Raj and Haasini had been married for 5 years. Raj worked in a large MNC and made a comfortable living. Raj was 32 years of age and was 5’10” tall. Haasini was 27 and could be called a knockout. She was just average Indian height at 5’2″. But, she had a beautiful figure measuring 34-27-33 and a classically beautiful face with a lovely olive complexion that was fairer than most Indians.

Haasini was a virgin when they got married. Raj on the other hand had a long running affair with an aunty who lived in the colony where he grew up. This aunty had been widowed at a fairly young age and she seduced Raj when he was 19 years old. Raj had broken it off when he decided to marry Haasini. So, it is fair to say he had been well trained in pleasing a woman in bed.

Haasini was very shy by nature, but to please Raj she would let him indulge in his sexual fantasies, which until recently had been fairly mild. However, eight months ago Raj revealed his deepest fantasy which involved swapping with another couple. Initially, Haasini was shocked and she wanted to hear no more about it. But, Raj kept insisting. He rented a few XXX movies with the swapping theme. Haasini slowly started wondering what it would feel like to take a penis other than her husband’s into her body. She soon realized that her curiosity was piqued. She told Raj that she did not want to do it with any of their friends and was too afraid to do it with total strangers. As a result, nothing was done about it for months. A month ago a manager from Raj’s American Head Office came with his wife to Raj’s branch for a six week assignment.

The manager’s name was Tom and his wife’s name was Cindy. Both Tom and Cindy were in their early 30s. Raj was given the task by his boss of keeping Tom entertained and happy. Raj’s friend, Pankaj had told him that Tom and Cindy were actually swingers. Pankaj had been to America a couple of years ago on a project and had happened to attend the Christmas party thrown by Tom and Cindy. Alcohol had flown freely in the party and it had been hinted that later at night the party was going to turn into a swingers party but Pankaj’s wife got upset by this and dragged him out of there before the party got interesting. This got Raj thinking. He had seen Cindy and could not stop fantasizing about sinking his 6″ brown cock into this blond haired, blue eyed angel. Cindy was 5’5″ and was slim and athletic. She was also not very busty but her tits were still a handful with half inch long nipples that he had seen poking through her shirt. He suspected that she did not wear a bra most of the time since she did not need one as her breasts were so firm. Tom was tall at 6’2″ and very muscular. Raj hoped that Haasini would be intrigued by this white adonis enough to agree to swap with them.

The only question was how to approach the three of them. He figured it would not be very hard to approach Tom and Cindy as they were swingers and would probably be interested in trying some local flavor. Raj came up with a plan to convince Haasini to go for the swap with the Americans. He explained to her that they were swingers and had expressed interest in swapping with a local couple, and that it would help his career if he was able to meet their request. Haasini agreed to go for it by convincing herself that she would be doing it just to help her husband’s career. Secretly, she was felt nervous anticipation. Raj decided to broach the subject with Tom.

The next day, Raj took Tom to lunch. They talked about several things and Raj asked Tom how he and his wife were enjoying India. Tom said they were having a wonderful time and that the people were very nice and friendly.

Raj told Tom, “If you and your wife desire anything else, anything at all, do not hesitate to ask. I will try my best to provide it for you”.

Tom was silent for a moment. He then asked, “Are you sure about the offer?”

Raj told him to ask and then see. Tom hesitated for one more moment before saying, “Well. My wife and I are swingers. We like to interact with other couples and indulge in some harmless swapping. We are very interested in swapping with an Indian couple but are not sure how to go about it. We find Indians to be very friendly but we do not want to offend anybody by making this bold offer. I have also looked online and found that most replies to have come from single men interested in being with a white lady. We have been unable to find any decent couple so far.”

This is exactly what Raj was hoping to hear. He took a moment to compose himself and then told Tom, “I think I can help you. I know a couple who is willing to try exactly what you are asking for.”

Tom was immediately interested and asked, “Who?”

So Raj said, “Well, you are looking at one half of the couple right now.”

There was a stunned silence from Tom for a minute. Then he asked, “Are you sure? Will your wife agree to this? Have the two of you done this before?”

Raj laughed and replied, “Yes. Yes. No.”

So, they talked about it the rest of the lunch, at the end of which they agreed to meet that weekend in an estate home that Raj had inherited from his parents about 50 miles from the city. They would have this place to themselves from the prying eyes of neighbors.

Raj told Haasini about it that night in bed. They talked about it for a long time. This excited them so much that they ended up fucking twice that night. Haasini began planning for the weekend from the next day. Even though she preferred to wear jeans and tee shirt most of the time, she decided to wear Indian dresses for the entire weekend thinking that Tom may find it more alluring.

