After arranging all baggage and files to Mr.Prasad I told them I will go and take my lunch and come, I went home and finished my lunch and my sis came to me and said there is an inspection in the office and she will come late in the eveing, I said ok,

and I went to Jothis house and knocked the door, she opened the door now she is taking lunch and said uncle look they spoiled my mood, I laughed and said look jothi there is lot of time for us to watch the films ok, u complete your lunch first,

I sit next to her and she said uncle tonight you sleep here and you may get chance to handle my sis, and she laughed, she took some rice and curry and asked me to open my mouth and she feed me I ate it and said its very tasty.

She completed her lunch and cleaned the table and we sit in the drawing room, she sit in my lap and we hugged tight and I kissed her neck, and my hands playing with her small boobs, she asked me to play the VCR, I told her that we sit on the cot and I adjusted the TV towards us

and played the VCR and we sit on the cot, the film is running and the white girl kissing the black guy and he is pressing her boobs, slowly they removed their clothes and his cock is very big and hard, the girl is took his cock in her hand and pressing it smoothly and she is playing with

his balls, jothi is very horny and told me uncle look his cock hooo how big it is, the girl sit on the floor on her knees and took his cock in her mouth and sucking his cock he is pushing his cock in her mouth and she is moaning ohhhhhh, ummmmm,

here jothi told me uncle ohhhh she is sucking his cock ohhhhh, look uncle I told her the films are all hard sex and they feel the real fuck, jothi hold me tight and I removed her nighty and now she is only on her panty which I brought to her, she looks very beautiful in the panty,

I kissed her lips and she asked me to remove my dress, I stood up and removed my dress, now I am with my underwear, my cock is rock hard and I put jothi’s hand on my cock and she is pressing my cock, I opened my underwear and my cock now in her hands,

she is looking the film the guy is also sit on the floor and he asked the girl tosit on the sofa and he put his mouth on her cunt and sucking her cunt lips, jothis is horny and I removed her panty, now we are full nude and she sit between my thighs,

I hold her belly and pressing her belly smoothly and she is moaning uncle look that guy is sucking her cut ohhh uncle its too horny for me ohhhh I am pressing her boobs and my lips are sucking her neck, and ears, uncle plezzzzzzz fuck me,

I told her wait baby in the film they are not started fucking, when they start I will also start here, in the film the guy is opened her thighs and hold his cock with one hand and with another hand he is licking her cunt, she is moaning ohhh come on put yr cock in my cunt and fuck

meeeeeee, he is rubbing his cock on her cunt and slowly enter his knob in her cunt and here jothi is moaning uncle he is entered in her cunt ohhhh how big is his cock, ohhh uncle come on fuck meeeee, I asked her to stood up and she adjusted side and I asked her to give my pyjama

to get my condom, she said uncle plez fuck me without condom ohhhhh uncle I love the real fuck now, I laughed and said ok but I wont cum in yr cunt, and I kissed her lips and pressed her boobs, jothi is moaning uncle plezz suck my nipples I took her left boob nipple in my mouth and

sucking it, she is moaning ohhhhh uncle, yesssssssssss, suck it and suck my another nipple alsoooooooo, ohhhh she is pressing my head on her boobs, in the film the guy is fucking her hard and the fucking sounds are very horny to us and I asked jothi to stood up and put the legs

on the ground and lay on bed looking to the sky, I sit between her legs and asked her to open wide, I put my tongue on her cunt lips and sucking her cunt she is moaning ohhh uncle eat me, ohhhh u dirty uncle plezzzzzz fuck me with yr cock,

ohhhhhhhh I am sucking her cunt lips and with my tongue I am licking her clitoris, she is shaking her ass and moaning uncle ohhhh eat there yesssss lick my clitorisssssss, ohhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssss, I open her cunt lips and put my tongue and sucking her cunt

she pressed my head on her cunt and cummed I drink her cunt juice and her cunt is full wet and her cunt lips and clitoris is bright with her wet juice ohhhh what black beauty, my love look how much juice you spread in my mouth ohhh its lovely and tasty,

in the film the guy is fucking her hard and removed his cock and cummed on her boobs, jothi asked me uncle he has condom to his cock and why he cummed on her boobs, I told her generally in the films they wont cum in side.

