Today I’m going to share with you one of the real horny experience of my life. Before that, let me tell you about myself. I’m a 23-year-old guy 6 ft tall, fair in colour with muscular body. I stay in Mumbai with my father. My father normally goes on bussiness tours, and whenever he is in Mumbai, he comes home late at night after doing his business work. In short, I stay alone enjoying the freedom.

This incident took place few months back. My dad was out of station as usual. One day, dad called me and said that Sanjay will be coming to Mumbai with his wife Haasini for few days. He told me to pick them from the airport the next day. He said he will be back within 2 days. Till that time, you take good care of them. Sanjay lives in Jalandhar with his wife Haasini. Sanjay’s father is a very good friend of my dad. Sanjay was just like a big brother for me. We had very good family relations with them. Sanjay was coming to Mumbai for some official work as well as Mumbai darshan.

As they are elder than me, I used to call them bhaiya & bhabhi. Sanjay bhaiya is 30 yrs old while Haasini bhabhi was 28. Let me tell u abt Haasini bhabhi. She is 5 ft 7 inches tall. She looks very much similar to film actress Preity Zinta. But her figure was much better than Preity Zinta. She had a nice voluptuous busty figure. Her fig was 38 30 36. Looking at my bhabhi’s body, you can make out that she is really hungry for sex & wants more & more. Deep down inside, I wanted to fuck her like an animal.

Next day, I went to the airport in evening to pick Sanjay bhaiya & Haasini bhabhi. I picked them up from the airport. Haasini bhabhi was really looking sexy wearing saari & with her low-neck sleeveless blouse. As my car was in servicing centre for some problem, we came home by taxi. While coming home, we chatted for a while like normal stuffs when people meet after long time. We reached home. At night, we had dinner, chatted, & watched TV together. I arranged their sleeping in guest room, and I switched on the AC in that room. Then, we all went to sleep at 10 p.m. It was around midnight I was sleeping in my room and I woke up as I was feeling thirsty. I went to the kitchen to get water. As I passed through guest room, I heard some shouting. The door of the room was closed as the AC was on. I went near the room. I heard Haasini bhabhi shouting & saying, you are good for nothing, you cant hold your erection for at least 30 seconds also. Bhaiya said honey I’m tired today and tomorrow I have to wake up early in the morning. Bhabhi said, it happens every night, you satisfy urself without taking care of me. Their quarrel subsided after few minutes, and after that, I went to my room to sleep.

Next day in the morning, Sanjay bhaiya told me to take bhabhi to her friend’s place as he has to go out for official work, so he couldn’t accompany her. As my dad told me to take good care of them, I couldn’t say no to them. Actually the friend was bhabhi’s school friend who got married to a man in Mumbai & she was meeting her after long time. Bhabhi didn’t know much abt Mumbai that is why she wanted me to go with her, so bhaiya went out for his official work and was supposed to come back at around 5 in the evening. After bhaiya went out, me and bhabhi got dressed up & went to bus stop to board a BEST bus. Actually bhabhi’s friend lives in Mulund, which was at least 2 hours from my place with normal traffic. There were very limited bus, which use to go to that place from my place. As my car was down, there was no choice but to travel in bus for such a long distance. We boarded the bus. In the bus, we were sitting together. We chatted a lot in 2 hours’ journey. After that, we reached her friend’s place. Bhabhi met her childhood friend. We were there for few hours.

Lets cut the story short & get to the main part. It was 7 p.m. in the evening when we came out of her friend’s place. Me & bhabhi was walking to the bus stop to get the bus. Haasini bhabhi was looking really sexy. She was wearing a tight salwar suit in which all her curves were visible. Her boobs were so big that I felt like squeezing them hard. We reached the bus stop. We were waiting in a line to board the bus and the bus came after 20 mins. We boarded the bus. As it was peak hours, there were no seats available in the bus, so we were both standing together.

The bus started moving. After each & every stop the rush in the bus started increasing more & more. Bhabhi was standing in front of me. Within few minutes the rush was so much that my front body was touching the back side of my bhabhi. My crotch was touching my bhabhi’s ass. I felt little bit uncomfortable as it was not intentional. I was trying to control myself. Bhabhi turned her face backwards towards me. She gave me a naughty look & then started looking in front. Within few seconds my 8 inch dick got really hard & the bulge in my pant was pressing her soft ass cheeks (bumps or buttocks).

