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All of them overslept following morning. Silviya couldn’t sleep properly after the incident. She slept much late. She woke up around ten in the morning. With heavy heart, she went downstairs… To the living room. Both the boys were sitting in the living room watching television. Ashim greeted her with a mischievous grin, but she didn’t answer. She looked at her son… He was looking at her curiously. Sameer was trying hard to keep his face straight. Mother and son looked into each other eyes… Feeling ashamed she turned her gaze. Avoiding his gaze, she immediately hurried to the kitchen.Sameer watched his mother turning crimson. He felt surprised… Did she read in his eyes? He was sure that Silviya and Ashim were unaware that he watched them fucking last night. However, the way his mother looked at him and turned scarlet, made him suspicious.”Was she aware of my presence last night?” He asked to himself trying to recall everything that happened last night. Silviya remained in the kitchen. She didn’t have the courage to go out and face her son.

She cursed herself for her foolishness last night, but she knew that she couldn’t change it now. Thankfully, Subodh was out of city. She was aware that by any means she had to persuade Sameer from passing this information to Subodh. Even though Subodh himself had been cheating on him, she didn’t expect him to accept her infidelity; and after screwing Ashim, she didn’t have the courage to stand before him. Sameer, on the other hand, was also puzzled. The wanton acts he witnessed last night shocked him; but deep in his heart, he realized that he too enjoyed that show. Had it not been the case, he wouldn’t have cum at the doorstep of his mother’s bedroom. He also recalled waking up with a raging hard on in the morning, and yanking his cock to a fantastic orgasm thinking about that episode. Sameer didn’t have any plans to tell anything about the incident to his father, yet he was jealous of his cousin for his good fortunes.

Last night, when he lay in his bed furiously stroking his cock to another rapturous eruption, he dreamt himself between the delicate thighs of his beautiful mother pumping his cock in and out. Nevertheless, he was aware that Silviya was his mother, and probably his incestuous fantasies would never materialize. Although she was screwing his cousin, it was least likely that she would agree to do the same thing with her own son. Anyway watching her getting fucked was a mind boggling experience in itself, and he looked forward to watch his mother getting laid… Whenever it was possible… Whether it’s Ashim or any one.Silviya cooked the breakfast and served. They ate silently, all of them having different reasons for being silent. After the breakfast, Ashim dressed and left for his college. Sameer excused himself and retired to his room. Silviya remained in the living room. She was still undecided… Thinking about the pros and cons. More she deliberated… More anxious she became. Sameer had to be stopped at any cost. She must talk to him… But she didn’t have the courage. After much deliberation, she finally decided to try convincing Sameer. She got up and walked over to his room. It was locked from inside.She knocked lightly.”Wait… !” Sameer shouted from inside.

She heard rustling of clothes, and after about half a minute, he opened the door… His upper body was bare… Only a Bermuda shorts covering his lower half. Silviya noticed the massive bulge in front of his shorts. She didn’t need any second guess to what her son had been doing behind the locked doors.A strange feeling suddenly overwhelmed her.”Was he thinking about me?” She thought. Her cheeks began to turn red.”I shouldn’t think like this. This is wrong.” She tried to control her wayward mind; but she felt a bizarre sensation running through her body.”Yes… Mother?”She woke from her reverie. Sameer was addressing to her. She looked at her son’s semi naked body. He was bigger than Ashim… Quite handsome… Like Subodh was during her college days. Sameer liked weight training, and therefore, he was in better shape than Ashim… Stronger and with well-formed chest and biceps. Any woman would consider him sexy. She was again ashamed of her thoughts.”What’s it mom?” Sameer asked again.”Can I come inside?””Yeah… !” He moved aside giving her passage.Silviya entered inside his room. She was suddenly nervous… Her throat suddenly went dry.

