I’m Shusmit Patel, aged now 27; handsome dark, working as a Marketing Manager in a Chennai-based multi-national. And my loving wife Haasini is 3 years junior to me in age; very beautiful to look at, endowed with a voluptuous figure (34 C/29/35), very fair in complexion, tall in height (5’7”), and a happy housewife. Ours was an arranged marriage, held only two years ago.

She is a Bengali girl whose father had been my father’s colleague and close friend at Ahmedabad. However, as a wife, she’s, ab initio, been very understanding and cooperative, though in the context of lovemaking, she was initially a bit shy and timid. But then gradually I made her open with me or moulded her in my eroticism. In school days I was in the hostel, and since then I developed a ‘peeping Tom’ habit in me.

And often, stealthily, I would peep into girls bathroom or whenever scope came up and with growing up I strangely developed a liking for voyeurism. And when our marriage was fixed I thought how Haasini would react to my sex-mind or such strange erotic desires. On wedding-night (suhag raat) I straightway spoke my mind to my bride, stating my likings-disliking etc, everything.

I thought she would turn angry with me, but instead, she smiled and lovingly said she would do anything and everything for me as it is her duty as wife is to fulfill all desires of her husband for a happy and warm conjugality.

Her words made me happy and relieved of. Thus began our conjugality as per her wish we went to Puri in Orissa on honeymoon. And we checked in a sea-side hotel. She was thrilled as usual to go into sea for a bath. Then I suggested her to wear an outfit that could reveal her a lot. She laughed and blurted would you want your good looking wife to be little exhibitionistic for you today on the beach, I smiled. She continued, ok dear, as you wish.

But what should I do if any stranger man ogles at me and gets eroticized or touches me? What, I will be was my reply, indicating my green-signal for her blind-date or such escapade, if takes place. She wore a Bermuda and a white cotton T-shirt of thin materials, while I was also in same outfits. Moments later we were walking along the sandy sea-beach, hand-in-glove, towards

Panthaniwas spot because that spot was not much over-crowded. Soon we jumped into sea. Some stranger couples and boys were around us in the sea. I did not let her go deep into water; she was hardly in shoulder-deep water. After 15 minutes or so I asked her to get up from water.

She was now a bit hesitant, for she knew the moment she would come out from sea those strangers could clearly see her elated breasts which jutting out through the wet transparency of her T-shirt and I too knew that, and it’d already granted me an erection.

And we came out from water, and the eyes of some strangers on the beach spontaneously turned glued to my wife’s exposed or visible breasts…and she, without paying a heed to their lusty eyes, collected the towel and wrapped it round her top. In our hotel room we made a wild lovemaking thereafter, while we talked out on the beach-episode, she confessed she’d enjoyed this fun a lot.

Encouraged by her bold attitude I suddenly proposed another fun and it was to share her with another man. To this she didn’t agree instantly, but she blushed. I understood she needed more persuasion. At night while taking our dinner she suddenly asked, “Have you already singled out this third companion for me? I was taken aback by her abrupt words, and felt thrilled in anticipation.

No, darling, not yet but, I was replying to her. She interrupted, “Mind it, I am your honeymooning bride and not on the pill now, and I am allergic to condoms. Hmm! I exclaimed, thinking what to do now. I did not gather up courage to go with such venture any longer least it, I thought, might invite trouble for us. Nothing happened next two days. On the third day while we were walking along the beach at evening, we came across a local

Orriya boy: who claimed to be a good masseur. He was very dark healthy and ordianary-looking, obviously poor. He offered us his service at Rs 200 only. I looked at my wife’s face she smiled at me, indicating her consent to what was on my mind then. So I asked that young boy, who was hardly 19 years, to come to our hotel room after sunset. His name was Ravi Dass. He came at 7 o’clock. He was in Shirt and lungee.

I was in a Bermuda and bare-chasted, and he massaged me with oil for an hour or so. While he was almost finished, I asked if he could body-massage my wife. He looked a bit surprise, and delighted. After all, it was beyond his imagination or expectation to massage such a beautiful young woman with voluptuous youth. He nodded his head in affirmation. I hinted at my awaiting wife. She entered bathroom to change clothes.

Next moment she came out in petticoat, wrapping a towel on her top. I could guess she did not wear brassier underneath her towel. She, at the boy’s instruction, was now lying on the floor on her stomach; he began oil-massage her body, from her toes. And gradually his hands rolled upwards pushing her petticoat upwards accordingly, thereby unveiling her legs thighs etc, little by little.

