taboo sex story

I am Sylvia, 30, housewife, perfect body, fair complexion mother of a two year old son, Alex, and my husband, Hemant, was in Dubai working in a MNC but comes to india on business tour once in three or four months.

When he comes, we have wild sex for the period of his stay and he and I are craving for sex. Many a times I cannot help mastrubating but it can never be equal to real fucking with a real cock. Hemant had a 7 inch cock always hard and never satiated.

On the day of his arrival I prefer to keep it inside for the whole night, I mean inside my hot cunt. He enjoys my vagaries and obliges me in whatever way I want. He favorites are my nipples and clit. He enjoys licking them and sucking them for any amount of time.

When he goes after his sojourn again there is emptiness till he comes back. My sister, Sarada, lives in Delhi and she had a eighteen-year-old son, Varun, who is doing his school leaving exam. Her husband is a businessman and travels a lot.

One day Sarada telephoned me and told me that her son Varun would like to spend a few days here with us during his holidays. I told her that I am happy to receive him and would make his holidays as enjoyable as possible. I had a word with Varun and welcomed him to our home.

Varun came directly from the railway station in an auto. When I saw him I was surprised. He is almost an adult. About 6 ft tall, he sported a few hair on his chin, the chubbiness was no more there in his face. He came and touched my feet and took his luggage inside.

He was in a kurtha and pyjama. I asked him to change since he needed a wash after the journey. He came fresh from the bathroom in a new kurtha and pyjama. I asked him to have his lunch since it was lunch time.

He ate well, relishing all the dishes, licking his fingers and I was happy that he enjoyed his food. We sat chatting about his life in Delhi, and his school friends, teachers, his parents etc. I asked him to take rest for a while when I finished my work in the kitchen.

I was wondering how this boy has grown. He was just three or four feet tall when I last saw him. Now he was well over 5.5 ft. Taller than me. But he is very active and I saw him going around from one room to another.

He did not have any friends in the locality and hence he had difficulty in going out and mixing with boys and girls of his age. He just stood and watched other children play. He played with my son, Alex, and made him giggle.

It is more than 2 months that my husband was away and I was very horny for sex. But what to do. In the evening I arranged the bed in the guest room for Varun and kept his luggage in the guest room. I took out all his dirty clothes and dumped them in the washing machine.

His brief was large and deep impression of his cock in the brief showed that his cock is nothing less then 7 inches. Normally I would not have noticed. Because of my present sex starved condition I just out of curiosity took the brief to my nose.

The smell of a male made me aroused. Afterall he is my son -in-law how can I have such thoughts about him. He is the son of my sister and is just like my own son. I felt bad about the evil thoughts which came to my mind. I went to the kitchen and got the supper ready.

I went to the bathroom, had a nice shower and changed my dress into a nightie. I feel very comfortable in the nightie. By about 8 pm I called Varun to come for supper. He came and sat along with me. I took a close look at him. He sported a moustache.

The hair in his chin was thin and brownish in colour.. There was lot of hair in his forearm which gave a good contrast against his fair color. After supper you go and sleep in the guest room upstairs, I said. He nodded his head in agreement.

We were watching TV for while and saw his favourite serials and then mine also. By 9.30 pm, my son Alex was sleepy and needed to be fondled to put him to sleep. Otherwise he wont sleep nor he would allow me to sleep. I told Varun to go upstairs and sleep in the guest room.

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I took Alex and went to my bedroom. Alex slept fast and I too dozed off. After about half an hour I heard Varun calling me. I opened my eyes and asked him what is the matter. He said he cannot sleep alone in the guest room. He wanted to sleep in the drawing room on the floor.

I said how can you sleep lying on the floor, you come down and lie down in my bed near me. He was happy and went to the other side of the bed and sat on the bed. I said ok, lie down and sleep. Dont make any noice to wake up Alex, I said. I observed that he slept within no time.

His breathing was heavy to indicate he was in deep sleep. I looked at his innocent face. I got up and went to his side of he bed and sat near him and ran my hand on his hair. Nice fellow, how handsome he looks. He will certainly be very popular with girls. I ran my hand all over his body.

