My name is Haasini; I am in my late thirties and without being too vain could pass for thirty. I have always worked out in the gym and thankfully have kept my 34-24-36 figure in good shape. I have always thought my breasts were my best feature as, despite not being overly large, they are well shaped and very firm. The compliments that I receive from men however, are mainly for what they term my “cute arse”. I, like most women, think that it is too large.

My husband Brian is a successful businessman who has a small chain of stores supplying plumbing fittings to tradesmen. (Now his friends will know who it is). Earlier this year I discovered that Brian had been having an affair with one of the girls at the office, Sandra, an attractive brunette in her early twenties.

At first I was devastated, I felt that it must be my fault, and that I was no longer attractive. For days I moped around the house, my self-confidence shattered, Brian and I weren’t talking and I felt totally miserable. Most days I didn’t bother to dress, just remaining in my nightgown. About a week after it had happened there was a knock on the door. It was Silvia, a friend from gym.

She said “Haasini, what’s wrong? You look terrible!” This was the final straw for me and I burst into tears. Silvia took me inside and made tea while I told her the whole story. Silvia convinced me to shower and dress and go to the gym for a work out.

I felt much better after this, especially after I noticed in the wall mirrors that two young men were trying not to look too obvious as they continually kept sneaking glances every time I bent over to pick up the weights. I started working out every day and my confidence improved dramatically as my body toned even more.

It was during this time that my thoughts turned to revenge and I started my plan with a whole new wardrobe, which included some quite revealing gym outfits. The leotards were so revealing when I tried them on that I made a mental note to do my bikini line. Later that afternoon I decided to give myself a trim and as I sat there naked, my thoughts strayed to the two young men at the gym.

I became very aroused at the thought of what they might be able to see in these new outfits and feeling quite wicked decided to shave totally. As I examined my now bald pussy I could not believe how wet I was and as I stroked my smooth mound and silky lips my fingers brushed my engorged clitoris causing me to totally lose control.

I thrust my fingers into my steaming cunt and feverishly worked my clit with my thumb bringing myself to the most powerful orgasm I’d had in years. The next day I headed to the gym hoping that my admirers might be there, as with the events of yesterday still fresh in my mind, I had decided to put on a little show for them.

I scanned the room as I walked in and my heart skipped a beat when I saw them in their usual spot. Thankfully the gym was not very busy and I knew that I would be able to put myself in a strategic position for best effect. I noticed that my new outfit with its plunging neckline and high cut legs had already caught their attention as I commenced my warm up.

As I worked out on the various pieces of equipment I was becoming quite aroused, as I was not wearing knickers and the fabric of the leotard was brushing across my shaven pussy. Fortunately my perspiration was hiding my wetness. By the time I had got to the free weights the exertion had caused my leotard to ride up my exposing a good deal of my bum.

I positioned myself so that my back was to the men and when I bent forward to position my hands on the bar it pulled further into the cleft between my buttocks and pulled tightly over my swollen cunt lips. I shuffled my feet and wiggled my hips to position myself for the lift making sure they got a real eyeful.

I felt like a tart displaying myself like this but at the same time I was becoming so turned on that it was difficult to remind myself that it was all in the name of revenge. I worked on the weights for much longer than usual making sure the guys got a real show. I needed a drink and a rest before moving to the next exercise and while I was sitting the guys came over and introduced themselves as Paul & Rod.

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They started making small talk, commenting on my work out and saying that they had noticed me over the last few weeks and how fit and toned I had become. The bulges in their shorts told me that it was more than my work out that they were noticing. I was enjoying myself immensely as the flattery did wonders for my ego, not to mention my arousal, but as I was not interested in getting in too deep I excused myself saying that I had to finish my workout.

I moved over to the bench press and lay down spreading my legs either side of the bench. I felt the leotard pull inwards and tighten over my pussy causing me to gasp a little. I was aroused beyond belief. Paul heard my gasp and came over to ask if I was OK. I nodded and he then asked if I would like him to spot the weights for me. I laughed and said they weren’t that heavy although he could if he wished.

I watched in the mirror as he kept glancing furtively at my crotch each time I lifted. The narrow strip of material was barely covering my cunt lips leaving little doubt about my shaven state. It was becoming increasingly difficult to concentrate due to my aroused condition and the fact that I was tiring, so I thought it was time for the finale.

I asked him to increase the weights a little using this as an excuse to wriggle my bottom on the bench to get a better position and spread my legs even further to prepare for the heavier weights of course. Poor Paul, his eyes were bulging almost as much as his crotch. He was unable to shift his gaze now and I noticed that Rod had moved over so that he was standing at the bottom of the bench also making no attempt to hide his stare.

