This is Shekhar from Bangalore. Going to tell a real incident that took me to the heaven in my life. As I am a Software Graduate in an Reputed University in Bangalore,I am 22 years old with average physique and good looking, wearing spectacles which mostly attracts womens in my area(Koramangala).

The area we reside all the families are rich except our family.Coming to Girls and Aunties they are sexy with revealing dresses. Among them there is one beauty queen and a princess Haasini , who tops the position in terms of sexiness and beautiness.But she is married and have one baby girl.She is very rich in that area.

But she wont speak to any body in our area. She don’t have any friends.I tried to investigate about her personal life and came to know that she was married and after one year she got divorced and her husband married another lady.I thought how that Unlucky man left this beauty queen. Really he is UnLucky. Haasini’s baby is around Two Years old.

Haasini is so sexy lady,she is 28 years old. Her Body Structure is 40D-34-38 which is really a sexy structure . Any man who sees her gets erection in their manhood from Old age to Teenager. She Mostly wear Sarees(That too very Transparent we can See through Navel and Her Cleavage).

She wears Low Cut Blouses. She is running a saree bussiness some where(Not Intrested). I tried to have a contact with her at any cost and seduce her and take her to bed. Being a Graduate because of her I made my mind to work with her as a driver. As earlier she had Lady driver but now that driver got married and left that job.

Many of them came for the recruitement but she need driver with good qualification(Like He should know English and he should be a graduate also).That Driver is also a Personal Assistant(PA) for her in helping her in her business.At last I got shortlisted and she needs to speak to me face to face. I went to her House for interview.

Haasini: Why did u select this driver job as you are software graduate. Me: As I am poor I need job immediately for maintaining my family so I applied for this job. Haasini: You are Appointed.. Me: Got Happiness at my peak and dick got erected by seeing her sexy body. First day of my job…I dressed well and went in to her place.

She called me inside. Ohhh her house is like a palace and Nobody is there in the house except herself and her baby. Maid only comes in afternoon and she will go. I have total privacy to seduce her.I went to her office My Designation is PA cum Driver. Days went off…after two months she got impressed with my work.

She started to ask about my personal life and she told about her personal life also.Her Parents are all dead and her husband also left. Now she is alone with her baby.Again months went off…I started to enjoy her beauty along with my work.

One day She took me to the restaurant and she openly told her wish that she needs another baby(Male baby) as her properties will get parted if she has female baby.. so she needs a Male Baby to take care of her property. My Dick got raised at its peak and She also told another condition that she wants baby with out having sex.

I got totally disappointed but I made a statement to ask in hospitals for sperm donors. we went to the hospital and met the doctor. Doctor told that it can be done but we cant say how the baby looks like and how healthy he is like with out any disease.Haasini Got Disappointed and she tried in another hospitals also but she got the same reply from doctors.

We came to the house and she went to her room and I came to my room and in my mind I got happiness and my dick started at its peak thinking that she will end up in asking me the help and atlast having sex with her.I Mastubrated thinking of her.

After two days she called me and told me to take her to the restaurant. We went and sat. I started enjoying my dish with silence. She broke the silence and asked that she took the decision to have sex with me. I was acted like shocking…I told I can’t…… She replied and pleased me to agree on this and she don’t have any other way other than me.

I took advantage and made some condition My Conditions are..Me: I wont have sex other than the lady who is my wife..Haasini: Wife??? What do you mean?? Me: Yes I will marry You… Haasini: its not possible …No marriage in my life again..Me: Marriage means I will tie the knot in some temple out of the city and it will be like real marriage with out any body other than us..

and it is not registered any where..after some days you can remove that Thaali(Mangalyasutra). It will be kept as secret. Haasini: (Kept Silent) and she told ok I will agree and what is your next condition..Me: Second Condition.. Our First Night Should be like real first light with luxurious look. Haasini: ok…next??

Me: Third Condition… Our Marriage life will go for one month.. in other words you should be my wife for one month..Haasini: One Month?? Not possible..Me: You Look for others mam..i cant come..(in angry face) Haasini: Ok Ok …agreed..Me: Fourth Condition.. Our First night should happen in your flat in Ooty(Which I know about her properties) and we should stay there for one month Haasini : Ok..

Me: Fifth Condition.. leave your baby to your maid for this one I should not get disturbed..while having sex Haasini: ok.. Me: Sixth Condition.. I want to get paid and I need some properties of yours and money.. Haasini: ok how much?? Me: 10 Crores.. Haasini: ok…(in sad face)

Me: Seventh Condition.. You Should wear the saree which I select on our first night Haasini: ok…agreed on all your conditions I asked her when we will start?? she told from tomorrow…and I got happy..I took her to her company and told her to get the sarees …She called her assistant to take the bundles of costliest sarees..

