My name is Sylvia, 29 years old and been married for 5 years. I have a great figure measuring 38D-30-38. Whenever I go out people can’t stop looking at my breasts. I have a whitish complexion and keep myself with up-to-date fashion. My husband Deep is 32 and has good built with a height of 5′8″. We live in the suburb of San Francisco, USA. We have always thought of meeting other couples, but didn’t do anything further due to the safety on what sort of people would be encountered. So, I never had sex with anyone until this incident has happened and changed my love life.

One day, my husband has said that one of his friend Suman is coming from New York looking for job. He is going to addend a few interviews here. He lost his job and was looking for a job. He didn’t find enough luck in New York. So, he is trying his luck in San Francisco bay area and arranged some interviews to attend. He is married two years ago. As he is not having a job, he wants to save money by staying with us.

It was a Sunday morning and we went to the airport to pick him up. I was wearing a tight white sleeveless top and a full-length black skirt, with a wide slit at the side. Suman has arrived and Deep introduced him to me. The two friends chatted for a while and we headed for our car. All the while, Suman was using every possible chance to stare at me. We all drove to our home.

After we reached home, I told my husband that Suman is staring too much at me. Deep teased me by saying that I am too good to be stared at. I told myself that I would teach Suman a lesson. By the way, Suman didn’t rent a car to save some money. So, he is at our mercy to go anywhere.

The next day was a Monday morning and Suman has to go for an interview. At the breakfast table, I served cereal to both of them and poured milk to Deep. I went closer to Suman so that his head is just below my breasts and asked him whether he needs milk. I bent myself to give a full view of my cleavage. He said yes in a stammering way and I poured in the milk.

Deep and Suman got ready so that Deep can drop Suman for the interview and go to his office. The interview was for whole day and Deep would pick him up in the evening. When they were leaving, Deep headed for the car first and asked Suman to follow him. When deep was just out, I removed my robe and teased Suman by giving him a full view of my body. I was just having a camisole and a blue panty on my body. They both left and I was all day thinking of the ways to tease him.

After dinner, Suman was watching a movie. Deep and me are in our bedroom. Deep said to me that I was sexier when I removed my robe in the morning. Deep saw it from the window in the morning and I couldn’t lie to him. Deep is so smart that he can sense the things from miles away. Deep went to sleep after having sex.

I was not feeling sleepy and can hear the TV in the living room. I thought of teasing Suman. So, I wore a black bra and panty and an oversized T-shirt and went to the living room. Suman was watching the movie and the lights were off. I went there and sat in the couch in front of him. My legs were shining in different colors with the flashing light of the TV. I sat in a position that he can see me in my panty and the bra peeking out of the oversized T-shirt.

I parted my legs wide and asked him “How is the Movie”.

He stared at me and was speechless.

“Is it good to see” I asked again.

“Yes-Yes” he said.

I moved my legs to give him the every angle of my panty and my legs. After the movie was over I said, “You can watch the movie again and again if you want”.

The next morning, Suman has an interview at 1 PM. My husband has asked me to drop him at the interview place and he would pick him up on the way back. I said ok and got ready by 12 PM to give Suman a ride.

I was wearing a light blue thin-strapped tank top and a pink short skirt with pink netted panty underneath. I made sure that Suman would get a good view of my breasts sitting next to me. Suman was standing at the door so that we can leave. I took a pair of shoes and started wearing in front of him giving a full view of my pink panty. He stared now and then and then avoided looking at it. I teased him by saying “Don’t you look and admire the beautiful things in life”.

“what?” He said.

I brushed off by saying “You will repent it later”. He was dumb faced. I went past him by rubbing my body against him and asked him to follow me.

After reaching the car, I asked him to look if there is anything underneath the car. I stood in front of him so that he can see my panty when he got up. He did it as planned. I asked him to look again so that he will stare again at my panty. This time he was brave enough to look under my shorts.

We drove together to his interview address and I came back after dropping him there.

Deep and Suman reached back home in the evening. I behaved normal that day and didn’t go to watch the movie with Suman. The next day was Wednesday and Suman doesn’t have any interviews until Friday. He was making some phone calls to the recruiters and his wife. All this time I was doing my household work. I was wearing tight pants and one can see half of my ass whenever I bent forward. I was doing the housework and bending now and then to give a good view of my nylon panty that covered only my ass slit and the butts were bare.

