After my job in Dubai and my marriage I returned to the God’s own country for changing my job. One year had done so much wonders in me and I was all in thrill to meet my parents and my wife. After getting home I rested for week and parents took me to all the neighbor hood homes including Sylvia chechi. I was shy to meet her after that long period. She was at the door as a good neighbor and she welcomed us in her usual warm fashion.

She has changed a little she had put on some more fat and her churidhar was wrapping her body very difficultly. She asked me about my work and other matters and both my wife and her went into their kitchen to help us with tea and snacks. I spoke to Dennis uncle during the time being and he was passive as always only answering to what I asked. I had always the guilty feeling on my face while speaking to him since he was the husband of the lady whom I bedded one year back. That visit was over and I came to know that Sylvia chechi has become my wife’s best friend in the neighbor hood. She was all in admiration for Sylvia chechi and I was wondering what my former mistress Sylvia was up to. She was a good actress always and never ever succumbed to pressures or doubts. Days passed and I noticed Sylvia chechi’s behavior very closely. She frequently came near the compound wall and chatted with my wife and my wife took advice for everything she did; from food recipe’s to Sex.

She told me in bed how Sylvia chechi had advised her about a few positions to become pregnant easily. It was one month since my vacation started and after two months I had to depart. Sylvia’s advice did wonders and my wife was pregnant in the first month itself. Pregnancy was a bit difficult for her in the first month and she was hospitalized because of excessive Vomiting. Sylvia chechi visited her in hospital and that time I got some private moments to exchange talks with her. My wife insisted me to drop her home and I was ready. During the journey she was silent at first and I broke the silence asking her about the kids and her husband. She answered passively and asked whether I had nothing to ask about her. I was taken aback and told her that I was trying to forget the whole part and I am sorry for everything.

She answered vehemently that men are always like that and I am not different. I stopped the car and parked below a tree where a corn ice vendor was selling ice-cream and I opened the door and bought two corns. I asked her whether we could stand by the tree shade and talk. She licked the corn lightly and looked into my eyes. It reminded me the night we had slept together when she started with my cock licking it slowly. Her dark red lips shined with the ice cream and I felt like kissing her in open. I asked her what she had in mind and she blindly told ‘nothing’. I understood her feelings and knew a woman’s inner urges to be in bed with her illegal relation once more. One year was enough to dissolve the sin feelings and she wanted to do that sin once more which will feed her body’s and minds hunger for some more time. I was no different and from the moment I saw her again I wanted to be in her bed for even once. My wife was my love and life after my marriage and will remain the same. But sex with Sylvia chechi was a secret necessity for me and I came to know that she was also my mistress after that night one year back. I whispered to her that I wanted her and before I go I want to sleep with her, even if for one night. She looked at me and answered nothing. ‘Tell me when I can come’? I asked her.

She told nothing and in the rest of the journey we spoke nothing. When I dropped her in the gate she bent and told me ‘Njan vilikkam..! Two three days passed and my wife was discharged from the hospital. She went to her home to take rest and at night I went to her house. One afternoon my cell rang and it was Sylvia chechi on the other side. ‘ Dennis ella rathriyum veetil thanney undakum..Aruninu enney pakal evedekkengilum kondu pokan pattumo. Namukku ethengilum hotelil room edukkam’ I was reluctant to do that because taking a room in the hotel was risky. I told her that and said that I will call her after making some other arrangements. I thought about many alternatives but nothing worked out. At that time I remembered that one of my friend who was working in the town had a side portion of a house rented. He goes for work at 7.30 AM and returns only at 8 in the evening. I called him and said that me and my wife wanted the room to rest after some shopping in town. He immediately agreed and said that I can take the key from the house owner. Next day Sylvia chechi came to the town after dropping her kids in the school and she had told Dennis uncle that she needed to go to the beauty parlour and had to attend the house meeting in the school. I picked her from the school gate where she was waiting and we both reached the house.

