She and I have never gotten along. She is a stuck-up bitch. Inhospitable, conservative, opinionated, uninterested in me and a political being. I steer clear of her as much as I can. The dislike is mutual.

She dresses frumpily, wearing shapeless clothes. She does not hug others, as is the custom in our family. Her husband is a nice person but hen-pecked. Her children have been brought up strictly, particularly her daughter.

Well, as luck would have it, our roads crossed at a cousin’s home last summer in the USA. She had gone to meet her son who studies there and I was on a business trip. Our very hospitable cousins insisted that we visit and stay with them and so we were forced to socialize. None of us wanted others in the family to know about and question our bad vibes. However, the socialization was forced and at a polite level. I spoke if addressed but never initiated a conversation.

She needed me, since I drive in the USA whereas she does not. Her attitude changed now that she needed my help to go shopping and sightseeing but I continued to keep my distance. I pleaded work and minimized my trips with her.

Our cousin and his wife are both rich doctors with no children. They have a lovely home with six bedrooms. They also have a heated swimming pool, which I made full use of. The cousins themselves were hardly ever at home, leaving early in the morning and returning late at night.

Spring was giving way to summer. On the first warm day that summer, as I lay in the pool, Haasini entered the water on the other side. She wore a bikini bathing suit. I could not believe my eyes! Haasini owned a bikini? She entered the pool before I could really get a proper look at her. She started swimming lengths, after a while came out of the water, and sat at the side, sunning herself. Domestic pools are usually not very large, she was very near me and I could see her well but did not want to be caught looking. I did not want to demonstrate any interest whatsoever.

‘Should I apply some sunscreen’, she suddenly asked. ‘There’s some in the cabana’, I replied. ‘I looked for it but could not find it. Would you mind getting it for me?’ she asked. Wordlessly, I got up and handed her the bottle. ‘Thanks’, she smiled. She started applying it to herself but had the usual difficulty putting it on her back. ‘Can you please help me?’ she asked. I did not reply but got out of the pool, converted a pool side chair into a small bed and asked her to lie there face down. She complied. With her eyes closed, she pointed out where she wanted it applied.

For the first time ever, I got a chance to look at her body. She is built! I don’t know why she does not dress to show off her figure better. Her tits are small. Very small for someone otherwise lushly built. However, she has a fine, soft hourglass figure. Her waist flares out into a big bottom with large, soft, perfectly rounded buttocks. The bikini was too small for her and had slipped into the crack of her ass, exposing the buttocks completely. Her skin is pale and fair but flawless. Her hips and thighs are large, shapely, have some peach fuzz and have a pink hue. Obviously, she did not sun herself much. Her legs were held closed and I could not see much more but what I could see in those moments was more than I had seen in all these years. Applying lotion to this bitch was going to be no torture!

I took a generous amount of sunscreen into my palm and started rubbing it into her back. Her skin was soft, cool, smooth and the first touch sent shock waves to my cock. ‘Will it stain this costume?’ she asked. I said that it might, now starting to wonder where this situation was going. She calmly unsnapped the bikini top!

I started applying the lotion to her in right earnest. I used a sensuous tickling touch, caressing her and giving myself an erection. I started at her shoulders, using my fingers to reach her front and then did her blades, again slyly sliding into her sides. On a bigger breasted woman, I would have been touching the slopes of the boobs. I used two fingers to apply it to her spine and then stopped at her waist, after doing a few circles. I was enjoying this! Apparently, it was getting to her as well; she started making a soft purring sound.

When I stopped, she opened her eyes and she had that look in her eyes! I knew that she wanted me to continue. I decided that she was not going to get any more unless she begged. When she saw that I did not plan to oblige, she blushed and muttered her thanks. I thought that it served her right for having been so stuck up all these years.

I got up and dived into the pool.

The rest of the day was uneventful.

The next day saw me again at the pool, hoping against hope that she would be back for more but knowing also that my rebuff yesterday may have been too much for this egotistical woman to stomach.

