What a joy! Sylvia couldn’t stop smiling being really happy she could have entered this university. She was a freshman And she was going to move into the dormitory tomorrow.

She was a shy girl. However, she was interested in this crazy world of students living together! She’d heard a lot about it from her sibling brother who used to study here before. He’d told her mad stories!

Vicky was to live with a girl whose name was Monica. When Sylvia moved in she was very excited as everything seemed so new to her. Soon she made a lot of friends and felt pretty comfortable living in this place.

Vicky liked studying and was an excellent student. She read a lot and visited library almost every day. Her roommate Monica was on the third course of the same department but she didn’t enjoy learning at all. She was a poor student as she spent much time going out. But naturally she was a kind and sociable person. She was interesting to talk to.

When the girls first met Monica paid Sylvia a compliment about her looks. The girl was very beautiful indeed. Dark long hair, big hazel eyes and full lips made her face look more than just attractive. She was petite, with nice curves and a rounded butt.

  • Listen, you’re so nice! If you wear something more fashionable and apply good make-up you’ll look really wonderful!

Since that time Monica gifted Vicky some of her gowns or make-up items. Sylvia was always short of money as her family was large and they couldn’t provide her with enough finances. Monica’s presents embarrassed Vicky but the girl was always very tactful saying she had garments similar to the ones she’d given Sylvia or the size was wrong.

Monica often took Sylvia to visit her friends or go shopping together. Visits to her friends were interesting. Vicky liked drinking wine with girls and watching porn movies which she had never seen before.

The first watching made her feel embarrassed a lot but it made her excited as well. But what made her even more surprised was the girls’ reaction, to be more exact they didn’t react to it at all. Monica and her friends commented what was on the screen with no confusion but for Vicky it was a new and mysterious world. Since that very first time each viewing was like a revelation for her.

Sylvia would go shopping with Monica. They used to drop in to various boutiques and even sex-shops. Of course Vicky had never been to a sex-shop before. Monica used to buy lingerie there. Besides nice and expensive underwear Vicky saw many new things that she had never seen anywhere. Visits to this shop aroused great interest in sex which had always been a taboo in Vicky’s family.

Once Sylvia returned from the library when it was dark outside. She found a small company in the room: Monica and two young men she didn’t know.

  • Hi, Vicky! Where have you been for so long? Have a seat. We’ve got a celebration. Guys, this is my roommate, Sylvia, she is rather shy, but it’s OK. Vicky, these are Simon and Roger. Sit down. We’re celebrating my purchase, a laptop!

Sylvia sat down. There were three bottles of cognac and some salads. She was given a glass. Simon immediately filled it with the cognac.

  • No, no… I’d like some wine! – The girl protested.
  • No, Sylvia, such a beautiful girl as you should drink only good cognac! Cheers!

Vicky didn’t like strong drinks and the smack of the cognac seemed sickening to her. But she didn’t want to hurt Monica and Simon was so courteous…

Soon Sylvia was hot. No disgusting feelings. And the snack was good. The girl joined the conversation about students’ problems which was interrupted from time to time by toasts.

Then Monica showed her new laptop with various frills including modem for high-speed internet, web-camera and other interesting things.

  • Wow! Great screen! –Vicky said.
  • And I’ve got a new movie to watch… – Simon offered.

The disc went inside and a minute later the students started watching a porn movie. Sylvia got lost in her thoughts. When she came to her senses Monica and Roger had left and Simon offered her to drink the love… This toast was the final for the girl. She suddenly felt tired and sleepy.

Simon took Vicky in his arms as she could not walk: her knees were weak. He took her to her bed which was to the left. Monica’s bed was to the right and now it was covered with a sheet which was moving up and down rhythmically and they could hear hard breathing and moaning from under it… However, Sylvia could hardly understand what was happening. The cognac affected her much. Her legs, arms and head didn’t obey and she felt really grateful to Simon when he seated her carefully on the bed and began undressing her skillfully. The buttons of her blouse were so hard to undo for her rigid fingers but his ones coped with them easily. He had no problems in taking her trainers and jeans off either. And she even didn’t notice how she remained absolutely nude on her bed. And Simon was beside her. His hands were sliding over her body and bringing her unspeakable pleasure.

She couldn’t understand how he learned that she had goose bumps when his fingers moved along her back touching it slightly. And then along her belly up. She was literally electrified when he tenderly touched her nipples. His hand went slowly between her thighs to her neatly shaved pussy. Monica had advised her to shave it regularly.

But at this moment she forgot about everything as Simon’s hot tongue penetrated her ear. At this moment she felt a wave of enjoyment consumed her and she moaned. She began squeezing and spreading her legs and then felt the upper part of her thighs became wet. Simon was whispering something tender into her ear. He climbed on her and his strong hands were caressing her great bosom and very moist crotch.

And here she felt him inside her. He was moving and she was in the seventh heaven from pleasure. To increase it she moved towards him instinctively. He became even more affectionate and was giving her more and more pleasure… His whisper was heard in her ear:

  • Good girl… Yeah… You’re the most beautiful, the best… OK… Very well…!

She was moaning in response. It seemed to her she was going to burst out from these new wonderful sensations. And when the very first earth-shattering orgasm consumed her she didn’t feel a slight pain in her underbelly.

Simon made a few more thrusts, twitched convulsively squeezing her in his embrace and then stopped still. He slid out of her and Vicky heard something wet and light plopped down on the floor.

She gradually came around and understood that the lights were off and the room was illuminated by a street lamp and windows of the dormitory. She realized Simon was lying not on her now but next to her and was stroking her smooth body. Then she saw that the sheet fell down from Monica’s bed and a naked man was lying on it. It was Roger. Monica was sitting on him naked too. She was moving her squeezed fist over the guy’s shaft up and down, then she bent to it and touched it with the tip of her tongue…

Turning her head to Simon Sylvia saw his limp cock covered with white semen hanging between his thighs. It was the very organ that had just brought her so much pleasure! On impulse she took it into her hand tenderly and started licking it. The dick was a bit salty but very nice and tasty. She saw that Roger’s cock disappeared in Monica’s mouth and her head started moving rhythmically impaling on this lollipop.

Sylvia suddenly wanted to do the same. She immediately repeated what Monica had done before her. She let the Simon’s prick into the ring of her lips carefully putting it further and deeper each time. Simon put his hand on her head to make her move in the rhythm that was the most appropriate for him to enjoy the process…

The cock was becoming bigger and harder. It couldn’t go into her mouth fully and was gradually penetrating her throat. Vicky felt a bit sick but Simon’s hand impaled her head more and more persistently on his growing dick. And his tender whisper was drawing her attention away from unpleasant sensations in her throat.

The girl’s head was moving faster and faster towards the increasing took in her mouth. She felt the familiar feeling in the bottom of her belly and instinctively tried to satisfy herself caressing her pussy with her left hand. Her right hand was jerking the first phallus in her life…

When a new spasm of climax went through her Simon twitched and a huge spurt of his warm sperm gushed into her throat, then lips and face. The girl choked but swallowed and licked everything she could.

Simon collapsed onto the bed beside her keeping on stroking her head and whispering something into her ear. He had wiped the remains of his cum from her face.

Soon Sylvia felt her excitement vanished. She was exhausted and tipsy. She put her head on her first man’s chest and fell asleep happily. The last thing she saw was Monica lowering herself on Roger’s cock…

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