This story is about my wife Haasini, she is 24 age perfect figure and nice handful boobs,nice height and can drive any guy crazy by her looks. We are being married 2 yrs back and have no issue still, my wife runs her own beauty parlour,

(that’s why she keeps her looks very appealing and sexy) which is just some distance away from our house, mainly the beauty parlour is only for ladies and male strictly not allowed. One day Haasini came in contact with her school friend Sanjeev he is good looking smart & handsome.

Sanjeev is dealer for beauty cosmetic shampoos and other accessories and he just approached casually for his products as he saw the beauty parlour and too his surprise he finds her school, friend my wife Haasini.

As male were not allowed in her parlour, Haasini and Sanjeev sat at a coffee shop to realish their school days memories their common friends etc etc.. Haasini always had a crush on Sanjeev in school days but didn’t tell anybody or discuss with me or her friend.

It was almost couple of months Haasini and Sanjeev used to meet at the same coffee shop and regularly share sms, and as time had passed Sanjeev used to send some non-veg jokes or sms which Haasini liked very much.

One night when I was having sex with my wife and we were both so much excited and I found Haasini very much demanding for sex and stroking too much which she never did during couple of yrs. When I was stroking her with her legs spread she started moaning

comon fuck me Mayank I love when you fuck me this way Mayank I love you,fuck my pussy I am thirsty for your dick fuck me fuck me…and than she never new when she started saying common Sanjeev fuck me hard I am all yours,fuck me Sanjeev I love you fuck me Sanjeev.

I noted what she was asking but never made her realized what she did that night, than during the course of time I came to know about Sanjeev which she told from her side itself. Now from that day onwards instead of feeling angry I felt so much excitement while having sex with Haasini,

I used to have fantasy where Haasini is being fucked by Sanjeev and I am watching there show while playing with my dick than I joined them and Sanjeev banging my wife., but I never had courage to ask my wife to go ahead so that she can have sex with Sanjeev.

I started masturbating too much thinking of them having wild sex. One day some wife swopping stories were being shown on news channel, and I told Haasini about it, she didn’t make any comments,that night after a long sex play I asked her how is Sanjeev !!! do u like her,

and her eyes were wide open and she behaved as if she is very angry with me, than I remind her about the night when she was asking Sanjeev to fuck her, she was very much embrassed and started crying and started saying sorry to me.

But I gave her courage and told her about what I felt about both of them and her eyes glittered in a very lustful manner. She was the luckiest lady on this earth where here hubby is asking her to go bed with her crush of her school friend.

Now Haasini too started to reply and send non-veg sms to Sanjeev and they started to talk on phones quite often, one day Sanjeev started getting very much naughty and asked Haasini whether she had heard or done phone sex, which Haasini readily agreed with Sanjeev but Sanjeev never

knew what we had in our minds, so Haasini always used to keep her loudspeaker on so that I get jerk and I do masturbate and fucked her while Sanjeev was talking with Haasini on phone. It was that night where Sanjeev was having phone sex with my wife and I was banging Haasini in all

possible style which aroused me and my wife too much and Sanjeev never knew that Haasini was having real sex with her hubby and doing and talking out all that noises. From that day onwards Sanjeev never miss a chance to brush his elbow or wave his hands on Haasini’s boobs or back,

Haasini always gave him a crooked looks with a lustfull smile on her face, which always encourage Sanjeev a lot, but due to time constrain and meeting in coffee shop for a while in open public place and time bounding they could not proceed further for their act and Haasini too was not so

courageous to ask Sanjeev from her side to ask Sanjeev to take her to some place where they can satisfy their lust. So I asked Haasini to call Sanjeev for dinner at our place so that they can conclude the act.

One day Haasini called Sanjeev at our place for dinner so that I can meet Sanjeev personally. Haasini had wore a nice low V cut t-shirt and jeans which showed Haasini’s cleavage nicely which is enough to raise Sanjeev’s dick, Me and my wife noticed Sanjeev’s eyes running at Haasini’s boobs,

we had a nice time chatting and talking and had great fun, Now Sanjeev eyes were always on Haasini after that night when they had phone sex. Every now and then he tried to brush Haasini’s boobs and ass which I did marked, Haasini too responded with her eyes to attract Sanjeev.