The lady who gave us the key smiled and looked us in a bewildered fashion. She might have wondered why my wife was so matured. We slipped into the house and closed the door. Once inside the house I wasted no time and hugged her tightly kissing her lips. My wife was the only woman I had hugged these years and hugging some what a fat lady like Sylvia made me go back into the memories. I had hugged her in the same fashion last time when we slept together and I bent a little lower than normal to get her lips since she was short. Once more I tasted her and immediately my tongue and mouth realized that ravishing taste of that married woman whose lips and mouth I had licked and eaten before. That kiss was the most passionate one on earth and it had the force and wildness of a year longing. We kissed about five minutes before separating with our teeth and tongue rattling and wrapping. Both of us were eager to find out what was new in both of us, the taste, the moisture, breath and odor after the long separation. I fondled her breast which I thought has sagged some more and squeezed her buttocks with both of my hands. Her sari I began to untie and she told me that wait let us relax for some time. We sat in the sofa looking each other and she told ‘Enikku oru avakashavum venda..inganey vallapozhum Aruniney kitiyal mathi..’. I told ‘ Chechi pinneyum thadichittundu.’. She only smiled. ‘Ninkkum athanallo Vendathu..’ she told pinching my nose. ‘ namukku nilathu mathi..bed shabdham undakkum’ She told.

We fetched a mattress and laid it on the floor. I sat on the sofa while Sylvia chechi was removing her saree. I loved her stripping. slowly looking into my eyes. Her breast was sagging in her blouse and her skin was almost pale white in color. Her naval was as sexy as before with fleshy folds deepening like a small well. I used to put my cock and tongue in it. She had developed tires of fat above her waist. Now she was wearing only blouse and underskirt. She loosened her hair and tied it in upright fashion which I always used to love. I was rubbing my cock as she did all the stripping and she was looking eagerly on the bulge under my pants. She came near by me and squatted before me. She loosened my zip and caught my cock. It was almost erect. She took it out and moved its skin up and down. ‘Etra nalayi kutta ninney onnu kandittu..’ she whispered as she is speaking to it.

She licked it from top to bottom and teased the dome of my cock with her tongue. Her mouth and lips were watery in anticipation of the eating procedure. It was as if she was before a splendid dinner and starting slowly to gulp the whole thing. Sylvia chechi felt a current shoot-up her body on touching my hot throbbing cock. She felt her juices flowing and her panties getting wet. I grabbed her hair and started rubbing my cock on Sylvia chechi’s face. Sylvia chechi was in a trance, her face was burning, and her whole body was burning with desire. Sensing this0 I brought the head of the cock near her lips and started rubbing the head on her lips. Sylvia chechi’s mouth opened by itself and she started sucking on the head. Her inner lips and slightly yellowish row of teeth was encircling my cock. I started pushing my cock in further. Sylvia chechi felt the hot throbbing cock in her mouth; it smelled and tasted tangy n salty. I meanwhile pushed further, however the taste n smell was too much for Sylvia chechi n she started choking. I quickly brought my cock out smeared with Sylvia chechi’s saliva and started rubbing on her face.

Slowly I brought it to her lips again and again Sylvia chechi opened her mouth. I kept doing tmy routine of taking my cock out and then putting it in and Sylvia chechi got used to the feeling n sucking of my cock. I was too near ejaculation and pulled my cock out. ‘enikku ippo varum chechi’ I told her. ‘enthu patti ninety control okkey poyo’? she asked moving the skin of my cock up and down. ‘enikku venam..kothi theernila…’ she murmured and started to swallow it. She moaned and whimpered loudly while sucking and I was unable to control my orgasm and ejaculated in her mouth. She was choked with my cock and the full load of my semen that she coughed and half of the semen poured out of her mouth and jaws. The rest she swallowed and licked her upper and lower lips as if she didn’t wanted to spare a single drop. ‘entey kutta enthu ruchiya ninety paalinu’ she murmured still holding my cock. Her face and lips were smeared with my semen and her upper and lower lips were dropping semen mixed saliva threads while she talked. ‘Entey Sylviaamey..inganey aarthi kaanicha ethu kombanum pidichu nilkkan aavilla’ I told to which she replied ‘ enikkariyam entey kuttaney eneepikkan’. I laid back on the sofa closing my eyes still caressing Sylvia chechi’s hair who was still squatting before me pumping my cock. She got up and undid my pants and shirt. I was completely nude. She then started to undress herself. She removed her blouse and bra and I could see her breasts which were sagging and her black nipples erect.