The whole day Suman spent the time in his room and didn’t come out, except when needed.

That night Deep asked me how much I was teasing Suman. I told him about it. He asked me whether I wanted to fuck Suman. I wasn’t sure. Deep started saying that he should get something in return for all the teasing you are giving. I understood what Deep was saying. Deep was very open-minded and had slept with a lot of girls before our marriage. So, I kind of started thinking of having sex with Suman.

It was Thursday morning and Deep left early on that day. I know that Suman’s wife calls him at 10AM in the morning as I overheard the previous day. I took the cordless phone with me to the shower just before 10AM. I started having my shower. The phone rang at 10AM. I stopped the shower and picked up the phone. It was Anu, Suman’s wife. I put a towel in front of me to cover my breasts and the pussy and headed to Suman to give the phone. I was all wet. I called Suman and told him that it’s his wife’s call. He was just staring at my body. I smiled at him naughtily. I handed the phone to him and stood there for a few seconds. He was speechless. I turned back and gave him a full view of my wet bare body. I have walked slowly so that he gets enough time to watch me.

All day I teased him by saying about the things he can see here and he has to see them carefully and with full eyes open. I was wearing a camisole and a white netted panty all the time and a perfume that no man can resist.

The next day Suman has a full day interview and left early with Deep. I didn’t get any time to tease him. Deep and Suman came together in the evening and Deep told me that Suman is very upset as he didn’t do well in the interview. Deep thought of going for a nightclub to cheer up Suman. Deep is very strict about not driving when drunk. I love the fact that he is so responsible. I told Deep that I wanted to drink so he has to be the driver and can’t drink.

We all headed for the club. I was wearing a blue strapless tank top and a matching mini skirt with a slit and a red panty underneath. The tank top and the panty are sort of fluorescent and shines at the nightclub light.

We all reached the club. I had a margarita and was dancing with Deep. Suman was having scotch and still upset about the interview. Deep asked me if I can help Suman to cheer up. We both went back to the table and I had another round of margarita.

I asked Suman for dance and he agreed. We both danced together and rubbed him with my body every moment. I saw Suman was very excited. He started brushing my body and started feeling with his body. Looks like the margarita is doing the magic. We danced together and started sweating.

We went back to the table and found that Deep is talking with another blonde. He is really good at it. I had another drink and wanted to pee. I asked Suman whether he could take me to the restroom as I can hardly stand by myself. Since the place was crowded, we couldn’t walk side by side. So, Suman was holding me from the back and took me to the restroom. All the time, he was rubbing his penis against me and kept his hand inside my tank top. I started enjoying it. We reached the toilet. It was a single toilet. So, I asked Suman to take me inside. After getting inside I asked him to remove my panty and put me on the WC. He did it. After I peed, I asked him to keep the panty in his pocket, as I don’t want to wear it. On the way back from the toilet, he started playing with my bare ass with his hands. We came back to the table and sat facing each other. I teased him by putting my leg near his groin and rubbing it with my leg. Deep arrived in a few minutes and we all headed back to home.

I woke up early the next morning and went to Suman’s room. I asked Suman whether he liked the last night. He said “what?” with a dumb face. I said “My ass” and asked him to return my panty. He returned it back to me. While taking the panty back, I told him that I expected him to kiss last night inside the toilet. Listening to that, he came forward to kiss, I put my finger on his lips and said “Gentleman! You lost your chance last night. Now, you have to wait for another chance to come” and I left the room.

After Deep woke up and got ready, all of us had a brunch. After the meal, I did my Saturday housework and put all my panties in the washer to wash. I told Deep that we had to do the groceries today, but I have the clothes to put them in dryer after they are washed. Deep said that we could ask Suman to do that. Suman agreed to do it. I told Suman that he should carefully do it for each cloth. Otherwise he has to repent later. He didn’t understand, but said yes. We went to the grocery shopping and all the while I was thinking of Suman playing with my panties.