Thinking about preparing herself for Tom made her blush and hot at the same time. She ended up lying on the bed with her jeans and panty pulled down to her ankles while she masturbated herself to a crashing climax. After a short nap, she made an appointment with a local salon. She had heard from her friend that this salon specialized in bikini waxes. Haasini had never gotten a bikini wax or even trimmed her pussy hair. But, she made up her mind to at least have it trimmed and shaped as she had heard that Americans preferred less hair on their bodies. She had the lady in the salon trim her hair to a neat little triangle shape. Haasini was very pleased with the results. The soft touches of the salon lady had once again made her hot and as soon as she came home she took a shower and masturbated herself to another climax. At this rate she was afraid that she would be too exhausted by the weekend and have no energy left for the weekend activities. She decided to refrain from any more sexual activity until the weekend. She knew Raj would not like her decision but was confident that he would agree with her later.

Haasini went early on Friday morning to prepare the estate house. She had taken enough supplies to last them the weekend and went about preparing dinner for the evening. Finally, everything was ready and Haasini went and took a bath. She discovered that she was both nervous and excited. She wore sexy black lace underwear. On top of that she wore a semi transparent baby pink chiffon sari with a pink sleeveless blouse that had a plunging neckline and back. She was putting final touches to the makeup when she heard Raj’s car pull up. Raj walked in and saw a real sexy vision of beauty. He could not help but whistle. He went to Haasini and when he tried to kiss her she pulled away saying he would mess up her lipstick. So, he settled for dropping her pallu and fondling her boobs through her blouse. Haasini pulled away before they both got too excited.

The two of them had just settled in the living room when a taxi pulled up and deposited Tom and Cindy with their weekend bag. Raj went to receive the guests. Tom was wearing casual slacks and shirt while Cindy was dressed in a strapless red dress which came just to her thighs. She looked delectable and sexy. Raj could not believe his luck that he would get to fuck this sexy blonde bombshell over the weekend.

Haasini glanced at Tom shyly and decided she liked what she saw. They had a wonderful time getting to know each other during pre-dinner drinks as well as during dinner. Tom was a shameless flirt and had the shy Haasini opening up to him slowly, while Raj and Cindy hit it off instantly. After Dinner, Cindy had a minute of private time with Haasini in the Kitchen. Cindy boldly came directly to the point and asked Haasini if Haasini had any objections to Cindy borrowing Haasini’s husband for the weekend to “fuck his brains to a mush and cock to a limp noodle”? Haasini was shocked for just a second by Cindy’s brazenness, but she recovered quickly and gave her a shy but sure smile of approval. Cindy gave a whoop, hugged Haasini briefly, and went away in search of Raj.

Haasini knew that with her approval of Cindy and Raj’s coupling, she had also agreed to her own coupling with Tom. Haasini spent a minute more in the kitchen to compose herself and face Tom. She was not sure what to expect when she returned to the living room where Tom was waiting for her. Was he going to pounce on her immediately, or would he expect her to start the process? Haasini’s hands were cold and, she did not know this, but her pretty face and expressive eyes revealed the anxiety that she was feeling which she walked towards Tom.

Tom, sensing her uncertainty, decided to set her at ease before attempting anything. He remembered Raj mentioning that Haasini had a wonderful talent for pencil sketches. Since Tom enjoyed anything relating to art, he began by asking her about her sketches. He saw an instant transformation in Haasini’s eyes and posture. Gone were the anxiety from her eyes and shyness in her posture. Instead, her eyes sparkled with a new fire and her posture became confident and proud as she started talking animatedly about her art. If Tom was not already half in love with this exotic Indian beauty, he certainly was hooked now. He made a silent vow to himself that before the end of the weekend he would sample everything that this lovely creature had to offer and much more.

After having talked to Tom for 15 minutes about her favorite subject, Haasini was feeling at ease with him. Tom asked to see some of her work. Haasini readily agreed even though she knew they were all in her bedroom. Haasini, by then, had decided that she liked Tom a lot and would very much like to sleep with him. Tom followed Haasini towards the bedroom enjoying the sight of her swaying ass sashaying up the stairs. Once in the bedroom, Tom shut the door and locked it. Haasini went to the draw where she stored her pictures and showed Tom one at a time while holding a running commentary on each. Tom was leaning over her left shoulder as they examined the pictures together. Once, Haasini’s pallu slipped accidentally exposing her deep cut sleeveless blouse. She did not do anything to cover herself giving Tom an excellent view of her breasts. Tom was instantly hard. He put his arms around her midriff and pulled her against him so that she could feel his excited manhood through all the layers of cloths.