(film lo dengulata chuse maa iddriki kasi ekkipoindi, nenu jothi ne mancham meeda addam ga padukomanna, kallu nela meeda petti, tanu alage chesindi, nenu jothi todala Madhya naa mokalla meeda kurchoni naa naalukato jothi puku peedaalu, puku naakutunna,

jothi mulugutondi uncle teneyee naa puku, ohhhh alagee, naa paluku naaku ohhhh sammaga undi, ohhhhhhh, jothi tana pirralu kadilistondi, ohhh tana body mottam kudepestondi, nenu tana puku pedaalu vedadeese naa naaluka puku loopalaki pette naakutunnaaaaa,

tanu naa talani puku meeda gattig adumukundi, ohhhh uncle yesssssss tanu rasam kaarchukundi, nenu tana rasam mottam taageesaaaaaa, nenu annau, jothi chudu enta rasam kaarchavoooooo, jothi puku, puku paluku tadi to merustunnai, ohhhhh nalla bangaram enta

andam gaa vundooo, ohhh varnichadaaniki maatalu raavadam leduuuu,) I stopped the VCR, jothi asked my why? Uncle u stopped the film, I said look jothi there are another 3 fucks in the film ok, we take some rest and then proceed, I went to bathroom and jothi wear her nighty and went

to kitchen and preparing tea, I went near to her and told her look jothi I told yesterday that u cum in my mouth ummmmmm, I like it, she laughed and said u naughty uncle go and sit in the drawing room I will get tea for us, she get 2 cups of tea and we have it,

then we sit on the cot and I started the VCR, in the next fuck, one guy with 2 girls, the girls are having big boobs and beautiful ass, in the garden there is a pool and the girls sit in their chairs wearing swim suits, the guy is cleaning the pool, and the girls are kissing each other,

jothi told me look they are very beautiful and kissing each other, and they removed their top and pressing their boobs, jothi is moaning uncle ohhhh its very horny, the guy will fuck the two girls nowwwww, I said look baby, why? U make noise, she laughed and said uncle this is my first

time seeing this type of films, ohhhhhhh its beautiful, she is sucking her boobsss and nipplesssss, I removed her nighty and she removed my garments, in the film one girl called the guy and asked him to suck the boobs of the girl,

one boob she is sucking and the guy is sucking other boob, jothi is moaning uncle ohhhhhhh look at there, ohhhhhh plezz suck my boobs, she is rubbing her nipples and I hold her boobs and pressing them smoothly she is moaning ohhhh uncle kill me, yesssssss suck my nipple,

uncle u and me suck my sis boobs like in the film, ohhhhhhh uncle I want to suck my sis boobs, ohhhhhh yessssss, I put my hand on her cunt and prssing her cunt, she is moaning, ohhhhhhh uncle, fuck meeeeeeee, I asked her wait baby, the fucking is not started in the film,

the girl opened the garments of the guy and one girl sucking his cock and the guy is sucking the another girl cunt, jothi is moaning uncle ohhhhhhhh what a fuck they are enjoying real sexxxxxx, fuck meee plezzzzz, I asked her to suck my cock,

she feel shy and closed her eyes I took her head and kissed her lips and said jothi plezzzz I want it plezz, she bend to my pubic area and took my cock in her hand and kissed my cock knob and I asked her to keep it in her mouth and suck like in the film she took my cock knob in

her mouth and sucking it slowly I raised my ass and hold her head and pushed my cock in her mouth and asked her suck my cock, she now very horny and sucking my cock like ice fruit, ohhhhhhhhh yes jothi suck it yessss ummmmm, ohhhhhhh jothi yesssssss,

