I was staying in Bombay and had a very nice family staying as our neighbour. When Haasini’s mother approached me for guiding her daughter in english, I gladly agreed .she was weak in the subject and had dropped this year as they had moved from her village. She was ok in other subjects. She was very fair, young teen. Had beautiful figure. So I did not take much time to accept.

She turned up next day. When I opened the door I found the cute looking girl dressed in skirt-blouse with black abbaya on – which did not match her beauty.. she sat down on sofa in my drawing room beside me,after removing the abbaya ,her naked white legs were drawing my attention from her books I began giving her first lesson but she was not looking at books but on my bulge in my shorts which I usually wear at home. I got more horny. It seems she was wearing no bra as her tits were very hard and tight. I told Haasini,you have to study hard to learn english fast.she said,sir I want to speak english,so my family will be very proud of me in broken hindi. To avoid her look on my hard penis,i kept her english book in my lap and started teaching her-suddenly she put her hand on the book by asking meaning of few words….her soft hand was touching by bare tighs and giving currents to my semi hard dick. I removed her hand..by pretending to show how to write these words.Now I knew that her intention was not only to learn english but some more things………

Next day again she came in split skirt with low cut tranparent blouse to make me crazy. Today I wore pant to avoid any problem. she said…hello sir.. I made her sit on dinning chair…not to repeat yesterday’s..problem.. as she was my neighbour and very young. I warned her mildly to concentrate on study as I was saying something she pulled her chair closer to mine, so close that her thighs were touching mine. I got instant hard on. The slit being in the front of her skirt made me more horny for her when she took her seat her upper thighs became exposed. The transparent blouse was giving clear view of her well developed breasts. Tempting to feel them,fondle them and suck them immediately. I could not resist and waited for any chance. I had luck…you know..bombay mosquittos.one of them helped me…and she jumped by rubbing those spots on her lovely thighs. I asked…she showed me the spots.. It. Is was red there.

I offered her her to put cream and it will be ok..she put her tighs on other chair..her skirt lifted more and i had the clear view of her black panty and inner tighs…now there was big visible bulge on my pant…her eyes seems to get stuck on it. I put some cream on my palm…started messaging the effected spots on white lovely young tighs by telling her that now mosquittos will not bite you and i put some more cream for massaging her tighs…she was getting hot and excited by my.. Touch…my hands were exploring her inner parts of her tighs.As i was close to her ..she try to brush her hand on my bulge by showing the spots…kept her hand near my lund to feel… I pressed my hard dick on her hand while messaging her….. Then Ifelt it was okey for her second day lesson….so i told her to go home but she didn’t want as she was enjoying very much… I told her that she should take some rest and not to tell anyone about me…… massaging…her…she agreed…smiled and went home with promise to teach her more lessons with some home work to complete and bring it tomorrow…..

She came in the evening in same sexy dress. Today I was wearing silky short witout underwear.she was smiling and said,sir you look very nice. I said,thanks.you are also very pretty and sexy…..She asked the meaning of sexy…? I explained to her in action by showing towards her boobs and entire figure…she laughed and said someting in hindi… I asked her for homework which she had not done. I got an idea and told her that I have to punish you in english way since you are learning english.she got scared and asked how..?please no sir… I said,I will spank you to punish and showed her how by touching her lovely round buttocks.she agreed and I was so excited with the thought that my penis got in full swing to welcome my beauty.she saw my eraction….. I bent her on my lap….first i spank slowely…she said…oooh… Then.slowely.. I lifted her skirt from back…. her black panty with fair roundeness were strugling to be out….

I touch…massage….and then…..spank her…..first..ooh.. slowely and then little hard..she was..ooh..sir… jumping…… In that act..she tried to hold my tighs….her hand reached on my fully hard penis….she got electric shock first…but then..again..she put her hand on tip of my long hard dick…. I spank her more hard and her hand pressed my dick…. I was in heaven…..but then I stopped her spanking…..she said..sir.. you hit me very hard…. Its burning here and she bent in front of me….exposing her…buttocks…close.. To my..face.. I felt like licking her white globes which had become pinkish now…. I said..oh…sorry.. I will put you same cream…..she said..yes sir… That cream..goood….. I said…o.k.and jumped infront of her by holding…my dick….she asked what happened..sir…. I told her look.. The same mosquitto has bitten me which had made spot on your thighs……oh…my…show..me..sir.. I lifted my short from down and showed her my half penis and the beauty spot on my tip….(i thought she may get scared to see if I show her my full 9″length)…see here the mosquitto bite…poor girl..she believed it…and put her hand on it….sir i know how it pains… I said…yessss..now I was enjoying her direct contact and my pulsated hard…..she was also getting hot…holding it more nicely…like..a..obediant student…she said..sir.give me that cream…. I will massage you..like..you do me… I was flying…with her touch…. I told her… Haasini.. This cream is only for tighs,hands,buttocks and external parts but this is…a private part and here only slyva (natural cream)should be put and massage… I spit on my palm and showed her how to massage.. on my hard pole…..ahhhh…. Friends…you can imagine….my condition…. The game.. I was enjoying with this innocent & modern girl by cloth.she put some spit on her palm and started messaging my half naked dick….she look surprise by the size….didn’t say anything… I made her sit on my one thigh and started massaging the cream on her soft buttocks inside her skirt…….

