My name is Sudhan and I am from Mumbai. I married my college love and her name is Sneha. We are 40 years old but we both look like 30. Sneha was always a shy lover and very conservative. She never made any moves even during our college days. I had to force her to even kiss me at times. Well she was Naive then and today she has turned a completely new leaf.

Let me describe Sneha. She looks stunningly Gorgeous and she has superb curves. her figure is 36 30 38 and her boobs are amazing and tight. She has long hairs flowing till her hips and her ass is very tight.

Our sex life since college b4 our marriage has been good. Although we did all the penetrative sex only from our Honeymoon. Lately, I developed a fantasy of watching a stranger caressing my naked wife Sneha and in turn she reciprocates and has sex with her. I saw some of such videos online and suddenly I started to get better Orgasms imagining the same.

I gathered courage and bought such a DVD online and then planned to see it with Sneha. But before that I had to build up some story. Finally she agreed to watch and then after the movie we had some amazing rough sex imagining the same.

Gradually we started gathering courage and we went to Disco and there I would coax Sneha to brush up against handsome boys and grind her bum while dancing with strangers. She started to love all this and at times some boys even managed to touch her inappropriately whcih she loved. Then came the big day when we checked into a hotel in Pune over the weekend.

Likewise we went to the best disco in Pune and I insisted she play her games and enjoy. This time she brushes up 2 or 3 times against a 23 year old college student. This guy was varun. He realized Sneha’s intention of having fun and grabbed her hand when she brushed him again. Sneha excused herslef and tried to walk away to which Varun whispered something in her ears.

She rushed towards me at the Bar counter. I asked her what happened? She replied “the boy there is telling me why are you just teasing here…lets go to my flat and we can do much better” I asked Sneha “baby do u really wanna have this fun? I am OK if you want to try this” She replied ”Are you mad? we dont know the guy and its risky” I said “Dont worry I am there. I will not risk anything for us”

Hesitantly she agreed to meet with the guy and nothing more. I told her lets try and move and then leave it to chance if things happen further. Her heart beats were racing and she gathered the courage to meet. I asked her to leave for the room and be ready with her best gown and be dressed for some fun.

After Sneha left I approached the guy asking for a Cigarette Light. Then I asked him to step out with me if he didnt mind. We walked outside the club and were smoking. I told him that the female you were talking to is my wife. He thought I would be angry so he said he was sorry and he did it for fun. I said it was cool and I invited him to have a few drinks with me in my room with me and Sneha.

He agreed and we went towards the elevator. We reached the room and I knocked. Sneha opened the door and was dressed in a semi transparent gown and high heels. She had tied her hair with a clip and was looking stunning. I could see that Varun gasped his breath for a while. Our room was a Suite with a Balcony and so we moved with our drinks into the Balcony.

We introduced ourselves and we found out that Varun was studying management there and was originally from delhi. As we got friendlier I asked Sneha to get me some snacks. She walked into the room and I excused myself from Varun and followed Sneha. I asked her if she wanted to make her moves then it can be done now.

She resisted but agreed to try but nothing more than some kissing and foreplay. I did not want to force her but deep inside I wanted to let her enjoy with the young boy and then maybe have a threesome with her. We came back to the balcony and Sneha sat alongside Varun’s chair. The topic diverted to girlfriends and sex. Varun was little shy but the drinks made him open up.

He said he was in a relationship but the girl wouldnt even let her touch her in private. He was too desperate to have sex with her. In an instant I told him if he would like to have some fun with Sneha. He was shocked. He appeared in discomfort. I told him that as a couple it is our fantasy to do this.

Sneha wanted to do it with a stranger and I wanted to watch her have fun and then join them together. He was still trying to come to terms of what he heard from me and in the meanwhile I winked at Sneha to touch him and make her move. Sneha sat on the arm of his chair and moved her fingers in Varun’s hairs.

Varun got the signals and she asked him to come inside the room. He followed her to the living room and grabbed her from behind. I walked behind and sat on the Sofa. Varun moved her hairs from the shoulders and started kissing on Sneha’s neck line and he nibbled her ears.

His hands in no time were caressing Sneha’s boobs and his tongue was licking every inch on her neck. Sneha was enjoying this with her eyes closed. He made sneha turn around and then kissed her lips gently. The he held her close in her arms and started to smooch hard. Sneha responded equally and Varun then started to open the strings on her gown. He seemed to be quiet experienced.

Sneha was right in front of my eyes in her Black Bra and Panties. Varun was licking her chest and slide his hands inside the bra. With the other hand he unhooked the straps and her boobs were bare open and naked. He licked her boobs with his tongue and pinched the other nipple with his fingers. Sneha was moaning with pleasure.

