I am 33 and Haasini is 27. We are married for 7 years and have two kids. Of late I had lost appetite for sex coz I get too tired and fall sleep as soon as I find the bed. Though Haasini would not complain but off late I find her behavior turning nonchalant. Whenever I try to hug her she would turn indifferent and say – aap to aab khali jafi pane layek ho. Lagta hai mujhe aab koi dusra mard dekhna padega. When she would say this my deep fantasy of seeing my wife fuck other men, would come alive. However one thing led to another and I started fantasizing Haasini with other men.

Nowadays even when I see some hindi song, I start fantasizing that the heroin is Haasini and she is dancing with heroes like Shah Rukh, Ajay Devgan, Sanjay Dutt etc. It has become my favorite fantasy to think Haasini, kissing, hugging and fucking with any male. I had now stopped having sex with Haasini almost so that her moods of wanting sex with anybody increases. So, Haasini is now hot as hell all the time and I think anybody can fuck her very easily. Of late she once had a crush on my friend Bunty. She was hell bent to get fucked from him. But my foolish friend came and told me and I have to make Haasini understand and stop this fiasco. I had to talk real tough to Haasini and want this to end, pretending that I am completely opposed to this kind of thing.

However, I know deep inside that even if Haasini gets fucked in front of me with someone else I would not be able to tell her anything. She also knows this coz she keeps on describing and ogling at other men. Let me describe Haasini. She is 5’4″ tall and stands slim, having a girlish looks. She has long black hair reaching to almost her lower back and when she keeps them dry after shampoo, she looks really sex. She is 38-26-36, so you can imagine the extra fat on her chest. Moreover, she wears bra which is one number smaller to keep them lifted. Her dresses are always skin tight and every outline of bra and panty can be made out. These days she is turning out to be more naughty, wearing see through dresses and wearing lot of red lipstick and nail polish. Sometimes when we go to a party or restaurant, she would tell me that she is not wearing any panty.

Mostly she is fond of bachelors, having broad shoulders and masculine, qualities which I have none. So, it was October and we have to travel to Amritsar for her sisters wedding from Agra. The kids had already gone with their Nani a week before. So we were alone and we reached the station and could not get the reservation. So by paying lot of extra money I managed to get two berths in Ist AC. When we reached the station it was jam-packed. Getting help from Collie we managed to reach out bogie. We reached our seat and found it to be a coopa for three persons only. I thanked god that we will not have many people around us. I arranged our luggage and relaxed.

Haasini was wearing a pink colored salwar suit, which was tight as usual. She had kept her hair dry and tied them into a loose choti. After some time I was ogling at my wife and came near her and hugged her. As usual she was hot and we both starting kissing and fondling each other. We continued to do this for a long time but neither of us had any intention to fuck. At around six we reached Delhi and a young gentleman entered our coopa. He was the third person of our coopa. So adjusting his luggage he sat near my wife as I was sitting in the other and he had arranged his luggage beside me. Simple talks started and I could see Haasini was showing too keen interest in him. His name was Rahul and he was going to Amritsar for a business trip.

He was around 6′ tall in his early twenties and well built, clean-shaven with nice way to talk. My wife was literally ogling at Rahul and I can sense she must be undressing him and maybe even fucking him in her brains. Occassionally they were talking of only trivial matters but I found them enjoying each other’s company a lot. At around 9 Rahul said he is going to change. He removed his pants in front of us and brought out bermudas. The bulge at his crotch was too big and one can easily outline the cock in his underwear. My wife was mesmerized by the show and I saw her eyes were glued to it. I can see that she was staring with wanton eyes.

Then she looked at me and seeing that I was watching, she blushed smilingly and started viewing outside in the dark. She had one weird wink on her face. After changing Rahul went to the loo and we started having dinner. I asked Haasini that what was she looking at. She told that did I see the size of his cock and how it would be possible for him to penetrate any girl. I told her to ask Rahul about it that how he can manage to fuck a girl with such big cock. Just as we were talking Rahul entered the coopa and we had to stop our discussion. Soon after eating I laid on the upper berth and pretended fast sleep. Rahul was eating dinner and both were stealing a look at one another. I can sense Rahul also seemed to be getting interested in my wife coz he did not loose any opportunity to chat with her. Haasini was also passing mysterious smiles to Rahul.