I began to move my palm down.By the time she massage me slowely on my hight… I reached inside her panties.. I could see that she was gulping and her hands were shivering on my dick with her new experience….of new game…her soft sincere massage and the excitement had brought to me at the verge of climax…. I put my hand on hers..asked…stop…your hand must be tired now….she asked…how is pain…sir?I said,it will need some more slyva cream to heal and it should be done from mouth on it same as you did with your hand….she said… I want to do for you sir… I can’t see you in pain….. I said o.k..my heart was jumping….and i removed my short and was naked in front of her… I hugged her closer to me and put my hand on her panties which were scant and silken. I reached to the line of her buttocks and gently stroked my fingers towards her crotch. She pushed harder against my hand, urging me to reach her now very wet pussy.Her pussy lips were already glistening with her juices.Her eyes centered on my pulsating cock standing proud in front of us, urging for attention, seemingly pushing it’s way toward this beauty. Slowly she knelt in front of me, still looking deep into my eyes.

Gently she took hold of my pulsing cock and manoeuvred it towards her mouth. Her eyes widened as she saw my mushroomed head glisten with my juices. My shaft was rock hard with veins standing proud. my balls hung low between my legs and shook with the pulses of my body. I am normally nine inches erect but I felt like I was ten inches today…………….she…sucked….and…looked up in my eyes….as if..asking…how.. I am..doing..sir…..ohhhhh… Its…goooodddd… I..said.. Her hand touch me, gently rubbing up and down the shaft. I was in ecstasy already.

My student was learning…each and everything… I thought..her…ooh..she is… Tooo…good.. I closed my eyes as I felt her warm lips close over the tip of my cock. She spit on my slit and flicked my head with her tongue to reduce her teacher’s pain whilst one hand gently stroking, still around my shaft. For what seemed like an eternity she caressed the head of my cock, I groaned with the intense pleasure surging through my groin. I placed my hands on her head and caressed her temples. I was sure not to apply any pressure – I liked her being in control. Her tongue was doing exactly what i taught her and I loved every minute of it. Slowly she lowered her head down my shaft, taking more and more of me into her warm, soft mouth with each move until she had taken all of me deep into her throat. I felt her throat tighten around my shaft and nearly came with the sensations now coursing through every fiber of my being…. I looked down and saw she was watching me….with surprise in her eyes but was happy to see her teacher’s…pain….was released…..and floing….like..cream…. I thanked her….at the end of my lesson….she complained . ..about …pain…on her……. ….pinkish buttucks….. I again made her promised to..not to tell our special lessons to any body….and i will massage her with new cream and…with my slyva… To reduce her pain…………

She came today in the black front button shirt & mini skirt her fair sexy figure was clearly seen.Sat down next to me on the sofas…. I enquired about her pain….and she smiled by telling…o.k..but her eyes were expecting… To start something…. I thought to hold this special lesson and play slowely to make her more excited…. I said Haasini for 2 days,you are not learning english,if your mother ask… Then you must show her your english lessons.. I gave her few words to learn it by heart and not to copy by books…. I went for a shower……

After about 20 minutes when I came out in towel to see, I noticed that she was busy doing something Since she had her back to me, she couldn’t see that I was watching her from behind,to my surprise,I noticed that she was holding photo of a couple making love.Seeing me, she immediately put that page inside her skirt…her two buttons were opened…her two lovely melons were pouncing with her heart beats…being caught… I asked her that what she had been doing ? but..she kept quite while looking at the front of my towel which had become like a tent… I was now fully erect..couldnt wait and while pretending to search her, yanked up her skirt high above her waist revealing her panties and beauty. The sight of her black silky panties turned me more harder.An idea came to my mind.