Our cousins had gone back to their respective medical practices.

For a long time, there was no sign of her and I was about to give up on her when I heard a splash. She had dived into the pool. She swam a few lengths and then came towards me again. With some hesitation, she asked me if I would mind applying the sunscreen to her again, I agreed and followed her out of the pool. As she climbed the ladder, I could see once again that this costume was inadequate for her large ass. I could see her mons barely covered by the fabric. The pubic mound was meaty and the lips were clearly outlined. My cock started erecting.

We returned to the deck chair and I enjoyed the sway, twitch and swivel of her soft buttocks. She was amazingly sexy and I decided that I would have her.

She lay down on the deck chair, face down and told me that our cousins had asked both of us to apply sunscreen to our entire bodies to avoid getting painfully sunburnt and reduce the risk of skin cancer. I made affirmative noises, still mesmerized by the perfect round of her nearest buttock. She also mentioned that she had borrowed this bikini from our cousin and did not want to stain it.

She then proceeded to hand me the bottle of lotion, unclipped her bikini top and closed her eyes. I sat down beside her, took a palm-full of the lotion and starting at her collar area, applied the lotion. I was bolder and allowed my palms and fingers to go where I had held back yesterday. She started purring and opening her eyes, made eye contact with me and smiled languidly. I went for the shoulder blades, the spine and the waist. Softly, sensuously, I started rubbing the lotion into the skin, knowing fully well that this was not a massage oil, but happy to have it as an excuse! She asked me to do the sides. I told her that we might get some lotion on the bikini top. She asked me if it would embarrass me if she removed it altogether. I told her that it would not, without revealing the slightest enthusiasm. She raised herself a little and pulled the small strip of cloth away from underneath herself. I saw one side of her breast very briefly, before she settled down on it.

I took some more lotion and took my palms to the sides, starting at the armpits. I started caressing her sides and she raised herself to give me better access. Now, I could feel her boobs and I started caressing them gently. On purpose, I did not touch the nipple area. I just kept rubbing the skin of her sides from her armpits to her waist. She started purring again, like she had yesterday. ‘You have magic in your fingers’, she said. I thanked her and stopped.

‘It’s done’, I said. ‘Just when it was getting really good’, she complained. ‘Please apply the lotion to the rest of my body’, she said. ‘Are you sure, Haasini?’ I asked. Whereupon, she repeated her request. I took more lotion into my palm and started at her feet. I was in no hurry. I went up to the calves and my swimming shorts had a growing tent! I have always found armpits and knees interesting places. I lingered at her knees before slowly going up her legs to her thighs. Her legs were pressed close together.

‘Can you part your legs’, I asked her. I could have done so with my hands but I wanted to ask her aloud and I did. She parted them an inch or two. I held her knees in my hand and lifted her legs until the knees were a good foot or so apart. I went to work first on her left thigh, caressing the skin, particularly the insides and bunching up her muscle in fists. I then went to her right thigh, repeating the process. Her contented purring continued. I had now reached her butt cheeks and I had a decision to make. Any further would definitely be sexual. Not that a woman with her ass almost completely exposed to a man in a secluded house could be called platonic!

I took some more lotion into my hands and started on her large left buttock. Both my palms could not cover that large globe. I started kneading and pressing it and rubbing the lotion into her skin. After that, I started caressing it softly. I went to the right cheek and did the same. I then used my palms on both cheeks, caressing, shaping and reshaping and enjoying them as I would have with a lover.

I spread the lotion, caressing from the hip to each buttock and back, slyly caressing the strip of her bikini bottom covering her prominent mound.

After a few more strokes with my palms, I stopped. Time for more begging and ego submergence!

She could clearly see the tent in my trunks. I did not attempt to hide it. She looked at me pleadingly and seemed disappointed. ‘I am done with the back’, I said pointedly. ‘Please do the front, if you don’t mind’, she said. I took some more lotion into my palm and looked at her. She turned around and lay on that prize bum. I almost regretted having caused this turn of events since I now missed the view!