Haasini’s breathing increased and she started felt her wetness soak her panties as excited pussy began to leaked her love juices for this handsome man. Tom turned her around and gave her a sloppy open mouthed kiss while his hands squeezed her breasts and tweaked her hard but nipples through the blouse. Haasini was lost in his sensual assault and opened her mouth to accept his kiss deeper. Tom Immediately plunged his tongue and started exploring her sweet mouth. They broke apart after a long time. Each was breathing hard and could see the excitement and anticipation in the other’s eyes.

Tom focused his attention on disrobing Haasini completely. Haasini assisted him by showing how to pull the sari from her body. She also showed him where the buttons on the blouse were located, and Tom wasted no time in removing them all while running his hands over her sweet curves. Tom pulled her underskirt down and soon she was standing in front of him in just her lacy panties and semi transparent bra. Tom then hastily shed all his cloths. Haasini gave a deep gasp of surprise when she saw Tom’s cock for the first time. The only other cock she had seen in person was Raj’s and even though it was big enough, Raj’s penis came nowhere near in size to Tom’s cock in length as well as girth. He must have been at least 9 inches and as thick as a beer can. Haasini wondered how she would ever fit this monstrous manhood into her tiny little pussy. She felt a moment of anxiety as she wondered whether her soft and petite womanly body with minimal sexual experience be able to satiate the lust of this hunk of virile manhood. Tom rid her of her bra and panty with experienced ease. He quickly latched on to her left nipple and started suckling on it noisily.

Suddenly he was taken aback when a warm sweet liquid filled his mouth. It took him a moment to get over his initial surprise and realize that he was tasting Haasini’s milk. He looked up at Haasini with enquiring eyes. Haasini blushed furiously and explained shyly that she still produced milk even six months after her son was born. Tom immediately dived back and started sucking her left breast furiously while squeezing her right breast and spurting milk everywhere. When he tasted no more milk, he switched to the right breast and promptly drank from it. Soon he had temporarily drained both breasts. Tom was disappointed when this happened.

Haasini quickly said, “Don’t worry. They will fill up soon enough.” She then added shyly, “Besides, my son is not here this weekend. So, all my milk this weekend belongs to only you”.

This tender, caring and generous yet sexy babe was making Tom swell up with an emotion he could not quite name. He needed to sink his rock hard cock into her soft and moist womanhood soon. However, Tom was well aware that fitting his huge member into Haasini would not be easy and so decided to take it slow and make sure that she was begging for it before he would enter her. She was both nervous and excited at the same time. Tom felt tiny little shudders course through Haasini’s body. Haasini to the bed and deposited her at the edge with her legs protruding past the edge. He licked around her pussy smelling the exotic womanly smell emanating from deep within her core. He latched on to her stiff clit making Haasini moan with pleasure. He started munching on her clit while at the same time sticking a finger deep into her pussy to stimulate her g-spot. Haasini had a strong orgasm in no time. Finally

Tom thought she was ready for him. He spread her legs wide and mounted her. Haasini pulled open the bedside draw and extracted out a condom packet. Tom looked at it with disgust and told her that they did not need it because he was disease free. Besides, condoms gave him rashes. Haasini looked at him sadly and said that they needed it because she was not on the pill as she was allergic to birth control pills. Tom laughed and said not to worry because it was almost impossible for him to impregnate a lady due to a very low sperm count, low enough that he would most likely never have kids. Haasini relaxed on hearing this and was now eagerly looking forward to being penetrated without any barrier between her pussy and Tom’s cock. He entered her slowly afraid of hurting her. Haasini felt some discomfort initially but she also felt a fullness that she had not experienced so far with Raj. She was determined to take his cock fully into her body at any cost. Tom would pull out and each time slowly penetrate a little more.

Finally, after 10 minutes of this slow penetration, Tom was amazed to realize that he was fully in her. He started a slow deep penetration while Haasini moaned and wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders. He increased his pace gradually until he was really pounding her hard with strong deep strokes. Haasini had another strong orgasm. But, Tom did not slow down. He kept up his pace for 20 more minutes while Haasini experienced two more orgasms. She was beginning to tire and was about to tell Tom that she could not this hard fucking anymore when she felt Tom’s entire body stiffen. Soon he was bellowing out loud as he spewed spurt after spurt of hot sperm deep into her womb. He stayed in her for a couple of minutes as they shared tender lovers kisses.