She pulled his study chair and settled on it. Sameer sat on the edge of his bed, looking at her… Quizzically.”I… I… Think you know,” She swallowed her saliva. “Why am I here?”Sameer looked at his mother.”She knows… I was there.” He thought.”No… !” He said plainly, pretending indifference.”You were there… I know.” Silviya realized that there was no gain in beating about the bush. If she had to plead her case, she would’ve to be frank with him. “You saw everything?””I don’t what you’re talking about.”She looked at him. He was staring directly at her. Feeling ashamed, she turned her gaze.”Last night… You… You… Were there.” Her words came out with difficult. “You saw me with Ashim.”Sameer observed the flushed face of his mother. She was staring down at the floor. The vivid scenes from last night were suddenly alive in his mind. He felt like grabbing his mother, and shove his cock all into her delicious pussy. His cock jerked with a wild twinge.”Yes…” He said slowly, trying to control his urges.”So what you think about me?” Her face turned deep red. “A mindless slut… A nymph.””Don’t know.” His reply was brief.She looked at her son. His eyes were glued to her… A strange dreamy stare. She felt uneasy… As she again felt the same lecherous waves running through her body.”Please… Sameer, don’t tell your dad about it.” She finally blurted it out. “It just happened. I promise, I’ll stop everything. Please don’t tell him”Sameer stared at his mother’s pleading face. Suddenly, he felt elated. Dad… ! It never occurred to him. He felt his cock again getting stronger.”I’m not going to tell anything to anyone.” He smiled.”Really…”

Her face lit a bit. She moved near him… Tears swelled in her eyes. “I’m sorry for what I’ve done, but I promise you, I’ll stop everything. We’ll send Ashim back to his home… We…””That’s not needed.” He stopped her in between. “I’m not telling anyone.”Silviya felt relieved.”Thanks son.” She sat beside him. “In return you can ask me for anything.””Anything… ?” He looked at her, grinning.”Yeah… Anything.””Promise.””Yes… Promise.””Okay mom… I’ll tell you later.”She squeezed his hand softly and got up. She came out of his room. She was feeling much relieved. It would be difficult to be a good mother again, and she knew that she would miss the screwing she got from Ashim, but she would’ve to try. She didn’t have any choice. She hurried towards staircase… To go to her bedroom.”Mom…” Sameer called her from behind. She turned. Sameer was standing at of his door.”Will you really give me anything I want?””Sure…” She smiled at her son. “I’ve promised you.””I thought I should tell you my wish.””Okay.””I want you mom.” He rubbed the bulge in front of his Bermuda shorts lasciviously. “I want to fuck you like Ashim.” Silviya stood motionless… Completely stunned… Not knowing what to say or how to respond to his demand. The strange wave again shook her body.”It’s not possible.” Words came with difficulty from her mouth. “We can’t do that… It’s wrong.””But you promised me.

” He tiptoed across the living room, and came near her. Silviya Was shivering.”But… But…” She looked at him nervously. Her heart began to beat faster as he moved closer to her. “You know that’s not possible. I’m your mother. We can’t do that.””You did it with Ashim, he is also like a son.” He inched closer to her, breathing heavily. “So why not with me. I love you mom…” Silviya looked at her son in stunned silence.”Look mom… What you’ve done to me ever since I saw you screwing Ashim.” He slipped his fingers inside his shorts, and with a jerk pulled it down, exposing his raging hardness to his mother. Silviya looked at her naked son, unbelievingly. She tried to turn her gaze, but her eyes got a good view of her son’s cock. It appeared so magnificent… Jutting out his hairy thatch… Probably longer and meatier than his cousin’s tool. Oh, god… Her mouth was again dry. She stood there… Completely motionless… Staring at his mammoth dick. Strange tidal waves of wild passion began their journey through her loins.”Look mom…” Ashim slipped his arms around her waist. “See for yourself.”He took her palm in his hand, and placed it over his rigid cock. She felt the intense heat of her son’s manhood.”No… No… !” She resisted feebly. “Please don’t do this.”She tried to remove her hand from his burning organ, but Ashim tightened his grip over her hand preventing her from releasing his cock.”Feel it mom… Feel it.” He hissed in her ear, his hot breath seemed to burn her cheeks. “I know you love cock… Look it’s bigger than Ashim’s.”

He forced her hand to massage his cock length, running it up and down. Silviya felt her body trembling; her knees suddenly felt very tender… Unable to support her weight. She breathed heavily.”It’s wrong… Sameer… We can’t do it.” She mumbled, but her hands remained on his cock. His persistence was weakening her resolve. The tidal waves of perverted temptations were slowly overwhelming her; deep in her heart, she longed to feel that fine specimen of his son, throbbing so proudly in her hand. Ashim was not a novice in the field of lovemaking. He realized his mother’s dilemma. He inched closer to her and took her into his arms, planting his hot lips over her softly parted lips with his eager mouth.Silviya felt her body getting feather light. She offered a feeble reluctant resistance, but Sameer didn’t budge, and they kissed… A long lingering amorous kiss, both of them were panting… Their lips entwined.