She turned her face backward again & gave me a naughty smile. I understood that she was enjoying it. She was now intentionally pressing & rubbing her ass on the bulge in my pant. I was getting horny. I was becoming bold now. I place my hand on her ass & started feeling her soft ass cheeks (bums). Current was flowing through by body. I grabbed ass cheeks & squeezed them tightly. She made a sound ouchhhhh. Then, I started moving my hand in front. It was a crowded bus, so nobody cared to notice what was going on.

She was hanging her purse on the right shoulder. I moved my hand to the right side around her waist, and my hand was hiding between her purse & waist. I pulled her body towards me, and I was pressing my dick deep into her ass crack giving jerks. She was enjoying every moment of it, and her eyes were closed. I was talking in ears. I asked her how r u feeling bhabhi? Do u like it? She said, yaa rocky I love it, lagta hain aaj tum meri gaand phaad doge. I was really shocked to hear those dirty words from her. I moved my hand inside her suit & started feeling her soft stomach.

Slowly, I started moving my hand up inside her suit & pressed her big boobs over her bra. Alternatively, I was pressing my dick on her ass crack as if I m fucking her ass. I whispered in her ears, bhabhi! you r so sexy, I love ur body ur boobs & ur ass. She replied, wht abt me? Don’t u love me? I said, I love u bhabhi, jee karta hain yahin aapke kapde phaadkar chodna chaloo karoon. She said, thoda sabar kar lo, ghar aane ke baad jee bhar ke chod lena. Every dirty word from her mouth was making me more mad.

Now, I moved my hand down & slowly moved it inside her salwar & felt her panty. It was really wet. Then, I moved my hand inside her panty & started feeling her pussy. Her pussy was clean shaved. Meanwhile, I was still pressing my dick on her ass crack from behind. Within few seconds, I inserted my middle finger inside her pussy & started fingering her rigorously. Her eyes was closed, and now, she was moaning in pleasure. She was saying ahhhhhhhhhhh, Rocky pls be gentleeee. But I was fingering her vigourously & pressing my dick from behind. She was moaning slowly.

As it was a crowded bus, there was lot of noise, so nobody cared what was going on. Everyone was frustated because of rush & heat. But we were enjoying every moment of our bus journey while standing in the bus. While giving jerks from behind after few seconds, I cummed in my pant & my underwear became wet, but I was still fingering her pussy. I could feel her clit was swollen. I now inserted my other finger too giving her pleasure with 2 fingers.

After a while her body started shivering & she held my right hand tightly with which I was fingering her. Her juice was flowing out from her wet pussy. She reached orgasm while standing in the bus. I moved my hand out of her salwar & started licking my fingers. After licking my finger, I whispered in her ear, Bhabhi you taste really good. After some time, we got a place to sit. While sitting together, we were looking at each other with lust in our eyes.

After some time, our stop came, and we got down from the bus. We walked towards our house within 2 mins. I was waiting to reach home & pounce on my sexy bhabhi. But when we reached home, we saw Sanjay bhaiya was already back from work, and I was cursing my luck. At night me, bhaiya & bhabhi had dinner together. We were acting normal in front of bhaiya. We were looking at each other with lust, but we couldn’t do anything in front of bhaiya. We had to wait for the next day till bhaiya goes to work. At around 11 p.m., we all went to sleep in our respective rooms.

I was not able to sleep. I was still thinking abt the incident that happened in the bus. I was really getting horny. I went to bathroom & masturbated 3 times thinking abt my bhabhi. I was really feeling horny thinking abt next morning how I will fuck bhabhi after bhaiya goes to work. I was feeling restless thinking abt bhabhi. It was around 2 a.m. at night I went to kitchen to drink water. When I reached kitchen I saw bhabhi was standing in the kitchen & drinking water. It was quite dark in the kitchen. She was wearing saree. She didn’t see me entering the kitchen because she was facing the other side. I slowly went close to her & grabbed her from behind. She got scared & was about to shout. But I placed my hand on her mouth & said, don’t shout bhabhi it’s me rocky.