On the other hand my wife was enjoying his massage, and sighing at times in pleasure. And I watched away silently with a full erection under my Bermuda. That masseur boy had also by then obtained an erection, which’s obvious through his ‘lungee’. His expert hands embrocated along her thighs, then inner thighs, and the moment his fingers touched upon her pubic area Haasini moaned and trembled.

In a whispering tone she blurted out she’s already wet, and now getting wetter as his naughty fingers had by now started taking liberties with her, making her hiss in bliss. Ravi now asked her to overturn, and as she did Ravi pulled her towel off her front, thus making her topless. Ravi turned agape; her exposed breasts, tipped with honey-brown areolea, remained elated in its youthful arrogance.

She trembled as that boy poured some oil over her bare bosom, followed by his grabbing the pair of my bride’s firm breasts with his palms. She sighed and he assumed oil-massaging her lovely breasts, dead in front of my voyeuring eyes. The view granted me an immense pleasure. I lost my control, and I simply yanked off my Bermuda and started massaging my warm angry penis by myself. Looking at he Ravi turned bolder.

He yanked Haasini’s petticoat, thus denuding her completely. Then he also took off his shirt and lungi. We saw his huge erection. He looked up at me with lust and excitement written in his eyes. I winked at him so now he unhesitantly came over my wife to eat her nectarine youth. . He went on squeezing her breasts, taut nipples, to his heart’s content, and finally his mouth came down on a breast-top.

Haasini now moaned aloud, pushing as much of her warm breasts-flesh as she could into his eager mouth. He continued sucking up her breasts, by turns. Both sweating away in the warmth of sex. Now I came near them and sat beside my fore-playing bride. Finding me closer Ravi pulled me closer to her heaving bosom, and spontaneously I took one breast to mouth, while he carried on with the other.

My wife was trembling like a reed as two different male-mouths were now at her breasts, at a time, one each. She was hissing at random, and suddenly her love-sound stopped. I looked up my head and saw Ravi now sealed her mouth with his, and their mouths are now sealed in passionate kiss. I resumed fondling her boobs. Minutes later Ravi broke off her and proceeded to her thighs; her pulled them apart a little and placed his mouth over my wife’s wet vagina.

Haasini moaned as he now shoved his tongue into her pubic gate and began sucking her up. My wife’s comely face flashed with bliss as being sucked wildly. In no time she also turned wild; her love-moans echoed around the room. She now pleaded Ravi to fill her womb with his seed. Her words surprised me a bit as I knew she’d not been on the pill. So I blurted out wouldn’t it be a little risky for you to take his sperm inside?

She laughed, saying let his fill me, I need it now. Tomorrow I shall take I Pill tablet. Don’t worry, dear.” Now at my instance, the masseur entered her with a thrust; her tight wet vagina paved the way to him, and he filled her, and started pumping her deeper, Ravi, deeper”, she pleaded. Ravi enhanced his ramming-tempo, little by little. On the other hand, I shoved my erection into her eager mouth. It was a unique threesome fun that continued.

Her face flashed red, indicating she was now closer to her orgasm. And she underwent it in no time, while Ravi was ramming in her in full swing. She reached another orgasm. And little later Ravi moaned and turned stiff, and both my wife and our third companion trembled and sweating Ravi fall upon Haasini’s bosom, spent. I felt his gush of sperm was filling Haasini’s hungry womb.

And when he withdrew from her; some sperm overflew from her vagina. My wife was fully satisfied, and she now asked me to take her. But instead, I wanked on her breasts; Ravi massaged my sperm over her breasts till it dried down her skin. I gave Ravi Rs 1000, instead of Rs 200 to his utter surprise and joy. My wife stood up and hugged him and planted a long kiss, full on his lips, as a token of Good-bye.

That night we made love wildly. . .

Next two days we made no such adventure. And then we came back home.

The memory of this promiscuous adventure during our honeymoon kept us warm in our regular conjugality. Months elapsed, and meanwhile she conceived. And a few months ago, in last September, she gave birth to our first child in a noted nursing home at Chennai.

During her pregnancy-period she had gained a little weight, but that did not matter. Rather it may have increased her sex-appeal more; her breasts became little heavy, now full of milk. The only problem with her that milk-flow in her breasts was huge, or so much so that often it drenched her top to her embarrassment. She would often request me to suck her breast-milk, but I declined.

So my poor lactating wife used ‘pump’ to pump out her excess flow of milk when she is home.