The next day was Sunday and we all planned to do little sightseeing and go for the beach. I was wearing jeans short and a white shirt folded above the waist so that one can see my whole waist and the belly button. While leaving out, Suman said that I am looking very sexy. I responded back to him by saying “You didn’t see anything yet”. After little sightseeing, we all went to the beach. Deep wanted to do some roller-skating outside the beach and left Suman and me alone. It was a little secluded beach and we started walking on the beach until we found a decent place to sit. I removed my short and the shirt. Underneath was the thin panty with thin tie-laces at all the three sides. It was just covering my slit and one can see my whole shaved golden pussy. I was wearing a similarly thin lace tied bra. My breasts are oozing out of the small swimsuit bra. I told Suman to follow me to the water and stood facing the water. Suman can see my whole rear body shining in sunlight. He followed me and we both played in water and came out. He tried now and then to hold me and I teased him by letting him do the brushing and not do any further.

We all reached home tired and slept soundless. Suman was having an interview on Monday and left with Deep. His interview was done by 2pm and Deep called me at home to pick Suman from the interview place. I was wearing a milky white sexy panty and similar designer bra. I just wore a jacket on top of the bra and headed to pick Suman. After reaching the place, I saw Suman standing alone, waiting for me. I removed my jacket just before reaching him and was in the car with my most sexy under garments. I stopped the car next to him and beckoned him to get it. I couldn’t believe myself. To tease Suman, I was driving with just a bra and panty on. I started driving home. All the while, Suman was just staring at my body and was measuring every curve of my body. I directly drove the car into the garage.

While getting back into the house, Suman held me from the back and started playing with my body. I let him play for a few seconds and I removed his hands by saying, “Be like a gentleman and left him”. I changed myself into a single piece gown with blue panty on.

After the lunch, I was doing some cleaning and Suman came to me and was trying to hold me. I looked at him and said, “What do you want?”

He stopped and said, “I want you”

“Why should I?” I asked him

He kneeled down and started begging me saying, “I can’t sleep and do anything else. I just see you all the time. I want you. I would do anything to get you”.

“You can’t just get it easily. You have to earn it ” I told him

“What should I do?” asked Suman.

I told him “I change my panty twice a day. You saw all my panties. I gave you the chance to see them. Without looking at my panty, you have to tell the color of my panty and remove it from me after that. If you are right, you will get me. If you are wrong, you have to remove all your clothes, stand in front of me, keep my panty in your mouth and masturbate in front of me. After that you should smell my pussy for a while and kiss it. That’s the deal. “Do you accept it?”

Suman agreed to it and said, “Deal”

The game started on Tuesday and Suman has four days to try his luck as he was leaving on Saturday. On Tuesday morning I was busy with the housework and Suman didn’t had any interviews. After Deep left, I immediately got to my bedroom and went to the shower. Suman was anxiously waiting outside to see me. I know that he wants to try his luck. I took my own sweet time to take shower and got ready and came out.

I was wearing a jeans long skirt and black lose shirt. This would make Suman impossible to guess the color of my panty. I came out of my bedroom and smiled at the anxiously waiting Suman. He wanted to speak, but was not sure about what to start. I sat on the couch and picked up a magazine to read. I know that Suman is having a hard on.

He came towards me and said “Sylvia”

I asked him “what?” He was speechless. I asked him “Do you want to fuck me? Why do you shy if you wanted to fuck me? Go ahead and beg me to try your luck”.

Suman kneeled on the floor and started thinking for a while. I gave a naughty look at him.

He looked at me and said “blue”.

“Go ahead and look”, I said

He hastily reached to pull off my panty. I said to him “Be like a gentleman. Don’t you want to practice pulling the panty in a good way”.

He reached with his hands under my skirt and started fondling my legs. I was shivering like hell. He reached my pussy and started massaging it. I started moaning in myself. After little while, he started pulling my panty and got it down. It was a black panty. He was disappointed.

“Go ahead” I said to him

He undressed himself and was standing naked in front of me. His cock was not as big, but adorable. He put my panty in his mouth and started masturbating.

I said, “Stop! Don’t spoil my carpet”. We both went to the toilet and I sat on the closed WC. He started masturbating and shot his semen all over the toilet and on me.

“You better clean all of it” I said

He cleaned the entire floor and my legs, which had some drops of semen. I asked him to do the next thing. I was still sitting on the closed toiled bowl. He kneeled forward and put his face on my pussy. I pulled him in and held it for a while. I saw his cock trying to wake up.

I said to him “Kiss my pussy”. He went ahead and started kissing like mouth kiss. It was not as good as the Deep’s cunnilingus, but it was different touch for me.

In the afternoon after lunch, I changed myself into a low cut jeans pant and a silk tight blouse. I made sure that I would tease Suman now and then with my acts.