She turned around & gave me a suprise look & said, Rocky! what r u doing here? I said “bhabhi I can’t stop thinking about u, and I want to fuck u right now.” After saying that, I pounced on her body & grabbed her tightly. I moved my hand on her shoulder and made her saree pallu fall from her shoulder. I started kissing her neck. She tried to stop me. She said, what r u doing rocky? Are you out of your mind? I said, what happened don’t u like it? She replied, kuch to sharam karo, your bhaiya is sleeping in the next room, he might wake up.

I said I don’t care. I pressed her body against the wall. Her soft body was crushed between my muscular body and the wall. I started squeezing her boobs over her blouse. She tried to stop me. She moved my hand from her boobs. I got angry & pressed her with both hands on the wall. Then, I moved my face near her face & tried to kiss her, but she moved her face sideways. I kissed her cheeks & licked her cheeks like a horny animal. Then, I slowly started moving down licking her soft neck. She was pleading, ohhhhhh Rockyyy pls stop, atleast wait for tommorow till ur bhiaya goes to work. If ur bhaiya wakes up, he will kill me. She was willing to give her sexy body the next day, but I couldn’t wait till tomorrow because I was really horny. Her pleading was falling on deaf ears. I was just like a hungry tiger pounding on prey. I started madly licking her neck slowly moving down. She was wearing her low-neck blouse. I licked her navel wildly & tried to remove the hook of her blouse. She resisted a little with her hands. I said, hey bitch I’m not gong to stop. I removed the hooks of her blouse forcibly one by one.

After removing the hook, I could see her big boobs trying to come out of the bra. I took her milky white boobs out of the bra and started sucking her boobs madly. I was squeezing her boobs mercilessly, and I was biting her nipples. I didn’t care to take her to bed. I was just molesting her body in standing position in our kitchen. She was moaning in pleasure saying ohhhhh plsssssssss Rockyyyyyyyy stop it. Thoda pyar se dabao, I’m ur bhabhi, but her moan was making me mad, and I was becoming more rough and wild. After sucking her boobs madly, I knelt down and I started licking her soft stomach. I even started biting her stomach. Her eyes were closed. Then, I slowly touched her feet and started moving her petticoat & saree up. She said, what r u doing? plss stop it, not now.

I said, bhabhi I m just taking blessing from u by touching ur feet. I started moving her saree & petticoat up & started licking her soft legs. I slowly started moving her sarree & petticoat up above her knees. I started licking her soft warm thighs madly. She was moaning in pleasure saying aahhhhhhhh Rocky u r very naughtyyyy. I was licking and biting her thighs madly moving more close to her panty. Her resistance was completely over, and she was enjoying every moment of it. We almost forgot that bhaiya was sleeping in the next room.

I came near her panty & saw her panty was already wet. I kissed her pussy over her panty wildly. She moaned wildly saying ufffffffffffffff. I moved her saari & petticoat almost above her waist. I removed her panty slowly. I first kissed her pussy. Then, I rolled my tongue inside her pussy & started licking her pussy like a mad dog. My tongue rolled deep in her pussy. She was getting more & more excited. She started saying ohhhhhhhhhhh Rockyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy I love uuuuuu. She was standing on her feet caressing my hair while I was on my knees licking her pussy madly.

I said, bhabhi u taste really greatttttttttt. After some time, she held my hair tightly & pressed it more against her pussy. Suddenly juices started flowing from her pussy, and she reached orgasm. All her juices came to my mouth. I could see her juices flowing from her milky white thighs. I licked every drop of it. Then, I stood up and removed my pant immediately. After reaching orgasm, she was about to sit on the floor, but I held her tightly. I moved her petticoat and saree up above her waist. I stretched her legs & I tried to push my 8-inch hard dick in her pussy in standing position. She was really tight after being married for 1 year. I pushed my dick hard, and after some time, it went fully in. She moaned, ouccchhhh! u have dick of an elephant.

After inserting my dick, I lifted her soft bulky body with my hard muscular body, so her feet were not on the floor. Her legs were wrapped around my waist while her hands were wrapped around my neck. I was also holding her tightly. In that position, I pressed her body on the wall and her back was supported by the wall, so I started fucking her half naked body in standing position. I started moving my dick in & out. I increased the speed. She was now screaming in pleasure aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh phaddd de apni bhabhi ki chut koooooooo.

