I am Pallavi from Mysore. Presently I am working in Bangalore. I am an open minded woman. Married four years back with software engineer who is working in Mysore. I’m little dark in complication. My structure is 34-30-36. After my marriage I enjoyed my honeymoon in Kulumanali for 15 days.

Later my husband was busy in his work. I was getting bored by sitting in home. I spoke with my husband shall I apply to job. He said OK. Then I applied and got placed in Bangalore. Once in a month my husband was coming to see me and we use to enjoy a lot. After 1 year on project work my hubby went to USA and I was feeling lonely without sex.

My body was burning to have sex with someone and to make it cooled. But my mind always reminded me that I am married woman and I should be loyal to my husband. I was very much confused of myself. In this process I was not able to concentrate on work. My performance was going low day by day. Seeing this my colleague Asha asked me what happened to you pallu?

Why are you looking so sad these days? I was feeling shy to speak with her about sex. On weekend I invited Asha to lunch. After lunch I discussed with Asha regarding my desire and confusion. Asha said that there was nothing wrong in getting satisfaction from another person and also said god has created that desire to get satisfied.

Pallu I agree that we should be loyal to our husband. But who knows they are loyal to us. We can get self satisfaction by doing fingering. But we are addicted to a strong dick and a male who gives satisfaction and pleasure internally and externally. She also said we are ruining our life by not enjoying our life to maximum.

Every woman will be having internal desire to get satisfied from husband/lover. Due to some reasons it may not be possible. At that moment we have to find an alternative way so that we can be happy. We as an Indian women will think, we should be loyal to our husband.

We think, if we try to have illegal relationship with someone, if my husband or someone in society comes to know our entire life will be ruined. But it’s not true according to me. If husband can’t satisfy wife means it’s his problem. However society is there to talk. If we do well also they will speak if we do bad also they do. They never try to help but always try to hurt in maximum way.

We don’t take initiative to sleep with other person as we will be thinking whether we can trust the other person or not. We can’t put our life in some one’s hand. In seeking help we may fall into trouble. We should always try to have relationship with someone who can trust. I was convinced by Asha. But there was little fear in my mind.

I discussed with Asha and said I am ready and also asked her if she know anyone with whom I can sleep and get satisfied. Asha told me that she will check and get back to me. After 3 days Asha informed me to come to her home. She would introduce me to that person. I asked more about him but Asha kept surprised.

Finally the day came. Asha took me to spa and made me to look like a new bride. We did shopping for new sari, nightie, and inner. I asked her why all these Asha? Pallavi as a friend of mine I would like to see you happy. I would like to make you this day memorable. By listening this happy tears were rolling from my eyes.

We reached home. I took bath and Asha helped me to get ready. Asha said me to wait in bedroom. Asha came after some time and introduce me to the person. I was in shock. He was a boy of 25 years, with normal complication, with height of 5.5. I was in confusion again. I went to other room and spoke with Asha. Asha I thought you would introduce me to a married man.

Why this boy. Asha said me to relax, he is smaller in age but not in his strength. You just enjoy and sent me inside room. Seeing my confusion that boy asked madam if you’re not feeling comfortable means I will go. He introduce that his name is Raj. He is working in a private firm and said about his family details. I felt OK with him and started to chat.

Raj asked madam are you feeling comfortable or would you like me to leave. I said let’s do Raj. Raj came near me, hugged me warmly and lip locked. He was biting my upper lips, lower lips alternatively. Every time he kissed my lips I was making my hug tight. We kissed for 5 min. Then he made me open my mouth and gave his tongue to me. We sucked each others.

The taste of saliva was good. Later Raj kissed my fore head and Cheeks. Later he bite my ear lobe slightly. Which pained a little but making me feels pleasure of love. Then he removed my sari pallu and kissed my boobs on my jacket. Later he went near stomach and kissed me. He was playing with his tongue and was kissing. I was getting shivering and was pulling his hairs tightly.

I was moaning to a hell. Later we both removed our dress and we were completely in inner. I was wearing black netted bra and panty through which he could see my boobs and love hole. Raj was in his jockey. His small brother was rock hard trying to escape from the prison. We hugged again and started kissing from top to bottom. Raj removed my inner I removed his.

Raj was sucking my left boob and was pinching my right boob. I was feeling excited as well was suffering from pain. I was feeling my entire blood was rushing to boobs. My Nipples had become hard. Raj played my nipples with his tongue. He is used to pull my nipple. Bite my boobs alternatively. Later he went down and started kissing from feet.

He kissed each and every finger which sent me current across my body. Later he made to turn. He kissed my buts. Pressed and pinched my buts. Raj was kissing and biting my ass. I was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhha ahhhhhhhhha Raj. Later he came in front and kissed my pussy lips. He made my love hole wet by touching with his tongue. He blew hot air into my pussy.

Saliva was cold, air was hot and feeling was amazing. I couldn’t wait for more time because I was having sex after a long time. Later he made me to suck his dick for 5 min. Then he pushed his hard dick into mine. I was feeling little pain as it was after a long time. He was pushing hard inside outside. I was enjoying to maximum. My breath went to peak.

Whenever he pushed inside I was making my hug tight and made nail marks on his back. I bite his shoulders. He gave me memorable pleasure. After 15min we both got wet. That night we both made love for 3 times. Next day we woke by 11. Got fresh up had lunch and 2 more sessions. Raj fucked me in doggy and took my ass virginity that day.

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