In the evening, I changed myself into a sexy dress for Deep to come. We have planned to have a dinner outside. I wore a red evening gown with strapless on the top and just covering my half thigh height. Deep came by 6PM and got ready in a few minutes.

We headed for dinner and didn’t ask Suman to come with us. When we are leaving home, Deep left the house first and I told Deep that I would tell Suman to have dinner from the things kept on the table. I went to Suman’s room and asked him to have the dinner from the table. While doing this, I raised my dress high enough to reveal my panty and the stockings. I loved to see the look at the Suman’s face.

We came late and Suman fell asleep by that time.

The next day was Wednesday and Suman and Deep started early as Suman has to catch a train for an interview in the city. They left by the time I have got up. Deep called me in the afternoon and asked me to pickup Suman from the train station and help him in some shopping that he want to make. I dressed myself in black long skirt with a large slit and a black satin tight sleeveless top. The top is covering well all my curves to give a great bulge of my breasts. I reached the station and picked him up.

“What do you want to buy Panty sucker?” I asked him.

“Something for my wife” Suman said.

“And nothing for me” I replied.

“What do you want?” He said.

“I have whatever I need panty sucker. So, do you want to fuck me or just suck my panty today” I replied.

“I will make you suck my cock” He said.

“Better hurry! You don’t have much time” I said laughing.

He did some shopping and I also bought some clothes and some bras and panties. I gave him some cash and asked him to pay it at the counter. He did so. I can see him feeling my panties while holding them in the line. We drove together and reached home.

We went inside and Suman said. “It must be black today”. Perhaps, he thought I would wear black on top of black.

“Go ahead and see” I said.

He reached towards me and started moving his head over my skirt. It felt good. Slowly he raised the skirt a little and started feeling my legs and still moving his head over my skirt. He fondled over my thighs for a while and slowly removed my panty.

It was a white one.

He was disappointed and I am having fun. I started smiling naughtily. He immediately opened his clothes, sucked my panty into his mouth and started masturbating in front of me and jerked off. He has taken care not to spoil my clothes. After cleaning up the floor, I sat on a chair and parted my legs. He came toward me and kneeled on the floor. He put his face over my pussy and started massaging it with his face. I started moaning. He held me with his hands around the waist. After a while, I asked him to kiss it and leave.

The next day was a Thursday and some friend of Suman came in the morning and took him to his home. This was planned before that he would stay with them for a day and would attend the final interview, which is on Friday, and leave for New York on Saturday morning.

“He lost one day of the deal” I said to myself.

Suman was supposed to come next morning. But he returned back in the evening itself. Perhaps he doesn’t want to lose his next chance.

The next day was Friday and the last day to try his luck. He postponed his interview from 9AM to 1PM. So, I had to drop him at the interview and Deep would pick him up.

On Friday, I dressed myself up in a black bra and a netter top so that one can see everything underneath and a knee high white cotton skirt.

When I came out, Suman came towards me and hugged me hard. He was moving his hands all over my body. I told him not to worry and try his luck. He started moving his hand downward towards the skirt. He is trying to feel it before saying the color. I held his hand and asked him to try his luck.

“It’s Black” Suman said.

“Go ahead” I smiled at him by saying that

He thought he is right and started reaching for my panty. He started moving his hands up my skirt, making the tingling feel around my legs. He moved his hands up. He moved up towards my legs and reached where the two thighs meet. He was fondling all over my pubic area and around my butt.

I was not wearing a panty.

He thought he won and started to pull down my skirt and I stopped him.

“Today, You don’t have a panty to suck” I said to him.

Suman started saying “Its not fair. You were supposed to wear the panty and I say the color”.

“Didn’t you saw me without panty, when I gave you the phone ” I said

He understood and started undressing himself. I was having fun looking at him. He masturbated in front of me and jerked off. He Kneeled down, buried his face into my pussy and started massaging. He started caressing my whole legs with his hands. This went for a while until I couldn’t stand anymore. I took him to the living room and sat on the couch with my legs wide, all the while burying Suman’s face in my pussy. Suman started to give me cunnilingus. He was licking all over. My whole body was shaking. He tried to pull my skirt down. I stopped him and said, “Kiss my pussy and clean the messy”. He obeyed it and left.

