It all happened some 4 years back when I was at my college and just for fun I started helping one of my friend in selling credit cards.

I was quite good at talking, sober and decent looking guy and was good at selling things and my friend was more than happy to keep me with him and in turn he would give me some bucks from his commission. One fine day in the month of November he asked me to visit one of his client Mr. Rakesh to sell add on card for his wife.

Being a sunday I visited their place at Aundh sharp at 11 a.m to be greeted by a damm damm beautiful lady. Later I came to know that she was rakesh’s wife -swati. Rakesh was a well built guy – sporty 5’10”, very smart and Silviya was there to best compliment him with very very sharp features, very fair, big eyes roughly 5’7″, 27 – 28 years of age, nice pair of full breast and a firm thighs and legs.

It was too hard to Imagine by an average looking guy to even think about such lady or to imagine even touching her. It didn’t took me much time to sell the card and I asked for photograph of Silviya and some other verification proof. I was told to visit next day to collect the same at the same time.

Next day – I was there sharp at 11 a.m, and was very excited to see that gorgeous babe again and I knew that she will be alone this time so thought to just flirt a while and leave the place as I knew this lady was beyond my reach. I ringed the bell, here she was – I nice knee length skirt with a cream colour tight T – shirt.

I was clearly able to see the bra lining of nice oozing and inviting boobs. First thought that came to my mind was just press them hard and run away from there but destiny had something else as it was going to be my day and how that day has an effect on me till now. She casually asked me too sit asked for water and went inside to get photographs.

As soon as I got them I said Mam you look good in your photographs, she just smiled. Then just casual chat started with how I am helping my friend and its not my usual business. slowly time passed and it seemed that she started taking intrest in talking, I could make out by now that she is quite fun loving, outgoing girl who loves talking.

after some time she said I think we can grab some cofee. I was in no mood to leave the place and I said yes sure. She started making cofee and I started reading book lying on the table and thought its not good idea to be sitted like this and thought to help her in the kitchen. I asked shall I help you with cofee and reply came in yes sure you can come in.

It was a 3 BHK flat and kitchen was just adjacent to the drawing room. I quickly went in and stood adjacent to her. It was quite unusual for me to be with this lady in the kitchen and it came to my mind I was never so friendly with Silviya then what is going on. While preparing coffee her arms brushed with mine few times, there was no talking,

there was some sort of mysterious silence and man that was the first time I sensed some gravity pulling us together. I looked at her – Long brown hair pulled away from her face, nice subtle make-up, with just the right amount of red lipstick to make her look classy not slutty; that side of her was hidden and you only saw it if she wanted you to.

I couldn’t take my eyes of those lips I could not wait the temptation and man I dont know what happened to me or my guts I simply asked Mam can I please kiss you ( maybe I sensed there is some opportunity and I need to make a move). I got very harsh stare from her as if she is about to give a nice tight slap and call up her husband.

I was totally in fear….It seemed my heart beat has stopped and I am about to fall. She kept staring at me for quite a while and just came near me…without saying anything, She came around in front of me, keeping her arms around my neck, leaned down and said go ahead…I was not able to bear all this excitement I was not understanding what is this going on here.

A lady that I cant imagine even in my dreams..much taller than you…who is so beautiful that even the most hansome hunk could have ever imagined is taking control on this average looking guy…I made my move and planted a very slow and not so agressive kiss on the softest thing I have ever sensed. She got bit agressive and took charge…

She started kissing me verry passionately as if she wanted to just feel each bit of eat..that fragnance of her mouth mixed with her body perfume was driving me crazy…Our heads slightly tilted, eyes open to see the other person, and then a slow approach and I also started feeling her.

We both knew what we were going ahead for the big thing and she had some long term intentions on her mind. I parted a bit and said mam we can go bit slow… she didn’t said anything and again came back on me. we started feeling the other’s hot breath, then our lips just rubbed together gently, and then the harder part of the kiss materialized.

Our mouths opened slightly and our tongues gently tested the acceptance of the other. Once it was clear that we were both receptive to a deep kiss, our tongues explored even deeper and with more ardor. As we kissed, my penis stiffened and my pants started to show the bulge. My hands were no longer idle;

I could run one hand up and down Swati’s damn sexy legs and use the other to stroke her buttocks over her the slow stroking I started was no doubt felt by her as though she was naked. I was doing all this very gently as I didn’t want her to suddenly scream, “Pervert” or slap me or tell Trish that I’d hit on her.

After we were well into our second kiss, I doubted any of those options would occur. Neither of us moved our bodies. Swti remained standing with me stroking up and down one ass cheek and then the other. I was now seated on a Kitchen stool laying nearby..I was seated with her breasts pressed around my left shoulder.

