It was long ago when I just completed my schooling and did not know how to spend time during the holidays. I was tall and well versed in all sports and games. The sense of loss of all that I was familiar with made me sad. At this juncture my uncle asked to go over to his place to spend my holidays.

It will take a lot of time for the declaration of results and then go and search for seats in all the colleges, I though I will go to my uncle’s place. His daughter who is elder to me will also be there as my play companion. My mother reprimanded me not to disturb her since her exams are not yet over and you should not make her deny your request. I said OK.

I went by train to my uncle’s which took almost 7 hours of train journey. He was there at the Rly stn. to receive and take me home. “Oh,Raghu, you have become a big boy” he exclaimed. Aunty took my bag inside a room and asked to take bath and come for breakfast. I went through m morning toilets and then went to the dining table for b/f.

There I saw Shanu, my cousin. She looks about 19, lean and short stature d and her innocent face was very attractive. Her eyes were deep and penetrating. We exchanged hellos and went on eating. My uncle and aunt were not old people. Uncle may be around 40 and aunt may be 35 or 36 years old. Aunty was quite attractive with nice features.

Uncle looked like a film star with hair dyed in color and his latest styled shirts etc. After exchanging pleasantries, my cousin Shanu went away to her college. I was told by aunty that my bag has been put in the room of Shanu who is like my elder sister. Her exam was due next week and after that she will be there full time to keep me busy.

Uncle did some business and was away all the time and aunty worked in a private firm. She left her home in the morning and came back only by evening. Uncle never comes home before 9 because he has his social service and club activity. Again I was alone here. The old servant served me lunch and I took lunch sitting alone.

The servant told me that Shanu comes by 2 pm from her college. I could have waited for her, but I did not know her timings. My accommodation has been fixed in the same room where Shanu sleeps. She had a big cot and I have been given a small cot at the other side of the room.

She had a computer and other accessories, a table and table lamp and shelves for her books etc and a swivel chair. They have placed the TV in the drawing room. She had lot of books most of them relating to her studies. After lunch I went to the drawing room and went through the newspapers and magazines. Shanu came at 2 pm.

After smiling at me and saying ‘hello’ she went to her room for changing her clothes. Caming back from her bed room and went to the bathroom and then came to the dining room. While taking food she asked me whether I am feeling bored, I said not exactly, I miss all the sports activity there in the city, I said.

After finishing her food she came and sat with me and talked on various subjects. But I did not like her asking whether there were girls in the class, whether I liked any one in particular. :Love and sex were not in my mind and hence I was innocent in my replies to her. She came near me and sat with me in the sofa and looked at my face curiously.

I asked her what is the matter. She said I am observing whether you tell lies. I laughed and told her that sometimes I tell lies. We both burst out laughing. When laughing she had such a beautiful face that I like her very much.This was the first time that a lady sits very close to me, other than my mother.

Her skin was glowing and as I said earlier I liked the way her eyes stare at things. She told me that she is in the fourth semester of a degree course. Do you know how to operate a computer, she asked. I told her that I have handled one in the computer lab and not otherwise. She said come on let us see how much you know.

She took me to her room and making me sit in the swivel chair she sat in a stool and was looking at me closely. I knew only fundamentals of computing and I said her so. But while moving my hand over the mouse and to help me press the appropriate keys she her boobs were touching my body at several places.

When I became self conscious I was getting an erection which was visible from outside. Shanu didi, who purposely placed her hand on my bermuda could sense that my cock is in a fully erect condition. I could see through her cleavaga her sandal coloured boobs. Purposely she rubbed her boobs on my elbow or shoulders when she used to stand behind me.

My attention was totally on my cock .I wanted to go limp, but it wont. Shanu didi went to the main door, bolted it from inside, and then checked up the door of the kitchen and came to the room and closed the door and then bolted it. she came and sat near me and said let me see what you have here. She unzipped my bermuda and put her hand inside.