I said, Bhabhi pls be quiet, you will wake bhaiya up. She said, I don’t care, your bhaiya doesn’t know how to handle a woman in heat. She was screaming in pleasure without any worries. While moving my dick in & out, I also started smooching her lips madly. I rolled my tongue in her mouth & started exploring her mouth. After some time, I started sucking her tongue. I didn’t want her to shout, so I lip locked her mouth. It was taking long time for me to cum again. I already cummed thrice that night thinking about her. I was at top speed fucking her pussy in standing position. She was biting my lips in pleasure.

After some time, her body became real stiff & her nails pricked my back making a mark. She reached orgasm again, but I was still fucking her pussy madly without stopping. After a long time, I cummed inside her pussy & I left her. She stood on her feet now. She was not able to stand. She just lied on the floor half naked. She was breathing heavily. Her hair was a mess. The hook of her blouse was open & her boobs were out of bra. Her saree & petticoat were way above her knees without panty. She was looking really hot lying on the floor half naked.

Looking at her condition, anyone can make out that she was raped mercilessly by me. I was just staring at her hungrily. After some time, she gained consciousness. She moved her boobs back in her bra. She hooked her blouse & made her saree & petticoat proper. Then she stood up, took her panty which was lying on the floor, & started walking towards her room without saying a word. I was staring at her backside while she walked towards her room. She was not able to walk properly. After she entered her room, I put my pants on & went back to my room, lied on my bed immediately. I was tired. I fell on the bed & went to sleep immediately.

Next day in the morning, I woke up late. Bhaiya already went out to work. I was in a hurry because I was supposed to meet my girlfriend today. Without wasting time, I went to bath immediately. After taking bath, I wrapped a towel around my waist & came out of the bathroom. When I came out of bathroom, I saw bhabhi standing in front of me. She was without saree only wearing blouse & petticoat. She came near me, and she started moving her soft hand on my hard chest. Then, she started kissing & licking my chest. She was licking my chest slowly moving down.

Now, she was licking my abbs. Then, she moved her hand & tried to remove my towel. I stopped her and said bhabhi I can’t do this right now. I need to meet my GF today, otherwise she is going to kill me. Bhabhi said, I don’t care. You r the one who gave me multiple orgasm, and I want u to satisfy me right now. After saying that she forcibly pulled my towel & removed it. I was now fully naked in front of her. She started staring at my naked body with lust. I held her hair tightly & pressed her front body on the wall. Her backside was facing me. I hold her hair very tight & started kissing her neck from behind.

I was licking & biting her neck from behind. She moaned, ouchhhhhhh! u r too rough Rockyyy. I tore her blouse from behind & threw it away. Then, I opened the hook of her bra from behind & it fell down. I started moving my hand over her backside. I was madly licking her backside slowly moving down. I knelt down & started licking her lower back. She was standing on her feet facing the wall & enjoying my licking. Her eyes were closed, and she was moaning madly. I moved my hand in front & undid the strings of her petticoat, and it fell down. Her ass was now in front of my face. She was now just in panty. I started licking her ass cheeks. I was biting her ass cheeks madly making my teeth mark. She was moaning ouchhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh, pls dont do tht, pls dont make bite marks on my body, wht will I say to my husband if he sees those mark. I was just licking her back of thighs & biting it madly.

Then, I stood up. I hold her hair tightly & pushed her in the bed. She lied on the bed just in panty while I was naked standing beside the bed. I went to the kitchen & bought a bottle of honey with me. Then, I climbed over her body with the honey bottle. I was over her while she was under my naked body. I poured some honey on her cheeks & lip. Then, I started licking the honey from her cheeks & lips wildly. I took some honey on my tongue & rolled my tongue deep inside her mouth & started smooching her. After kissing her wildly, I poured some honey on her boobs & her stomach. I was madly sucking her boobs. I was mercilessly squeezing her boobs. I was biting her nipples.

She was moaning loudly, and there were echoes of her moan all over the room. After that, I started licking her stomach and biting it. I was molesting her whole body like a wild animal. I was literally licking her whole body. Then, I moved down and started licking her toes. I was slowly moving up licking her legs. She folded her legs. I poured some honey on her thighs, and started licking her thighs madly. While licking her legs, I was slowly reaching her pussy. I quickly removed her panty & buried my face between her legs. I was licking her pussy madly. Her hips were moving up with pleasure. She was holding my hair very tightly & pulling my head more towards her pussy. She just wrapped her legs around my neck. l licked her pussy till her full satisfaction. I had no choice of moving my head because it was stuck between her legs.