I released my cock form her mouth she laughed and asked me how it is? I kissed her lips and said nice dear, thanks for it, I asked her to hold the cot with her hands and bend like cow and I want to fuck her form back, she said ok and we get down and she hold her hand on the edge of

the cot, and I went to her back and asked her to open her thighs, she opened and I adjusted my cock on her cunt and with my two finger I open her cunt lips and pushed my cock head slowly in her cunt, she is moaning uncleeeeeee, hoooo slow,

yesssss I slowly jerking my cock and now my cock is fully entered in her cunt, I am fucking her slowly and she is moaning ohhhhhhh uncle fuck mee, yesssssss hoooooooo I raised my speed and fucking her and asked her to turn her face to TV and watch the film,

how the guy is fucking and she turned her head and ohhh uncle plezzzzz fuck me hard like in the film ohhhhhhhh yesssssssssss fuck meeeee I increased my speed and I hold her belly with my two hand and fucking her hard she is moaning uncle ummmmmmmmm, yessssss ohhhhh,

nice fuck, yesssss kill me with yr cock, tear of my cunt ohhhhhhhhhh yessssss, I removed my cock and cummed on her assssssssss, ohhhhhhhhhhhh jothi uuuuuuuummmm. (memu tea tagi mancham meeda kurchonnam, jothi VCR on cheyyamandi, nenu film onchesa,

film lo eddaru ammyilu, oka abbai, ohhh ammilu eddaru muddulu pettukuntunnaru, oka ammi renodo daane sallu nauluputondi, jothi andi uncle chudu, ohhh aa abbai eddarini dengutaadaaaaaaa, ohhh uncle meeru maa chellini nannu dengandi, ohhhhhhhhh,

nenu maa chelli sallu cheekalani vundi, film lo oka ammi abbai sulla cheekutondi, nenu jothi ni adigaa naa sulla cheeka mani, tanu siggu padutondi, nenu plezz chuku ani adigaa tanu naa potta meeda tala petti nemmadiga naa sulla chetito pattukoni, knob meeda muddu pettukondi,

nenu purtiga naa sulla notilo pettukomanna, nenu tana tala pattukoni naa sulla tana notiloki tosaaaaaa, tanu naa sulla baaga ice furit cheekinattu cheekindi, nee na inak aagaleka, naa sulla tana notilonchi teeseesaaa, nenu jothi to anna jothi ninni ogopetti dengutaa,

nuvvu mancham pattukuni ongo manna tanu anage ani mancham tana rendu cheutula to pattukoni ongundi, nenu tana venakaki velli naa suall tana puku lo sarduku ni oka saari tosaa, naa sulla head tana pukuloki vellindi, tanu meulugutondi, uncle ohhhhh, nemmadigaaaaaa,

nenu tana puku pedalu vidadeesi, oka sari naa sulla ni toosaaaaaaa, ippudu naa sulla tana pukulo ki puurthi ga vellindi, nenu nemmadi gaa uuputunna, ohhhh uncle dengandi, hessssssssss alageeeeeee, nenu naa uuupu penchaa,

oka saari tana potaa gattiga pattukuni gattiga dengaaaaaa, naa sulla baitaki teesi tana pirrala meeda kaarhesaa.) I took the cloth and cleaned her ass and I cleaned my cock, we went to bathroom and washed our self and I hugged her and kissed on her lips and jothi told me uncle

you are good fucker, ohhhh really I enjoyed this fuck, we come to the drawing room and sit on the cot. I told her jothi let us stop, now it is 4-30, I will go home and sit for some time and come again, she laughed and kiss me, I removed the films and packed them in the cover,

jothi told me uncle night u sleep her I arrange ur bed on the ground and I sleep on this cot, my sis will sleep with you, I act as I am in deep sleep, u try to fuck her, I will see how she will eat you. I laughed and kissed her and said jothi you are so horny dear,

let us see what happened to night. I went home and sit for some time and jothi call me uncle phone for u, I attended for the phone and there is some urgent work, and told jothi I will come by 7-00, so in the mean while you read some of your books and get ready,

and don’t fight with your sis. She laughed and kissed me and I went to my work. At about 7-00 I came to my home and at that time chinna papa Swathi is in my house and she wear a half pant and white T shirt, her half pant is showing her thighs and her nipples are pointing she looks very

sexy, she said hi uncle and I said hi, I sit on my bed and my wife get me water, I drink water and asked my wife to prepare me tea, my wife went to kitchen and Swathi came and sit next to me and said in a low voice uncle you are sleeping in our house naa,

