I am an event manager in Delhi and often travel to many places for work domestically and internationally. This incident happened when I was coming back from an official trip to Bangalore. I reached Bangalore Airport and was waiting in a queue for check-in. There were other people waiting for their turn to check-in including few girls and women.

I was just running my eyes over each one of them and rating their bodies and imagining how they would be looking when nude in bed. Suddenly, my eyes stopped at one of the girls who just entered the queue parallel to mine of the same flight carrier. I was unaware to which destination she was travelling.

She was having a great body, probably 38C–26–38, flat belly, great looks, luscious pink lips, carrying her nicely packed boobs in her formal Silk Shirt tucked inside and protruding ass which was eager to come out of a tight-fitted formal knee length skirt with a zipper at the back. I could catch glimpses of her white bra which was continuously exposed through gaps in between the buttons.

Impressions of her tits were clearly visible through her ultra tight shirt. She was wearing a Choodha and from her looks I could figure out that she’s a Punjabi & just got married before a month or two.

Ohh Man.. She was the one corporate goddess I have ever seen in my life. Due to the kind of profile I am into, I get in touch with the MNCs and Corporate Companies and meet all kind of women working there, but none of them were so hot like her.

After Checking-In and I proceeded towards the security check and later sat in front of the boarding gate allotted to me at the airport lounge. With continuous thought of her in my mind I was looking around to catch her once again as I could not take my mind off her boobs and ass. And Yes, there she was, looking nervously here and there, as if trying to find something.

In a while she sat in the same lounge opposite to me. So, it was pretty clear that she’s also travelling to Delhi. You guyz won’t believe, I must have fucked her 10 times in my mind within a duration of 10 mins from Check-in counter to airport lounge after I saw her. It was not only lust which was attracting her to me but her cute face which was lovable.

I was jealous of the guy, her husband, who would be banging here daily. I could have done anything to spend a night with her. When she sat opposite to me, with her crossed legs, I could see her smooth waxed legs and tried to catch the color of the panties she was wearing. I was trying to adjust a little left or right to find the perfect view.

I was unfortunate, and however, I never wanted her to catch me red-handed looking at her panty or legs. I was reading a book called “A Double Life” by Mr Alyqee Padamsee, the guru of Indian advertising. I could see her staring at my book (but not meL) as if to try reading the name of the author or the book.

Suddenly we heard the flight announcement and took our cabin baggage and proceeded towards the gate. I wanted to be close to her, to feel her fragrance and to catch a close look of her beautiful face. I stood along with her and watched her face.She once looked at me as I became quite close to her when bus filled with fellow passengers, gave a short smile and I too reciprocated the same.

I moved close to her back she had bag in one hand and was holding on to the seat with other hand. Now, with swaying movements of the bus I started enjoying her body crushing on me… And my tool was rock hard and her ass was crushing on it…. I knew she was enjoying it… As bus moved she was arranging her ass crack on to my dick.

After enjoying for few seconds she turned around And then, she blushed..Wowww.. What a beautiful smile she had on her face. I stood there like a statue with uncontrollable urge of licking and kissing her beautiful face. It was time for us to be apart as the bus halted in front of the aircraft, we unboarded and went towards our respective aircraft entry with her walking in front of me.

Weird and lustful thoughts crossed my mind again like, to fucker her right on the elevated stairs in the doggy style by jus pulling her skirt up while she leaning on the grills and other passengers watching out our fuck. I have dreamt of almost all the places I could fuck her on the airport, like, on the wings of the aircraft, cockpit, baggage cabin, airstrip, flights hangers etc etc.

I thought how it would feel to bang her on the baggage strip as well, becoming the first stars to perform a great fuck in the airport itself. I never wanted to lose her now and the feeling of not fucking her was haunting me to do anything I can to have her with me and suddenly, I, before the thought of doing right or wrong could reach my mind, It became out of control and I had put my palm on her ass and squeezed it.

Fuckkk… she turned back with anger, her face was red out of it and for that moment I thought, that now, either I will be thrown out of the airport or may spend sometime time in jail for it…but I don’t know what happened when she saw me with anger…a single word “Sorry” came out of my mouth..She said “it’s ok, happens sometimes”… blushed again and continued to proceed. She enjoyed and I took it as a signal to proceed further.