One last lift I told myself and that would do, at least for today because this was fun, and then the unthinkable happened. The material in my crotch slipped completely between my engorged lips totally exposing them to the lustful stares of the two men. The excitement of knowing my bare cunt lips were in full view of these men plus the increased pressure on my clitoris sent a shattering orgasm coursing through me.

I was almost delirious as I lay on the bench gasping, trying desperately to regain my composure. All pretence and innocence was now gone and this seemed to be the trigger that gave the men a feeling of confidence. “The randy little tart has just cum.” said Paul with a grin. I think want she wants is a good fucking, smirked Paul. “Nooo” I moaned.

Rod had moved around to my side and squatted on one knee, screening me from the few people that were in the room. He slid his finger along the gusset of my leotard between the cleft created by my pouting lips. Involuntarily I thrust my hips upwards into his hand as again I moaned no. “She is more than ready mate,” exclaimed Rod.

“Look at this,” he said as he plucked the material from between my lips and pulled it to one side totally exposing my cunt. I lay there with my legs apart, powerless, as he slid a finger into me saying the little tart is absolutely dripping. Again my hips thrust upwards to meet his hand but this time I hissed “fuck me, I want to be fucked.” I was shocked; it was as if someone had taken control of me. Surely this was not me behaving this way.

“Let’s take her into the men’s change rooms,” said Paul, “there are only two other guys in today, big Bob over there and old Patrick and he is in the sauna.” Rod straightened my clothing and told Paul to walk out into corridor to check if it was clear. I was unsteady on my feet as Rod helped me up. We received a few inquiring looks from the other people as he led me to the door.

“She over did it on the weights,” said Rod, “I’m taking her for some fresh air.” and they nodded satisfied with the answer. I followed as if in a trance as we walked out and down the corridor towards the men’s room. Rod suddenly stopped and pulled me to him. “You’re a real little exhibitionist, aren’t you Haasini?” I nodded dumbly unable to speak.

“Take off your clothes now; you can walk the rest of the way naked. I want to watch your cute little arse wiggle as you walk he said crudely.” I peeled off the leotard, which was all that I was wearing anyway; heedless of the fact that anyone could have walked in. He greedily ran his eyes over my body.

I was giddy with a mixture of fear of being caught and excitement as I walked down the rest of the corridor, I had never been so turned on in my life I was close to orgasm just being there like that. I entered the men’s room and saw Paul sitting on a bench in front of his locker, he was naked and sporting a very impressive erection which he was slowly wanking.

His eyes widened as he saw my naked body and said “Nice tits as well as a nice arse.” There was silence for a moment as they both ogled my body. I was still slightly dazed, trying to come to terms with what was happening. Here I was totally naked in an almost public place with two virtual strangers who were about to fuck me.

It had never been my intention to go this far, to actually have sex as part of my revenge let alone with two men but it was too late now I was drunk with lust and excitement and I was totally in their control. Paul pointed at his throbbing cock, “Would you like to suck this Haasini?” he said. I nodded and walked toward bending forward to take his cock in my mouth.

I cupped his heavy balls in my hand and proceeded to lick and suck as if there was no tomorrow. He grabbed my tits and began to roll my rock hard nipples between finger and thumb. Rod meanwhile, came up behind me and thrust his hand between my legs and commenced running his finger along my cunt from my clit to my arsehole and back to my clit.

I shuddered as another orgasm ripped through me. I stopped sucking just long enough to beg him to fuck me. I sighed as I felt my cunt being pulled apart and the head of his cock nuzzling into place then he rammed it home in one movement. I squealed with pleasure, still trying to suck Paul’s cock as Rod continually rammed into me, the sensation was fantastic.

I felt Paul tense and new he was about to come, I was close again and Rod was quickening his stride. Paul suddenly erupted in my mouth, I gagged and swallowed as he started to come, his cock slipping from my mouth still spraying jets of come over my face and tits, it was everywhere. Rod moaned that he was coming and suddenly thrust a finger up my arse as he started pumping his hot sperm into me.

That was enough to send me wailing into my third orgasm. Rod picked me up and lay me on my back on a low table in the middle of the room and sat down as we all gasped for air. Suddenly the door opened and a very fit looking man in his fifties strode in. His jaw dropped and he stopped in his tracks as he exclaimed “What the hell!”

He gaped at me as I lay there on the table with my legs splayed, my bald, dripping cunt open to his view. I felt like such a slut, and I was loving it. “Hi Patrick” said Rod with a huge grin on his face. “What the hells going on Rod?” asked Patrick. “Haasini was being a tease, putting on a bit of a show out there and we thought the little tart needed a good fucking, so we obliged. Help yourself mate she’s a real little slut.”

