the fire in me, now you will extinguish it.”

Babu replied, “We all will ravage all your holes before you go to sleep. This night is your special night.”

Taking cue his cue all again gathered around mom’s nude body and began fondling her assets. After few minutes all four cocks were erect and ready for action. They fucked her lot of in each and every possible position and cum inside her cunt and outside. I also masturbated many times that night.

They fucked my mom like a bitch one by one, singly, threesome, foursome and taken rest and again played with her naked body. At times she moaned sometime spoke in vulgar language. I wondered why she didn’t have fear of outsiders, whether somebody saw this by mistake.

I thought why she allowed them to cum inside her.. What if she gets pregnant…. What will dad say…. How would she explain to dad about her pregnancy…. But she was a brave lady not bothered by such things. They all were her fuck toys.

It lasted for almost three hours. Mom has tremendous stamina for sex. She took four cocks in all her holes one by one. At last all got exhausted. They all got up to go. Seeing all this I also jerked many times. My cock was also paining. Mom thanked them all for the wonderful fucking they gave her. Then mom gave them some rupee notes. Initially they didn’t take it as they thought it is their duty to give money if mom likes.

Mom laughed and put that money in their bag side pockets. All kissed mom before leaving. It was a passionate lover’s kiss. Mom and Babu were still nude. They came outside nude to send them off. Their nude body shone in the street light. Our dog came out following Babu and seeing mom nude sniffed mom’s pussy mound. He even licked mom’s pussy. Then he sniffed her bare ass hole from where cum was dripping out. He licked that too.

Mom pushed him off saying, “Naughty doggy. Go to your place.”

After they had gone Babu told mom.. “Divya.. Now it is only we two.”

Mom told him, “No more fun, go and sleep, we will meet tomorrow night. From now onwards I am madam not your Divya slut.” and laughed and walked inside home and closed door.

Babu walked back to his place and slept. My dick was dipping down. I was so tired that time that I couldn’t masturbate after reaching my room. I saw mom and Babu fuck lot of days after that day. They though no one is watching them. I used to watch and jerk daily. I got chance rarely to see those men again

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