I am Varun, a happily married man of 32 years age having one child and have a very strong sex drive. and i like to share my sexperience which I had long ago, at the age of 24. That time I was in Mumbai, staying with my uncle at Andheri, for getting a certificate in A/c and Refrigeration through a institute from Dadar, after passing out of a diploma course.

Now, I will come to the point. I met a gentleman of age 37 yrs called Sandip in the institute, who was an instructor in electronics trade, in that institute. He was belonging to my caste and hence he had a special attention towards me. I was calling him as ‘Sir’. After one month during course, which was of six months, one Saturday he called me to come to his home.

Since I was respecting him, I agreed for the offer and told my uncle that I am going to a friend’s home to stay till Sunday evening and went to his home at Thane with him after the classes. When we reached his house, one lady in sleeve less blouse and saree opened the door. After entering the house,Sir introduced me to that lady as she his wife Haasini.

I greeted her with a smile and she also smiled back. She was 29 yrs, 5’5″ with milky white complexion. The flat was 2BHK on second floor and I was shown the second bed room for settle down for the day. I went to bath room, got freshened up, wore a bermuda and came to the hall,I was surprised to see Haasini has changed to a half sleeve blouse.

I tried not to show my expression, but I think she noticed the change in expression of my face. Everything went fine and we had the dinner at about 9.30 PM and The couple, sorry for not telling that they had a son of 1 year old, Suhas, retired for sleep along with their child. I was watching cricket on TV for the name sake and thinking about Haasini.

Even though she was in sleeveless blouse, when we entered the house, I could not see her open body, except hands, as she was covering body very well with saree. But, I could feel that, she had a good figure and was thinking that how can I see her assets. At around about 11.30 PM, Haasini came out and asked me that ‘why you are not sleeping’.

I told her that ‘Bhabhi, I will sleep after this match’. She also watched the match for a while, during which I was watching her left boob through blouse, which was now little open due to loose pallu and found that the size of it was like big size MOSAMBI. It was firm and round, may be due to bra. Looking at that, my member in the bermuda started getting a hard on.

Since it was bermuda, she could not see my bulge. When she turned to look at me, I was watching the TV and she could not notice my survey of her boob. She told me to sleep and went to sleep. I immediately put off the TV, went to toilet and shagged thinking of fucking Haasini. To tell you friends, it was a great feeling to shag thinking of fucking to her. I shagged twice and went to sleep.

Next day when I got up at around about 9.00AM, I found that ‘Sir’ was not there and Haasini told me that he has gone to the institute for some work and will return by Lunch, at about 01.00PM. She served me with the breakfast. She asked me whether I am feeling lonely due to Sir’s absence. I told her that ‘when you are around, why should I feel lonely?’ She was blushed and just smiled at me.

After the breakfast I took the plates and started cleaning them. She immediately closed the tap and told me that ‘you are guest in this house and you should not do all these things. This is my job’. I told her that ‘I am comfortable doing all these thing as I do same at my uncle’s place’. She told that ‘You can do anything at your uncle’s house. Here you are a guest and should not do all these things’.

And told me to go to hall and watch TV. I asked her ‘Is there any problem to you if I stay here? It is better to be with you than watching the TV programmes’. She looked at me in a different way and told me that ‘Your Sir does not like men to be in the kitchen when women are working’. She had cleverly hinted me, without uttering the words, that, she did not have any problem for my being in the kitchen, if it is not known to Sir.

I told her that ‘do not worry bhabhi, before Sir’s arrival I will be in the hall. He would not come to know that I was with you in the kitchen. I hope you have no objection for me to be with you’. She just smiled and continued her work. She gave me some job of cutting the vegetables and during the time I told her so many jokes, all family type, which she enjoyed a lot.

I was totally enjoying her beauty, which was clearly visible due to her loose pallu and lifting the saree up for ease of working. Upper portion of her breasts and leg portion was clearly visible. She had very fair and smooth skin. It was a great feeling and my cock was hard as rock in my undies, which she could not notice due to bermuda.

So many times I felt like hugging her from behind and pressing her boobs while grinding my croach to her protruding bum cheeks. Somehow I controlled myself and went to toilet and shagged. By that time it was 12.30 PM and she told me go to hall and watch TV, as it was time for Sir to come. She told me that ‘Thank you for your company.

