Alex knew I fantasized about having 2 guys together, and about him watching other cocks pleasing me. It’s all about being an object of sexual pleasure. He knew that. Before we went to work that morning he had told me that he would share me with his boss, Varun, that evening. Actually, we hadn’t talked too much about this subject. However when we had first talked about my fantasy, Alex had presented Varun as someone who had expressed an interest in fucking my ass.

When I had said I thought Varun was a fan of fatty babes with huge round asses, my hubby said that actually he was, but he did liked me, because he thought I was so fucking hot and wasn’t afraid of showing myself off. Alex went on to say that Varun was also a real ass man and he was really weak for babe’s ass! Throughout the day I could not concentrate on my work and my emotions waved in excitement. In that day I wondered how I would feel afterwards after letting 2 men do what they liked with my body. Knowing Alex I knew there was not going back because he really wanted to use me to impress his boss.

He told me how to dress – black see through top, long black skirt, high heels and black G string. He also warned me that there wouldn’t be many talks and chats and they were going to simply fuck me. I was supposed to follow all of their dirty instructions and talk only when I would be addressed to. Before Varun arrived, we drank some wine to make sure that my anxiety was gone, so I was left in some kinky state of excitement and anticipation. I realized that I was going to fulfill a fantasy that I had initiated myself. I couldn’t help feeling my excitement starting somewhere down my snatch and rising up my body to my throat. I couldn’t still realize that I had just given my permission to be fucked by 2 guys.

When Varun arrived it was obvious that he had been instructed by my hubby because there was absolutely no talk between us. Alex led us straight upstairs with a couple of bottles of wine and 3 empty glasses. He talked to Varun as if I wasn’t there:

“She likes to suck off, she likes it from behind, she likes it in the ass, and she likes to be mouth fucked!” It was now obvious that Varun was there to fuck me and nothing else.

After Alex put on music and poured us drinks, he told me to remove my top and skirt, but to keep my G strings on. When I slipped off my black silk top I saw Varun’s eyes brighten up and fixed on my not large breast! Alex had made me feel comfortable saying that things were going fine and my boobs looked great. However his boss didn’t express any wish to caress my tits.

Nevertheless when I stepped out of my skirt I saw a real glint of desire in Varun’s eyes, it was so burning into his look, his hungry eyes were devouring my tanned round thighs and my snatch covered with underwear. Alex didn’t take his clothes off yet, but just opened his trousers, his cock was visible through the small hole. I was surprised that he wasn’t wearing any shorts, but the sight of his naked cock springing out was exciting! It was already erect and ready, and I kneeled down to suck him when he and Varun sat on the bed. Holding his cock at the base with one hand, I let my lips and tongue slide down his length, closed my mouth around it and began moving up and down his shaft. I love the feel of his cock in my mouth.

My blonde hair fell forward, but he pulled it back and held it loosely so that they could both see my lips and mouth moving up and down on his cock! Actually, my hubby always says that I have the most fuck worth mouth in the world! Then he pulled my hair backwards to raise my head from his cock. He had to pull hard because I didn’t want to stop sucking him! It felt so good! When I raised my head I saw that Varun had opened his trousers too, and was playing with himself gently.

He was big, really big! Though it was not at full erection, it was still big! I realized that I was going to take that stuff in my ass! Actually, my ex boyfriend was of similar size, so I knew what it feels to take such monster in the ass! I remembered fucking anal for nights and that made my ass muscles tingle with the excitement. I also knew that Alex has already promised my ass to his boss and this mature bastard expected anal show!

Moving slightly on my knees towards Varun’s crotch, I bent my head down and circled the tip of his penis with my tongue. Then, just as with Alex, I took his cock in one hand and gently lowered my mouth down its length. I could taste the pre-cum of his excitement. I moved my tongue and lips up and down his shaft and he groaned. Being afraid of him cumming so soon, I pulled my mouth away from his cock and, still holding the shaft with my hand! With that I bent down further to lick and suck at his balls. Then, when he was back in his senses, I moved my mouth over his cock once more, sliding it in and out of my lips and keeping rhythm with the movement of my hand stroking his shaft slowly.

Alex stood up and pulled me away from him to my feet. My hubby kissed me and when my mouth opened, he gave me a gulp of wine in his hand. It tasted cool and a bit sweetish. Then he pulled away and pushed me on to my knees in front of him, his cock in my face. I opened my lips to suck him again, and he held me by the hair. Varun stood up too and they both shared my mouth! At first Alex would penetrate my lips and then Varun, after that back to Alex again. It was like a strange dance in time with the music. Both guys thrust their cocks deeply into my throat, with each thrust going deeper and deeper. Each of them could enjoy watching my cheeks forming round bulge of cock filling my mouth. Saliva oozed out on my lips, falling down on my bare breast and leaving white clammy traces.

