I am Haasini from Delhi, I am 29 years old married, housewife.I belong to a upper middle class family. My husband is a business man. His name is Rajesh and he has a good business of his own. We live in a flat alone without family. We do not have any children yet and planning now.

I am 5’4″ long with a stunning figure of 34,30,36, with quit whitesh colour. I have a natural sex appeal and I have seen lust for me in about every men’s eyes. My husband is an average looking man with 5’6″ of height and a little fat. But he loves me a lot and always cares for me. Before marriage I had many sex relationship with other guys, but after marriage I am completely dedicated to my hubby. He is an average man in bed too and always believe in easy sex. It has been 4 Years to our married life and life goes easy. I am a housewife but I have done M.A. in arts. So i have a good communication skill. I use computer on house and I have internet on my pc. So I keep reading all these stuffs on net.

My husband never uses our home computer but he has his own laptop and dongle net card.

Now not taking your so much time I come direct to story. One day when we were having sex my hubby said me immediately that I now that I am not enough for you in bed.

I thought this is a normal talk and did not responded on this. After having sex we were in each other’s arms and were talking normally. My husband said again that Haasini why do you not have sex relation with any other man too as I am not enough for you. This time I was stunned and looked on him. He had love for me in his eyes and repeated the same thing again but I had not any words on my tongue.

But suddenly I thought he is pulling my leg and I smiled back on him with lust in my eyes and said “Yes dear, I also think the same and now on I will have sex relation with many men, at least 20 or 30.”and laughed a lot very loudly. But my hubby did not found it funny and did not laugh with me and of course he was more serious this time and said “Haasini you think I am just joking with you I am darn serious.” and then he did not talked to me till morning. In the morning he went to his office normally and we did not talked much.

After my hubby left for office I could not forget his words and even I could remember his every word just like he said to me right now. The most importantly I was afraid of the thing that why did he said so ? Had he become to know any of my pre marriage sex relation ? or anything else ? Had I done anything wrong or flirty with any of his friend or with any one else ? Had anyone said him anything wrong for me ? And all these stuffs and on and on and on………..

When did the time passed in all of my these thoughts I did not know and when I got up of my bed it was evening I had not done any of my household too and I did not eat anything and still I was not filling hungry. All I could thought was only my hubby’s words.

I got up and started my households and made food for dinner as my hubby was about to come. He came on the normal time and looked very normal. I was happy to see him normal and when he saw me in the same dress which I was wearing in the morning. He came to me and said “What happened ! Why did you not change and did not took a bath ? ” While normally I never live without taking bath in any condition. But this was enough for me I could not control myself any more. I hugged my hubby tightly and started weeping loudly. This time he was stunned and could not recognise why I was weeping so loudly.

He asked me again and again what happened and I could not stop weeping and crying. After about ten minutes of full tension I broke the silence and said what mistake I had done so that you are saying that you are not enough for me.

This time my husband laughed loudly for a long time and then he hugged me tightly and said me “was this the only thing for which you were so serious and sad.” I cried on him “Is this the only or a small thing for you.”

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My hubby said “there is not any mistake made by you, I was just wanted to explore our sex life more, so I said you all this.” I took a breath of relief. and started our daily routine normally. After dinner when we were in bed again my hubby loved me a lot and after sex he started his last night thoughts again and said to me that I am neither joking or leg pulling you nor I am saying all this with any wrong intention I just want to explore our and specially your boring sex life, So that we both and mainly you can enjoy sex life fully. This time I did not take his words otherwise and started thinking about what he said to me right now.

Overall the main thing is that after a lot of conversation I said to my hubby I will think positively on it when he pressured me a lot for any other man. Next day in the morning he left for office saying that think over the night topic for which we both were arguing so much. I just nodded and he left kissing on my forehead and said all the best, smiled and left.

After doing my all households I started thinking over it and still in my mind was a little bit thing that may be he was just wanted to know that may I have sex relation with other man. But suddenly in mind came one thing which I have read in various stories on ISS there are many people who have the stuff of this kind and may be my hubby also want this all in real.

I thought for a second and finally made the decision that in case if he seriously want this all to happen what should I do then. And only this thought made me horny and I started remembering all my previous sex relations, which made me more horny. But the main thing was with whom does my hubby want me to do sex or make relationship.

Then finally I made my mind that if he wants it all to happen then I will not say no to him, because I was also board of this regular and normal sex life which had not any excitement. Then I fingered my pussy thinking of all it and now I was felling very lighter.

In the evening when my hubby came back from office his first words were have you made your mind.