I did not know how the time passed, which otherwise I would be waiting to finish the work’. I told her by bending, with my right hand on my chest ‘It is my pleasure. You are most welcome’, in my mind I was saying that ‘Try my small brother once…You will always want company of my small brother’ and I went to hall and started watching TV.

Sir came at about 01.30 PM and smiled at me and told me that ‘sorry that I could not tell you that I am going to institute. Did you have any problem?’ I said ‘No Sir, I was watching the TV programmers’ He told me not call him Sir at home, but to call him as Uncle. We had lunch and slept. In the evening I left to Andheri after having tea. The actual story starts now.

On Thursday, Sir, whom I started calling as Uncle, told me to come to his house on Saturday and to stay for 10 days, as he was going to outstation for official work. He also told me that earlier he used to leave his wife and child at her sister’s place in Dombivali, who was staying with her husband, two children and her mother in law in a 1BHK flat.

Since this time duration is more, his wife suggested my name to stay with her as I am grown up enough to take care of her and the child, in case of any emergency. I said OK and told to my Andheri Uncle that I am going to my friend, who met me after very long time and I am going to stay with him for 10 days, as I did not want him to know where I am going and went to Thane Uncle’s House.

On reaching there both uncle and bhabhi welcomed me, even the child, Suhas recognized me. I gave him a chocolate. It went normally on that day. It was decided to go to VT with Uncle to send him off and while returning to go to Dadar for buying some vegetables, as they are cheap in Dadar market.

As decided after sending off Uncle, we, me with bhabhi and Suhas went to Dadar, bought the vegetables and came to the station to catch a local to Thane. It was 10.45 AM. We were waiting for local. I was holding Suhas all the way. I asked bhabhi to go to ladies bogie with baby, for that she told me that she will come to general bogie with me as I am there to take care of her and baby.

She said it would be difficult to go in the ladies compartment with the baby. We boarded the train at about 11.00AM and got a place to stand near the door against the partition wall. She was standing against the wall facing me holding the vegetable bag in left hand and I was standing in front of her covering her. I was holding the baby in my right hand and holding the rod on the partition wall with the left hand.

I was keeping a safe distance so that I am not pressing her with my body. But, in the next station more people entered the train and somehow I had to press myself to her. Still I shifted a little bit to her right side as her left hand was down holding the bag. Now my right thigh was pressing her right thigh.

The pallu of bhabhi was flattering due to wind and I was getting a nice view of her bulge of milky white boobs inside the pallu due to which my cock was hard and bulging inside the pant. She noticed flattering of pallu and with her right hand she tucked her pallu to the blouse. By this time Suhas had slept on my shoulder and I just moved my hand to hold him properly.

In the process, back of my right palm just brushed her left boob. She suddenly looked at me in surprise but she realized the why I did that. She told me to hand over Baby to her and tried to take him. I did not allow her to take Suhas and I told her that ‘You came with me in general compartment for ease of travelling and when I am along; you need not worry about Suhas’.

During this process she suddenly brought her right hand down and passed between our bodies to hold the vegetable bag from left hand. I did not had enough time to give a way for hand to pass through, which brushed my hard bulge on the way. I did not know what to do and started looking out of the train.

Now her right hand was down with the vegetable bag. In the process her pallu again got loose and started flattering, which even after knowing she left it for flattering and again I was getting full view of the bulge of her milk mound. She turned to her left to see inside of compartment which made her right hand to again brush my bulge. In this position her right side ass cheek was pressing my bulge and I knew that she was feeling it.

Still, she did not move and also I noticed that her ass was moving a bit so as to caress my bulge. At this moment back my palm holding the baby was touching her right boob and I found that her nipple was hard. This time she did not made any attempt to see me as if nothing happened.

I thought she is doing all this purposely and pressed my right hand little hard on her right boob, while looking outside, as if I do not know anything. I think she looked at me, but I could not know. She turned to face me and while turning the right hand again brushed my hard on. Now her right hand, with the vegetable bag, was on my right thigh just inches away from my bulged cock. I was surprised to know that why her hand is on my thigh? If she wanted, she could have held it back so as to avoid touching my thigh.

I also acted as if nothing happened and kept a watch on the feeling of her hand on my thigh. I could feel that her hand was slowly moving towards my cock. Within short time it touched side of my erect member and kept it there for some time, may be to see my reaction. Finding no reaction from me, it again moved further and completely rested on the middle of the bulge with pressure.