She felt her son’s free hand, roaming over her body… Gently feeling her delicate curves… Her back… The majestic globes of her ass. It stayed there for a while, gently pinching her rump; then it moved to her front… Caressing her soft belly and finally to her delicate mound of Venus covered only with a thin layer of her gown and a flimsy panties.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… !” She moaned softly as his index finger felt her cunt lips through the clothes.”Please… Ahhhhhhhhhh… Stop… !” Her spoke unconvincingly. “We shouldn’t be doing this.” He broke the kiss.”You like it mom… !” He whispered in her ear. “You love my hand on your cunt… You want me to fuck you.””No… ! No… ! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh… !” Her mind warned her to stop him before it was too late, but her body responded to his lascivious touches… She could feel her pussy began dripping with lust. Sameer didn’t waste any time; he lifted her gown, and slipped his hand up along the inside of her bare thighs causing her body tremble from his erotic touch.

He stroked her pussy through her panties feeling the clearly perceptible wet area in front of her crotch. His fingers slipped around the elastic band of her flimsy panties, caressing his mother’s cunt for the first time. The horny mother involuntarily arched her hips up as his finger slid over her wet slit. She breathed heavily offering her lips to her son. Sameer kissed her again, this time sliding his tongue deep in her hot mouth. Silviya sucked it hard, passionately clinging to his body. Her hands still on his raging hard on, she didn’t notice that Sameer had released his grip off her hand. Sameer moved his fingers deftly in the slippery folds of her pussy.

The intense pleasure was greatly increased when he briefly moved his finger up to the top of her cunt to tease her hard, tingling clit.Silviya lost her modesty. She let out a wild moan of uninhibited delight, writhing her body against his when she felt his middle finger slipping deep into her cunt.”Ohhhhhhhhhh… ! Yes,””Does it feel good, mommy?” He whispered lewdly while fucking her cunt with his finger. “You like my finger in your cunt?””Yeah… !””And you want me to fuck you?”She looked directly in his eyes.”You want me to talk dirty.””Why not… ?” He grinned.He let her body go from his grip and stepped out of his Bermuda shorts. Then he began undressing her.”Not here.” She resisted.”Why… ?” He laughed lecherously. “Are you worried about Ashim?””No… But… !””Come on, mommy,” He urged.

Then without waiting for her answer he peeled her clothes off her body. After pulling her gown, he unhooked her bra releasing her heaving tits. Sameer stared at his mother’s magnificent tits. He had seen them before but from a distance; now in front of his prying eyes they undulated erotically. Her nipples were dark and erect, standing up from the creaminess of her shapely tits inviting him to tease them… To suck them. Sameer lowered his mouth and took her one nipple between his lips. Silviya moaned when her son licked at her nipples. He pulled a sensitive nipple into his wet, hot mouth, she sighed in pleasure and her hand involuntarily squeezed his cock.Sameer’s hands were still busy. He reached for her panties and rolled it down her shapely thighs leaving her quivering pussy exposed to his prying eyes. She stood completely naked in front of her son… Trembling with shame and lust.

Sameer stopped sucking her tits and enjoyed the naked charming assets of his mother.”You’re gorgeous mommy… Just gorgeous.”She turned scarlet. She felt ashamed standing so exposed in front of her son, but simultaneously she felt a great tingling feeling between her thighs. Sameer lifted her delicate body in his arms. He didn’t go to his room; rather he took her to the nearby sofa and dropped her over it. Her head rested on the raised sides of the sofa, her dark hair fanning about her face as she looked up at her son standing near the sofa. Her nipples aimed at the ceiling, the dark circles at the base contrasting creamy whiteness of her flesh. She lay still as her son looked over her body. Sameer eyes were burning with lust.