I pressed her thighs and laughed, Swati told me uncle take bath, dinner and come quick, my sis came here for you 3 time and asked aunty, my wife get 3 cups tea and she sit next to me we take tea and my wife take the empty cups in the kitchen and she is preparing dinner,

I pressed Swathis boobs and told her you are looking sexy now. She laughed and said uncle I will go now, if I will stay for some time her my sis will come and abuse me, I laughed and said ok, I finished my works and wear my night suit and ready to go to my sis house Jothi came in

and asked me uncle you are ready, I said yes, Jothi wear a white flowers sleeveless nighty, she looks beautiful in that nighty, mostly her hands, and armpits, hoo she is a real black beauty, I told my wife that I will come late and she said ok,

(some of fans and readers thinks that I may ignore my wife, no its wrong my dear fans, and readers, when ever I free in the day time also, I make love with my wife, its not possible to narrate every incident here, so I mention about the 2 sisters only)

jothi asked my wife to come and sit for some time with them, my wife said no she has some work to complete and we make a move, while going to her house, Jothi asked me uncle in the afternoon I watched the balance film, ohhhh the 3rd and 4th bits are too horny,

I asked her where she kept the films, she said uncle I keep them in a safe place, we went near to the back door and Jothi knocked the door, I am on her back and pressing her ass and she turned towards me and laughed at me,

Swathi opened the door and my sis is taking her dinner and asked me brother do u taste this curry, I said no sis I am full, swathi took some curry and asked me to open my mouth and I ate it, and said sis its very tasty, we went to the drawing room and sit in the chair,

Swathi sit next to me and Jothi sit in opposite chair, generally our understanding with Jothi she will always sit next to me, but today she allowed her sis to sit next to me. My sis completed her dinner and other kitchen works and come to the drawing room and sit in the chair,

we chat for some time and my sis told me brother, Swathi’s exams are also very near and you pleazz watch who she is preparing, then Jothi immediately told her mom, look mom Swathi will all times disturb us, you worn her to keep silent and read her books for some time,

we laughed and my sis told us that she will go and sleep. I asked Jothi to ask me if she has any doubts, she said uncle I have to fill one application and to check all attachments with it, I said ok, and I asked Swathi about her subjects and date of exams she give me her schedule and I

asked her about her subjects and preparation, she laughed and said uncle I am preparing well and I get good marks in the model exam also, I asked her to show me her progress, she went to the bed room to get her report, immediately I told Jothi to come and sit next to me,

she laughed and came and sit by my side and I am looking her application, swathi came along with her report and sit by my another side, now our bodies are touching with each other and if I move my hands Swathi’s boobs are touching my shoulder,

I took the progress report of Swathi and she got an average of 70% marks, I told her not bad but to improve and get at least 80 to 85%, then Jothis said uncle if she stop watching MTV or Star movies she get 85%, then Swathi told her sis don’t tease me always like that and fill your

application, (simply said mind your own business) Jothi immediately caught her hand and pulled her and said what are u talking, haa, look uncle how she is talking with me, I released her hand and ask them to sit silent, and I told Swathi you read some of your books for some time ok,

I will look your sis application and then we will watch hindi move, Swathi is ready to weep, I hold her cheeks and said don’t be silly dear, she is taking heavy breath, her boobs are moving up and down, ohhhh really superb, she hold her head in my lap and I looked Jothi and said look jothi

she is not in good mood, we leave her alone for some time, let me see your application and I verified all columns and she forgot some and I asked her fill them and attach all necessary documents, she went to bed room to get her certificates,