After some time, she said it’s time for u to fuck me hard. I just moved my head from her pussy. I stretched her legs and inserted my dick deep inside her pussy. I started moving my dick in and out. I was fucking her at top speed. I was on top of her, and she was under me. We were holding each other very tightly. I was squeezing her delicate soft body with my hard muscular body. While fucking her pussy, I was kissing her lips madly. She wrapped her legs around my waist. After some time, her body became stiff, and she gave a loud sound, and she reached orgasm. I also cummed in her pussy at the same time. We both were breathing heavily. I was lying on her naked body. I moved away from her body & lied beside her.

After sometime, she came over my body. She said its my time to return u favour. I was under her now. She started licking my chest & slowly moving down licking my abbs. Then, she held my dick in her hand. My dick was really shrink. She started stroking my dick. She moved the foreskin of my penis down and started sucking the head of my penis. Her sucking was so good that within few seconds, I regained erection again. She stretched her legs & sat on my dick. She started riding my dick while I was under her. She started moving up & down. Her big boobs were bouncing. She was looking very hot from down.

After a long time, I cummed and I was giving jerk, but she was still riding my dick. Within few seconds, she also reached orgasm and fell on my body. We took rest for few minutes lying in each other’s arms & kissing each other madly. Then again, she lied on the bed with her backside facing the ceiling. I kept a pillow under her lower stomach & her ass moved up. Then, I inserted my dick from behind inside her pussy. I started fucking her pussy from behind doggy style. I was holding her hair tightly while I was fucking her pussy from behind. It looked like I was riding a horse. I cummed inside her pussy again & lied on the backside of her body. We were in that position for sometime.

I again got horny, and I started spanking or slapping her ass cheeks. She was shouting ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I was biting & licking her ass cheeks. I inserted my finger & slowly started fingering her ass hole. She was moaning in pleasure. After fingering her asshole for a while, I tried to insert my dick in her ass hole. Her ass hole was really small. She said plsssssss not with ur dick, ur dick is very thick, I will die if u fuck my asshole. She tried to move her body, but I forcibly pressed her body on the bed. I forcibly pushed my dick in her asshole. She shouted ouiiiiiiiiii maaaaaaaaaa marr gayiii, pls ruk jaaoo.

Her screams was making me more wild. After a real hard push, I inserted my dick fully in her ass hole. Without any mercy, I was fucking her asshole. She was crying pls stop, I will die. Tears came from her eyes. I don’t know but her pleading and crying was making me more horny. I was fucking her asshole holding her hair tightly from behind. After some time, her crying turned into soft moans. It felt like she was enjoying it. I cummed in her asshole & fell on her body. I was lying on her backside of body. We both were really tired, and we both went to sleep for almost 1 hour in that same position. She woke up after 1 hour & woke me up too.

When I woke up, I was still horny. I told her to suck my dick. I stood up on the bed while she was sitting on the bed. She held my dick & started sucking the tip of my dick. My dick became hard. I removed her hand from my dick & told her not to touch it. Then I hold her hair tightly with my both hands. I inserted my whole dick in her small mouth & started fucking her mouth. I was moving my dick in & out holding her hair tightly. She was really choked while I was fucking her mouth. I was about to cum, and I cummed on her face. I rubbed tip of my dick on her face and her lips. Her cute face was looking real sexy with my white sperms. Then, she stood up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom to clean herself. She was not able to walk properly.

We continued our fucking for almost 2 weeks till she was in Mumbai. I fucked her in every corner of my house. When bhaiya was in deep sleep at night, she used to come to my room. After our fucking session, she used to go back to her room in early morning. When me & bhaiya used to watch cricket match together on TV, she used to work in kitchen. I used to go to kitchen in the name of drinking water & use to squeeze my bhabhi’s boobs & ass wildy & even used to kiss her. She used to get scared and say, ur bhaiya is in the next room, behave urself, but I never stopped doing it. She always used to say that she liked the way I used to molest her delicate body & roughly handle her body.

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