Gradually he continued to lick her and then slid his hands in her panties. She was all wet and horny. She objected and wanted to stop him. I interrupted and told Sneha “Please let the boy enjoy for some time”. Sneha then decided to let go of her reluctance and started to pull his T-Shirt. She then sat on the living room table and started rubbing her hands on his groin.

Varun was too excited and started to remove his belts and dropped his Jeans to the floor. Sneha was now feeling his hard erection through his underwear. She looked and me and whispered ” Its too hard and big” I said” Enjoy it honey” Varun was now a little uncomfortable so he pulled Sneha to the bedroom adjoining the living room.

I could have a clear view of the bed sitting in the living area and I could also feel his uncomfort behaviour doing my wife in front of me. I did not get up and go there. I sat and watched from the living room. I unzipped and had my cock in my hands. Varun pulled Sneha to the bed and started to kiss her whicle going down on the bed.

Sneha was reciprocating every move and was ready to enjoy. Varun removed her panties and wanted to climb over her but she just got up. I yelled from the living room “Baby just let go and let it happen” She sat on the bed and then grabbed Varuns underwear and pulled it down. Varun had an 8 inch cock that sprang up in Sneha’s face. it was good hard and thick.

Sneha’s eyes were wide open. She looked at me and smiled and then put his cock in her mouth. She started to suck hic cock and this time Varun was moaning with extreme pleasure. She continued to stroke his cock and moved her tongue on the tip of Varuns penis. He was extremely uncomfortable and was about to cum.

He told Sneha “bus just stop else I will unload” Sneha replied “unload once on my breasts”. Varun came very hard and blowed up all the sperms on Snehas breasts and neck. He then relaxed his breath and went to the washroom and grabbed a towel. He cleaned Sneha’s body and then came to the living room towards me and grabbed his and Sneha’s drink.

He gulped his glass in one shot and told me “Time to go again”. He went to Sneha and made her sleep on the bed. He started to lick her Vagina and also slid his fingers inside. Sneha loes to be licked and this boy was doing it as if he were experienced. I was simply sitting there and stroking my hard erect cock now.

Sneha was telling me “Honey this is so good. I am enjoying this. Thanks so much…ouch Varun pls keep doing this and I want your tongue deeper inside me” Varun was doing exactly what she said. Sneha was about to come and She told Varun to let her flow her juices and he could drink them if he liked.

She came with a loud moan and calling Varuns name repeatedly “Oh yes Varun…Yes Varun u r doing it great” Varun stood up and cleaned his face. his erection was ready again. He pulled up Sneha and then kissed her and smoched for a few minutes. Sneha winked at me and asked..”can I go on darling” I said “YESSSS”

She came running to me and kissed me and then started to blow my cock. Varun was hard and stroking his cock. He came out and grabbed Sneha by her hairs and pulled her back to the bed. He lie down on the bed and asked Neha to go up. Sneha was now free from all her inhibitions and she mounted on his cock.

His hard and thick cock was going in slowly as she sat on it and she was moaning with pleasure as it was thick and her pussy was tearing apart. She was wet and hence the cock could slide in easily. All I could see from behind is thaty my wife was jumping on Varuns cock and her hairs were flowing freely behind to her hips and Varun was pinching her boobs. She was really enjoying this.

I could not resist myself and I got up and climbed on the bed. I held Sneha by her hairs and asked her to suck me. She did not hesitate even for a second and while jumping on Varuns cock she started to suck me. I was pressing her left boob and Varun was pinching her right nipple.

After a few minutes I lie on the bed beside then and she stood up from Varun and climbed on me in reverse cow girls style. My wife’s back was facing me and I grabbed her hair as she was slowly puching my cock inside her. Varun stood up and went to her front and pushed his cock in her mouth.

After a few mins I asked Varun if he could also push his Penis inside her Vagina in this position while I was inside her. He said he can try. I immediately pulled Sneha by her hair and made her tilt towards me on the bed. Varun managed to make some space and he pushed his cock with mine already inside. I could sense the big cock entering Sneha and She was yelling in Pain.

In a few seconds he was fully inside and he stared to stroke heavily. Sneha was in Pain but she was also Shaking her booty on my cock. She was loving the rubbing of 2 cocks inside her. She could sense that Varun was about to come and told him not to come inside her. Varun stood up suddenly and then offloaded his sperms on her stomach.

Sneha was still jumping on me and maybe her vibrations were telling me that she came atleast 2-3 times while 2 cocks were rubbing her. I asked her to get up and she simply turned around and covered my penis with her lips. She wanted me to come in her mouth. I did that and then we all 3 lie on the bed with fast breath.

Sneha thanked me and Varun as she had the most amazing sex in her life. Later we all 3 had Sneha in the bath and before morning Varun had sex with her once again in the bed as I went off to sleep. Sneha recorded her entire second time with Varun on her mobile hidden from Varun. I viewed the video the next day and fuck her 3 times during the day.

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