I put my hand on Swathis belly and pressing it smoothly and I raised my hand on her boobs and pressing them, my cock is hard and touching her face, I put my hand on her eyes, ohhh they are wet, she is weeping, I asked her to sit and get her water towel and sit next to her ask her to

drink water and I cleaned her face and said, listen Swathi, you give respect to your sister, I told u don’t fight with her and I told in a low voice if you respect her it will helpful to us also, she laughed and said ok, I kissed her cheeks, Jothi came along with her file,

and I told Swathi to say sorry to her sis, she said sorry sis, Jothis laughed and said ok and creased Swathi’s cheeks, we laughed and jothi attached all the documents and prepared her application for disposal.

I asked Swathi shall we watch a hindi move in VCR, she said ask Jothi uncle, Jothi lauged and said yes, I start the VCR and sit in between the two sisters and I hold my one hand on Jothi’s shoulder, and another hand on Swathis thigh, ohhh she wear a half pant,

her bare thigh is strong and smooth, the film is low budget and romantic, (dear readers this move swathi and myself watched first but Jothi is not, so Swathi sit silent) (nenu naa cheyya okate pedapapa medameeda vesa, rendo cheyya chinna papa toda meeda vesa,

ohh chinna papa toda nunnagaa, gattiga vundi, tanu half pant vesukundemoo tana nunnani toda naaku kasi puttistondi). In the film after 20 minutes there was a song with hero and heroine, heroine exposing her boobs, belly, navel and hero hugged her tight and pressing her ass and

kissing her neck, Jothi is horny and pressing my thigh and said uncle its very sexy naa, I said yes its low budget and I said in her ear, some scenes are cut, she is taking heavy breath, and swathi is pressing her left boob to my hand, ohhhh I am also very horny,

the song is over and jothi went to bathroom, I think she is wet, Swathi asked me uncle you sleep here plezz, I said yes, and pressed her boobs and told her to wear a petticoat and without panty, she laughed and said yes, Jothi came from bathroom,

I observed that she removed her panty, I told her to switch off the main bulb and keep the bed lamp, she did, and sit next to me, Swati went out side and Jothi hold her hand on my shoulders and asked me uncle any progress, I laughed and said some thing better, she kissed on my lips,

Swathi came in wearing a black petticoat, its very short, and sit next to me, the film is running, and there is another song with the hero and the heroine in swimming pool, the heroine wear a bra and panty, and half off her boobs, belly, deep navel,

round ass ohhh she exposed all her assets and while she is swimming her boobs are bouncing and her nipples and her cleavage clearly visible, and she looks very beautiful in the water, the hero hold her waist and hugged her and pressing her ass, and kissing on her cleavage,

jothi said uncle its very horny and sexy, look her boobs, he is pressing all her body, ohhh its hot, I laughed and said the low budget films are full of romance, and I said the second heroine she exposed more and more in the another song wait and see, ok,

Swathi is silent and she hold her hand on my inner thigh just near to my cock, I pressed her hand and keep my hand on her hand, my another hand is on Jothis shoulder after a few minutes the another song with the side heroine and the hero(a dream song of side heroine),

the song is in rain, the heroine wear a yellow color sari bellow her navel and same color blouse and a black bra, her blouse is deep low cut and back full open and tight with same color strings,They are hugging tight and the hero kissing her allover her body,

in one scene hero sit on the ground opened his legs wide and the heroine removed her sari and hold it on a tree and she is on her petticoat and sit in between his legs and he hold his hands on her belly and kissing her neck and she lay on the ground her sexy looks inviting the hero,

she hugged her tight and the hero hold his thigh on her and pressing her cheeks and his forehand pressing her boobs, ohhhhhhhhh just superb and very horny scene, we are very horny and Jothi hold her hand on my thigh and pressing it,

at the other side Swathi pressing her boobs to me, ohh In the film the hero start kissing her from fore head, cheeks, lips, and pressing his head on her boobs, and coming down on her belly and kissing it smoothly and he is rubbing his head on her navel,