His eyes roamed from her spongy tits to her sexy hump at her stomach and the exquisitely dimpled belly button. Then he gazed at her nicely trimmed bush covering her delicious cunt. He had seen her cunt last night, but now I appeared more delicious, more mouth watering. Her cunt hair was thick and curly, dense near her slit and somewhat sparse near her thighs. It was almost hiding her slit. He pushed her legs apart and gasped with delight as her inner pinkishness opened to him. He stared at her pink lips… Mesmerized; her pussy glistening with wetness… Her hard swollen resin poking so invitingly from between those rosy lips. His cock throbbed strongly. He took it from the base, and stood near her swaying his cock.”Look mommy… It’s ready for you. Won’t you kiss it?”He came forward, and offered his monster to her. She rested her head against the hand rest and took hold of his cock that was wavering so proudly near her lips. She brought her head toward his prick. Flicking her tongue out, she licked the bulbous tip of his cock.Sameer moaned in appreciation. She gripped his cock at the base, and began running her wet tongue up and down its meaty length.

She teased his cock with the tip of her tongue, driving her son into a wild frenzy.”Yes… Mommy… Yes!” He hissed. “Take it in your mouth.”She didn’t seem to listen him. Her tongue flicked at the curly hair at the base. She took her heavy sacks in her palms; slowly brought her tongue lower and lightly ran her wet tongue over them. She licked her balls, and then opening her mouth, she took her one ball into it and sucked. She could hear him groaning with pleasure as he dug his hands into her long hair, pressing her face against his crotch.”Suck it… Suck my cock.”She lapped at his balls; alternating between each of them, she sucked and licked his balls for several moments. Then she brought her tongue back to the tip of his cock. She licked his cock head, coating it with her saliva… Running her tongue over the tiny hole and licking the drop of precum present there. Again gripping its base she rubbed his cock over her lips. She then opened her lips, and took his cock head between them.”Ohhhhhhhhhh… Mommmmmy… !”

Sameer gasped as he felt her hot lips enclosing around his sensitive cock head. His one hand reached down and cupped her tits, pinching and twitching her soft mounds… His other hand crept between her thighs gently stroking her cunt. Silviya was ecstatic at the sight of her son’s gigantic cock between her lips. She moved her lips up and down taking more and more of his massive organ until his head nudged the back of her throat. Her lips encircled his cock tightly between its grip and she sucked him harder. Her tongue fluttered up and down the length of his cock while she emulated a warm moist cunt with her lips. Sameer poked her mother’s pussy with his fingers, took her swollen clit between his thumb and index finger and rubbed it hard. Silviya whimpered with lust. He began fucking her mother’s sucking mouth with a gentle rhythm.

Silviya was thrilled by the way, his cock moved in and out of her hungry lips. Moreover, the fact that it belonged to her own son drove her crazy with lust. She released her hands from the base of his cock, and enjoyed his rhythmic oral fucking while she fondled his balls. She wanted him to cum in her hungry mouth… Desperately feeling to taste his hot cum. However, Sameer seemed to have different plans. He knew that it would be very difficult to hold very long with such a marvelous sucking from his mother. He ceased pumping his cock and pulled his cock away from her lips. She looked at him… Disappointed.”You can get it later. But right now I want to fuck you… I want to feel my cock inside you.

“He spread her legs as widely as possible, placed one leg over the sofa back and other on the floor. Once again, he lustfully gazed at her rosy lips so amorously open to his view. He could not resist touching her pussy. Silviya moaned with desire as he ran his finger up and down her wet cunt lips. Then he again inserted his middle finger into her scorching cunt.”Ahhhhhh… !” She whimpered when he began to finger-fuck her. She grabbed his balls and cock again, fondling and caressing it as he fucked his finger in and out of her pussy. Silviya held her hips up, gyrating her hips erotically as his finger moved back and forth.”Ohhhhh… Mommy… You’re so hot inside. Do you like my finger inside you?””Yeah… It feels good. But… I want you… Not your finger.” She fisted his cock eagerly. “I want this inside me…fully…” He smiled. Delighted with her pleading.”Come on, Sameer.” She begged. “Please do it! Fuck me now!” Pleased with his performance, Sameer removed his finger out of her cunt; climbed on the sofa and settled between her thighs.

He was very excited; he could feel his entire body shaking with lust. His eyes devoured her hairy wet cunt. Silviya writhed her hips and lifted her ass, arching her crotch to him.”Hurry, honey…” She murmured croakily. “I can’t take it any more. Please do it to me! Please fuck me… Fuck mommy.”She reached down and grasped his cock, lifting her cunt she ran the tip of his cock along her slit. She loved the feel of the swollen head of her son’s cock nudging against her burning cunt lips. With a sob of delight, she ran the chiseled tip of his prick up and down her scalding wet cunt lips; mashing it against her throbbing clit. Sameer obliged his mother willingly, easing his cock into his mother’s warm twat. She felt the bulbous head of his cock parting the lips of her welcoming cunt.