I went through the sarees.. I took the black transaparent(Totally Transparent) sarees..which costs around 50k and I told the tailor to stitch the blouse back less with very low cut such that her 70% of her boobs should come out..and I took the petticoat and told the tailor to stitch such a way that it should start six inches below navel and I took the most sexiest bra for her breasts..

and I told to deliver it by tomorrow morning..i told her this saree is for first night..and I took pattu saree for the marriage.. and we left the company. Morning I told my Mom that I am going to ooty for office purpose for a month and I left..When I went to Haasini House.. she made arrangements and gave her baby to her maid with tears in her eyes..and I started driving from Bangalore to Ooty..

She called her maid in Ooty to make arrangements for the first night and she ordered fruits,sweets and full of flowers on bed.and she told to stop the car in a jewellers shop and she purchasedthali and metti (for legs) and on the way we stopped in some temple and I called poojari in that temple and I tied the Thaali on her neck and we exchanged Flowers(Maalai).

and I wear metti on her legs..Atlast she became my wife..and I started driving the car..while driving I started to touch her boobs and navel from outside saree..She told to stop. I told that you are my wife now.. I can do what ever I think…and she smiled and kept silent..

We reached Ooty…Wow what a nice building it is also luxurious..and it is 6pm in the evening..she told her maid to take leave for one month..and she gave full salary for her..Maid left that place..I took bath and had dinner and she also had dinner with me.i asked her where is that saree.. I thought that whether she has forgotten that sexy saree…

She replied with smile that she has got that saree yesterday night itself..she told me to wait in the room as she will come after 1 and half hour.. I was thinking what she is going to decorate her body for one and half hour..??? Time passed…She came inside the room ……WOW! I was stunned looking at her..

She wore black totally transaparentsaree.and backless and low cut blouse revealed the boobs totally..and she tied her saree 7 inches below navel..revealing her awesome belly for me.She is Like Sex Goddess in the earth. I went near to her kissed her for the first time a long French kiss..

that she cant even breathe and I removed her pallu and removed saree fully from her body and throwed it on the floor and wow..her boobs is hanging like a hell..i asked her breast size she replied with shy….40D… I got massive erection and I tore her blouse and comes her bra.. wow that bra cant hold that boobs and that it is only 20% covered remaining 80% boobs is outside..

i removed that bra and removed her petticoat ann panty …She is totally naked..Wow and I removed my clothes and become naked and she got shocked by seeing my Dick and told that will that suits inside my pussy..???…i smiled and took her and thorwed her on the bed and grabbed her boobs and started sucking it…

For My surprise I got Milk from her boobs. And started drinking her milk fully…Her Boobs capacity is very high that even after drinking stomach full..still there is some milk in her boobs.and I went to her sexiest navel..and started sucking..she moaned ahhhhhh…..Yes…..Ahhhhhh……..Please….Yes…mmmmmmmmmmmmm

And made my tongue to rotate the circumference of her navel and she lifted her body to the fullest..AHHhHHH…Please …Shekhar……Fuck me…and she took my dick and started to suck my dick … oh…My dream lady is Sucking my dick….i was so happy… I was in the mood to come..As I didn’t mastubrate for a week.. I will get hell quantity of semens..

I don’t want to waste that one by ejaculating in her mouth..So I took my dick from her mouth..and I made her lie on the bed and I came on top of her and inserted my dick in her Vagina..She screamed..AHHHHHH its paining …. As it was tight …it has been long time she had sex…and atlast I inserted inside her…fully…

i started riding her..oh it is like heaven fucking already married sexy ladies and sexy lady like Anusha… oh it is like Heaven….haaaa… as it was AC room I was totally in mood..She was cumming in huge amount…HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…I am CUMMMMMMMMMMMMing….and oh that fluid is really hot…which shows how much she is missing sex…

MY Dick become more stiff and got gripped..and I started fastly..riding..She is really Enjoying the sex…Oh Come on shekhar…Release your Sperms inside me and make me pregnant…haaaaaaaaa…come on….Shekhar… As I got totally encouraged from her.. I hold her Soft boobs.. wow.. I didn’t see such a huge and soft boobs in my lifetime…

I started squeezing her boobs so roughly…She came second time…haaaaa….oh…what a man you are…u took me to heaven man…ha..i was in speed motion..My Dick is going in and out of her Vagina..very fast….and after 45 minutes and I came by squeezing her boobs and my dick started to release lots of my semens which contains millions of my off springs to fertilize her…

I kept cumming inside her womb…Atlast I cummed totally inside her womb…and still my dick is stiff and I drank some milk from her breast and started riding again..fastly..she moaned.. again… are really a god in sex…and after 30 minutes I cummed again inside her womb.. and took some sweets and made powder and applied in her navel and I started licking..

and took fruits and I ate by keeping in her lips and her pussy..That day I fucked 6 times..and remaining days also went like this.. I fucked her daily in all the places in that house.. I didn’t allowed her to wear any dress and she will be naked for most of the times..during that one month…As she was in her fertile days and was ovulating…

She missed her periods..and after one month she informed that she is pregnant with my child..She is very Happy…after nine months she delivered a Boy Baby

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