After nice dinner I had to escape so that Sanjeev can try on Haasini, so I told Sanjeev that I have to received my friend at station and will take almost hour or so., so he can be comfortable and both friends can talked. I had the house keys,

so that later I can come back to my house and room and can enjoy the show. As I leave it was all returned on Sanjeev’s face that he was going to be mischievious with Haasini, Sanjeev started reminding Haasini about the phone sex which they had and hold her from the back.

Haasini didn’t hesitate and that made Sanjeev gather more courage he started fondling and squeeing Haasini boobs, Haasini was all excited bcoz she always wanted Sanjeev to fucked her. She asked Sanjeev to pick her in his arms and lead her to bedroom.

Sanjeev firstly removed Haasini’s t-shirt which expose Haasini milkies in back bra that made Sanjeev so much excited he started playing with them, and in one push he made Haasini laid on the bed and took her jeans too, which showed Haasini Pink panty too.

Now he took her bra and panty which exposed Haasini’s clean shaved pussy which always had an open invitation for all the guys with long & hard dick.Sanjeev started rubbing Haasini pussy with his fingers and at the same time was sucking her nipples and boobs.

Haasini was all wet as fluid started to come out of her pussy. Haasini too was so much excited and take Sanjeev’s pants off and took her 6 “ inch rod in her mouth and started giving him a nice blow job,I was all watching this show from the key hole, I too started shaking my dick.

Now Sanjeev had already made Haasini very wet and inserted his dick in her pussy in missionary position, I felt this is the right time to enter the room and joined the show, so very slowly I entered the room but Sanjeev was unknown and was heating up and started stroking my wife

nicely, Haasini too was moaning high. Like OOOOOOOOO AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA fuck me Sanjeev.Haasini also begged Sanjeev to fuck for a longer time so that her thirst for sex can be satisfied, She told Sanjeev that she always want this dream to come true.

Sanjeev too confessed that he always had his dick aroused when he used to meet her but never dare as she was married, Both of them were flying high in the sky. Sanjeev confessed her that he has already sex with 3 different gals but never with a married lady,

and Haasini is the best fuck from all of them,and told her that experienced always work. Now I jumped into the scene with all naked holding my dick, by which Sanjeev was so much afraid and embraseed. He readily took out her tool and was quite nervous,

but me and Haasini told him everything, which made him more excited and now with lot of courage he asked Haasini that he wants to fuck her in doggy style, When Sanjeev was fucking Haasini in doggy style he started shouting

“Haasini you are a great bitch getting humped in front of your hubby, I am going to tear your pussy.” Also told that he always wanted to fuck Haasini in front of her husband (me)”.During this time Haasini was moaning loudly “I am so lucky getting fucked by my bf in front of my hubby,”

I love you Hubby come give me your dick. I readily gave my dick in her mouth for a nice blow job, Sanjeev started increasing his speed and was ready to shoot, and he forced Haasini to take all the cum in her mouth which Haasini took and drank every single drop of it.

Now Sanjeev was all loose and collapsed on Haasini’s back and started giving small slaps on Haasini’s soft skin aroung her pussy, which excited Haasini too much.Haasini asked me too to fuck her where she wanted to mount me I started fucking her hard,

and I too started yelled her that she is a dick raising bitch, a big whore, a nice dick sucker which she readily accepted and told me that pls hubby make all my night as pleasurable, joyful, painful and excited as the night today.

During this session Sanjeev too got a second jerk and started giving Haasini mouth fucking where he slapped her too on her chicks and ass. Atleast 30 minutes or so Haasini was all slapped,banged and humped by both of us,

and finally we both cum on her boobies with which she massaged her boobs. After the act Haasini, Sanjeev and me were sleeping nude on the bed where Haasini was giving more attention to Sanjeev as she was still playing with Sanjeev’s dick and ask Sanjeev how was she in fuck,

She asked Sanjeev that her house doors and pussy doors are always open for him whenever he wants to enter….with that we all burst into laughter. After that day many a times, Sanjeev visited our house in my absence and fucked Haasini,

Haasini used to hold both of our dicks and gave us good blow jobs and masturbate.

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