He got ready for the interview and I dropped him at the interview place. He came back home along with Deep in the evening. In the evening, he asked whether it is ok to go to the nightclub today and Suman would pay for the drinks. Deep and I agreed.

I dressed myself in the same dress as the last Friday with short skirt and red panty. When Deep asked whether I would drive on the way back as he wants to drink. I was little hesitant. Then Suman said that he is going to drive. Deep was little worried that our insurance doesn’t cover if somebody else drives our car. Deep thought a little and said “What the heck, you can drive for a day”. So, Suman agreed to drive back home.

We all reached the club and Deep started having Rum. He had 3 rounds and I did complete my second margarita. We danced for a while and came back to Suman. All the while Suman was staring at me. Suman ordered few more drinks for Deep so that he is quiet drunk. I had another margarita. This time I had danced with Suman for a while. After some time, I said to Suman that I had to pee. He readily wanted to accompany me. He took me towards the toilet and all the time playing with my breasts and the area around my belly button. When we reached to the toilet, I asked Suman to wait outside. He thought I would ask him to get in. This was a tease. I went in and came out. While coming out, I handed out my red panty into Suman’s hands and said “Have Fun”. Suman kept the panty in his pocket and held me from the back. He was using every opportunity to take more time to reach our table. Now, he almost raised my skirt and started fondling over my hips and the pussy area. I can feel his hard on through his pants. When we were passing thru a dim light area, he unzipped his penis and started feeling my ass with it. He immediately put it back after walking a few steps.

We stayed at the club for some time and headed home. Deep and me just headed to bed. On the next morning, it was Saturday and Suman would be leaving. I tried to wake up Deep at 8AM that he has to drop Suman at the airport. Deep then said that Suman postponed his travel to Tuesday as one of the companies he interviewed asked him to come for another interview on Monday. I said to myself “Suman got himself another chance”.

I came out of my bedroom and said “good morning! You trip is postponed ah!” and smiled naughtily. Now, I started feeling an urge to fuck Suman.

On Saturday, we had to go for a birthday party and asked Suman to accompany. Suman said “no!” and stayed home. I wore an Indian gagra-choli and gave glimpses of my sexy body to Suman before leaving. It was little late in the evening by the time we reached home. Suman didn’t get a chance to try his luck today.

The next day was Sunday and we all went to another friends house for a get together and the whole day was busy there. We came back home and slept.

The next day is Monday and the last chance for Suman. Even, I badly wanted to ride his cock. Suman and Deep left at 9AM. As planned before, I am supposed to pick him at 1PM. Today was the last day. I got myself in a cream colored sari and a full-length blouse. I did the best possible makeup of myself that no man can turn me down. I was wearing just the panty and no peti-coat on. The sari was transparent enough to see though the whole thing underneath. I wore the milky cream bra and panty, which I wore them on one day while picking up Suman. At that time, he saw them well. I was thinking that he would get the color right today.

I reached to the interview place and saw Suman waiting. I stopped the car and he got in. I put my sari pallu (one end) on my lap so that Suman can see the breasts.

While driving the car, I asked him how was the interview. He said he did it well and they are going to tell the result pretty soon.

“Can you succeed to fuck me today” I asked.

“That’s my only goal” He said.

After reaching home, I took him to the bedroom and we both hugged each other. I also started fondling his body with my hands. His hands were all over my upper body. He dug his head over my breasts. That’s my weak spot. I just gave myself in. He started moving his face over my chest area. My heart is beating high and legs shaking. His hands are moving down my ass. His hands are all over by butt and he is squeezing them. I could not stop myself not to fuck him. He felt the whole perimeter of my panty.

I raised his head from my chest and asked him “what color?”

“White” He happily said.

I pressed his head to proceed down. He started traveling up my legs. His touch was so good. He moved his hands up my pussy and slowly pulled the panty. I couldn’t stand on my legs. It was indeed the white panty.

My sari couldn’t stay on my body as the panty supporting it has been pulled off. Suman rose up and started feeling my chest again. He slowly unbuttoned by blouse hooks and removed it off.

“You are shining like goddess” He said.

He hugged me again and moved his hands all over my back and the shoulders. He started squeezing my D-cup breasts over the bra. He started biting my right nipple. It was like a current flowing all over my body. He slowly removed my bra hooks and removed it off my body.

He started saying, “Sylvia, You are gorgeous. This is so good. This is the most happiest moment of my life”.