I said him do you think only about all this for the all day. He smiled and repeated his words. I said “ok, yes I will do whatever you say to me and only for your happiness. Now get ready and have dinner, ” which I had prepared.

After dinner we went to our bedroom and soon we both were in our birth suit and today my hubby was looking like an aggresive person in bed and had a really very good sex after a lot of days in my life and both were very tired at that time and we felt sleep soon. In the early morning my hubby woke up and started kissing me badly and this made me too awake and we had sex again. This was Sunday today and this was my hubby’s holiday. After sex I went to become fresh and then my hubby to freshen himself. Till then I prepared tea and we both had it together. My hubby started talking “So now what.” I could understand about what he is talking, still I said “What now.” He smiled and said “with whome you are going to have sex.”

I said boldly “With whom you want me to have sex.”

He said “This is completely up to you, you may have relation with whomever you want to have sex.” This was again a disturbing thing for me because I could not think about it. Then my hubby said “With whom do you want to have sex.” We had never talked like this in my life and one thing is sure that it was a movement or a flow in which we both were flowing. Like any other power is driving us and we are just flowing. I tried my best to my hubby that this is only a one way there is not any returning point after we had done it once, but still my hubby did not listen to me and started telling me about his affairs which he had before marriage and I asked my hubby have ever had sex with any other women even after marriage. For all of my surprises he said YES. Even in my wildest dream I could not think like this for him, even I could think that I may have had sex with other man after marriage but my hubby can’t, because he is such a shy guy.

For a long time I did not believe him but when he also gave me some proofs then only I could believe him. Then my hubby said everyone in this world want to have sex with maximum persons which he or she may have, so I want you too enjoy the life fully. And in this way I will also have satisfaction that only I am not cheating on my wife she is also enjoying the life.

These words made me speechless. I had no any other option except saying him yes. Now the biggest thing was with whom. And this was a question which had no any answer neither on my side nor my hubby side. We both were forcing each other that the other person with whom I will have sex should be of my choice or my hubby’s choice.

For long we talked over it and finally the decision was made that I will have to chose the right person.

The days passed like this and my hubby continued to ask me have you found the right person and my answer was always no. Because I also could not make decision whether it should be one of my previous affairs or a new one. In my previous affairs I could not found any one suitable for all this and which were, they were out of reach now a days. So the only option up to me was a new one, but who new.

One fine evening of Saturday my hubby came back early from his office and again he had the only one thing to discuss that with whom I will have sex. Then he said to me “Are you interested in any of my friend.” I thought for a while in between he told me their names and suggested with Raj, Sushil, Akash, Vipin and some others. But Akash was one of the smartest person in all of them . He was young, tall and with athletic body. But his nature never impressed me. So I said no to all of them. Now this was making tension for my hubby which was very eager to do all this. Suddenly he got an idea and jumped from the sofa and said “Yes ! I have decide. Why not ‘Rahul’ our new neighbor.”

Rahul is new to our apartments, he is alone, unmarried and a real stude. He was a good looking guy with 6 feet of height good body and most of all I really liked him because of his nature. I had no words now and in a flesh of memories I thought everything about him and the realty is that I also was wanted him since his first look. I was very upset on me how could I forget such a charming option. Why this idea did not strike in my mind. But suddenly I was happy that my hubby is doing good in this field. And he is giving me the great chance plus option to me. The good thing was that if it did not work out all the blame will be on my hubby as this was his idea and if everything goes smooth then the best for me. I had nothing to loose in this matter and I was going only find something. Of course my hubby’s idea was not neglectable still I said him he is short in age then me, he was only 24 years old. On this my hubby said “This is another good thing in this case that he will fuck you with all of his energy and potential. And that too with your instructions.” Now I was really speechless.

The big question was now how to seduce him to all this. For this my hubby said “you give me chance for this and see what I do. This is my job.”

Further he blamed me that you cant do anything in life if you cant seduce even a young man and this was your luck you got me otherwise you could not even get me. I smiled and thought what I can do or had done in my life even you cant think.

Rahul is also from a good family. He had a good family background. This was his own apartment in which he lived. He belonged to U.P. basically and here he was to see any good job or business. So most of the time he was alone and free in the days. Next morning my hubby went to Rahul’s apartment which is opposite to our flat and invited him for dinner. Coming back to our home my hubby asked me to get ready as Rahul is coming tonight. So you have a full day to get ready.

In the whole day we prepared everything that what to say, what to wear and how to treat him. In the evening at 7:30 the doorbell rang and it was Rahul. My hubby opened the door and greeted him. I was wearing a fine pink sarri, with a deep long neck cut on my blouse.