the heroine hold his head and she stood up and they hugged tight, the song is over, and the film come to an end, jothis asked me uncle we sleep, plez swith off the VCR, I close the TV and VCR, and Jothi asked me to sleep on the cot, I said no I will sleep on the floor,

she asked Swathi to arrange mat, pillows bed sheets and keep it smooth to sleep uncle freely, after arranging Jothi asked her sis to sleep on cot, she said no sis I will sleep on floor by uncle side, u sleep on cot, I said we three will adjust here and when we feel to go sleep jothi will go

and sleep on cot, they said yes and we three lay on the floor, and I sleep in the middle and the two adjusted by my side. We three facing to sky, and Swathi turned towards me and hold her hand on me, her boobs are pressing me, ohh how can I take chance,

swathi asked me uncle the hindi films are more sexy naa, I said yes, I hold my leg on jothis thigh and talking with Swathi in a low voice the English films are also very sexy dear, some films you watch in Star TV, yes she said but if we watch our films we may get more hot than English

films, I laughed and said yes, jothi asked me uncle you need bed sheet, I said yes she took one big bed sheet and cover it on us, now we three are under big bed sheet and I turned towards Jothi and hold my hand on her belly and rubbing it smoothly and my hand moved on her boobs

and pressing them, she hold my hand on her boobs, Swathi stood up and went to bathroom, Jothi told me uncle I want you badly, ohhhhh while watching the film, ohhhh its very hot, then I told her I ask Swati to sleep on cot for some time and we enjoy then you go and sleep on cot,

Swathi came in and I told her look Swathi you sleep on the cot, here its congested for three of us, when I want to go sleep I will sleep on cot, she said ok, and lay on cot, jothi and myself adjusted the bed sheet and the dim night lamp is also hide us.

Jothi turned towards me and hold her hand and thigh on me and said uncle I have to post my application tomorrow, I told her I will post it, Her thigh is touching my cock, ohhhhh its hard, and I turned towards her we hugged tight, and I kissed on her lips, its not possible to do sex now,

because Swathi don’t know that I fucked her sis, jothi also don’t know that I fucked Swathi, today these two are waiting for me. I told Jothi don’t make noise for some time, and Swati will go to sleep, she said yes, we are doing our sex play, I hole my hand on her cunt and rubbing it,

she raised her nighty and took my hand and pressing it on her cunt, ohhhhh its smooth and we turned face to face and I kissed on her lips and she took my lower lip and sucking it, ohhhhhhh no sounds, only action, I opened my pyjama knot and loose it and (I won’t wear my underwear)

my erect cock is touching her pubic area, I pressed her ass and she bite my lip and sucking it, umm, I fully raised her nighty upto her belly and she hold her thigh on me, and I put my finger in her cunt and licking it ohhhhhh her cunt is hot and wet,

slowly I put my cock knob on her cunt and jerking it in to her cunt, its tight and she came on me and now I open her cunt lips with my fingers and pushed my cock in her cunt and my cock went inside and I am pressing her ass and she is kissing my lips and our breath is hot and I am

jerking my cock from bottom, ohhhh nice fuck, ohhhh she is pressing her pubic area to me, ohhhhhh she is sucking my lips and she took my tongue in her mouth and sucking ittttttt, ohhhhhh I cummed in her cunt.

She hugged me tight and kissed my forehead and lips and get down and adjusted her nighty, I also adjusted my pyjama and tight my rope, we are sweating she went to kitchen and get water for us we drink water and I found Swathi is turned opposite to our site and facing the wall,

and she is acting like asleep, We kissed and jothi said uncle I will go and sleep on cot, let Swathi will sleep here, and she told me in my ears, uncle try her, I will sleep now ok, I laughed and said yes, and I told her ears, I don’t have condom, she said no prob uncle,

first u try and if she allow u fuck her, ok, I laughed and said yes, jothi stood up and went near to cot and called Swathi, to get up, she stood up and asked her what, jothi said I will sleep here, then Swati come and sleep by my side. I hold my hand on her boobs and pressing them,

and turned towards her and told in her ears, Swathi don’t make noise, she said yes, and turned towards me and kissing my lips, I raised her petticoat upto her belly and pressing her ass, ohhh her ass is strong and smooth, she is sucking my lips,