Since I did not have any brief inside, her hand stuck my cock directly. Carefully she pulled it out and there it stood like a flag post. I was shy to look at her since this was my first experience to have my genital touched by a female. She asked me to get up and unbuttoned my bermuda and pulled it down to make me totally nude.

I protested softly, closing my cock with both of my hands murmured that it is unfair that only one person is nude. She looked up and smiled at me and said you undress me. I was clumsy in undressing. She said just wait and removed all her clothes one by one. I was shocked to see her boobs, big hard and erect, her soft and flat navel, her clean shaved pussy, nigh big ass and thighs.

After finishing her undressing process, she exclaimed looking at my cock, this is indeed a jewel. Her hands touched my cock and she sat on the floor and had a closer look at my cock and she gave a kiss at the tip and then put it in her mouth. I asked her you said this is a jewel, have you seen other cocks which are less beautiful than this. She signified no and nodded.

She went on sucking and sucking and before I could warn her my orgasn arrived and I shot my cum into her mouth. After two spurts she removed the cock from her mouth, but my cum spurts went on hitting her on the face, her boobs and all over her body. We both went to the bathroom and washed off all the cum.

Suddenly there was phone call and didi rushed to the phone and she was giving direction to some body the way to their house.After disconnection she rushed to the room to set everything in order, dressed herself up and asked to dress up neatly and be in readiness since some guests are expected.

Somebody came and she very cleverly tackled them and asked them to come after the parents return from work. They went away. She came and called me and asked me whether I have fucked any girls before. I said no. Has any girl fucked you before. I said no. Have you seen anybody fucking. I said no. She said have you seen the naked portions of a girl. I said no.

Aye what kind of man you are, so much grown up and not seen the body of a girls so far. I said I had no chance. Ok OK, I will show you in detail But dont tell anybody that I have taught you all these things. One of my uncles taught me all these things and fucked me for just knowledge sake. I am going to do it to you. What is the time now.

I looked at the watch and said it was 5.30 pm. Oh, my god, it is too late. I will explain to you tomorrow but show you some scenes tonight which you have to keep it yourselves. I nodded but did not realize what she meant. Uncle and aunt came from their office and we had a long chat and had dinner together.

At about 10 pm Uncle and aunt retired to their bedroom and we both, didi and I came to our room. Didi asked me to close the door and bolt it without making any sound. She called me to her bedside. I had to obey her. She undid my bermuda and took out my cock which was in limp condition and took it into her mouth.

But within second it assumed the enlarged size and which could be contained in her mouth. I like your cock, its length, its taste, its smell. please always keep it in my mouth. Raghu please, she pleaded. I said ok.But let me see your pussy, you said you will show it but not done it so far. She lifted her petticoat and undid her panty and showed me her pussy.

Wait, she said and went to the bathroom and came back. He pussy was washed and water was dripping. She asked me to come closer and explained to me the various parts, labia, clitoris, vulva, urethra etc. I told her that I want to just smell it, kiss it and taste it. Didi replied ok, go ahead. I licked her whole pussy and smelled it. It was clean smell.

When I touched her clit, she started to shudder. I licked her clit for a long time. At about 10.30 pm she went to the door of the bedroom of Uncle and aunt and peeped through the key hole. She raised her head and called me to come. She asked me to watch the scene through the key hole. Aunty was sucking the cock of uncle.

Then aunty was lying in the bed and uncle buried his face in her cunt and I dont know whether he was licking or sucking. After this, aunt was lying in the bed and uncle thrust his big cock into her cunt and fucking her. Then they fucked like a dog, aunty in all her fours and uncle fucking her from behind.

Finally, uncled was in thebed and aunty rode him and straddled him and put his cock inside her cunt. She made all sorts of funny movements and uncle was enjoying every movement of theirs. When they finished we both ran to our rooms and closed the door. We were waiting for them to get back to their room. Shanu didi was very much hot after seeing the fucking scene.