So without her approval I started openning her shirt buttons..one by..on.. To search her breasts. I turned her around and stood up. Inserting both my hands under her armpits I proceeded to shove them under the bra. It was tight but with some force my palms were in. To search better I pulled down the shoulder straps and scooped out the soft breasts. The nipples were tight and I couldnt prevent myself from giving them a squeeze. The search proceeded downwards. I pushed her down hard on the table till she lay face down on it, her feet still on the ground. In this position her buttocks stood out. Once again I yanked up the skirt and rolled down the panties. I stood behind her and pressed my hard dick on her pinkish buttocks..my hands were busy in her front, touching her pubic hair and the vagina in the process.

When I shoved my right hand between her legs from behind she let out a soft moan. I spanked her hard on the buttocks leaving the impression of my five fingers on the pink background while removing the magazine paper inside her panty She uttered a slight cry of pain. I continued to caress her or so to say search her lovely boobs who stood before me as if tempting me to try my hands. I inserted my hand again down her cleavage and moved my palm around feeling the soft breast and the hard nipples.. Telling her that..may be you have more pictures… The bra being too tight, had to be lifted up and one of the breasts burst out panting for breath. I pulled at the folded bra with both my hands making both the mammaries come out of hiding. I bent her body over the sofa and pulled her panty down to the floor… The semi nude beauty…was in front of me… I instructed to put her shirt on without the bra…and start her lesson to write…we moved to dinning table… I made her sit on my lap and write…her lessons.. The distance between me and the table was short and she had to push herself to find accomodation. Her short skirt rode up her thighs in the process.

I tried to act normal but after a while she began to move around a bit as my 9″ dick was lifting her soft and lovely buttocks like a crane…she was fully enjoying.. The lovely…… feelings..with hot breathes…while writing.. she suddenly bent forward raising her body a little and in the same motion freed her skirt from under her buttocks.NOW.. I wanted to touch her soft milky globes and on the pretext of adjusting my towel I inserted my hands under her skirt. The feel of soft flesh against my bare hands was wonderful. I caressed her for some time. Then slid my hand under her shirt. I moved my palms over her belly and finally to her hard spoungy breasts. After massaging them for some time…She acted as if she was busy with her writing…………

I gently ran my fingers down the nape of her neck and felt her tremble . She was shivering with anticipation yet still in control. I was now fully erect and throbbing .she lift her buttocks..and while..scratching her..back..Suddenly, I felt my cock push free of the towel. It sprang out, throbbing harder than I could ever remember it throbbing before, her velvet soft hand wrap around it and gently squeeze. My knees were weak. The excitement was overwhelming but I didn’t want to rush….. I wanted to penetrate her so badly but knew ,I had to play it my way…slowely..slowely… I felt her..rubbing..her..buttocks ..against my fully naked huge penis… It was now… directly under her soft globes..cracks..giving…. The sentional…… feelings… To my new ..student…she was… moaning…oooh….sir.. Toooo..good……. It was the most erotic..sight… .. I gently. pushed her to stand and, as she rose, I laid her back against the table.

Her legs parted before I even touched her pinkish..pussy..could see her dripping.As I kissed her stomach she started to remove her shirt The closer I got to her dripping pussy the more I could smell her. The more I could smell her the more I wanted to taste her. As I kissed the top of her pubic hair, Now I could get to honey pot I so needed to taste.Her nipples were standing proud from her tits. I reached up with one hand and took a nipple between my fingers. As I gently teased it I felt it stiffen. I cupped her firm breast in my hand and gently squeezed. As I kissed down towards her pussy she raised her legs and bent her knees. Her pussy lips were already glistening with her juices and slightly parted with her excitement. I gently licked her lips and felt her immediately shiver with excitement. Slowly my tongue searched for her clit, licking it’s way through her wet cunt. I placed my lips over her cave. and then gently caressed her with my tongue. I felt her tense and her hips rise, forcing me harder into her now… dripping pussy… I pushed a finger into her hot cunt and felt her tighten her muscles, gripping me lightly. Now another…. ..finger, reaching for her hot spot, still licking and sucking at her clit – faster and faster. Her breath shortened and her boobs heaved as she arched her back.Her nipples where erect and her breasts quivered as she matched the motion with her hips.

I felt her tighten on my fingers and quiver under me. Sensing her orgasm was near, I increased the speed of my efforts, my tongue now licking quickly too and fro over her clit and my fingers gliding in and out of her now over flowing pussy. She panted hard and screamed as an orgasm ripped…oooh…sir… Tooo…goood.. it’s way through her body – her hips bucked and her whole body quivered under my head. I kept my motions going for what seemed like an eternity while she writhed and twisted to the orgasm. My face was soaked in her cum. It tasted so sweet, so good. My cock seemed to swell harder, urging me to release it’s pressure……. In..her..pinkish…pussy…..

