Hi there! My name is Haasini and I am a 34 year old housewife living in Bangalore. I would like confess how I was prey to my husband?s boss Mr.Ranjit.  My husband works for a well known appliances company. Mr.Ranjit, his boss, is around 43 years of age, fairly good looking but a hard boss to work for. He was also well known for his roving eye and we has heard stories about his escapades. I had also seen him on one or two occasions at parties . In fact many a time I have had a laugh about these stories little realising that I too would one day fall prey to his lust.

A little over 3 years ago my husband was due for his promotion which he very badly wanted. Ranjit Sir, as we call him, however was delaying this one one pretext or another. About this time my husband was sent abroad for a fortnight.

One evening a couple of days after he left, I was surprised to get a telephone call from my husband?s boss saying that a very important document was inadvertently kept by my husband in his briefcase and could I search for it and if possible bring it over right away since his car was in the workshop. I managed to find the document and took an auto to the office. It was close to 7 pm and on reaching the office I found that everyone had left and only Ranjit Sir was in his room. I knocked and went in. Ranjit Sir thanked me profusely for taking the trouble and apologised for the trouble. He said that he had to make up for the inconvenience caused by taking me out for dinner. I was rather taken aback and as I was stammering excuses and that I was not even dressed for the occasion he said, ?Haasini, I insist and will not take no for an answer. In any case you look absolutely attractive dressed as you are.?

I could not refuse without offending him and therefore reluctantly agreed.He called a cab and we went out to a cosy little place and had a very good dinner. Right through the meal he kept a lively conversation going with his pleasant experiences during his various overseas trips. I gradually felt more relaxed and was in fact a little sorry the the evening was drawing to an end . He then took me back home in an auto and as we reached my place asked, ?Haasini, aren?t you going to invite me for some coffee?? I started feeling very nervous but again had to call him for fear of offending him.

We went in and I asked him to wait in the sitting room while I made coffee. I went to the kitchen and while making the coffee he came in apparently to help out. Once or twice his hands brushed against my hands and I pretended not to notice. We went back to the sitting room to have the coffee and he came and sat close to me on the settee. He started saying how nice I looked, how he was dying to meet me when he saw me at a party and so on. He then caught hold of my hands and said ?May I just kiss these lovely fingers to show my admiration at their beauty?? 

While I tried to pull back he started kissing them. I stuttered ?Ranjit Sir please, this is not right.? He moved closer and said I must kiss you at least once otherwise I will go mad.? Ignoring my protests he pulled me to him put his lips on mine and kissed me. I tried to pull back but he caught me in a tight embrace and started to pry open my lips with his tongue. Slowly he managed to open my lips and put his tongue inside my mouth. My heart started hammering and with an effort I managed to tear my mouth away protesting feebly. He passionately again kissed me and said, ? 

Haasini darling! I am going to fuck you nice and proper tonight and you are going to willingly submit because when your husband gets back he will get his promotion which he longs for.? Saying that he put his mouth on mine again and roughly opened my lips with his tongue and rolled his tongue over mine and started sucking my saliva. I knew I had to yield to his desire, and while one part of my mind was recoiling at what was in store the other side was excited by the prospect of forbidden sex with this attractive man.

After what seemed an eternity of passionate kissing he asked me to lead us to the bedroom all the time his hands roaming over my body. We entered the bedroom and he asked me to undress fully doing so himself at the same time. He said, ?Darling I am going to really fuck you properly throughout the night so let us enjoy our bodies properly.?

After both of us disrobed completely he again hugged me and started caressing my heavy breasts. He bent down and put his mouth to my right nipple and started licking it. I began to get turned on and moaned slowly. He licked the other nipple also and then slowly started taking turns in sucking them, gently at first, then harder and biting them with increasing passion. All the time I was moaning and putting my hands on his head to encourage him to suck and bite harder. He slowly started kneeling down kissing my abdomen, navel and then to my lower lips. 

He started rubbing his face on my pubic hair and slowly parted my cunt with his nose exclaiming , ? Susi sweetheart you smell heavenly.? His tongue shot into my vagina and started licking and sucking frenetically. I started writhing about and said ?Dearest let us go to bed.? He lifted me and put me on the bed and lay down next to me slowly and steadily licking every inch of my body. My pink nipples had become an angry red by the frequent and rough attentions of his mouth. My nipples felt as if they were bursting and my cunt was moist and literally thirsting to be taken by my lover?s organ. I started begging , ? Please take me now?, hugging him tightly and scratching his back with my fingers.

 He slowly wrapped my fingers around his pulsating organ to make me guide him. Momentarily the logical part of my mind had a pang of regret that I was cheating my husband and that madness that we were about to indulge in sexual intercourse without precautions. However I was past caring and eagerly guided his throbbing sex organ into my thirsting vagina. He opened my mouth with his chewing on my lips as he entered me. Ooh! I was fairly tight and the feeling was incredible as he penetrated me slowly and with a jerk pushed in completely. 

He lay still for a moment locking his eyes into mine and then put his mouth to my nipples one by one and as he sucked them hard he fucked me. I began to move to his rhythm and as his thrusts became harder his sucking of my breasts and kissing of my mouth became wilder. His steel like organ was going berserk inside my cunt and I was on cloud 9. Slowly his thrusts became violent and I was feeling that I would be torn and would melt into him by his furious assault on my body. I started pleading ?Please sweetheart, please come hard inside me. I want every drop of you.? 

I starting climaxing as the world spun crazily and then he went still deep inside me. I could hear myself screaming as his love organ started shooting his copious discharge deep into my womb. Shuddering and almost weeping with pleasure my legs wrapped around him and my vaginal muscles tightened involuntarily milking his organ to the last drop. Slowly he relaxed and said ? That my love was the most pleasurable experience of my lifetime.?

We coupled twice more that night and the next day I was drained with my nipples slightly cut and my cunt aching with the intense lovemaking. Ranjit Sir came home to fuck me every night till my husband returned and as a result of the most intense and frequent lovemaking, I became pregnant. Initially I was shocked but my lover persuaded me to have the child since there was no risk and my husband was completely in the dark about our affair. I now have a girl and Ranjit Sir and I still continue our illicit affair secretly and as often as we get a chance since I am literally an addict to the most pleasurable sex sessions I can imagine with this fantastic lover. He now wants to father another child by me saying this time we will hope for a son. My plight is both pitiable and pleasurable.

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