On last Navaratris, or three days before the 1st day of Navaratri, we reached to Ahmadabad to meet my parents, and Haasini wanted to witness and play ‘Garba” festival. Well, she wanted me to get her few new sets of traditional ‘chania-choli’ for her participation in the nocturnal gorba-dances.

So I suggested her to get her dresses stitched in lieu of taking some ready-made ones. She agreed. So next afternoon we went out in search of a ladies tailor’s shop who could deliver her dresses in two days. Our house is situated on Stadium Road, and in that locality we found no such tailor who could deliver things so early.

Finally suddenly we found one very small tailoring-shop, run by an old, septuagenarian, Muslim ladies are tailor who agreed to stitch her ‘cholis’ by two days. This tailor, named Kashim Muhammad, was medium in height, dark and appeared to be senile, who had a minor assistant named Sultan to run his shop.

However, it was around 4 o’clock (afternoon). And incidentally, we were the only two customers at his shop at that time. The senior tailor instructed my wife to enter the shop’s anteroom /trial room.

She entered it, followed by Kashim’s young Junior Sultan and me. Kashim asked me to stay out as he would measure up her body, all alone. I obeyed him. He closed the door but not fully, it was left ajar, and I could easily see inside through its gap. Contextually, Haasini, my wife, was in traditional Sharee and blouse etc. The oldman now looked at standing Haasini, silently and then fixed his eyes on her breasts.

And before assuming his job he asked my wife if she wanted a ‘perfect fitting’ of her Cholis ? She was a bit taken aback by his words, and said out, “Certainly perfect-fitting; why? What’s up ?

He smiled, and placed one his hand on her shoulder, in front of his young assistant who was aged hardly 18 years! And yanked her ‘pallu’ aside, thus revealing her blouse-covered front. My wife face turned crimson in coyish embarrassment, but she did not resist such advancement of that oldman.

He observed her with a smile on his lips, and then resumed his job with a measurement-tape in hand and while massaging her neck, sleeve, back, arms etc he want on to dictate to his boy the measured-sizes to jot down.

Finally he began measuring her endowed bosom, and while so doing he asked my wife once again, Madam, to take the perfect measurement of your breast-cups etc I need to measure up in some unconventional way, What? She blurted. She stood, confused.

By then I’d made out the situation; I sensed a golden chance being appeared now for me to voyeur a great threesome or foursome there. So I entered the anteroom, pushing the Ajar door in. Both the senior and junior tailors now turned a bit scared finding my intrusion. I asked them to remain cool. By then intelligent Haasini had understood what would happen now.

She looked up at my eyes, and got my tacit indication to go ahead. . She smiled, and, without inhibitions, asked the oldman to carry on. Surprised Kashim resumed his job with full confidence. His fingers now straightway came to front-hooks of the blouse of my standing wife, and he opened the hooks, one by one, before me, and peeled the unhooked blouse off her bosom. Instantly his eyes sperkled with lust, so were those of his young assistant, as my wife’s bra-hidden firm breasts jutted out.

Oldman’s palms now closed upon Haasini’s bra-cups, and slowly he started cupping them. My wife’d closed her eyes, and she bit her nether lip in her teeth, overtaken by sexual excitement. Moments later the oldman shoved his right hand inside my wife’s bra, and she hissed as his fingers touched her bare skin or warm flesh inside. He continued squeezing her breasts within a half a minute he pulled out his hand, a bit surprise on his face.

His right palm was drenched with ‘lactic fluid! He spoke out, “Oh! It is lactating! I said out to him, Yes, Chahaji, she mothered a child only a few weeks ago, and her boobs are now abounded with milk, which sometimes gives her pain is it ?! He continued do not worry Beta.

I have a good solution for it and saying this he unhooked her bra, thus made her topless.

Her elated breasts, tipped with dark-brown aureole, stood open in their arrogance of youthful firmness and then instructed his junior, Go out and shut the shop-door and bolt it from within, and come back as his assistant walked out, he positioned himself behind my wife, and from her behind he embraced her in such way that his hands reached her breasts, and then he closed his both palms on one her breast-doms, and pressed.

By then that boy had come back and was standing nearby her, or watching her, agape. And as he did the pressing around the breast, in no moment drops of milk appeared on the nipple, then suddenly it gushed forward in a jet and drenched that open-mouthed boy’s face, who, on the spur of moment, pulled out his eager tongue to grasp the lactic rain over it, while my lactating wife was hissing in pleasure, tinged with a relief.