I too was very hot. The moment we entered the room Shanu didi closed the door and bolted it from inside and switched off the light. She undressed herself and asked me to remove all the clothes and come over to her bed. She pushed me to lie down in her bed and she holding me down kissed me all over my body. My cock was in erectile condition.

She clasped it with one hand and went of kissing it. With both my hand I caught her boobs and went of squeezing. She was mad with passion and wanted to ride over me and do things as we had seen her mother doing with her father. She rode over me and took my cock and rubbed its tip over her clit and then put it in her hole and pushed it as much as possible.

It was not going in but slipping out. She made to lie on her and push my cock into her cunt. I made a strong effort and I could push the whole thing inside. I kept it like that for some time so that her hole may get accustomed to the big cock it is holding inside. Though tears were rolling down her cheeks, she smiled and told me that this the first time a cock has entered her body.

I also said this is the first time I am putting it in a cunt. She asked me to move it in and out just as her father was seen doing. I did as I was told. It was very enjoyable. With each stroke she was moaning. I with my hands closed her mouth so that others may not hear. I squeezed her boobs and nipples and sucked them while continuing fucking and finally,

I think my orgasm was nearing. Didi suddenly started to shiver and her legs kept wide were wound around me and with her hands she pulled me closer and she was experiencing a massive orgasm.And I too. But I went on fucking without stopping. My cum shot inside her cunt and her own fluids filled her cunt and each time I pushed in “Pluck, pluck’ was coming from her cunt.

My cock retained its erection and I continued fucking. It was all pleasure for didi. She kissed me and asked me not to stop but to do it faster and deeper. It too another 10 minutes. for me to cum again. She too reached her second orgasm. Her body smelled peculiarly and there was a lot of perspiration in her body. I asked how it was.

She said, heavenly, Raghu, it was simply great. But dont go away, lie with me I want your cock inside my mouth in the night. Then, she said, you bury your face in my cunt and I will take your cock in mouth and we will both sleep in that condition. How can that be, I said, we wont sleep in that condition.

Let us go to sleep and tomorrow we will fuck in the day time as much as you want since uncle and aunty will not be there. As soon as the servant goes away, I will come to your room and we will start sucking and fucking. Ok, she said and we went to sleep. But in the early morning, when I was in deep sleep, I felt someone licking my cock and rolling the tongue over it.

I got up with a shock and found it was didi and she was enjoying my cock sucking without any clothes over her body. She licked my balls and again cock. I asked her to turn around and give me her pussy. He pussy was so nice and delicate with very little hair. I liked to lick it since it felt like licking the face of a baby.

When I dig my tongue inside her pulsating clit will be in readiness and I enjoy licking it and softly sucking it. The moment my tongue touches it didi will jump with joy. With both of her hands she will hold her cunt lips open so that I may lick the entire area as I wish. Didi said you can suck my nipples or clit as much as you want, no time limit.

So I dont do it roughly, I lick it tenderly which she likes. So practically in day time and night time we find all the time fucking or having some other sexual activity. We discover new new methods of finding pleasure. In the swimming pool, or in the bathtub, or under the shower, she smears honey on my cock before sucking it, I pour honey into her cunt and lick the whole thing.

We enjoyed every minute of my holidays. Didi was also enjoying to the maximum. I asked her what she will do after I go away. She started to cry silently. I said ok. Dont worry, I will come and join your college here. She was happy and her face lighted up and she bent low to take my cock in her mouth.

I stopped her and went out to get some fruits since the servant had already gone. I bought some mangos and again she wanted to apply mango juice on my cock for tasty sucking. I laughed at her perversity. Finally I had to leave.I packed by bags and proceeded to the rly. stn.

She was crying and crying. uncle and aunty consoled her. But she insist that I should go to her place and study in the college. I will let you know if I get admission in her college and continue my studies with her.

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