After eating Rahul sat beside me wife and told her that he had heard all their talks when we had thought he had gone to look. She blushed and smiled. Rahul then told that his cock size is only 8″ long and 3″ thick. Haasini then told that she does not understand inches. Then Rahul held out his hand and showed the dimensions on his hand. My wife was awestruck and told him that she not believes him and that it is not possible for anybody to have such a big manliness dekhogi’. Haasini just nodded in yes with lust filled in her eyes and lips shivering. I was looking down from the corner of my eyes. Rahul said,. Haasini said, ” Dekhenge to sharam se muh chupa lenge kyon ki unka to bahut chota hai”.

Rahul then lowered his bermuda and brought out his cock out of the confines. Haasini could not believe her eyes. It was surely bigger than was told. Rahul was swaying his cock in front holding the base with his hand. Rahul said, ” ab batao ki tumhare pati ka iske mukable me kitna bada hai”. Haasini said, ” iska adha bhi nahin hai. Kya main ise chu sakti hoon”. Rahul said, ” yeh ab apka hi hai aur yeh ab tumhe chodna chahta hai”. A slight moan came out of my wife’s mouth and she slowly held the cock with her hand and started swaying in the same way as Rahul was doing. I could see that my wife’s grip was not able to encircle it completely with her small hand and she held it so tight that the mushroom shaped head had come out of its sheath.

Then she started lowering his bermudas down and in a jiffy it was completely out of the legs. Now my wife held Rahul’s balls with the other hand while still holding the cock tight with the other hand and masturbating in a way. Rahul was enjoying the moment of a wife handling his cock while her husband is fast asleep just a breath away from them. Now Rahul took his hand towards my wifes right breast, which was showing a lot on top of her kameez. Haasini just looked at Rahul and projected her chest outward, making it easier for Rahul’s access. Rahul was fondling my wife’s right tit while she was playing with his cock.

After sometime my wife lowered her mouth and kissed the tip of the cock head and licked. Then I can see her head lowering slowly and taking the enormity bit by bit. One thing was appreciative that Haasini did not leave the balls at any moment. After her mouth adjusted to the size she starting bobbing her head up and down. Rahul was relishing every moment. Now he held her head with both his hands and moved his groins back and forth fucking my wife’s mouth. After some time he reached both his hands from sides of her chest and cupped both her tits. He was almost kneading the tits as was visible. After sometime of sucking my wife brought out the cock from her mouth with a plop sound and said, ” mere balon ko khol do an”.

Wasting no more time Rahul reached for the knot tying her hair and opened them. He raised the long black hairs and smelled them as though it was some kind of catalyst to enhance the aphrodisiac. Rahul needed no more guidance – he lifted the kurta and removed it and then unhooked the bra. Finding the tits completely exposed he held them tightly and squeezed them. He was pinching the nipples one at a time. All these activities happening were not thinkable and she never shows so much enthusiasm when having sex with me. After sucking to her hearts content she raised her head and both hugged each other and kissed frantically.

Their tongues were exploring each other’s mouths and my wife’s hands were all over Rahul’s back, neck and hairs. She was lifting his shirt and had removed it over his head. Meanwhile Rahul had opened the knot of her salwar and was lowering it while kissing at the same time. I was all aroused and my cock was breaking all constraints of erection. Now they were stark naked and I can hear whispers. My wife was saying, ” Oh Rahul, I love you, I love you, Aaj main tumhe nahin chodugee, aaj sari rat tum mujhe pyar karna, mere pati ki parwah nahin karna, who dekh bhi lega to chup chap leta rahega aur enjoy karega”. While Rahul said, ” Oh meri jaan, tum kitni jawan ho aur tumhare mamey bhi kitney pyare hain, mujhe tumhare yeh bade bade nipples bahut pasand aye, aur tum kitni wet ho aisa lag raha hai jaise tum bahut dinon se sex ki bhokhi ho”.

Rahul’s hands were everywhere on my wife – oh her back, ass, thighs, inner-thighs, tits, cunt and hairs. The kiss lasted for a lifetime. While kissing my wife slowly started lying on her back with Rahul also lowering himself. My wife was now completely lying down and was adjusting her legs so that Rahul’s waste was between her thighs. When fully positioned, she held his cock and placed directly on her cunt lips. Getting the signal Rahul thrust his back and pushed his cock inside my wife’s inviting cunt. My wife curved herself like a bow, making it clear that the intruder was inside her and exploring the depths of her love tunnel.