As it was a late night flight, it wasn’t too crowded or too empty. Almost half of the seats were full on the aircraft with cluttered seats being taken by the passengers. I somehow wanted her to sit with me.. but she sat after 5-6 rows in the middle of two passengers, both were guyz. I placed myself in the last row of the aircraft and the entire row was empty.

The flight took off after the safety demonstrations of 3 hot hostesses of indigo flight. I scanned the body of each and every hostess through the tight fitted attire they were wearing. And as every typical Indian Guy…I am also maahir in “Chakshu Chodan” of the girls. I fucked all of them already with my lustful eyes and started reading the book again.

Later on, after take-off, when the pilot switched the Seat – Beat Sign off, she pressed the buzzer to call the airhostess and said something…Seemed like she’s uncomfortable with the two guyz sitting on either sides of her, though I was not sure. The airhostess then said something to her. She stood up and looked around..came out of the seats and started walking towards the back of the plane.

My heart was beating at triple the pace…and In my mind I was just praying to God to forgive all my sins and make her sit near to me…And there it was, she came to the last row and sat on one of the 3 seats of the left part of the aircraft where I was sitting. She was in the aisle and I was at the window seat.

Our eyes met, and I adjusted myself for a decent posture of sitting and continued reading my book. She opened her IPAD and started playing games and later started reading something while continued to read with my mind totally lost in her thoughts with my dick saluting again.. After 10 – 15 mins, I looked at her, and found her gazing at my book again…

I said…Hi! and she reciprocated…Hey! I am Vandana! And extended her hand for a shake! I too responded and shaked hands…I liked the touch of her soft hands and felt the warmth… Vandana: So what r u reading? Me: It’s an autobiography of Mr Alyque Padamsee on Indian Advertising. Vandana: Ohh..thts gr8! Me: What do you do? Vandana: I work with Hotel Radisson Blu, as their Marketing Manager!

I thought, woww..laying a Marketing Manager of a 5 star hotel on bed in one of her own hotel room is gonna be a gr8 fun! Vandana: Hey, where are you lost? Me: No, Nothing! Was jus thinking something else! I was smiling while saying this which actually looked weird..I realized. Vanadana: You came to Bangalore for work? Me: Yeah! I am an Event Manager and went for an event to Bangalore!

Vanadana: That’s nice! It’s an interesting profession! Meeting lot’s of people! U wud be enjoying m sure? I have met few Event Manager who executed the events in our Hotel, they are fun to be with! Nice people! I like them! I liked her communication skills and liked talking to her. I folded and put my book back and started concentrating on her and her beautiful body.

I could feel the fragrance she was wearing and couldn’t take my eyes off her legs…long & silky they were..imagining how would it feel to have them around my body when fucking her missionary style…ohhh my god.. I was dying to fuck her! Vandana: Hey! Again you are lost somewhere!

Me: Naah! I am just thanking God for letting me meet someone so beautiful like you (my voice was full of dare and at the same time a little flirteous) Vandana: Shall I take this as a complement or attempt to flirt? Me: However you feel like! She blushed again and said: I think I should take THIS as a compliment and what you did in the bus as a harassment.

Looks like you are unmarried till now! I was shocked, everything halted at that moment. I had nothing to say, then suddenly she said, Relax! I found it weird earlier but I liked it a little and anyways it’s ok if it’s under the limited and you, my friend, didn’t cross the limit! I was relaxed. I told her that yes, I am unmarried. Me: So you knew it was intentional?

Vandana: Ofcourse, you think I am a kid! I am old enough to understand all this! And not only this I saw you staring at my legs at the airport lounge and my boobs…like the way u r doing it NOW!!! Ohh..She caught me red handed! Vanadana: Would you mind If I sit near the window? Me: Ya sure!

I moved from window seat to middle seat while sitting while she stood up and crossed by rubbing her big shapely ass by my face. At that moment the feeling of licking her ass was uncontrollable I knew, if not everything, I can do atleast few things right here on the plane. I adjusted my dick inside the Track Pants I was wearing, which she noticed.

