One Friday night I had two friends over for some drinks. James was married and Ram was not. We all knew each other from our jobs and had been friends for a few years now. My wife Sylvia was home and was used to the Friday night routine of the guys getting together. My wife is a very sexy 25 yrs old with long brown hair, nice C cup tits and the best ass you have ever seen! This night she was wearing short and tight blue jean shorts with a small white tank top. She would come into the living room periodically and I could notice my friends eyes on her as usual.

As the more drinks flowed, the more obvious it was that they were staring at my wife and the less I seemed to care. I began to get horny from this and I called Sylvia over and asked if she would have a few drinks with us. She grabbed a beer, sat on my lap and began to drink. As time went on the conversation turned to sex. James was talking about how his wife gave the best blow jobs but that she hadn’t given him one in a while. Ram was saying how long it had been since he had even had sex, much less a blow job. Sylvia, who is usually shy, began talking about how she loved the sex we had and even discussed how she had to give me head at least once a week. This conversation continued for what seemed like hours with the topics getting more sexual.

It was about 1 in the morning and Sylvia excused herself to go the bathroom. Feeling relaxed, I grabbed her ass as she got up and she let out a sexy moan. James and Ram just wathced and I could see the lust in their eyes. I soon excused myself as well and followed Sylvia to the restroom. I waited outside the door and as soon as it opened I began to kiss and fondle her. I told her how horny she had all of us with the sex talk and how sexy she looked. I started to rub her pussy and I told her that James and Ram kept staring at her and that I could tell that they wanted to fuck her. She said that they were my friends and there was no way they wanted to fuck her. I stuck my hand down the front of her shorts and panties and could feel that she was extremely wet. She began to rub my dick and I whispered, “will you let them fuck you?” She paused for a minute and said, “I’ll do whatever you want me to.” We continued for a minute and I told her to take off all her clothes and go lay down on the bed as if you are going to sleep. She hesitated and asked if I was sure about this. I smiled and told her that we should just have a little fun.

I returned to the living room to see that James and Ram were watching a soft core porno on TV. I sat quiet for a minute and then I asked them if they wanted to see Sylvia naked. They looked at me puzzled to see if I was joking. When they could tell that I was serious, James said, “sure, if you don’t mind.” Ram was more brave and said, “hell yeah, let’s go!”

We all walked to the room and I slowly opened the door. There was Sylvia laying so sexy and pretending she was asleep. She was laying on her back and her tits were in full view of us. I almost wanted to stop everything at that moment but the excitement and horniness kept me going. Ram asked if we could see more so I went over and pulled the blanket off of her exposing her nicely trimmed pussy and sexy legs. At this point, I guess all inhibitions were lost and Ram pulled out his dick and began to stroke it. James followed suit and soon they were both looking at my naked wife stroking their dicks. After a few minutes, Sylvia turned over and exposed her perfect ass. They both wanted to cum at this moment, but then I asked if they wanted to touch her. Without hesitation they moved towards her. James began rubbing Sylvia’s ass while Ram grabbed her hand and was rubbing it on his dick.

James moved to rubbing her pussy from behind and he noticed that she was really wet. He looked back at me and said, “she wants it.” At this moment Sylvia began to moan and she took control of Ram’s dick and began to stroke it for him. I could not believe the sight of my wife being such a whore with two of my friends. They turned my wife towards them and Ram put his cock towards her lips. She then opened her mouth and began sucking his dick. James opened up Sylvia’s legs and stuck his 7″ cock in her wet pussy. She let out a moan as he entered her while still keeping the cock in her mouth. I couldn’t help myself so I went over to her and she began taking turns on me and Ram’s cock. James kept pounding her pussy and finally pulled out and cummed on her stomach. Ram then told her to turn around and began fucking Sylvia doggy style.

I stayed in front so she could keep sucking me but I couldn’t hold it much longer and I came in her mouth. Me and James sat back relaxing while Ram continued to assault my wife’s pussy from behind. He started to smack her ass and call her a little slut and she seemed to love it. When he was finally ready to cum, he put her on her knees and cummed all over her pretty face. Sylvia sat there for a second drenched in cum and she looked like such a whore. She got up and went to take a shower and I asked the guys to never say anything. They agreed then joked that as long as they could come over every weekend, they will never say anything. Ram and James spent the night that night and they fucked Sylvia a few more times. Ever since then we have had fun on several occasions. My wife has truly become a little slut and I love it!

After that night Sylvia opened her mind and became a real sexual person, which I enjoyed very much. We were having the best sex of our lives after that night. I would make her suck my cock while she told me how naughty she was with my friends. I would call her a slut and spank her and tell her how I was going to let them fuck her whenever they wanted. She would get so turned on and I would fuck her really hard!