Our heads were turned and tilted towards each other so that we could continue kissing. I knew by now that it is my day today and I am going to have this marvelous lady..I put my hands on her hips and was holding her close, but without pulling her into my penis region..She moved forward, pushing her pelvis into against me. Believe me she was too horny to control…

She was just sitting on top of me and kissing me like anything..I was in no mood to ask what and why and reciprocating Silviya with equal ferver. I now started taking my hand from her knees towards her thigh to touch that bare milky white skin…her thighs were very very nicely shaped and my thing was just growing and growing with site of each inch of her legs…

I just reached her black coloured panty and started playing with her panty strap…there was no space for me to take my hand toward her pussy…she got up and straight went out of kitchen…I followed her as if some magnet was pulling me…I followed her to her bedroom and she moved and with her face towards me laid her back on her bed..

I straight away followed her and fell on top of between her legs..she wasted no time and grabed me between her legs and put both of them on either side of me….what a sight it was..I was now on top of her…..her skirt slightly above her thighs…and I was just running my tongue all inside her mouth to take all juice of her lips..I shall admit I was quite violent this time.

As kisses grew more passionate I placed my hand on side of her t-shirt to remove it from her.. I was dying to see those pairs of tits and her milky white body…she sensed my move We just drifted apart for a sec…and Mutually she raised her hand so that I can pull Tee out of her body… gooooooshhh… I can’t explain that view….a very beautiful lady..

a milky whilt body with just a black bra, a hanging mangal sutra and a skirt…that innocent face and eyes full of some burning desire. I don’t know why that skirt was tempting me so much that I didn’t pulled it down but took no time to remove her black laced panty at the same time…Now here was the most beautifl lady that I have ever seen in my entire life…

with just a skirt and bra on…and lying in front of me inviting me hard and ready to take control of mine and get her satisfied….she just came towards me and made a move to remove my t – shirt…. I helped her and together we removed my tees….I was on my knees now and she went down and started removing my belt…in no time my jeans was on my knees..

she was looking at me in a very naughty way and placed her hand on my frenchies above my love handles and puleed it down…My thing was already erect and it just bounced in front of her face…she grabbed it with both of her hand and started rubbing it a bit in a move to feel my warm penis and sense a new thing that has come into her life..

she was now staring at the rod and planted a very wet kiss on its tip and can see one end of her saliva being stayed on her lips and other end conneted on tip of my penis…I just pushed her down again and gently pushed myself on top her..and I can;t describe the feeling that I got ehen my penis touched her vagina with her skirt on and those beautiful legs rolled up on my buttocks

I just raised her bit by putting my hand behind her back..and in no time loosened her bra..I put my head to her lacy bra and blew my hot breath on the tit top of first one breast and then the other, I was rewarded soon enough as I felt each nipple rise to meet my moist call. I made small biting motions through the bra’s thin material at each nipple.

Silviya watched intently as I ministered to her breasts with my mouth. She cradled my head and was holding me close to her.This time I willingly got closer and closer to her pussy, I was trying to make these moments as sensuous as possible for both of us, expecting them to end at any second.

In a split of second she was on my top and started running her tongue around each of my nipples, biting gently as she went. I was going into orbit. Her bra started moving down that was already undid earlier, Her nips were highly erect and sticking out three-fourths of an inch. She just laid on my chest to kiss me and allowed her to use just her nipples to stroke my chest.

I finally stopped her and captured a breast in my mouth, suckling onto her nipple with at first gentle and then rougher sucking and biting action. Her body language told me I was hitting all the right spots. As I sucked on her nipples, I again started stroking up and down her legs with my free hand.

She stood and faced me her beautiful erect breasts betraying her arousal, We stood facing each other for a moment. Both of us were totally nude (except she was still in her skirts wich was already raised till waist level). My erection arched out from my body. Her pubic area was having very little hair as if recently shaved.

Then we came together in another hug; this time savoring the feeling of each other’s bodies and our skin-to-skin contact. We rubbed our bodies together to maximize the skin contact. We had another one of those soul kisses; this time with greater meaning and feeling to it. I took her in my hand..and laid her on her back..I buried my face between her legs.

She spread her legs apart for maximum availability. I slowly licked up and down her slit, savoring her musky taste. I found her clitoral nub and periodically focused attention there. After a few moments of external stimulation, I brought a finger into action. I thrust in and out of her pussy lips with the finger as I continued my oral attention.

Silviya was jerking around on the bed and moaning encouragements to me. I felt around inside her vagina and finally located her G-spot by the slightly rougher texture of cuntal skin. I could tell I found the right place, because Silviya yanked my head into her pussy when I stroked the area and sucked on her clit at the same time. “Ohhhhhhhhh,” she groaned.