She covered her small tits with her palms and I looked at her, not starting off. She unwillingly lowered her hands to her sides and I could now see what she wanted to hide. Her pink nipples were large and very very erect and she did not want me to know that she was aroused! I could not believe this turn of events. Prudish Haasini, first exposing her huge bottom to me and now her tits. I asked her to close her eyes and started with her face and in short order, applied the lotion to her neck.

I took some more and now started on her chest and gave it all I knew. Pressure, kneading, caressing…But I studiously left her erect, pink nipples alone. After a while, she opened her eyes and taking the palms of my hands in hers, laid them flat on her entire tit. The nipples poked into my palms. The stuck-up Haasini had come unstuck!

I kneaded the small tits in my palms like dough, and then took the nipples between my fingers and pressed them. She started moaning in a quiet way. I went all the way to her belly and belly button, caressing the lotion into her skin. I put a finger into her belly button and she groaned.

I was now standing over her and my erect cock was waving above her eyes. My trunks were loose and she could probably see quite a bit up them.

I came to her feet and started the journey up, hurrying up the feet, knees and thighs to their junction, lingering slightly at the thighs and stealing touches of her protuberant mound. This time she had parted her legs of her own accord and I could see clearly between them. Her bikini bottom was too tight and her prominent vaginal lips were clearly outlined.

Once again I stopped. Time for her to beg! ‘Please continue. You can’t stop now!’ she groaned. ‘I have applied the lotion all over your body’, I said. ‘No, you haven’t’, she emphatically asserted and hooking her fingers into her bikini bottom, she lowered it and folding her legs together and raising them off the deck chair, she pulled them off and flung them away.

‘Please continue. You can’t stop now!’ Haasini, my stuck-up sister-in-law, groaned. ‘I have applied the lotion all over your body’, I said. ‘No, you haven’t’, she emphatically asserted and hooking her fingers into her bikini bottom, she lowered it and folding her legs together and raising them off the deck chair, she pulled them off and flung them away!

‘Very well, you bitch but let us rid ourselves of the pretense too’, I said to myself. I kicked aside the bottle of lotion and taking both her knees into my hands, I yanked her legs apart. I wanted her to know that I was examining her cunt. She looked at me in alarm and forced her legs closed. I looked at her resolutely, folding my arms on my chest. She opened her legs for me to inspect the riches that lay within.

It was a pretty sight. Tendrils of hair covered her plush thick-lipped cunt. Her musk wafted to my nose though the air. ‘Stop. Please don’t do that’, she complained mildly, blushing a deep red. I parted her legs even more and examined her treasure closely. The lips were pink and thick and very wet. She was soaked! Droplets of he cunt juice were clinging to her lips and her inner thighs were wet. Haasini was in heat and would do anything to get herself fucked now. The time had come to tighten the screws.

She covered her cunt with her palm and said, ‘No one has ever looked at me like that’. ‘You are a mother of two. Who are you kidding?’, I retorted. ‘Believe me. That is the truth’, she wanted me to beileve. ‘It is about time someone gave your cunt a proper looking to then. Take that hand away, part your legs and let me look’, I said. I had used the four-letter word on purpose and she cringed, just as I had expected. Her palm slowly moved away, her legs parted and I was looking at her cunt again. I had no intention whatsoever of touching her yet. When nothing happened for a few moments, she looked at me inquiringly and then imploringly.

I said, Tell me what you want me to do’. ‘You know what I want!’, she said. ‘Tell me or I do nothing’, I said. She took my hand and placed it on her cunt. I moved it away. ‘Tell me’, I said. ‘All right. Touch me.’, she said. ‘Say please and tell me where’, I said. ‘Please touch my vagina’, she now said. ‘Too long a word. Use a smaller word’, I said, continuing the torture! ‘Okay, fuck me with your finger’, she finally blurted out. ‘No, I won’t’. I said, ‘Why not?’, she protested. ‘Why should I?’ I asked, ‘I don’t owe you anything. You have never done anything for me. You don’t even talk to me nicely most of the time’. ‘What do you want me to do?’, she asked hesitantly.