I just turned to see inside of the compartment with an innocent look on my face and noticed that she is also looking inside compartment. To confirm again, I forcibly throbbed my cock 2-3 times, which she must have felt, but still her hand did not move from the place. It was evident now that this sexy lady wants a good time with me.

I was now sure that next 10 days will be like journey to heaven with this young sexy lady. I also started free movements of my body. I placed my right hand, holing the baby, directly on the side of her left boob and pressed hard, but did not look at her. I slipped my forefinger and middle finger inside her pallu and pressed hardened nipple between them.

She shivered a little bit and pressed her hand on my cock little hard and held the cock in between back of her fore finger and middle finger and pressed 2-3 times. All the while we were looking here and there, without having eye contact of each other, as if nothing has happened. I spread my legs a bit & shifted my waist to my right side and pressed my erect dick on her front side on her pussy.

With the motion of the train, I started grinding my bulge on her pussy. She was breathing heavily due to all this pressing, brushing. Meantime Thane station arrived and we had to get down. While getting down I just said ‘Bhabhi, How fast we reached? I never knew’ She said ‘We have travelled almost one hour’. I told ‘time passed like anything’ She just smiled bent down her head.

After reaching home, she was behaving as if she is some other lady than who had travelled with me by train. She said that first she will make food hot, which was prepared before going to VT and then feed Suhas before serving the lunch. I said ‘OK bhabhi. I will bring PAN for both of us’ She said that she never eats PAN as it makes her feel giddy.

I told her that it is because she eats PAN very rarely and if she does not eat PAN then I will also not eat. After some deliberation, she agreed to eat MEETHA PAN. I decided to make her to eat that special PAN which contains some drug, which enhances the sex urge in multifold, because I realized that she is a lady with dual nature.

One of her nature is to be conservative lady, faithful to her husband and second one is to enjoy variety in sex, which she is not able to, due to conservative nature of her husband. I wanted to bring out her second nature during my stay and enjoy the beauty of this charming, sexy but conservative, shy lady.

I went to the railway station to bring the PAN as I did not want any nearby PAN vendor to know with whom I am staying so as to keep the secrecy of identity. I asked a PANwala, near station, to give me two MEETHA PAN. As he started to prepare PAN, I asked him any special PAN for ladies and winked at him. He smiled and told me that it will cost more. I told him that make one that special PAN.

He prepared two MEETHA PAN, one of them was that special one and packed separately for me to recognize later. He also told me that to make the lady to feel about the sex, which will increase her urge to have sex. I came home, had lunch with bhabhi during which she was very normal as if nothing happened in the train. I gave her that special PAN and went to hall started to watch TV.

After some time she came to hall sat on the sofa chair opposite to me. We talked many things in general. Suddenly she asked me ‘is there any problem for you to stay here?’ I said ‘No bhabhi. Why are you asking this?’ She said that I would have been enjoying the company of friends at Andheri, which is not possible now. I told her ‘Bhabhi do not worry about it.

In fact I am thankful for recommending my name for staying here during uncle’s absence, as I like you very much’ she blushed and kept quite. I asked her ‘Bhabhi, I noticed on first day, when I came here, you were wearing sleeveless blouse and after some time changed to half sleeve blouse. Why?’

She felt shy and said that ‘My husband does not like to wear such dress in front of others’ I told her ‘Bhabhi if you like, you can wear sleeveless dress. It suits very well to your figure. You look great. Do not worry about it. I will not tell anyone’. She again blushed and put her head down. I wanted her to feel sex, but the subject was not coming up.

I told her ‘Bhabhi, you look 4-5 years young than your age in that sleeveless blouse. Why do not you wear?’ She looked at me with a confused look and I think that hit the target. She said that at this young age I should concentrate on studies rather than on such things. I asked her Bhabhi, what do you think my age is?’ She said it must be 18-20.

I said why are you thinking so? She said because you are still studying and you do not have facial hairs. I told her that I am 24 and I have completed diploma and I had joined a job for two years. Also I told her why I am doing this course. As far as facial hairs are concerned, I told her that due to some reasons I am not getting facial hairs but hairs at other places are at abandon and showed my arm pit.

I asked her whether she wants to see herself the other place from where she can see the hairs as well as can see my exact growth. She blushed and told me that she is feeling sleepy and told me to sleep. I told her that ‘I will sleep when I feel to. At present I am wide awake’ and looked at her straight. She just got up and went to bed room and closed the door.