Rahul didn’t waste much time and stroke after stroke he inserted his cock fully upto the hilt in my wife’s cunt while kissing mouth to mouth. Haasini said, ” Oh Rahul, fuck me, I am your wife tonight, fuck me like I am your wife”. And the pace increased matching that of the train. I can hear the splashing sound, making me realize that my wife must be over flowing with juices. Rahul was fucking my wife like it was the end of the world. I had my cock out and I was stroking. My wife was raising her buttocks high to meet every thrust of Rahul’s cock. Rahul has raised my wife’s head holding her back of the neck with one hand while smashing her left tit with the other. The scene was yet very erotic beyond description. My wife was coming many a times as I can see convulsions on her face coming and going.

Now Rahul was also fucking like a stallon and he raised his head arching his back and yelled, “I am coming”, and saying that he thrust one last time with full force and fell on top of my wife. Haasini held him tightly with both her hands and smashed her groin upwards to finish any gap between Rahul’s cock and her cunt. Rahul came in deep inside my wife’s cunt. I also started shooting and came in gallons. Rahul lay exhausted on top of my wife. After draining completely he raised his head kissed my wife. She too returned a loving kiss with a smile on her face. He got up and out came his long and flaccid cock out of my wife’s cunt with a plop. Haasini raised her head to see the cock and a smile passed on her face. She asked,” Rahul, did you enjoy”.

Rahul nod his head. Rahul lifted my wife’s legs and sat on the seat. Haasini got up and lied down with her head on his lap. Her hairs were all over Rahul’s legs and on his cock. Both then kissed each other. Rahul placed his one hand on her tit and was fondling while my wife turned herself and held his cock and kissed it. This continued for a while and then I thought that they would sleep. I also slept for a while; however when I opened my eyes about an hour after I saw my wife bend over in doggy style and Rahul was fucking her. He would intermittently reach his hand to my wife’s breasts and squeeze them. He would also hold my wife’s hairs and bunch them up.

This continued for a while then Rahul lied down and my wife climbed on top and fucked. They fucked like new lovers. I slept again and whenever I opened my eyes they were fucking. The session was going on as a never-ending process. It was 7 O’clock in the morning, when I started moving giving them a signal to stop now. But still they were fucking crazily and after about 15 minutes Rahul came again and they kissed one last time and dressed up. Even while dressing my wife would touch him when ever she gets a chance. When it came to put his cock back in his shorts, my wife did it for him, buttoned his shirt, and pulled up his fly zip. In the same way Rahul hooked my wife’s bra, put the tits inside the cups of bra and did not loose any chance to squeeze and fondle her tits. Then I got up and found them sleeping in their berths.

She was now sleeping like a log of wood, all satisfied and satiated from the whole nights fuck. At around 9.30 we were about to reach Amritsar, and I shake my wife to get up. She got and adjusted herself and she saw me. My wife then shakes Rahul signaling him to get up as the station was nearing. Rahul got up and went to loo for refresh. As soon as Rahul went my wife also followed him. I too got up and decided to follow them. I saw my wife and Rahul entered the same toilet. I was astonished to find that my wife would not leave any opportunity to get fucked. I then started packing out luggage and ready to get down. After about 20 minutes both came out and sat beside me. It was obvious that they had fucked again.

Rahul then gave his address to my wife where he would be staying for 2 days in Amritsar. It was hotel Sajan near the bus stand. Now the train halted and started moving the luggage out of the train. We both said goodbye to Rahul and took an auto for our home. Rahul took different auto and I can see both passing signals to each other while leaving. Then we moved towards our house and hardly we would have reached midway, my wife told the auto wala to go to hotel Sajan, near bus adda. I was shocked and could not say anything I was left speechless. I was in a way enjoying too noticing the adversaries of my wife. Soon we reached hotel Sajan, and she told me that she would be back in 10 minutes and that I should wait here with the luggage.

She reached the reception and asked which room was Rahul staying. I saw her moving towards the room 12 and knocked. After sometime the door opened and she went in. Nothing was left to imagine, as it was obvious that my wife would be fucking Rahul again. After about ½ hour she came out all neat and tidy looking as if she had come back after praying. With a mischievous smile she entered the auto and we headed towards out home. My wife’s walk was changed and she had to walk keeping her legs wider. It made me think how insatiable my wife is and even though her cunt must be sore with incessant fuck, she still wants to get fucked. My salis laughed on her way of walk, teasing her. ” lagta hai jija ney train main bahut pareshan kiya”.