‘Close your eyes and open your mouth’, I ordered, lowering my swimming trunks. My rampant cock reared up like an angry cobra released from a snake charmer’s basket. She recoiled at the sight and the implication of my words and shouted, ‘No, I have never done that’. ‘Great, there is always a first time for everything’, I said, taking her hand and putting it on my cock. ‘I won’t do that. It is disgusting’, she said, not taking her hand off my tool. I moved her hand away and started raising my swimming trunks, acting as if I was getting ready to go away.

‘Okay, just one kiss’, she said to placate me and started raising herself off the deck chair while slowly starting to frig my cock. ‘You will open your mouth, put in my cock, take it all the way in and then suck it till I come or I ask you to stop. Or else, we can stop all this right now’, I threatened. She looked at me like a cow being led to the slaughter. I put my palm below her head, raised her head off the deck chair, lowered my now hugely erect cock to her face and rubbed it on her lips. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth very slightly and I forced my penis into her mouth and started fucking her mouth with it, lowering my cock and raising her head. ‘Suck my cock, Haasini. Lick it. Go ahead. Do it, you bitch.’ I ordered, my voice loud in the excitement that was coursing through me.

Her mouth opened a little and then some more and she started sucking and then licking in turns, initially tentatively and then in right earnest. She got better as she started warming to the task. Using gobs of her saliva, she made my cock all wet and sticky.

I turned around slowly with my cock still in her mouth until I was looking down her body. Taking her thick distended nipples in my fingers, I started pinching them roughly. She moaned with my cock still in her mouth. I increased the frequency of my fucking motions. I took both her boobs, one by one in the palm of my free hand and kneaded them hard. We continued this for a few more minutes and I could feel my cum boiling in my balls. Not yet, I thought.

I stopped kneading her breasts and pulled my cock out of her mouth. There was a loud plopping sound and her mouth let go of it, her lips massaging it to the last moment of its emergence. My cock was all red, sticky and shiny and the head had expanded to a size that I had myself never seen earlier. I took a few steps to position myself at her feet. Haasini licked her lips and looked at me inquiringly. Her first cock sucking experience had not left her too much the worse off, it seemed to me. Time to take her to the next level.

I caught hold of her feet and started forcing her on to her belly. ‘Oh no. What do you want to do now?. She asked, tensely. ‘Probably something extremely enjoyable that you will consider disgusting the first time we do it’, I said sarcastically. She let herself be turned around resignedly and the bountiful cheeks of her bottom came into view. I held her by her love handles and raised her body till she was on her palms and knees in the classical doggy posture with her large, heavy, protuberant ass cheeks waving in the air. What a sexy sight! I felt my cock twitch. It had registered the invitation!

She turned her head to look at what I was up to and I bent over her wedging my fully hardened cock into the crack of her ass, palming and pressing her boobs and kissing her brutally on her lips, crushing them with mine. She moaned and gave me her tongue. I pushed her tongue back into her mouth using mine and fucked her mouth with my tongue in rhythm with the fucking motions I was making in her ass crack and my kneading of her breasts.

I raised myself and looked at this once proud woman meekly offering up her ass to me. I could not resist the temptation! I lightly slapped her bum and she cried out in surprise. ‘Ouch, that hurts.’ she complained. I started liberally applying my palms on her ass cheeks, making them jiggle and wobble. The sounds of my slaps rang out loud and clear. The sounds were louder than the slaps were painful. At least I hoped so! A light pink sheen appeared on the skin of her bottom. She started asking me very loudly to stop since it was hurting her but I was a man possessed!

While continuing the slaps with one hand, I palmed the thick prominent mound of Haasini’s cunt and pressed it again and again, squeezing it hard. I could feel the outer lips extend into my palm with each squeeze. My palm got wet and sticky. Her thick juices were continuing to flow! I was delirious with excitement. Her protests stopped and she started moaning her approval. She liked being spanked and so it was time to change tactics. Time to fuck Haasini? Maybe!