I went to balcony of the hall and started counting the minutes, as I knew she has to come back to me very soon due to the effect of special PAN. Within 10 minutes she was at the door of the balcony and asked me ‘what are you doing here without sleeping?’ I was surprised to see her in a sleeveless cream coloured blouse with a chiffon saree with her pallu spread on the chest.

It was clear that she was not wearing the bra as the bra strap was not visible. Top of her breast bulge and the cleavage was clearly visible through saree as the blouse was of low and wide neck. This gave me instant hard on, which luckily was hidden in my bermuda. She stood near me on my left side from where open portion of her right boob was visible.

I told her that I was thinking of our journey by train today. She looked at me in a nervous look and went inside & sat on sofa. I also went in hall sat next to her keeping my left hand on the back of sofa behind her. I asked her ‘what happened? Why you are so nervous?’ and placed my left hand on her left shoulder.

She looked at me nervously and asked me ‘you are calling me bhabhi and why you are doing all this’ and pushed my hand from her shoulder. I told her that ‘I call you bhabhi because no one should mistake us. As such I was treating you as a bhabhi till today morning. After the train journey today from Dadar to Thane, I totally changed and looking at you as my sweet girlfriend.

I know very well you also like it’. She told me that she never had any boyfriend in her life and it is difficult to accept me as one, since she is married woman and elder to me. I told her that in such relation factors like marriage, age, etc does not come in way. Only the liking to each other is counted. I asked her do you like me or not?

She said I like you, but I cannot allow you to do all those things because I am married and you are not my husband. I asked her ‘were you not married when you enjoyed mine in the train journey’ She was nervous and with meek voice she said it was accidental due to rush. I put my left hand again on her left shoulder and said, ‘bhabhi, accident can be once or twice.

But you were brushing, pressing my dick all along the journey and were enjoying my pressing your boobs. I know you liked it and have many fantasies which you want to experience, but afraid of getting caught. Do not worry bhabhi; this will be a secret between me and you. During these ten days you can be free with me and enjoy your fantasies in real life has given such a great opportunity to both of us to fulfill each other’s fantasies.

Come on bhabhi….be bold and continue the enjoyment of train. Now no one is here…you are free to feel me…no need to do it hidingly’ and started caressing her shoulder which made her pallu be loose and I got ample view of her cleavage and the bulging. My cock was throbbing in the undie. I wanted her to hold my dick. She was almost in the trans of sex & did not know what to do.

I told her to feel me as she was feeling me in the train and took her hand put on my left thigh. She was trembling due to nervousness, as it was her first time with a man other than her husband. The trembling hand was slowly caressing my thigh. I slid down my hand along with her pallu. She immediately held the pallu and looked at me and told that please do not do this.

I understood that she is still a conservative lady who is trying to come out and enjoy the sexual bliss. I said bhabhi at least kissing and pressing….please. She said only kissing and pressing, nothing more. You should not cross the limit. I said OK bhabhi and took her face in my hand slowly started kissing her all over the face and lastly planted my lips on her trembling lips.

I started sucking her lower lip first. At first she was tight lipped. When I started licking and sucking her lips, she started making little moaning sounds and opened her lips little. I slowly parted her lips by my tongue and pulled her tongue and sucked it. She started moaning. I kept on sucking her lips and tongue in turns. Then I started to kiss her earlobe and neck area.

Now she had closed her eyes and allowing me to move my hands freely in and out. I lifted her in my arms. She said in a husky voice ‘what are u doing?’ I told her kissing is not enjoyable on sofa. So I am taking you to my bed room. I want you to feel new experience with a new man in a new bed room. She was nervous and trembling and hid her face on my chest.

I put her on the bed and lied on her right side pressing my hard cock on her thigh & pressing her boobs in turn. I was licking, sucking her lips and tongue and at the same time slid my right hand from her left shoulder to her left boob through her pallu. She was trembling in anticipation of further actions.

I told her to hold my dick, which she refused with shy and told me that she never held her hubby’s cock and also said that they used to do sex activity in the dark before sleeping. I was thrilled to hear this and asked her that whether she enjoyed the pressings in the train. She blushed and said ‘yes’ with a low voice. I asked her ‘then why not now?’

I took her right hand and slipped it inside my bermuda. Her trembling hand slowly moved to my cock and held it over the brief and started pressing. I asked her ‘how is the size?’ She did not answer, but enjoying with closed eyes. I was enjoying all this because, she was so much excited that all the way she was trembling with excitement.