My cleavage was quit visible. As Rahul came in and saw me and obviously he also looked at my cleavage. I caught his glimpse which were going to my boos again and again when he was talking to my hubby. This made me more bold and easy with him. But he was not feeling easy. Then my hubby offered him drinks. After two rounds of drinking my hubby called me as I was in kitchen and making something for them. I entered in the living room and my hubby said to me “why do you not join us, we have a special guest.”

This time Rahul also spoke to me first time in the evening “Yes bhabhi ji why do you not join us, come have a seat.”

I sat near my hubby and said naughtily “Look Rahul first stop me calling Bhabhi ji, this is quit odd, call me Haasini and other thing is that if I wiil join you this is going to make you trouble. Because after drinking I become wild and you both the boys cant handle me.” On this all of us laughed out loudly. Rahul said quit with the sense of humour “Bhabhi ji dont worry today we are two and you are one, if there would my brother alone then may be it was hard for him but we two may handel you easily.” On this my hubby gave me a flink and smiled, I cut Rahul’s talk in between and said ” No bhabhi ji only Haasini’HAASINI’ understand.”

He said ok and made a pag for me too. We drank and in between the double meaning talks were continued. After dinner, when Rahul was about to leave my hubby said him why do you not stay here for to night. At this he said “Here I will only disturb you.”

Till the time the wine was working on me and because of all the dirty and double meaning talks I was feeling very horny and wanted to fuck Rahul very badly. I said then why do you not join us in the bedroom too. This time both the men were in a great trouble and were looking on each other. Further I said “Didn’t I had said this you earlier That after drinking I am going to make you both trouble.” and loughed and they also loughed. And decided finaly Rahul is also staying with us in the night.

We all set again in the living room and started chating. Soon the chat became on the topic of girlfriends. My hubby asked Rahul do you have girlfriend ? Rahul said “I had one in my nativ place, but here I am alone now a days.” I said quikly don’t be sad dear here I am your girlfriend onwards.

Rahul said again “You have already one”.

This time I said boldly in a manner of flirting “This one is not enough for me and I may handel two easily. You should not be fearfull of that one”. All loughed, but this time my hubby was very impressed with my boldness and capacity of filrting.

My hubby said to Rahul “you need not to worry from my side I give full space to my wife. If she is interested in you I have no objection”. For a while Rahul was speechless that where this conversation was going to. But he is a smart guy he said “Ok then, who the hell will leave the option of such a charming and sexy girlfriend.”

He stood up and came to me and asked for my hand to shake hand, which I gave him happily. Then he took my hand in his hands and said”Haasini do you accept me as your boyfriend”. Warmness of his hands and innosence of his face made me die on him right now and I shook my head in Yes and going one step forword I hugged him. This hugg was not any formal hug but it came from my internal thinking and I was not wanted to leave him from my hugg. Rahul also hugged me tightly and I completely forgot that my hubby is also here. We hugged each other for at least 2 minuts and were not interested to break it. Then my hubby broke the sence and said “will you two be in the same pose for the all night, now you should go to bedroom and enjoy the movement and your new friendship.”

We both came back from our thoughts to real life and this time I had not courage of eye contect to my hubby, on which he said “don’t be shy you two just enjoy”.

All the three of us went to bedroom. In bedroom my hubby came near to me and said I am in the guest room and you should enjoy later on I may also join you. I was very shamefull to him at proper that movement and had not words, what to say , I only could look on the floor and had not courage to face my hubby. My hubby left the room and I did not loked the room and turned to Rahul. Once looking on Rahul I forgot everything of my hubby and all I could remember was only new relation with this charming boy who is now only mine. Rahul hugged me again and this time he kissed me on my chickes. Now I could not control myself any more and I kissed on his lips. This was enough for Rahul as the biggest invetation. Now he started squisiing me all my body and said Haasini darling I was deing for all this since I saw you first in my life you are gourgeus. I wanna you badly. He started removing my cloths and soon I was in my undergarments only. He was pressing my boobs over the bra and I was enjoing this all a lot. He then removed My bra and now my boobs were quit free only for him.

He was playing with my boobs and his one hand went in my panty and started rubbing my cleane pussy. I do not like hairs on my body so I always keep myself clean.I regularly remove my extra hairs and keep myself clean. This made him more exciting. I was too hot till now and I could do anything for sex at this point. I had never enjoied sex in my life for long time. And this young boy was making me crazy. I was totaly in his control now and wanted him badly. I whisper in his ears You made me nude and did not removed your any cloth. He said “I am doing my job why do you not doing your job.” Again I was impressed with his sence of humer. I started removing his cloths. He had a hairless chest while my hubby has hairs on his chest. But what a structure he has. I took nippels of him in my lips and started liking them he enjoied it a lot and started moaning.