Two weeks later on a Friday night about 11:00 we were just hanging out at the house watching a movie when the phone rang and it was my friend James. Sylvia hadn’t seen him since that night (he fucked her) and she seemed to get a little excited when she saw his name on the caller i.d. He was a little tipsy and he asked if he could come over for a few drinks. He told me that him and his wife had got into an argument and he had to get out for a while. I said, “sure, come on over” and he hung up the phone. Immediately Sylvia asked what happened and I told her James was coming over. She acted like she was a little disappointed, but I could tell she was happy. I told her that she might want to put on something sexy because he had been arguing with his wife and may need to be cheered up. She half-heartily told me no, but then agreed that she should at least “fix herself up a little”. While Sylvia was in the room changing, the doorbell rang and James had arrived. He came with a case of beer and we began to chat. He was telling me that his wife was upset because he couldn’t stay hard while they were having sex. We laughed about it and he said, “with a wife like Sylvia I know you never have that problem”!

A few minutes later, Sylvia came out in a little black skirt and a nice pink tank top. Her nipples were poking through her shirt and the skirt barely covered her sexy ass. Her and James said their hello’s and it was a little awkward at first. We all started drinking and he started telling Sylvia about his problem with his wife. Sylvia was sitting opposite of us on the couch. They started flirting back and fourth and my dick began to grow thinking about what might happen. James became bolder and told Sylvia how sexy she was and how he can’t stop thinking about that night. I interjected and told him about the sex Sylvia and I were having and how she loved talking about that night during sex. James got more excited and asked if Sylvia could open her legs a little so we could see her panties. She obliged and showed us her black lace thong. He told her to turn around and she bent over the couch and showed that sexy ass. I almost cummed in my pants at the way she was taking directions from another man. Ram then told her to slide off her panties and show us her bare pussy. She looked at me and I just nodded for her to go ahead. She slid off her panties and spread her legs open and I could see her pussy was dripping wet.

He told her to start rubbing her pussy and to show him how she wants to be fucked. Sylvia was taking directions like a little whore and was playing with her pussy for my friends pleasure. James took out his cock and told her to get fully naked. She complied and kept playing with her wet pussy. Sylvia started moving her body like she was getting fucked and was moaning louder and louder. James started to take off all of his clothes and she kept her eyes on his body. He walked over to her, with his cock fully erect, grabbed the back of her head and guided her mouth to his cock. James said that his cock still tasted like his wife’s pussy and that Sylvia needs to clean it up.

She began to lick his cock all over while she kept two fingers in her cunt. I decided to sit back on the couch for a while and enjoy the show. I got fully nude and was stroking my cock to the site in front of me. James was still holding her head from behind and he began to fuck her in the mouth really hard. He was pushing his cock down her throat and she began to gag and tear up a little. I could tell James was determined to do whatever he wanted to my sexy Sylvia! James then pulled his cock up and told Sylvia to lick his balls. She obeyed and licked his balls and taint clean. He could not hold it anymore and he squirted cum all over Sylvia’s face and tits. He stuck his cock back in her mouth and she cleaned every drop of cum off his cock. He asked Sylvia if she was ready to be fucked and she said yes. He told her to bend over and spread her pussy and ass and she did.

He said that she is just a little whore and she better beg for his dick. Sylvia was bent over, rubbing her pussy, and said, “please fuck me with your big dick”. “I’m just a slut and I need to get fucked”. I couldn’t take the scene anymore and I blew a load all over myself. James then stuck his dick into Sylvia’s sweet pussy and started to fuck her from behind. Sylvia began screaming for him to fuck her harder and was moving her ass into his cock. James spit down onto her tight asshole and began to finger her ass while he fucked her. After a few minutes, Sylvia began to shake and collapsed into orgasm. James let her enjoy it for a minute, but then continued to fuck her and finger her from behind. He started fuck her hard again and I could tell he was about to cum. James pulled his cock out and cummed all over her ass. He spread her ass open so that some cum could drip into it.

He lay next to her on the couch and it was quiet for a while. They both finally got up and decided to take a shower together. With the door closed I could hear that she was sucking his dick again in the shower and I jacked off just listening to the sound. James left shortly after and me and Sylvia had sex till the morning hours.