Then after bathing and freshening I went to the bedroom and slept. After about 2 hours I got up and found that my wife was not there and had left for the market alone saying she has to do some shopping. It didn’t take long for me to understand that she must have gone to hotel Sajan and would be loving Rahul. Curiosity led to worse, enough is enough, and I wanted to watch her getting fucked now. I immediately called the hotel and asked room 12. Soon it was Rahul, I said,” Haasini hai”. Rahul said,” kaun Haasini”. I said,” meri biwi, jise tum rat bhar…”.

Then it was Haasinis voice. It seemed she was on the parallel line. Haasini said,” haan main yahin hoon, Rahul kai sath”. I said,” Main bhi aana chahta hoon, aur dekhunga”. Then there was silence. She must be asking Rahul. Then she said,” aa jao, lekin akele aana, aur mummy ko bol dena hum kal subhe aeyenge kyuinki aaj rat tum apne ek dost ke yahan rukoge”. I was taken aback finding that she plans to fuck Rahul day and night. Soon I reached the hotel and knocked the door. My wife opened the door and I found Rahul was sitting on the bed with only shorts. He said hello and shake hands. I thought for a while that this hand would have touched my wife everywhere.

The room smell like sex and cum. My wife was wearing only the kameez and it made obvious that she did not had anything underneath. Without wasting much time my wife sat beside Rahul on the bed and both started kissing while their hands were all over each others body. I was seated on the sofa and had an erection immediately. I opened my fly and started masturbating in front of them. Soon Rahul was on top of my wife, smashing her tits and kissing all the time My wife was toying with his cock all the while and cupping the balls delicately. Within a moment they were nude and both positioned themselves. My wife was beneath Rahul and she took no time in holding the cock and positioned on the mouth of her cunt. Then I saw the big cock entering my wife’s cunt stretching the crevices to the limit. My wife had to stop breathing for a while to engulf such manliness.

After regaining she started humping from below while Rahul was fucking hard. I can see complete rhythm between the two. I got up and came close to see the motion. My wife’s cunt was fully wet and inviting Rahul’s each stroke with utter wantonness. Then I moved towards their head and saw my wife’s face, which was showing lust and sex all over. She opened her eyes and saw me. She smiled and thanked me. I then again went towards their back and out of curiosity just cupped Rahul’s balls. They were beautiful and certainly bigger than mine. His balls would smash the asshole of my wife when his whole cock was embedded deep within. The cock was glistening with my wife’s juices. Just at that point in time both shuddered and I can sense both were coming. I can see the base muscle of Rahul’s cock stretching. I tried to hold as much cock as possible while Rahul fell flat on my wife and both holding each other tightly. After Rahul has drained completely his cock came out of my wife’s cunt and I hold it in my hands to feel such big dick.

It was more than double of mine in every dimensions. Then after sometime I saw white cum of Rahul dribbling from my wife’s cunt. I immediately positioned my mouth there and started licking my wife’s cunt, which was freshly fucked by her lover. There was a mixed juice of Rahul and my wife. I licked it clean and saw Rahul was lying beside my wife and both were kissing each other. I too lay to the other side of my wife and started fondling her tits. She never broke the kiss from Rahul paying no heed towards me. Both then got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned themselves. I lay on the sofa and dozed off to sleep while Rahul and my wife were hugging each other nude and slept. This time I think we all slept for a long time and when I got up they were still sleeping. I did not wake them up hoping that they must be tired as they have not slept and were fucking for a full 20 hours continuously.

It was around 10 in the night they were still sleeping. I ate my dinner and brought for them and kept it on the table. It was 11 pm when my wife woke up. Giving a short glance towards me she immediately held Rahuls cock and started sucking. Rahul got up and then they fucked again. After one round of fucking both had their dinner. Again they fucked and fucked. After watching and shagging for couple of times I slept. Sometime at around 3.30 in the morning I woke and found them in doggy style. I masturbated again and slept.

At 10 in the morning we said goodbye to Rahul and left. My wife was thanking me all the way back home. She told me that Rahul had come 16 times inside her womb and 4 times in her mouth. During the marriage she pretended like a pious lady but would loose no opportunity to fuck with me. From then we did not hear from Rahul. Nowadays my wife wants to try two guys at the same time. I thought to myself that gangbang was not at distance then. She tells me that she is having dreams of her getting sandwitch fuck.

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