I turned her and put my hand inside her T shirt and pressing her boobs, with my another hand I opened her thighs and put my finger in her cunt and licking it, her cunt is wet and she hold her hand on my erect cock, I opened my pyjama knot and loose it and Swathi asked me to come

on her and fuck. I just looked at Jothi she is sleeping, I jumped on Swathi and she opened her thighs and I opened her cunt lips with my fingers and pushed my cock slowly in her cunt, hoooo its tight and she is pressing my back and took my lower lip in her mouth and bite it,

ohhhhh I slowly entered in her cunt and lay like that for some time and I kissed her lips she is pressing my ass and I am moving slowly and fucking her, she hold her legs on my ass and raising her ass, ohhhhhhh she is horny and kissing my lips and I am pressing her boobs and I

took her nipple in my mouth and sucking it and fucking her, ohhhhh I may cum, ohhhhh ummmmmmm I raised my action and she is pressing my ass to her cunt and I cummued in her cunt. I kissed her lips and she released her legs and I get down from her and cleaned my cock

with her petticoat. She adjusted her garments and turned towards me and kiss me and said in my ear thanks uncle. I kissed her and said ok.. I told Swati I will go home and take rest. She said ok, I stood up and went near to Jothi and smoothly bite on her cheeks and she stood up

and asked me what? I said I will go, she asked me uncle you are not comfortable there to sleep, I said not like that, she asked me to sleep by her side, she took my hand and creasing it, I understood she need me, I said yes and I asked Jothi to bring water,

she went to kitchen I followed her and she hugged me and asked me how her sis is? I laughed and said nice, I asked her do u see it, she said yes, ohhhhh my god, we drink water and come and I first lay on the cot and sleep and jothi sleep by my side,

here it is convenient for me to feel her body, after few minutes she turned towards me and hold her thigh on me and hugged me and she put her hand on my chest playing with my hair.(I think in my self) If I go to sleep my sis will woke up early and see me like this,

ohhhh I will not sleep up to early hours and will go, I turned towards Jothi and kissed her lips and she put her finger in my mouth I am sucking her finger, ohhhhhh I am in heaven, she is pressing my cock with her thigh,

my cock is erect and I raised her nighty up to her belly and pressing her ass, ohhhhhhhh beautiful ass, round, strong, and smooth, she is kissing my cheeks and my lips and she is sucking meeeeeee, she slowly opened my pyjama rope and loose it and took my cock in her

hand and pressing it, ohhhhh I told in her ear, kiss it, she slowly bent near to my pubic area and kissing my knob, I took my cock with my hand and with my another hand I open her mouth and put my cock in her mouth she is sucking it ohhhhhh umm I am raising my ass, ohhhhh niceeeeeeee, she took my full cock in her mouth, ummmmm.

I removed my cock and my cock is full of her saliva. She come to me and asked me to love her, I adjusted her and jumped on her and she opened her legs wide and I opened her cunt lips with my finger and pushed my cock ohhhhhh its tight and my cock head entered in her cunt,

ohhhh uuuuuuuu, she is kissing me and I again pushed my cock now my cock is fully entered in her cunt, ohhhhhhhh hot and wet cunttttttt, if I do it fast the cot may give sounds, how I slowly jerking my cock and she hold my ass and pressing it,

ohhhhhh I am moving ohh I kissed her lips and I put my tongue in her mouth she is sucking my tongue and she bite my tongue with her teeth, uuuuuuummmmm I cummed in her cunt. I lay on her and kissed her lips and told her ear jothi I will go home, plezzzz, she laughed and said yes,

I lay by her side and cleaned with her nighty and I adjusted my garment. I said bye and she come with me and opened the door. She followed me I hugged her and kissed her lips and said bye, she asked me come in the morning and collect the application, I told her to give it to my wife

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