Now we both were only in our underwears and I was filling like fire in my body. None of us could control ourselves more and started kissing each other badly. Rahul removed my panty first and inserted middel finger in my pussy. He had a longe finger and I felt I am about to cum right now. He fingerd me for about 2 or 3 mintes and I cumed First time in that evening. I felt this was one of my best orgasame. I felt a littel lighter now. Then it was the big time for me to remove his undie to watch his cock. I removed his underwear and saw his cock. It was a hueg cock, very big then my thoughts. It was about 7.5″ long and very thick. My hubby has an average 5″ cock and not so much thick. I was happy, surprised and worried what will he do to my pussy with this thick long rod. It was as tight as if it is an iron rod. I took it in my hand and started rubbing it. I was eager to suck it.

Then I kissed it and took in my mouth but it was not going properly in my mouth too. I thought while it is not fit for my mouth how may I take it in my vagina. I sucked it for about 5 minuts and Rahul was enjoing it all a lot. He was moaning and saying yes suck it baby suck it. You are such a good sucker etc. Then he made me lie on bed and started licking my pussy. My hubby never lick me ofcourse one of my old boyfriend licked me a lot, but this was a great experience for me as he is such a good in this and I was having this stuff after many days. He inserted his toung in my pussy and he was licking so good that I could not control for long time and cumed again in five minuts.

I was feeling tired and did not moved. He then came up to my chest and started sucking my boobs and one rare thing he did was work on my armpits. He licked my armpits and his this thing made me moan again. I never knew before that armpits also has a point of sex and it makes someone hot. OH MY GOD! what a filling that was and I was moaning loudly. He then took his cock and placed it on the opening of my pussy and started pressing it. It was making some pain to me and he said my brother did not worked out right on this area and it is still very tight, but don’t worry dear am going to work hard on this area specialy. And pressed again only top of his cock went in and I felt more pain but it was not unbearable as I was also not new to this all.

He started his motion slowly and with every thurst his cock was going in me inch by inch and soon it all desapeared in my pussy and I felt so happy and it did not make much pain. Now he started fucking me first slowly and then faster. I was on the seventh heaven. I was moaning so loudly that even my hubby heard them in the other room and came in bed room and said what is happning. Rahul did not stop and kept ramming my pussy. My hubby came near to me and asked “Are you enjoing it all.”

I said “OH! yes, he is such a good I am enjoing a lot”. He went out again and Rahul fucked me so hard. I do not remember how many times I cumed and Rahul was still fucking me with high speed. Again I was impressed of his stamina.

He fucked me hard for about 40 minuts and then increased his speed in double and his every thurst was going deeper and deeper. I felt he will kill me only by fucking. I shouted I am dienig comeon fast fast fast you great fucker. Fuck me hard and I cumed again with these words. He asked are you on pills if I may cum inside you. I said you are my husband now and what ever you want to do may do. This made him happy and fucked me for 5 more minuts hard and came inside of me. Even in that stage of my pussy I felt hot liquid in me and he then felt on me. I was 100% satisfied with this round. What a fuck it was OMG.

We left in the same position for about 5 more minuts and then saparated. I looked on the door my hubby was standing on the door with a hueg smile on his face. My pussy was about conciusless and leaking my and Rahul’s hot cum out of it. I was so tired and unable to get up or dressup. He fucked me only in missionary position My back was also paining. None of us, neither me nor Rahul felt the need of any other pose. But now my hubby was standing in front of me, so I had to get up and I went to drawer and gave a cloth to Rahul to clean up himself. And I went to bathroom to get fresh.

I came back wearing nighty. I was surprised to see Rahul was still nude and my hubby was not there. I came to Rahul and said comeon dude now dressup. He smiled and said I am not going to dressup I will fuck you more. I was again surpeised of his stamina and before I could speak anything he kissed me on my lips and our lips were again locked. Suddnely I heard a voice of my hubby saying “Oh so should I go again out if you are going to make sex again.” I felt imbrased and saparated from Rahul. I said with shy in my eyes “No No No, you need not to go anywhere, come in sit here beside me.”