I kept stroking her G-spot and increasingly focused on her clit, not fully ignoring her swollen labial lips either. I occasionally thrust my tongue in and out of her pussy too. Her moaning and panting increased. Finally, she clutched the top of my head and pulled me into her. A long “Faaaahhhuuucccckkk,” replaced her groans.

Her hips rose off the bed as she thrust her cunt into my mouth. There then followed a series of little squeaks and moans as her body visibly deflated from her climax. Till now there was no talking between us…it was just a passionate play that was going on between us…She then pushed me over on my back and arched her body over so she could take my erection into her mouth.

I had deflated slightly while I was administering to her. At first she had the whole penis in, but then a surge of arrived and my cock grew to a rigid rod, and she was only attending to the end. Silviya alternately stroked me in a masturbating move and sucked and licked the mushroomed head of my unit. I kept swelling.

Gradually, she pulled the rod deeper and deeper into her mouth. I felt the tip enter her throat as her lips pushed into my pubic bone. Now I was the one moaning. I started little thrusts to emphasize that I had a mission to accomplish too. She reached up and stroked and pinched my nipples. If I have the choice of where to cum, it is not into a willing mouth,

although that’s not a trivial activity. I would much rather be embedded deep in a warm pussy. So, when I felt my internal plumbing go on high alert, I pulled Silviya up to me indicating it was time to couple. At my urging, Silviya straddled my hips facing me. She rose up while she held my saliva-covered cock in her right hand.

She rubbed the mushroom head along her slit several times, focusing on her clit. She started little up and down jerky movements over me, sometimes thrusting her hips forward and sometimes to one side or the other. Each time she came down, my dick would go a little deeper into her cunt. Quarter inch by quarter inch she worked her pussy down my cock.

Until at last our pubic bones pushed together. We didn’t move for a few moments, just enjoying the sense of mutual coupling that we had accomplished. I relished in the warmth surrounding my cock, punctuated as it was by an occasional muscle twitch from her. I reached up and again started to stroke and smooth her breasts, rubbing her nipples between my fingers.

I could actually feel her cuntal muscles contract when I pinched or bit into one of her nips a little harder than usual. Gradually, we established a rhythm as I pistoned in and out of her vagina. We enjoyed this pace for a few moments and then Silviya started to rotate her hips in a rolling motion that sucked my cock deep into her body on her forestroke — right up to her cervix,

and then released me on the backstroke. I bet she knew what she have to do.. She was bent over me as she was doing this so that I could suck on first one breast and then the other. Her nipples were rigid, the same as my cock; all were steel rods of varying lengths extending from our bodies to maximize our pleasure in some way.

Swati’s rotating hips did me in. I couldn’t hold back any longer and told her so. “I’m going to cum,” I said in panting voice. She smiled and kissed me again; “Me too,” she said. We pumped only another thirty seconds with increased vigor as my orgasm arrived. I could feel the approach from deep in my body.

The first rays of ultimate pleasure filled my whole lower body as I thrust up into her cunt. The wonderful sensation radiated outward until it was focused on my balls and cock. Rapidly, then, signals going to my brain said this is spectacular; you feel good all over — and I did.

My little pump called forth the frothy white semen from deep within me and I could feel the surges moving down my urethra into Swati’s body. I came and came and came, filling her exquisite pussy with my love juice. Swati’s orgasm arrived simultaneously with mine. Her vocalizations became louder and louder again.

Moans had turned into squeaks of enjoyment had turned into slutty words, spoken and then shouted, urging continued fucking, sucking and licking until the end of time. Her back arched and she thrust her cunt down onto my cock for deep penetration. Her arms moved back to support her from falling backwards onto my legs.

I was deep into her body, my cockhead by her cervix as I exploded. I could feel the strong rippling muscles inside her milking every drop of fluid from my cock. What a great fuck it was…We just laid on top of each other for some more time… I was just watching the contrast of color her body was giving with mine and was still wondering how this happened with me today…

Silence was still maintained… she just got up… dressed herself and walked out of bedroom…I didn’t knew what to do…so I just dressed myself and went out….to see her sitting on the couch filling form for the credit card..I came beside her…she just looked at me and smiled…and gave her photograph…Relief came with her smile…

She took my phone number and gave me Rs 5000 and said don’t get too serious about it..and just forget whatever happened…Let me know if you are intrested in more money….It didn’t took me much time to collect that she wanted to keep me as her keep and wanted to call me to satiate her sexual urge…

Who will say No to god damm sex godess and to the extra buck…but that was the day when it started…This has already become too long..she is a mother of a 2 yr boy (ofcourse its not mine) but I am still her keep…she calls me occasionally whenever she feel alone and wants to talk out loud…we are very good friends now but I never try to interfere with her personal life that is going great.

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