She then slipped out of her skirt and she was wearing rose panties which clung to her buttocks fighting her fat around the waist. She turned around and showed me her buttocks which was my favorite of her all assets and she knew that the sight of her ‘chanthi’(buttocks) will turn me on at any time. She had always kept me a loyal lover with her ‘chanti’. She captured and tamed me with her buttocks like any other female will do to a male. I used loved the sight of her kneeling on the bed positioning her ‘chanti’me to lick, suck and fuck. She was a perfect ‘achayathi’ wife with lot of fat to jerk of by thorough daily fucking. She swayed her ‘achayathi chanthi’ before me slowly turning her face towards me while she raised both of her hands to caress through hair own hair. She was as if imitating a bollywood heroine in a seduction dance number. That was what I admired her for. Her imagination and creativity in bed was astounding.

She was the mother of two children.., she was a orthodox god fearing Christian Malayalee house wife and above all she was nearing thirty four or thirty five in age. But still she was like a college girl in bed who wanted to mate passionately with any strong male she saw. She slowly removed her panties and started to dance with her ‘chanthi’ slowly swaying. It seemed her ‘chanti’ was teasing me to come forward. I loved that sight…Sylvia chechi the mother of two children and an orthodox ‘achayathi house wife’ was before me dancing and seducing me like a bollywood model even though her plump short figure didn’t matched one of them. She was correct.., she knew how to arouse me and my mouth was watery thinking of her ass and pussy. She knelt down doggy style before me. She once more moved her ‘chanti’ sideways and parted her ass cheeks with both of her hands to show her dark anus and pussy. Her asshole I loved more than her pussy and she knew that.

The odor of her asshole made me crazy and I loved it. I couldn’t resist more and I immediately was at her back like a dog sniffing her ass. I bit and hugged her ass and pushed my face into her ass cheeks. I sniffed her asshole to show my loyalty to my mistress Sylvia and licked it clean. Her pussy was shaved clean and I licked and bit her clitoris. She was like a good breed of cow on heat and I was like a bull licking and cleaning the holes before a tight fuck session. Sylvia chechi was extending her ‘chanti’ for me to lick and eat. My face was wet with her cunt juices and my face smelled her anus. Her facial expression was like of a lioness taming its huge partner with her cunt juices and asshole. She loved to see such a pretty young handsome guy licking her asshole and cunt like a slave. ‘ mathi nakki thorthiyathu entey kutta..enikku ippo varum..’ she murmered. I was still greedy for her asshole and her cunt juices. Her ass cheeks were red with my love bites. I positioned my prick near her swollen cunt and with one stroke pushed the bulbous head of my prick into the wet and dripping cunt. “AARRGGGGGGHH, UUNNGGHHH UUMMMM.ENTEY AMMACHI…., cried Sylvia chechi as her outer cunt-lips were stretched by my prickhead.

So excited with desire was Sylvia chechi that she wailed herself to an orgasm at the thought of me entering her. I pushed my prick fully in as Sylvia chechi’s cunt muscles pulsated with orgasm and started giving her long and slow strokes. Sylvia chechi felt a hot and searing feeling in her cunt as I stroked her doggy style and she started meeting my assault by lifting her buttocks to meet my thrusts. “UUNNGGHH NGAAAA..ADICHU THAA KUTTA… “, she urged me. I was delighted by the tightness of the cunt and started stroking shorter and faster seeing her breasts flap about with my strokes. I was excited at having this sexy housewife to myself and soon came deep inside her, filling her tight cunt with my semen. Sylvia chechi could feel my hot semen inside and thanked herself for being on the pill or else surely I would have made her pregnant with the hot semen I had pumped inside her.