I stopped slapping her buttocks and taking part of each cheek into a palm, I squeezed them and tore her bottom cheeks apart forcefully. Almost to the point of hurting her, but not quite. I looked at her ass hole. An attractive tight pink and light brown pucker greeted my eyes. ‘Oh God! What are you doing? You can’t look there!’ she objected. ‘I am not just going to look’, I said. ‘You can’t mean…’, she cried.

I ignored her and parting her cheeks, I positioned my cock head at that pretty hole, making thrusting motions. ‘I am going to fuck your ass, Haasini!’ I said. She tried to escape but I held on to her ass, not allowing her to do so. She shook and moved her ass violently, avoiding my thrusts. This was now turning into a good chase! She shook her broad ass this way and that, swaying it from side to side and thrusting it front and back, with increasing speed as I thrust blindly, trying to sink my cock into that meaty ass.

On one stroke, my cock sank in but the ease with which it entered and the warmth, smoothness and wetness of the orifice told me that I was in Haasini’s cunt. She let out a satisfied sigh and started thrusting her bottom back on my cock, fucking herself with it as rapidly as she could, moaning loudly. I could sense that she was close to coming. She started working the muscles in her cunt simultaneously with her energetic thrusts and I could feel myself closing in on an orgasm. The chase had excited me beyond any sexual experience in my life, so far and I was ready to empty my jism into her.

Not yet, though. I had some unfinished business.

I pulled myself out and Haasini groaned in disappointment. Before she could gather her senses, I once again parted her ass cheeks fully, exposed her rose hole, positioned my penis and thrust. She realized what I was doing but this time I was too quick for her. My juice slick cock head wedged into her ass and she yelped in pain, her anus distended by its girth. I started pushing my cock further in, asking her to shut up and relax. After a few agonizing inches, I was buried in Haasini’s buttocks up to the hilt. My balls slapped her cheeks.

She was exceedingly tight and I rested for a few moments with my penis sheathed fully in her ass, letting her rectum adjust to this unfamiliar intrusion. And then I fucked her with a vengeance. I do not know what got over me. With my left hand outstretched, I was manipulating her left teat. With my right hand, I was playing with her twat, fingering her thick lips, her clit and then finger fucking her. Through the haze of this wonderful screw, I could hear her moaning rise to a crescendo. After a few minutes,

I could feel her thrust her large buttocks back at me to receive my cock, ‘Give it to me. Give it to me’, she muttered repeatedly. She lowered her head and chest to the chair and angled her ass so that she could receive the brunt of my powerful thrusts with tremendous power in her own return thrusts. She freed her hands somehow and her fingers joined mine in her sopping wet twat, manipulating herself. Her other hand pulled her and stimulated her other teat.

I could not believe what was happening. I looked down and saw this huge ass so readily accepting my penis, returning thrust for thrust. This prudish, boring woman whom I had avoided, was giving me one of the best rides of my life. I let go of everything else and holding her ass cheeks in my hands, started the short, pleasurable in and out strokes that precede my climax. We were both in rut and from the rising volume of Haasini’s voice, I could sense that she would come any moment.

With a loud cry, both of us came. I unloaded spurt after spurt of thick spunk into her ass. She took my hand and forced it onto her clit. I readily fingered it. Just a couple of tweaks and she plunged into one more orgasm with some more thrusts of that prize winning bottom.

I shall never forget this encounter, with that venomous all consuming passion on my side and the unleashing of her true sexuality on hers.

We celebrated Haasini’s discovery of her sexuality all through the rest of our stay. Haasini and her husband had been making love the same boring way, and they had not screwed for more than a year, so a lot of pent up energy had built up. She had never sucked a cock or taken one up her butt and I was glad to deflower her orally and anally.

We did replace that almost empty bottle of suntan lotion, most of which had been massaged into Haasini’s skin!

Haasini and I continue our physical relationship whenever we have a chance and we have built up a very satisfying sexual relationship.

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