My hubby came in and sat near me. Rahul was still quit nude and had not courage to get up or dress up. My hubby asked me “May I fuck you now.” I was totaly imbrased and said “I am all yours.” Ofcourse I had not energy to get fucked but how could I say no to such a loveble hubby. He came near to me and started kissing me and removed my and his cloths. Now all three of us were in our birth suit in one room in front of each other. My hubby did not make any for play and started fucking me. Looking all this made Rahul too hardon. And he was masturbating looking on us. My hubby made me in doggy style and fucked me. I cumed again and enjoied the sex again. My hubby fucked me for about 10 minuts and came inside me.

Normaly my hubby fuck me slowly for 20 minuts but today he fucked me hard and he cumed in only 10 minuts, prehaps he was also so hot looking on us making fuck. After orgasome my hubby sapareted from me and said to Rahul “Don’t you wanna fuck her again”. He was already eager to fuck me. And said”Why not I want to fuck her all of my remaining life”.

Now I had not any energy but once when Rahul and my hubby started foplaying with me I was hot again. This time Rahul took the charge to fuck me and fucked me so hard for about one big hour and I could not even take proper breath. Every part of my body was paining after such a big and long fuck. Then my hubby also fucked me. And I was not in even posiution of getting up. They both picked me up and took to bathroom and gave me a hot bath. Now I was feeling better. I came back to room and wore the night dress. Soon after they both also came and dressed up. Time was 3 in the morning and I was wanted to fell sleep. Rahul said Haasini one more round. I was shocked what they want to do to me. I said a big no. On this my hubby said Haasini one more round please. I said no again and went to my bed straight. They followed me and said ok we both are going to sleep with you. Both selept on the each side of me and soon we all were in the arms of sleep.

In the morning I woke up first at 6 O’Clock. They were both in deep sleep. I got fresh and prepared tea for all of us and made them too awoke. After about 2 minuts of getting up none of us was able to face other remembering the all secens of night . Rahul and my hubby were very shamefull what they had done in the night and so was I. No one had any thing to say. The situation was very tense. I broke the silence saying to my hubby “what happened dear, are you sad on what we had done in the night, I am very happy and enjoined the night very much”. At this my hubby smiled and said “I was only fearfull from your side that you may blame me for all this”.

I said “No need to feel guilty, you have given me the real enjoy and you are such a great hubby today your respect and love has increased in my thoughts, I love you so much and I hugged my hubby and kissed on his lips”. Rahul was silent and looking on us as if he is feeling guilty. I said to Rahul “You are such a stude and such a fuckable that once my hubby will go out I am going to fuck you again”. And we louhged all. Then Rahul left for his ampartment. My hubby said to me”Are you happy.” I said yes. Then my hubby said “It’s all up to you wether you want this relation go on or not.” I sad my hubby “Ok, I will think over it and then tell you.” My hubby got ready and left for office.

After my hubby had gone I did my all the households and went to my bedroom for a nap. I got up when my mobile range. It was my hubby, he said “Hey! what are you doing ?”

I said”nothing I was just sleeping.”

My hubby laughed and said “I thought you are fucking Rahul.” And we both loughed.

I got up, it was 1 O’clock in the noon and think over what my hubby had said to me. And I became horny. I went to Rahul. He was also sleeping. I offered him lunch which he accepted and came to my house. We both took lunch and then Rahul asked me for sex. And I could not say no. We both had a good session again and then he left.

In the evening my hubby came and when we were in bed asked me if you want we may call Rahul. I said “no”. Then he fucked me. After fucking he said “If you wish you may go to Rahul’s Appartment.” I did not say anything, which he thought my silent acceptence. And offered me again the offer and I said “Ok if you say then I am going.”

I went to Rahul’s Appartment, he was not sleeping and greeted me with great warmness and said to me “I was thinking about you.” That all night he fucked me harder then ever before up to morning 5 O’Clock, in every possible angle and pose. I was totlay satisfied. And left for my appartment.

life went on, in the same manner for about 15 days. I fucked Rahul in day time and some times in the whole night. My hubby also fucked me according to his capacity and was quit happy.

On one fine sunday my hubby and Rahul both fucked me and after the great fucking session we were chating just like that. my hubby said Rahul” So What is your further programe about business.” Rahul said “I don’t have any good option till now.” My hubby offered him business partnership in his own business. Rahul accepted that offer and they both are doing now the same business. My hubby said to Rahul You may have my wife too as your wife. Rahul said after today i will treat her like wife and always care for her as if I am Her husband. I also accepted him my second hubby. Now I love them both very much and live with both of them happily. One of my husbands always live at home for me and specialy to fuck me. Rahul is also doing good in business. And finally now I have two husband.

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