Silviya gasped for air. Her mind went wild with extreme pleasure as she noticed her own son’s cock slowly start its travel down the delicious depth of her pussy. She dug her fingers into his hips as he fucked into her pussy, holding her crotch high for him. Her well-lubricated pussy opened around his intruding organ providing him passage into the most delicious depths of the world. His cock moved easily inside her filling her heavenly burrow. Slowly, he was fully inside her; his thick thatch matted with her trimmed pussy hair… His balls touched the upturned cheeks of her ass. Silviya squealed with delight, feeling her horny cunt stuffed with his massive cock. She grabbed and pulled hard at his hips, her cunt pulsating tightly about his throbbing cock.

Neither moved for a while. Sameer, with his hands on each side of her shoulders, looked down into his mother’s dreamy eyes.”How does it feel mommy… ? Do you like my cock?””Yeah…” That’s all she could utter.”Better than Ashim’s… ?””Yes… But please don’t stay like that… Fuck me.” She begged. “Fuck me hard.”She herself began moving beneath him, slowly gyrating her hips trying to slide her cunt up and down on his cock. Sameer smiled at his mother’s eagerness. She was behaving like a slut, who wanted nothing but a nice hard fuck. He looked deeply into her eyes, and while bracing himself on his hands; he bent his head and kissed her. He liked the way she fucked him. He finally began to move, his hips going up and down, meeting his mother’s cunt. Silviya withdrew her hands off his back, and slid them to the cheeks of his ass. She bored her fingers into the taut flesh of his rump, drawing him closer to her body… Trying to suck his cock deeper into her fiery cunt. Sameer fucked her with a slow rhythm. Enjoying and savoring his each plunge into his mother’s hot pussy.

Both, mother and son were lost in there own worlds of carnal pleasure. The only sounds echoing in the living room were their passionate moans… The squeals of ultimate rapture. Sameer let his weight down onto her, his chest pressing her tits. His ass began to thump, his cock moving in and out of her well-lubricated cunt. Silviya luxuriated in every thrust of his monstrous cock, feeling his cum filled balls smashing against her hot ass cheeks. Up and down, up and down… He was slow in rhythm but his plunges were firm and deep, making her cry with lust every time she felt his cock buried to the hilt inside her scalding pussy. She was thrilled the way his cock was penetrating her cunt so enthusiastically. She locked her delicate fluffy thighs about her son’s hips, scissoring her legs and lifting her body to meet his impaling organ… Feeling it reaching the inner most depth of her cunt. Sameer enjoyed the soft velvety clasp of his mother’s pussy over his cock. He had fucked many women, but none of them ever seemed so hot… So passionate… So fuckable.

He realized that fucking his own mother would probably become his most cherished memory similar to his first fuck or probably even better than that.”Ohhhhhhhhhh… Mommy… You have such a nice cunt.” He moaned, fucking his cock in and out of her delicious pussy. She rolled and twisted her ass, humping up and down with him. She closed her legs about his thighs, locking her ankles and squeezing his moving hips. Sameer’s pace was deliberate and slow, quite contrary to eager and rapid plundering of Ashim. The way he fucked her, confirmed her belief that he was not a virgin, and he probably had marauded many pussies before hers.”You’re such a great fucker… Son.” She smiled at him lewdly. “Where did you learn all this?” Sameer grinned and began fucking her cunt harshly. His mother’s cunt was just too hot around his swollen, throbbing prick. Although, he had fucked many pussies, but it was a very special one, completely different than others…