Seeing the boy’s eagerness for Haasini’s breast-milk, I asked Kashim, Chacha, don’t waste her milk, let him straightway suck milk from her breasts my words enthilled them. And next moment, Chacha made my wife lie down on the floor on her back, and they seated on her both sides, and simply shared my wife’s pair of milk-oozing breasts between themselves, one each, while I kept onlooking.

My aroused wife was heaving, moaning and sighing in pleasure; she looked elated as she was not breast-feeding two stranger hungry mouths one was about double her age, the other was younger than her by some ten years. A unique experience for her: which my sexy wife was obviously enjoying a lot. She was sweating a lot she was already quite wet, I knew. And on the other hand my erection was reeling with sexual anger.

Whatever, those two Muslim tailors continued playing with my wife’s breasts, consuming as much of the milk as they could suck from her breasts. Time seemed to be frozen, as it were! They inter-exchanged their positions and thus continued to savour the lactic nectar from her breasts, by turns. Her pleasure-moans were getting louder, which suggested me she was now approaching unto her orgasm, and soon she reached one, then another, then again.

Suddenly she shouted oh it is heaven please fill me, eat me totally. In no time I took off my clothes. And seeing me naked with an erection, those two lovers also withdrew from her body and began taking off their clothes. My wife’s heavily-sucked breasts looked contented and reddened with heavy and long love-molestation, glistened with a watery substance, that’s a mixture of her milk-foam and saliva of her suckers.

The sight granted me a strange jolt of sexual bliss. Satiated Haasini’s eyes went wide as she looked at her ‘milk-tasters’. Both of them got a huge erection; I was surprised seeing the size as well as erection of Chacha. It was huge, even longer than mine in its length or size, so was that of the ‘late-adolescent’ boy! Chacha asked me if I wanted to take her first. I indicated him to engage his assistant to fill her first.

Gladly he instructed him to go ahead; Haasini parted her thighs to accommodate him. He shoved his face inbetween her thighs and next moment his mouth closed over her womanhood; my wife moaned aloud as he started licking and sucking her up. On the other hand, the oldman sat beside her and holding her two soft-fleshed breasts with hands he bent over her and his mouth eagerly closed over my wife’s.

I found him a great kisser, that the way he was kissing and sucking my wife’s lips and tongue it was simply unique. And naturally my wife was also equally responsive and receptive in her passion. After a long kiss he broke apart, and indicated me to stay aside a little. He himself also moved a little, thus giving that ramming boy full liberty and space to churn in her in full swing.

The assistant, Sultan, carried on with my multi-orgasmic wife with his full erotic vigour and savage strength, taking my wife, step by step, to seventh heaven, granting her orgasm after orgasm. And then suddenly moans of bliss escaped his mouth and he collapsed upon her, brimfully filling her receptive womb with his sperm, while bringing my wife to another trembling orgasm at the same time.

My satisfied wife spontaneously pulled his sweated face closer and planted a passionate kiss on his mouth in gratitude of love. When they broke their kiss, the boy again placed his mouth over my wife’s breasts and resumed sucking on her nipples, by turns, seeking another spurt of milk. Soon he found her nectar and went on to savour it to his heart content unless it temporarily dried down again.

While he was savouring my wife’s breast-milk she again turned excited, and at this moment the oldman entered her with a thrust. And as he began ramming himself into my wife, I offered my erection to my wife to get a ‘handjob’. She, with her both hands, caught hold of my manhood and that of that boy, and started wanking us. And within 5 minutes she brought us to a huge ejaculation, almost at a time.

We flooded over her high bosom; our gabs of seminal deluge completely covered her breast-domes and teemed down her sides. And it granted her an orgasm, which perhaps tiggered the pumping oldman to release his seed into her. As the oldman pulled out from her within, she sat up and took Sultan’s still-angry manhood in her warm mouth, and sucked him lovingly till he made another huge ejaculation in her hungry mouth. She swallowed his entire ejaculated deluge.

After our orgy we all rested a little, and then we all took on our clothes. I saw my watch it was then almost 9 o’clock, night! It means we spent long 5 hours there, in the Eden of erotics! We thank them a lot. The oldman promised to make delivery of her ‘choli’ by next afternoon. As contented couple’ we stepped out of the shop that night.

That night, in the privacy of our bedroom, we made a wild lovemaking, with a tacit understanding that she would be repeating such encounters, as per scopes, in my presence and sometimes in my absence also but obviously in my knowledge, to strengthen and enhance our intimate conjugality.

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