Haasini went into the bathroom to clean up and freshen up a little. She came back to the bedroom expecting to go to bed thinking they were done for the night. But, the moment she came back into the bedroom, Tom had her sit in the center of the bed, lay his head on her lap and started suckling her milk filled breast. She was amazed and intimidated to see that Tom was sporting another rock hard erection. In fact, Tom did not let her sleep the entire night. He did not seem to get enough of her body. They fucked three more times that night. Each time would last for at least 30 minutes with Haasini experiencing at least 3 orgasms and Tom depositing a huge load of semen deep into her at the end of each session.

He seemed to be obsessed with her milk. In fact, She actually had to drink a lot of water in the middle of the night so that she could produce more milk for Tom to feed on. They had found all possible ways for her to nurse him. He would lie on her thigh and nurse from her breast while she played with his dick. She would be riding him and would offer him her tits to nurse on. It was highly erotic for her when she would feel him filling her pussy with his cum while at the same time she would feel him sucking her tits and draining her milk. This draining of their fluids into each other was mutually satisfying for both of them. Upon his insistence she even showed him how women in India nursed their children in public. For this she wore her discarded sari, the only time she wore any clothing during the entire night. She first showed him how to expose her breast by pulling up one side of her blouse and bra. Then she asked him to lie on her thigh and suckle her while she enclosed his head and her exposed breast behind pallu.

Needless to say that Tom found this shared intimacy highly erotic as well, and after he had gulped a few mouthfuls of her sweet nectar, he could not wait and pushing her down on the bed, he pulled up her sari and went on to fuck her long and hard until they both had mind blowing orgasms. She was a sight to behold afterwards, lying there with her sari and petticoat pulled up to her waist exposing her freshly cum-filled pussy, her pallu thrown askance showing her blouse which covered one tit while the other one on which he had just fed was exposed and leaking. There was not an inch on her body that Tom did not explore that night extensively with his mouth and hands. Tom managed to make her shed all inhibitions and she behaved like a wanton slut with him.

Yet, Tom had been nothing but a gentleman, treating her with great care and respect while managing to fuck her silly at the same time. The next morning Haasini was completely exhausted having given all her sexual energy to her demanding lover for the entire night. Her poor tiny pussy was all stretched out and pleasantly sore after being pounded by his battering ram of a cock. Her tender nipples were chapped from his constant sucking of her milk and her beautiful flawless breasts were marred with several hickies, a testament to being mauled and loved roughly the entire night. They were met in the Kitchen by the other sleep deprived couple who seemed to have had a good time as well. However, their weekend came to an abrupt halt because Raj and Tom got an urgent call from the Office and they had to both leave immediately. At the same time Haasini got a call from her mother that her son was running a slight fever and was asking for his mommy. So, all four of them had to return. Before they left, Raj gave Cindy a sexy parting kiss. Seeing this, Tom grabbed Haasini and imparted a deep kiss of his own on her while feeling her boobs at the same time. Haasini felt shy and turned on at the same time when she realized that her husband was watching her being fondled by another man. They made a promise to meet again on another weekend to complete what they had started this weekend.

3 weeks later Raj came home from work to a very distraught wife. Deep launched herself into his arms as soon as he walked into the house, sobbing her heart out. Raj asked her what was wrong and she hugged him tighter and sobbed harder. She had him worried now.

He fired a series of questions at her, “What’s wrong? Did something happen to our son? Is he hurt? Did you get hurt? Tell me!”

Haasini shook her head, No” to all his questions. Finally she had calmed down enough and he heard her whisper against his chest, “I am pregnant”.

Raj’s first reaction was elation followed closely by confusion. “But”, he said, “we used a condom every time didn’t we?”

Haasini nodded her head amid hickups. “Did one of the condoms break?” Haasini shook her head no to that. “Then, how can that be. Unless…OH!”

Raj’s heart started pounding with dread as the realization dawned upon him. Haasini then looked up at him with sad eyes and quickly dropped it in embarrassment as a blush spread through her beautiful face and neck. His precious wife, the love of his life was carrying his white boss’ child in her womb. Looks like his boss was not as infertile as he had thought if he could impregnate Raj’s wife after just one night of passionate love making. Raj’s eyes dropped to her still flat tummy exposed through the pallu of her saree. Haasini’s hands covered her stomach in a telling protective gesture as her motherly instinct kicked in. So, what was going to happen now? That was the million dollar question running through both their minds.

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