I couldn’t believe it, a couple of hours ago all I’d planned was giving a couple of blokes a bit of an eyeful, now here I was being offered to a total stranger, by a man about whom I knew nothing except his first name. Patrick walked over to me and whistled to himself, nice body he exclaimed, I love the shaven twat. He slid a finger into me and I moaned, still immensely aroused. “She’s nice and wet Rod I think I’ll take you up on the offer.”

He dropped his gym shorts to reveal a rapidly rising massive cock. I’d never seen anything like it. I lay there totally wanton as he stepped between my legs and placed his cock at the entrance to my cunt and shoved, it went in about half way. I squealed as I had never felt anything this big, there is no way I can take this, I thought.

He was obviously used to the problem because he slowly started to rock backwards and forwards and started to ease the rest of it into me. “Nice and tight boys just the way I like them,” he smirked. Soon he was pounding away and I was yelling at him “fuck me you bastard give me more of that big cock.” I was like an animal, I’d had never thought I could behave like this.

I came for the fourth and then the fifth time before he too pumped his load into my steaming cunt. Meanwhile the other two had regained their erections watching Patrick fuck me. Paul climbed onto the table and rolled me over then pulled me up onto my knees. Rod stood in front of me and offered his cock to my mouth, which I took greedily, tasting my own juices for the first time.

This time I felt Paul’s finger slide into my arse while his other had slid around and he worked my clit. The sensations were incredible as he worked on me. Suddenly he removed his finger but only to replace with the tip of his cock. He said to Rod I’ve wanted to do this ever since she was bending over wiggling it at us out there and with that slid his cock into my virgin arse.

My squeal turned to moans of pleasure as the burning sensation was quickly replaced by waves of pleasure. “Christ,” said Patrick “big Bob has got to see this. He’ll kill me if he finds out later that he has missed out.” It didn’t register at first, but then I vaguely realized that I was going to be fucked by a fourth stranger. Patrick returned with Bob in time to watch as Paul continued to fuck my arse. Rod had already emptied his load down my throat.

Bob and Patrick stood beside us both with their cocks in hand wanking as they watched Paul grunt and fill me from the rear. I slumped forward, exhausted gasping for air, totally sated. Bob came over to me and said, “Haasini you don’t mind if I fuck you, do you?” I was totally exhausted and beyond caring so I shook my head and mumbled that I didn’t mind.

He rolled me onto my back and slid me to the end of the table and hooked my legs over his shoulders and slid his cock into my sodden pussy. I could hardly feel him, although he was pumping away feverishly and just as he grunted and shot his load into me, I felt the spatter of hot semen over my body as Patrick, who had continued to wank, sprayed his come over me.

What a sight I must have been laying there covered in spunk with my gaping cunt oozing come. In the space of an hour I had been fucked by four strangers and had lost count of the number of orgasms that I had. “You are a real little slut aren’t you Haasini, you really enjoyed that. I think we will be seeing a bit more of you Haasini and we have some other friends that would like to meet a slut like you.

Do you want to meet our other friends, Haasini?” said Paul. I could only nod. Later at home as I reflected on what had happened I was still a little stunned. Never in my wildest dreams had I believed that I was capable of behaving this way, I was shocked at this unknown side of me had been awakened and I shivered with anticipation as I knew that now that it was awake it was there to stay.

My revenge was going to take a lot longer than I had initially planned. There was a little guilt that I had fucked four men but then I thought of Brian and if he hadn’t been unfaithful it would never have happened so he deserved it. I attended the ladies only session at the gym for the next few days, as I wasn’t sure I could face the men.

On the second day I was approached by a woman I recognized as one of the people that had been in the gym the other day. She was about ten years older than I was and still very attractive. “Feeling better now are we love?” She questioned with a knowing smile on her face. “That was quite a little performance you put on.” I blushed furiously and stammered what do mean?

She laughed warmly and said “Oh don’t mind me love, it’s just that when I saw you teasing those poor lads it brought back some fond memories for me. She said I used to be a stripper in my younger days and I used to love it.” I was a real exhibitionist but these days I leave it to the younger ones that work for me.

I looked at her quizzically and she laughed and said she had an agency that hired out strippers and topless waitress and the like. She put her hand on my arm and said “Look, I won’t beat around the bush, I have something to ask you and I hope you won’t be offended. I get a lot of requests at the agency for a performer who is a little more mature.

It’s easy to get the young ones, but as they get a little older they get married, have kids and so on and they leave. I used to do those jobs myself but I’m a bit past it now and I need someone like you.” She looked at me intently adding, “especially someone who is capable of doing that little bit extra.”

I was completely taken aback by her proposal and hastily started giving making excuses. “I’m not normally like that, it’s the first time, and I have never done anything like it before.” She looked a little disappointed as she kept staring at me saying “Sorry dear, I didn’t mean to embarrass you, it’s just that you look like a natural.”