I was pressing her left boob over the blouse and sucking the hardened nipple of right boob. Now she could not control and started moaning little loud so….. Nice…..suck me……….bite me I slowly shifted my licking and sucking mouth down on her stomach and then on her belly button. All the way I was pressing her boobs with both hands and she was pressing my dick.

I got up a little bit on side and started to loosen my bermuda. She said in a nervous voice ‘what are you doing?’ I told her that ‘I am getting naked to release the paining hard cock from the undie’ and I was naked in no time. She was looking at my 7.5″ x 3″ cock with slightly open mouth. I think she had seen the fully erect cock first time in day light and I took her hand placed it on my throbbing cock.

She held it in her hand and started playing with it. It was great pleasure. I told her to become nude like me for which she blushed and closed her face with both the hands. I pulled the saree frills but she said ‘no…..please…..don’t do this….’ & was not allowing me to do that by holding the saree. I told her that I will not make her nude, but remove only the saree.

She reluctantly agreed and within no time she was in blouse and petticoat with both hands covering her face. I was equally excited for playing sex game with such a conservative, shy but sexy lady. Her tummy was milky white, flat with beautiful round deep belly button. Her breasts were round and firm with hardened nipples pointing up.

I went to her feet and started kissing and licking her milky white feet while caressing her both legs up to calf, thereby lifting her petticoat up to knee. She had spread her legs little bit and I was in between them. Skin of her legs was so smooth like silk. She was now slowly coming under the control of personality of second nature. I started moving upwards while kissing and pressing her legs.

Now I was caressing and pressing smooth thighs and kissing knees. She was breathing heavily, moving her body with sexitement. When I moved my hands upwards to her inner thighs, she tried close her croach area with her left hand and said in a weak, trembling and husky voice ‘stop….please…and pulled me up with her both the hands.

While coming up I slid my right hand along the thigh right up to her pussy and cupped it over the panty and pressed it little hard. Her panty was soaking wet with her love juice. She at once moaned loudly and held my hand pressed it on her cunt for a while and pulled it out and said nervously ‘no…..i….am……marrri…eeed……stop…..’. She was choking with excitement.

Now her petticoat was lifted up to her waist near nada tying like a bunch and the length of my erect cock was pressed on her pussy. I knew, now this lady is excited with anticipation of actions to follow and I wanted it to go for it slowly, so as to make her to get ready for IT. I told her that ‘Bhabhi, now look…I am nude…Let me at least see your boobs….I am thirsty to see them naked since I saw you on first day….pleeaase…’

and slowly started unbuttoning her blouse. She said with a sexy voice ‘only blouse’. I said OK and started unbuttoning her blouse one by one. I kissed her breast bulge and cleavage after each unbuttoning and at the same time grinding my croach on her pussy, which was dripping wet by now. She was moaning with heavy breathing.

Her boobs were raising and lowering with breathing. I unbuttoned her blouse completely and removed it from her body and threw on the ground along with my bermuda and undie. Wow…what a beautiful pair of boobs they were….milky white in colour…firm with erect pinkish brown nipples in the centre of brownish areola.

I at once put my lips on right boob and started kneading, pressing the left one. She was moaning loudly ‘do it man…….do it…..suuuuckkk it…….hhhaaard……’ Slowly I shifted to side a little and placed my right hand on her pussy inside the panty through waistband and started fingering the clit with thumb and inserted my middle finger straight in to her love hole with to and fro motion.

She was now in no mood to stop me for this. I slowly shifted her panty down to her knees and started caressing inner thighs in a long stroke into pussy. At each stroke I was pressing the clit, insert a finger in the cunt, play a little and then slide down my hand on thighs. With this action I slowly shifted her panty down to her feet and removed it.

She was in such excitement that she even did not know when I removed her panty or might not have objected even after knowing. The result was evident. She was now totally transformed to the personality of second nature. I spread her legs wide and slid down my mouth on her pussy and kissed it.

She said ‘sheeeee…whaa…aat aaare you….doiiiiing?….it is dirty…..’ in the excited voice but her hand was pressing my head on her pussy. I lifted my face looked at her and said ‘ bhabhi, it is not dirty…do not you like it?’ She nodded her head in ‘yes’. I inserted my tongue inside her cunt started tongue fucking her.

She was in ecstasy and moaning ‘ooohhh….aaaamm….verrrry…. niceeee…. i…. likeeee…. itt……comeeee onnn….do it….faaaast……’ I started tongue fucking her fast. In no time she came with thundering orgasm. Her whole body was trembling. She was moaning loudly and had pressed my head on her cunt so tightly that I could not breathe.