I felt her orgasm subsided. I wanted to bring her down slowly, my…young…student…deserved that…she deserved more. Slowly,I started..again..licking and kissing…every part of my beauty..and rubbing my hard dick on her thigh…. I couldn’t believe how, hot this made me feel. I wanted to please her, I wanted to give her more….now she was gasping…gripping my thighs…..dragging me towards her. I moved the head of my cock to her moist lips and pushed gently in….. Then stopped and started moving back and forward, I was glistening her. I looked into her eyes, there was a sense of urgency etched across… her face..She cried….Oooh..sir… I thrust my hips forward pushing my half dick deep inside her hot.. Tight..pussy….she.. ..cried…with…pain…..ooooh…siiir.. Toooo muchchch..painnn…and..little..after…4-5..slow…strokes…with..rhytum… ..she…… gasped suddenly feeling every inch of me deep, so deep inside her.Now…she..was…enjoying..every..strokes..ooh and….pushing her..hips.forward….sirrr..goooddd.. I pushed my full cock, it felt like I was being milked by her. I began to thrust in and out,.. Increasing..my..speed…with each thrust until I was fucking her with all my might. I could feel my balls slapping against her soft and..big…buttocks..my hands..were..massaging..both the melons … Touching…her…buttock … Increased…her…first.. Time..sensation…she..was…ooh…yaaaaaaa…goooodd…and the tip of my cock making contact with the very depths of her..virgin..hole.. Haasini.. screamed. Her hands gripped my..buttocks, her nails dragged at my skin….. I could feel her pussy.. Taking…me..more..deeper.. In…she..felt more pleasure……Pain didn’t seem to exist anymore. … . The..fast…speed..of my big dick’s..rhytum…..continued….for..more.. Than..10 minutes…..

My index finger slipped into her warm tight virgin ass hole. I could not believe the sensation that I experienced through my dick while it was tightly clamped in this hot moist hole. I felt the warmth and her wetness like I had never experience before. I could feel how….. . Incredibly… Tight her lips clenched the end of my shaft. I could smell the unmistakable musty aroma of a young girls…. excited.. pussy. I had again..started the strokes with full speed and the feeling was incredible with the sensation of my hard raging dick deep inside this prized little angle. The friction was incredibly intense from the wall of her tight soft dripping pussy…Her tight firm round buttocks lay propped up in front of me, my index finger completely buried in her warm tight ass and my dick totally buried into the hot wet velvety (no more) virgin pussy. I can’t describe the sensation and the feeling on the tip of my cock as it pushed against the deep inside her and she would respond by every pushing immediately…. ..back…ohhhhhhh…u.drivin me…crazyyyyyy…sirrr I didn’t want to pull out until the last possible moment, I wanted to savor this incredible pleasure until the very end. The pressure built to where I could no longer hold the flood. I exploded into Haasini like a cannon. I was slowly pulling back as huge spurts of hot white creamy cum blasted and filled her pussy. She let out an audible moan as the red-hot sticky stream hit her. She moaned loudly again, tightened the cheeks of her ass around my finger and her pussy clenched tight squeezing the tip of my dick in her cunt.

She..was also..coming….. together….with ..mme…ohhhhhh..sirrrrrr… I couldn’t take out…she was..enjoying her second..blast….with..me…her cum was forced out around my buried cock and saturated her entire upto the crack of her ass. The pressure was forcing her cum juices out and around the sides of her clenching cunt and my bloated shaft. The vise-like clamp of her pussy relaxed for an instant and I finally pulled out my still hard dick.. she a stream of cum and fuck juices with blood from her swollen pinkish pussy. . I continued to watch as her pussy pulsated and clenched tight with the flexing of her muscular ass. I put two fingers into her sucking vise like pussy and watched as she expelled globs of my cum every time her pussy spasmed.

Cum and cunt juice was running down her inner legs dripping off her thighs and her knees onto the side of the table and the floor. She was panting and writhing in her incredible state…..oooh…yeee.. Haasini seemed to have collapsed from this….beautifull..experience…. I myself was..lightheaded… I…sensed and incredibly clear scent of the moment. The smell of her pinkish wet used pussy mixed with the hot salty acrid smell of my cum over powered me. I was in heaven.

My dick was again ready for…some more..lessons for my student…but…now…she..knew.. The…meaning…of…..such……an…. Interesting..lessons..one.. Thing… Is.. There….. she.. Is. Toooo…goood..learner……..Her…lessons…….continued at a regular basis…and she began to take…me.. Inside her…from all her sexy..holes…which…she…liked…..very much..and… learnt….every..sex..styles… she was willing to do anything to learn…my lessons…

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