I then pulled her up like a rag doll and made her sit on my lap. I busied myself with kissing, nibbling, kneading and biting her sexy face and heavy breasts. “entey Sylviaamey..”, I whispered while slobbering all over her face. “UUUUMMMMMM OOHHHH UUUMMMMMMMMMMNNNN”, Sylvia chechi replied, felling hot with desire again as she felt my hardness on her buttocks. I clasped her legs together and kept them straight pointing towards the ceiling as I grasped my prick and pushed it into her cunt again. In this position her cunt appeared to be tighter with her legs clasped together and Sylvia chechi felt her cunt walls being fully stretched by my prick. I began bouncing her on my lap and my prick moved in and out like a well-oiled piston. Sylvia chechi’s sagging breasts were flapping near my mouth and I bit them at times to hear her squeal in pain and desire as she was being fucked. I then moved the finger of my hand under the buttocks to insert it into her asshole as I bounced her faster up and down. Sylvia chechi was squealing with desire as she felt herself about to cum and the feeling of an orgasm approaching with the pain of the finger fucking her asshole at the same time was too much for her. She came in waves of pleasure and pain and wailed loudly, “UUUUMMMM..ENTEY PALLEELACHA…AMMACHI……” I then withdrew my erect prick and carried Sylvia chechi to the bed. I set her down and I sucked my finger, which had penetrated her asshole. She enjoyed the wave of authority sweeping her face as I sucked her asshole juices. I then flopped her on her stomach and made her lie on her knees as I grasped her big buttocks and spread her asscheeks to lick her anus for lubricating it.

I was greedy for that dark skinny star hole and licked it like a dog. At times I inserted my finger into her anus and she farted two three times. ‘Arun kutta..njan innu raaviley kakoosil poyittila…innaley kazhicha porkum chickenum okkey anganey thanney kaanum..’ she told as she farted once more with a big sound. I replied ‘athu saaramilla njan adichu thannolam..’ ‘Inganey undo oru koothi premam…she teased me as she spread her ass cheeks more split open to lick. I licked with all its taste and made it ready to enter. I placed my prickhead on her anus and gently pushed it fully and she moaned like a cat.’UUUUMMMM….AAA..!. Then I began riding her slapping her buttocks hard. I rode and rode and slapped and slapped, inflicting this fair sexy housewife and mother of two kids to pleasure and pain at the same time.

Sylvia chechi was wailing with pleasure and crying with pain as her asshole pulsated with orgasm after orgasm. I went berserk with desire and kept ramming her asshole rapidly as I shot my load inside her again and slumped on top of her. Sylvia chechi felt my manhood throbbing in her asshole and we both lay covered with sweat and cum gasping slowly. As we relaxed she got up and went into bathroom. I could hear her farting loudly as she offloaded her morning stool and the sound of her urine oozing out striking the ceramic. I slipped into a brief sleep when she woke me up after she had cleaned herself in the bath room and with a hot cup of coffee that she managed to make from the kitchen. ‘poyi kazhuku chekka’ she pointed my cock which was soaked in her cunt juices. I hugged her and kissed her lips. She sank her head to my chest and we sat murmuring love into each others ears. Sex had unknowingly bonded me in a love triangle. Sylvia chechi had a place deep in my heart. And she knew to maintain it without disturbing the sharp eyes of the society. She was a good neighbor, a good friend of my wife and a sweet mistress of mine more or less to my wife. She stole love and sex from a young man like me when she continued to be the wife of another man and mother of two children.

That day we had sex three – four times and a lot of licking and sucking each other. She aroused me each time after I had gone limp on orgasm with her ‘achayathi chanti’, moving and shaking in front of me and me digging my face deep in between her ass cheeks to smell and lick her asshole and taste and suck her cunt juices. That evening I dropped her in front of her childrens school and looked her in wonder who immediately introduced me to one of the parents of her kids classmate at the gate and walked away chirping endlessly to them like any other concerned parent. Nobody would say she was the same lady who sucked and was fucked in the asshole and pussy so thoroughly that whole afternoon. She was the mother of two childen after all, a responsible mother and wife..! Once more she turned back to me to exchange a glance and mischievous smile as she was to disappear beyond the school gate which reminded me of many afternoons to come. Sylvia…you are my real mistress!!!!!

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