I was sucking her cum and she was enjoying it. I asked her ‘OK bhabhi, do you like to suck my lollypop’ She looked at me shying and kept quite. I went near her head bent on my knee so as to bring my throbbing cock near to her face and placed it on her lips. At first she turned her face other side, but I forcibly turned her face. I could see nervousness and curiosity on her face.

I pressed my dick on her lips which she slowly opened and licked my tip. I slowly pressed it little by little and now she was holding my half cock in her mouth. I slowly started moving up and down, but did not like it because I thought she did not like it and I removed my cock from her mouth.

She got up and sat on the edge of the bed and caught my erect dick in her and looked at me in a sexy way. She asked me why you removed and I told her that ‘I thought you did not like it’ She told me that at first she did not like it, but after some time when I was moving she liked it, even though she had not done it earlier, but by then I removed it and she took my cock again in her mouth and started sucking from all along the cock length, from top to bottom.

At first she was not getting it, but slowly she got the rhythm. She was holding my bums for stability and I was pressing her head slowly in and out. I was moaning with pleasure’. She was sucking me hard and I was feeling to cum in her mouth, which I did not want. I wanted to fuck her hard in her cunt and leave my cum there.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and made her to sleep on her back, widened her legs and placed my mouth on her pussy and started to suck. She was enjoying my sucking and again started moaning loudly. I thought this is the time to invade her and slowly shifted on top and started sucking and pressing her boobs while holding my cock in right hand grinding the tip on her clit.

She was moving her body in all possible ways with excitement. She was in ecstasy again and telling…..don’t…..stooop…..it…..feeling…soooo…goooddd’ Now she was in a state of excitement where she pulled me on top and held my fat throbbing cock and started grinding on her clit and cunt lips. At last, I was in the heaven. She had closed her eyes and was moaning with pleasure.

I was pressing her boobs alternately and sucking her lips. In a low voice I whispered in her ear ‘BHABHI….SHALL I DO IT?’ And pressed my cock slowly on her pussy, while she was rubbing it on her clit. The fat head of my cock entered little bit in her slippery wet pussy. She started moaning and without saying any word just pushed my dick further inside.

I pushed my hip further and my fattened rock hard cock entered her cunt further half inch. Her cunt was tight as if she was a virgin…..she started feeling pain and…. stoppp…..pleeeease…..it…is…paining..’ and started pulling me out, but I was in no return mood.

I knew that if stop it here, Then it is the end of my journey to heaven and without any delay I pulled out very little and with hard stroke shoved my half dick in her tight cunt and at same time I locked her lip with mine. She shivered with pain and pulling my head out so that to scream but I had supported myself on my left hand on the bed and held her head tight with my right hand.

At the same time I was ramming my shaft in her tight slippery love hole and got it completely inside. Slowly started fucking her. At first with slow strokes. Now her protest was almost stopped and her hands were caressing and pressing my back, head and bums. I left her head and lifted my face from her and looked at her.

She was charged with sex and enjoying my fucking with closed eyes. I asked her to open the eyes. Without opening the eyes, she nodded her head in negative. Now she was enjoying the fuck like an experienced bitch…She asked me to fuck her fast. As my mission of entering her was successful, without wasting any time further I concentrated on fucking her with hard strokes.

In between she was also raising hips to meet my strokes…this was giving both of us immense pleasure… Within no time her cunt lips were tightening on my cock and she was shouting in sexy voice ‘ahhhh…..comeooonnn…..fuckkk hard…..fuck commmiiiiing….’ I started fucking her fast with all my energy and there she came with a trembling orgasm.

Her juice was flowing out of her cunt making all my to and fro motion more smoother and I also started groaning with the pleasure of the fucking a tight cunt, that is also of a married, conservative, shy but equally sexy young lady, who loves her husband.

This thought made me to excite more and more and finally with a loud groan I gave a last hard stroke and held my cock deep in her cunt where I came with shuddering orgasm and shot my all cum in pulsating with pressing my cock deeper at each pulsation. I just fell on her body as I was feeling very week due to excitement of fucking my dream lady.

After some time she must have felt my weight and just pushed me on side, hugged me very tight and started giving me kisses everywhere. It was feeling very nice with her stout breasts pressing me on my chest and caressing my half limp cock with her left knee. We laid there for some time and I slipped in the sleep…

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