Now were sitting together with less than 2 inches of gap between our thighs. Lights were dimmed in the aircraft and it was dark at the back. Airhostesses served food by that time and most of the people dozed off. And in few minutes there was no movement inside the plane with airhostesses sitting and chatting. We were in the last row and can hear them chatting.

She told me that she is from Bangalore and now residing in Greater Noida after her marriage and she was coming back after visiting her parents first time after the marriage. She also said that her husband is a VP in an IT firm. She resides in Noida with her husband and parent-in-laws in Mumbai. I never wanted to waste time in all this crap and was preparing myself for a brave move.

Vandana: Plz stop staring at my boobs! Me: I am just watching and enjoying, which is kinda harmless u know! That shouldn’t be a problem I suppose! And if you allow I can do much more which you will enjoy too! Vandana: Yeah! But the tent which is being formed in your track pants is making me uncomfortable! Me: Ohh! So wanna help me getting this to normal shape and make you comfortable!

While talking I slowly moved my hands on her hands with a smooth and delicate touch, just touching her fingers, back of her hands, palms and wrists. She was also responding with her own movements by touching my hands. I was slowly started breathing in her ears by touching her ears with my lips, very gently kissing her ears. She looked in my eyes as if she’s unaware of what is happening and how to react.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…she left a moan! She leaned back with her face turning up towards me and offering her lips for a kiss. She was losing control and brought her face close to mine. I never wanted to miss this opportunity with the lovely lady. I faced her and pressed her boobs with my both hands and gave a small kiss on her lips.

And after a moment, we were kissing each other like there’s no tomorrow…Our lips were sealed and my hands were on her boobs …squeezing them really hard…She was moaning, but her moans were suppressed as we were lip locked…I came more closed to her and hugged her while kissing…I felt her hands on my back…the feeling was totally awesome…

She was kissing on my neck, chin, cheeks and everywhere else she could… I put both my hands on her waist and fondled her abs. Slowly massaged her navel area and sides of her waist. She was ticklish and was jumping every time I touched the sides of her waist. “Mmmm… you’re a good kisser.” Vandana sighed. “Likewise.” I loved how she tasted.

I noticed that Vandana was rubbing her neck with hand while kissing and at one point while rubbing her neck, she very subtly unopened her shirts top button. I got the glimpse of her cleavage. I could not set my eyes off of her. She adjusted the opening to give me more view of her cleavage. I unbuttoned more 2 buttons of her shirt and put my fingers between her cleavage.

Vandana unhooked her bra and took it off through her shirt. I bent down to kiss her lips first and then stretched forward to kiss her breasts and then lick her nipples. I played with her breasts for a while. She was stimulating herself.

She also sat crossed legs and pulled her skirt to give me a view of her bare thigh, just about 6 inches above her knee. I was touching her eyes and attempted to slide my hands over to her panty, looked into her eyes…She looked at me and indicated her permission through her eyes.

Right about then the flight attendant, was approaching and Vandana leaned over to get her attention, with her hand resting on my upper thigh. She squeezed her hand a few times during the conversation with the flight attendant. “Excuse me, may I have a blanket?” Vandana smiled “Of course, I’ll be right back with one.” With that, the flight attendant turned back to get a blanket for Vandana.

The feeling on that sensitive part of her leg sent shivers down Vandana’ spine and made her get more turned on. The flight attendant was back and handed Vandana a fleece blanket and asked if she needed anything else then left. My hand moved higher and higher up her leg as I rubbed it. Eventually, my hand met her warm crotch.

It felt slightly damp, which made her that much more excited. At first I softly touched her, then with more and more pressure I rubbed her pussy. Now I could clearly feel the dampness coming through her panty and she began to move her hips in concert with my efforts. She was really enjoying this as she licked my lips with a soft moan and closed her eyes.

After getting Vandana worked up for a few minutes, I gave her leg a quick squeeze and withdrew my hand from under her blanket. Now it was Vandana’s turn to be flushed. Her cheeks and chest were getting pink from her arousal. She leaned in and whispered, “That was amazing! I love your hands.” “Mmmm… you like my tits, don’t you?” “They’re so amazing.” I managed to get out as I kissed her neck.