He wanted to relish every moment of this great fuck.”Harder!” Silviya yelped, boring her knuckles into his rump. “Fuck me harder, son! Fuck me… Tear my pussy.”Sameer liked the way his mother talked. He grunted with pleasure and raised his body between her legs. Grabbing her ass, he lifted her hips off the bed. Her head was now on the bed and her abdomen was high in air supported by his hands. He pumped her pussy harder and faster in the new position. Silviya unlocked her legs from across his hips, providing him more room to fuck his tool into her pussy.”Ohhh… Mommy! Ohhhhhhhhhh!” Sameer was now panting with effort, yet he continued plundering her delicate pussy. He cupped her naked ass mounds to lift her cunt tighter to his cock.”Yes Honey… Yes!” She squealed, unable to resist the motion, the heat of ecstatic sensations forcing her to fuck harder and faster, to devour his thick cock with her hungry cunt. “Oh, God, yes!”Panting, he lowered her ass back on the sofa, and began to plunge up and down furiously, his cock fucking deep into her gripping cunt, his balls mashing into her tight ass cheeks with every down stroke. His fingers dug into her ass cheeks as he fucked faster. Silviya squeezed her son’s tight ass cheeks with her fingers, grinding and churning beneath him now.

Her pussy was searing the taut flesh of her son’s cock, the wetness clinging to him as she thrust her cunt wildly against him, her sobs of delight growing louder as she released her approaching orgasm.”Ahhhhhhhhhhhh… !” Silviya screamed as her orgasm struck her. She arched her hips pressing her cunt hard on her son’s cock. “I’m commmmmiiinnnnng!”Sameer looked proudly at his mother. Feeling satisfied with his efforts, he plunged hard into his mother’s churning pussy. He noticed the unmistakable twitch of her cunt around his cock. Silviya squeezed her cunt lips trying to milk her son’s cock. The waves of orgasms rippling through her traveled to his cock, and he slammed into her cunt very hard. He threw back his head and yelled.

He felt the first waves of tremor generating inside his balls.”Ohhh… Sameer… Ahhh…” She moaned, trying to grip his rampant cock with her pussy muscles. “Please cum inside me.”The mild tremors slowly mounted into a gigantic fireball. His balls writhed and pulled tightly at the base of his prick, and he fucked his mother furiously for the final time.With a loud groan, Sameer bore his cock deep into his mother’s pussy. Silviya felt the wild uncontrolled throbbing of his cock deep inside her along with the exquisite feel of his hot cum flooding her cunt. She tightened the grip around his cock and whimpered noisily. She reveled in the extreme rapture as she felt his gushing cum spurt into her smoldering cunt with a force she never felt before. Sameer came in abundance, inundating his mother’s starving cunt with his hot white fluid. His cock jerked repeatedly, gushing a fresh load of cum in her pussy. Silviya writhed in delight as her cunt squeezed every single drop out of his spitting cock until there was nothing left to extract. After emptying its juice, his cock began deflating in size. Sameer gently pulled his cock out of her pussy. She moaned in disappointed; therefore, he let is cock languish against her thick bush. A final drop of cum seeped out of his pee hole and settled over her wet bush. Silviya remained motionless, reveling in the aftereffect of a fantastic fuck with her own son.

Her pussy wide open and she felt his cum oozing out of her slit, slowly trickling along the crack of her anus. She slipped her legs down, stretching out on the sofa.”That was great darling.” She took his wet flaccid cock between her fingers and stroked it affectionately. “Mommy loved the way you fucked her. When can we do it again?””Whenever you need it.” He smirked.Sameer smiled at his eager mother, while Silviya ran her fingers up and down his slick cock. Last few days had changed so many things; and she had never felt so alive, so vibrant after a fuck as she did now.”Keep it always ready for me.” She smiled seductively as she stroked his cock. “Whenever no one around… I’d like it inside me.””And what about me… Why am I being left alone?”Surprised, mother and son turned towards the sound. Ashim was standing near the door… His eyes gleaming mischievously… His lips wide with a wicked grin. In their passionate moments, they failed to notice when Ashim slipped inside the living room.”I forgot my notebook…” He was still grinning. “Just returned to fetch it…

But didn’t know that I’ll be treated with such a fantastic show.”Sameer looked at his cousin.”If you wish you can join us too… It’s okay with her.” He looked at his mother’s pretty face. “would you mind?”For a moment, Silviya thought about the movie she watched few days ago when she made it with Ashim for the first time, two strong men servicing a woman from the both ends.”That would be fun.” Thought the debauched mother, feeling a new wave of lust overwhelming her body.”Certainly not.” She smiled at the teenagers. “But first make sure that our house is properly locked. I don’t want your father to bump in this time. Then take me to my bedroom… We don’t have enough space here for all three of us.”The boys rushed to obey her instructions. Silviya settled on the sofa and closed her eyes. She was again feeling horny… Extremely horny.

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