His youthful body was a pleasure to touch. My hand ran over his crotch. His cock well quite lengthy was not soft. I was surprised. It is not erect. Even in limp condition it was hard. I could not control my cutiosity. I just untied the strings of his pyjama and pulled it down.

He did not wear any undergarments. His creamy coloured cock of about 7 inch in length with silken smooth skin was there between his thighs. I just kept on looking at it. I felt wetness in my cunt. It is sin to have amorous thought over your own son, I thought.

But seeing this beautiful piece of male flesh which woman will not be attracted. I took it in my hands. I just brought my face closer and smelled it. It was so nice. I planted a kiss at the tip of it. My lips opened automatically and I just took the head into my mouth and rolled my tongue

around it. This much provocation was sufficient to make it hard. It was growing in my mouth. Its length increased and its girth also. I looked up and saw Varun was awake and I felt very awkward. He just got up and pulled me over him and kissed me without uttering a word.

My flesh was weak to resist. He was quick. He just got up and made me to lie down and lifted my nightie and pulled down my panty. I was surprised at his speed. He is not innocent as he appears to be. He must have had many girls many times.

He just buried his face in my cunt and was licking my cunt and clit greedily. His strong tongue dug deep inside and was entering inside my vagina. I was afraid that I was on the verge of an orgasm. My month long abstinance from sex made me hotter.

He made me to widen my thighs and got up and took his cock and kept it at the entrance of my cunt. He looked up at me and asked me how was it. I gave out a grunt and a moan. He pushed his tool first slowly and then with all force. and within no time his entire cock was inside my

cunt. It seems to have travelled through several new unexplored areas in my cunt hole. It fitted tightly and he remained as if he has corked my cunt.. Then he started fucking me. Pulling his tool fully out and plunged it inside fully. It sent waves of pleasure all over my body.

Each time he pumped I gave a grunt and a loud moan. He fucked and fucked. He was not tired and seemed like going on like this for ever. My orgasm was building up. My voice changed. My grunt became louder and also my moans.

I took my lower limbs around him and embraced him with my hands. He made a final plunge and his fluids were being felt inside in a powerful spray, never ending spray. But his hardness persisted. He wanted to go again. I allowed to have another go.

This time he fucked more speedily. He went on fucking and fucking. It took more time to come to climax. This time it was full and complete. Both of us were naked below our waist and we went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves of all the mess.

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He came back and lied down and slept. I too was tired and slept very soon. Next day Varun did not show any sign of the previous nights experience. He was behaving just normal and played with children. In the night again he came and occupied my bed and was pretending to be sleeping. I was wondering whom I am enjoying with. My own son-in-law. He is not a child and he is grown up and appears to be well experienced in sex. If he goes and leaks out that his own aunty seduced him. I called him and talked to him. He was very casual.

He said he wont tell anybody and I should also keep quiet. He was in a hurry for his fuck and was pulling at my dress and asking me to lie down. I requested him to go back to Delhi before my husband comes.

My husband would also be eager for sex and if Varun also pesters me I will be nowhere. He told me he will go away on the previous day of the arrival of my husband. Till then he wanted to fuck me. He said he enjoyed fucking me the most. I asked whom all he has fucked so far.

He smiled cunningly and told me that he was taught sex by their maid servant. That was two years back. His mother went away to the office and the maid servant was there throughout the day. She taught him during the day and since she was married she was not worried about

getting pregnant. He said he tried with his neighbouring girl. She was very small and he enjoyed fucking her and she too. Then another aunty in the nieghbourhood who volunteered to teach him maths. She knew nothing about maths. but she enjoyed his fucking very much.

His adventures were all during day time and hence his parents never suspected him. Once his parents went away on account of a Rotary meeting and he had to stay with the neighbourhood aunty. He husband was also away. He fucked her for the whole night for two days.

She used to climb on him and fuck him. She like that very much. I was shocked to hear all his stories. I however continued fucking with him for another week when he was packed off to Delhi. I will never forget his deep thrusts and the electric effect it made in my body.

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