She then told me that I’m going to share the blanket with you. With that she spread the blanket over to my lap too then leaned her head to my shoulder to rest. After a minute or two, I quietly undid my track then slide it carefully down a little. Vandana knew what I was doing and once I was done she kissed my cheek and slid her hand under the blanket and onto my leg.

Her hand quickly went to my hard crotch and she rubbed up and down the length of my cock. My head was spinning as she was feeling me. Subtly her fingers slide under the waist band of my brief and I nearly jumped as her small hand touched my cock for the first time. At first she softly ran her fingernails up and down my length, then with her finger she rubbed the pre-cum around the head of my cock.

I was trying my best to be inconspicuous, but was having a tough time. Vandana also slid her hand down and played with my balls — massaging them for a moment before stroking me. By this point, my breathing was pretty shallow and I was feeling pretty hot. Vandana kept her head on my shoulder the whole time, like nothing was going on.

She managed to get down and take the head of my cock into her warm, inviting mouth. Her tongue danced around it as she began to take me deeper and deeper into her mouth. She took me as far as she could and her tongue was gliding along the underside of my cock. She also worked me with her hands and it was almost too much for me!

I felt the impending orgasm coming up on me, and within a few seconds I loaded all my cum in her mouth which she happily drank leaving few drops on her luscious lips and chin. She adjusted herself after that…I looked into her eyes, fully satisfied with the amazing blowjob I got a few moments back and said “My Turn”

Vandana understood what I was trying to say and undid her skirt giving me full access to her wet cunt. I slid my hand under the blanket and my fingers over her lacy wet panties…I loved the feel of her soft mound and her moist slit. As I rubbed her pussy through her panties, I could also feel her clit — it was time to go in further.

I eased my fingers under her lacy panties and came to her very trimmed pussy. What little hair she had……. was short and made pleasuring her that much easier. I loved this as I always hated “hacking through a jungle” to get to a woman’s prize! My hands rubbed further and further down, coming to her wet slit.

With my index and ring finger I parted her lips, which provided access for my middle finger to give some love to her clit. When I began to focus my efforts on her sensitive clit, Vandana let out a slight gasp…. aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh. Her hand found my leg and she squeezed it hard involuntarily. This made me more excited knowing that I was having such an effect on this amazing, gorgeous woman I just met.

After teasing her clit for a few minutes and getting Vandana to the brink of an orgasm, I slid my fingers to her wet pussy. I teased the entrance with the tip of my middle finger then slide my finger in, at first one knuckle deep, then two….I tried to get a second finger in, but found that she was a little too tight.

By this point Vandana was soaked with her juices…She was so wet that when I fingered her for the next ten minutes, my finger literally became pruned as though I had just been soaking it in a bath. She still had her head on my shoulder since I was finger fucking Vandana.

I kept a steady rhythm, Vandana got closer and closer to her impending orgasm, until she took her hand out from its grip on my leg and covered her mouth to stifle her moan of ecstasy as she came……mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…….. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… The orgasm rippled quickly from her pussy out to her toes and throughout her body.

She clenched on my finger as I continued fucking her through her shudders of pleasure. When the waves of her orgasm subsided, I slid my soaked finger out of her pussy and rubbed her soft mound for another minute before taking my hand out of her panties….she wasn’t in her senses…extreme pleasurable finger fuck and orgasm made her feel heavenly…

She looked up at me as I did this, and keeping eye contact, I pulled my finger to my mouth to taste her. She actually had a subtle sweet taste, compared to the more pungent women I had tasted earlier. Instead of other women, whose taste and scent were something to endure, she gave me something I savored — something I have always desired…

She kept looking at me for quite some time..with her eyes wide open…as if she’s still not able to believe the pleasure of volcanic pleasurable orgasm through me…she hugged me tightly and whispered “It was awesome”…we hugged each other tightly as we never wanted to let each other go…we Soon, the pilot’s landing announcement made us realize where we were…we put our clothes on and prepared for arrival.

She gave me her number and said “let’s not end this beautiful relationship here” …and took mine mobile number…we came out till the car pickup zone and sat in our respective cars…Her husband has some to pick her up…I soon got the sms on my cell… “He’s nothing like u, will miss u till next time….mmmuuaaahhhh”

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