I was sucking one cock while stroking another one with my hand! Then Alex pulled away as he knew that my pussy was dripping with desire and he wanted to make it suffer from his cock! He ordered me to take my string off and to lie face down on the bed with my ass in the air. When I stepped out of my underwear I noticed Varun’s smile of approval. His eyes stopped on my shaven pussy. I felt slightly uncomfortable to be standing naked except for my high heels in front of a relative stranger. After I knelt on the bed Alex plunged 2 fingers into me! My pussy, hot and hungry, tingled to his touch, he was moving his fingers in and out and exclaimed:

“She loves cock in all her holes.”

Next he straddled me on the bed, with his balls brushing my shoulders and his cock touching the small of my back! I could see his broad back. He put each hand on each buttock, then pulled my cheeks apart and then worked down to make my pussy lips open. I felt a cock, Varun’s cock, working against my pussy lips and then push into me. He sank in slowly, all the way. Then Varun began to fuck me with slow, deep steady strokes, while Alex held me open for him! My pussy was being filled but my mouth moaned! Alex moved backwards to me so that I could raise my head and take his cock in my mouth, sucking him greedily while Varun fucked me from behind. Varun’s hands grasped my buttocks hard while he rode me and Alex’s hands held my face while his cock sank deeper and deeper into my mouth with every thrust!

Excitement was so much that I just let it go! I had 2 holes being fucked at the same time and that was too much to endure! I writhed between 2 of them and I felt Varun shot his cum into me. While he was shaking inside me, Alex thrust down my throat until I choked and I savored his sweet salty cum! He pulled out of my mouth, dripping his cum onto my lips when Varun got away from my cunt. Both were temporarily spent, they poured themselves a drink while I was laying face down on the bed feeling hot cum running from my mouth and cunt. When I turned round to take a drink from Alex, he turned to Varun and said:

“So, was she great?” As if I wasn’t there Varun smiled and replied:

“Well, her mouth and cunt were good, but I hope she’ll take it in her ass as well.”

I noted that both cocks were stiffening again. I enjoyed their cock thinking of main subject of the night: the asshole! Alex put himself down on the bed and ordered me to ride his cock. After I lowered myself on to his erection he pulled me down so that my ass was available to Varun. I felt him part my ass cheeks and when Alex thrust into me, I was waiting for the finger probing my ass. I gasped when he stuck 2 fingers inside of me! As soon as Alex continued fucking me deep, I felt Varun enter the head of his cock into my anus! I opened my mouth in burning sense and cried out with pain when Varun thrust his cock deep into my bowels! After I relaxed, Varun grabbed both my small breasts roughly to hold me in his control and pulled me backwards impaling my ass onto his massive organ! Then he withdrew and thrust hard into me again causing me to cry out involuntarily. He soon released my boobs, pushed m down and grabbed my buttocks to get better access to my anus.

After I got used to these cocks in my holes, I began to enjoy the strange but exciting feeling of 2 cocks moving inside me with a thin meat wall between them! Although both guys were fucking me without any care and with total disregard for me, my cries of pain soon turned into moans of pleasure. I felt even better when Varun climaxed and a warm flood of cum released into my bowels. When he pulled out I increased my pace on Alex’s cock, and we were soon fucking furiously until he too came! I fell forward with semen oozing out of both holes and was surprised to hear Varun remark:

“She really does have a fantastic ass! I really do want to fuck it again”

Alex grabbed me and pulled my mouth to suck off his boss! I took that limp cock in my mouth and started sucking it off like tomorrow never comes! It felt great to taste both his and my cum on his shaft! When he was ready again, Alex pulled my ass up to let Varun enter me again. Once again Varun entered me roughly but this time I was well lubricated by his previous ejaculate. I just wanted to show my hubby what a good ass whore I was for his boss!

Obviously his capacity for getting erect and lasting for long proved itself! He fucked my ass for what seemed to be eternity, he slapped my ass really hard, told so many dirty words to me calling me a bad slut dirty whore, pulling my hair back and fucking me like mad! When I had already lost any sense of time and my mind, he moaned like a beast and came all over my ass! This time he came so much that I thought he wouldn’t ever stop! When I turned forward on the bed, he got up beside me, wiped his cock clean on my hair and said:

“She is a terrific fuck, man! I’m going to fuck that ass and mouth again.” Alex said:

“This slut is yours whenever you want.”

After using me for their pleasure, both men left the room, and I was left alone thinking of next time I would suck and suck this good new cock!

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