He started sucking my right breast and playing with the other breast. He played one after another for a while and started slowly moving his hands down. My body is folding thin to let the sari go off my body. Without much effort, Suman slide my sari down to the floor. Now, I am standing completely naked in front of the guy whom I teased for 2 weeks. I slowly removed his tie, shirt and the trouser while he is still playing with my breasts and sucking them.

He threw me on the bed and said, “I want to fuck you princess. I can’t wait any more”.

By saying that he jumped on me. We held each other in the bed and moved all over to reach every nook and corner of each other’s body.

I held his hair and took his head towards my pussy and said, “Suck it”.

Without wasting anytime, he started sucking it while I lay on my back. He started licking my outer pussy lips, the perimeter and deep inside. His tongue moments were creating electric currents in my nerves. After some time, I wanted him to fuck me.

I pulled his head up and said, “Fuck me panty sucker”.

He came up and inserted his cock inside me. I was very hot myself by that time, he was moving slowly and I shouted “Faster asshole”.

He started to move faster and faster. My legs are floating in the air and body moving closer to Suman. After some time, he was moving faster and faster. I told him not to release his semen inside. He was pushing harder and harder and started moaning. I was feeling that he would shoot. I asked him to get up and took his penis into my mouth. I gave him a few blows and shoot his semen all over my face. I cleaned up my face with the sheets and we lay each other side-by-side.

After we relaxed for a few minutes, I went to the kitchen and brought some cream. I put it all over my pussy and asked Suman to clean it by eating it. He started licking all the cream. After he was done with most of it, I asked him to turn around for 69. I was lying on my back and Suman on top of me. He was licking my pussy like a wild dog. I am sucking his half strong penis and made it strong enough for another fuck. Once his penis is hard enough I asked him to lie on his back. Now it’s my turn to ride the horse. I sat around him with his dick in my pussy and moved up and down. I was moving like a machine. Suman was playing with my breasts and started saying ooh, aah, aah!!!!. After a while he said, he is going to come. Then I got up and stood in a doggy style and asked him to fuck my pussy from rear. He fucked me from behind and pounded like a piston. When he was going to come, he pulled his penis out and shot all the semen on my butt. I told him to rub all over the butt.

We both lay down in the bed and talked for a while. It was 4 PM and the phone rang. Suman got the call from the interview he gave in the morning that the company is going to offer him a job and he has to join in 2weeks. He become so happy and said that I am his luck. I am flattered. He started saying that he got the job only after fucking me.

I brushed off by saying that “You are lucky enough to get all the things in one day”. He was ready for another round of fun with his joy. After having some fun, we left the bedroom, as it is the time for Deep to come.

I took a shower and got freshen up myself.

When deep came home, Suman told the news to him. At the dinner, Suman asked Deep whether he and his wife could stay with us until they settle down in the bay area. Deep was hesitant.

“Why not” I said and deep agreed.

The next day was the day to leave. I got up early and was working in the kitchen. Suman got up and Deep was still sleeping. Suman came to the kitchen and held me from the rear and started kissing and playing with my body. I told him that you got a chance to do yesterday for the deal and its over. Today, you won’t get anything. He went back to his room and started packing.

Deep left at 9AM and asked me to drop Suman at the airport. After deep left, I got to the shower and came out naked and walked in front of Suman to tease him. I brought my make up and clothes and dressed in front of him. He helped me with bra buttons.

When the time has come for Suman to leave, we left for the airport. I was wearing pink shirt, sort of summer dress and a similar knee high skirt. Suman started saying that his new salary would be lower than before and still agreed to come to bay area. I ignored him.

“How can I fuck you again?” He asked.

“You have to earn it” I said.

“If I tell the color of panty, can I fuck you?” Suman asked.

“NO! That was the old deal. You got it yesterday” I replied.

“What should I do to fuck you again?” He asked.

“Can you do anything” I asked.

I got a naughty idea and said to him “Suman! If we start fucking each other, Deep would know someday”.

“So” Suman asked.

“If you make your wife Anu to sleep with Deep, You could probably get me anytime you want” I said.

“Yes” Suman said

“Lets see” I said.

We both reached to the airport and before departing, Suman asked, “do you need anything from New York”.

I told him “Get yourself in two piece – You and your wife” and handed over my night club red panty into his hands and said “Have fun and bring it back with you”. I left the airport.

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