After a few weeks of non stop work Sylvia and I decided to blow some steam off and go out. We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant and started with some Margaritas. Sylvia was dressed to kill as always in a little black dress with a spaghetti strap top. She wore black stiletto heels to match and her long black hair was flowing. Underneath she wore a sexy black V-string and no bra. We ate and drank for about an hour and a half and we were both feeling pretty good. We didn’t want to just go home so we began exchanging ideas on where to go. I came up with the idea to go to a strip club and surprisingly Sylvia agreed. We had gone to one a few years back in Las Vegas, but somehow I knew we would have more fun this time!

We arrived around 11:30 and the club was pretty packed. There were so many hot girls working there, but a lot of eyes were on my sexy Sylvia. We found a spot in the corner and ordered our drinks. There was guys sitting all around us and I noticed they kept glancing at Sylvia. She was already feeling the effects of the alcohol and was becoming more careless with closing her legs. After a few minutes, a beautiful stripper, named Haasini, with her perfect tits hanging out, came over and sat on my wife’s lap. We bagan to conversate and she kept commenting on how lucky I was and that she was going to steal Sylvia from me. She was noticeably a little drunk (which I didn’t mind) so I bought her a drink. She kept grinding on Sylvia with the music and was rubbing her hands all over her. She never even asked for money for a lap dance, but I gave her a $20 and told her to have fun. Haasini climbed on top of Sylvia and was grinding her pussy on her leg.

Sylvia’s legs were wide open and her panties in full view of all to see. There were two guys in front of us that were completely turned around enjoying the show. After the song was over one of them handed me a twenty and asked if they could do it again. I gave it to Haasini and the show got even better. She pulled Sylvia’s top down at one point and exposed her tits to the guys. She kissed her nipples for a wile and covered them back up. They bought a few more dances for them and we were all having a good time. The guys introduced themselves as Billy and David and told us they were in the Military. Billy stated that he would pay for us to go into the VIP Lounge if Sylvia and Haasini kept the show going. We all agreed and moved into the VIP. Haasini wasted no time and she pulled Sylvia’s top down. Billy and David asked if they could sit beside Sylvia and I agreed since they had paid. Haasini moved down to Sylvia’s panties and was kissing her pussy through the panties. Sylvia had her head tilted back and was moaning in pleasure. David reached over and started to rub Sylvia’s tit. I was just sitting back watching and didn’t mind one bit. Billy followed suit and started rubbing her other tit. Haasini pulled Sylvia’s panties to the side and was actually licking her pussy in the club!

I looked around expecting management to stop us, but we were in a very secluded VIP area. To my pleasent suprise Sylvia reached over and started rubbing David’s cock through his pants. Haasini and Sylvia then switched positions and Sylvia began eating her pussy. Sylvia was on her knees, with her ass exposed. Billy started to rub Sylvia’s ass and pussy from behind. David was rubbing Haasini’s tits and then he took his cock out. Sylvia noticed this and started to stroke his 8″ cock. Billy layed underneath Sylvia and started to eat her pussy. It was a wonderful sight to see! Sylvia began alternating eating pussy and sucking David’s dick while getting her twat licked as well. Billy then got up and and pulled his cock out. He was well hung also at about 8″.

He inserted his erect cock into Sylvia’s sweet pussy and started fucking her hard from behind. Haasini then bent over and Sylvia was eating her out from behind alternating from her pussy to her ass. Haasini started to suck David;s dick. Haasini began to shake in Ecstasy and leaned over. She said that she had orgasmed and she came and sat on my lap. I was rubbing her pussy while David and Billy re-positioned themselves around Sylvia. They stripped her completely naked and bent her over. David put his cock in Sylvia’s mouth and Billy took her from behind.

They were pounding her in rhythm and all were moaning out aloud. I was fingering Haasini’s pussy and she was rubbing my cock through my pants. Billy and David were both ready to cum and they sat down. Sylvia knew what to do and got on her knees. She jacked both of them off and alternated licking the heads of their cocks. Billy pulled her head over and blew a load all over her face. David was next and he cummed over her already drenched face. Haasini went over and began making out with Sylvia and the cum was all over both of them. Everyone got dressed and Sylvia went to wash up. The guys kept Sylvia’s panties for a souvenir. We all left together and exchanged numbers in the parking lot. David hugged Sylvia goodbye and pulled her dress up exposing her pantyless body.

A group of guys was driving by leaving the club and they pulled over to look at her. David walked Sylvia over to the car and told her to show her ass. She bent over and the driver reached out and spanked her! The guy in the back pulled out his cell phone and took some pictures of Sylvia as she bent over. We laughed and went out separate ways. Sylvia gave me head on the way home and we had great sex that night. She talked about David and Billy’s big cocks and how we need to get together again. I agreed and we fell asleep.

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