I didn’t know what to say and I blurted out “Look, I’m not offended, really, In fact it’s quite flattering to be asked and anyway I’m a little old for such things and I’m sure men wouldn’t find me that attractive.” “Oh yes they would,” she replied, I saw the look on their faces the other day, not to mention the bulges in their shorts.”

She added “I also saw the look on your face” and then drew herself closer to me and whispered “I also heard you in the men’s locker room. That was quite a performance.” I turned beetroot red and stammered hopelessly, lost for words. “Th th the others, I managed to get out. Did they know?” I was so embarrassed that someone else knew.

She put her arm around me and said reassuringly “No love, I was the only one. Being in the business that I am I spotted you early and I was suspicious when you walked out with the two men. Then when Patrick came to fetch Bob I knew something was up so I followed them out and listened at the door.” I somehow felt the need to justify my actions so I ended up telling her the whole story.

Her name was Rebecca and she was very understanding and afterwards gave me a card saying should I ever change my mind to give her a call. The knowledge that someone else had been aware had a sobering effect on my inhibitions and any thoughts of seeing the men again. However after a few days I found my thoughts continually returning to the events at the gym and as Brian and I were still not having sex I was becoming extremely frustrated.

We were talking now as my escapade had dulled my anger somewhat and I was now finding it difficult not to initiate sex. I was actually a little excited about letting him discover my shaven cunt, something that he had wanted me to do for years. He had also wanted to have a threesome inviting another man to join us.

I had always steadfastly refused and now it was ironic that his actions had caused his two major fantasies to happen and he was totally oblivious to it all. A few days later I was totally frustrated. I had been using a vibrator that Brian had bought a year ago hoping I would use it but I had refused at the time and he had left in his wardrobe.

It wasn’t the same though; I needed cock and plenty of it. I had decided that tonight I would let him back in my bed as I couldn’t go on any longer, when fate provided me with a wonderful opportunity Brian was a little apprehensive that night and after dinner he said that he needed to talk to me. His manner was making me suspicious and I was a little sharp, as I agreed to talk.

He said nervously that Sandra at work was getting married. I bristled at mention of her name. “To whom?” I asked coldly. “To young John in the warehouse at work.” he said. “Does he know you were fucking his girlfriend?” I spat at him savagely. He looked at me shocked at my language “No, he stammered he doesn’t know and I’ve told you it’s over between us.”

“Is that it?” I asked and he replied with a nervous “No, the boys at work want to give him a bucks night and they have asked me to come as they want to have it in the warehouse.” “I suppose you expect me to let you loose at a bucks party with some slut of a stripper parading around so you can fuck her as well?” I snapped at him. “No, no!”

He said, “I wouldn’t touch her, the agency has been given instructions that they stripper was to pay special attention to John.” “I suppose she is going to fuck him then?” I said a little less aggressively, as the beginning of an idea hatched in my dirty mind. “I don’t know said Brian, the lady at the agency said that it was up to the girl if she would do that “little bit extra” and that we would need to arrange it with her on the night.”

“You men are disgusting, I suppose you will all be standing with stiff cocks as you watch this dirty little slut get her cunt filled by some young stud.” I said sharply. Brian was bewildered and lost for words; he had never heard me use language like this. “When is it?” I added. “This Friday night.” He replied nervously. “I’m going to take a bath and I’ll think about it, I said coolly, I just don’t know where you get these girls to do these things?”

I added trying not to sound too interested. “Just a local agency.” he said pulling a card from his jacket pocket. I hid the smile as he showed me a card identical to the one I had in my purse. “Would you mind clearing the kitchen while I take my bath dear,” I said almost pleasantly. He agreed quickly as I turned and went upstairs.

I almost tore of my clothes as I entered the bedroom and grabbed the vibrator. I plunged it into my boiling cunt as my thoughts raced about the dirty plan I had brewing. Afterwards I smiled to myself as I told Brian sternly that I didn’t mind if he went as long as he promised that, no matter what the girl did or how tempting it might be, he kept his hands to himself. The relief on his face was almost comical as he expressed his gratitude.

The next morning I rang Rebecca and arranged to meet her for coffee that day. I said that I would consider her offer but only if I could do a particular show this Friday night. She looked at me with a puzzled expression, so I explained the situation. She roared with laughter, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Once she had regained her composure she said that normally she required her girls to have a lot more training than just a few days however with some intensive training I would be OK because as she had said “I was a natural”. The next few days were a frenzy of activity as we made arrangements for an outfit and commenced a hectic training programme.

Rebecca arranged for Paula, one of her top girls to take me through the latest routines and modify them to suit me. It eventually came time to do a complete dress rehearsal, or should I say undress, which made me really nervous. I wasn’t sure how I would feel baring everything in a sexually provocative way to a woman.

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