I (Haasini) was busy helping my husband Inder pack to move to a new city. We had been living here in this apartment for over 6 years now. This was the first house we moved into after we got married.

We had two kids during this time and made a lot of friends in the neighborhood. The Gupta and Shankar family was the closest to us, their kids were much elder to ours but both Inder and Mr Gupta worked in the same company, all three guys went to the same gym and shared a car to work every day.

There was a little terrace party our friends in the apartment threw because we were leaving, the party went on till 2 in the morning and my husband took my sleepy kids and went down to our apartment to put them to sleep. He was supposed to come back but messaged me from downstairs that he was really tired and asked me to knock when I decided to come down.

I stayed upstairs and kept talking to my girlfriends sipping on some vodka. There were a few other people who stayed sitting around some hot coals, sipping some drink or the other. Somewhere in the conversation a friend casually pointed out to Mr Gupta being a little drunk and was acting funny.

He came over to us and we all giggled while he tried to start up senseless conversations. But I noticed that he was able to get a little drunk because his wife was not in town. She had taken the kids to her family’s place for the vacations and Mr Gupta was making the most of it.


A friend nudged me and pointed me with her eyes to his crotch and I noticed Mr Gupta unknowingly had a semi hardon. After a point I could not handle the sad jokes and the ridicule that the women were throwing around and I was getting close to the point where I was getting drunk myself. So, I decided to call it a night and headed down to my apartment.

I got to my door and knocked softly for a few minutes and did not hear anything. The door bell was already taken down that morning by my husband. I tried calling him and his phone was switched off. I started banging the door a little louder but Inder seemed to have knocked off after his long day packing and partying.

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I heard steps come down the stairs, Mr Gupta was holding the ledge and making sure he was not falling off. The Gupta’s stayed in the house right across from ours, he did not say anything but gave me a silly smile, opened his door and walked straight in without locking the door behind him.

I waited for a few seconds and walked in behind him, I had been in this house a few hundred times in the past few years but this time it seemed weird just Mr Gupta and me being alone in the house. I called out to him and did not hear anything. I walked around the house and heard sounds in the bathroom, I turned the corner slowly and saw Mr Gupta leaning against the wall over the pot and peeing into it.

From where I was standing, I could see his shorts down revealing his butt crack and through his legs I could make out that he was peeing all over the place except the pot. I took a few steps back into the living room and waited for him to pass through to go into their bedroom. A few seconds passed and Mr Gupta walked into the front room holding the walls.

He saw me and smiled at me and said hey Deeps, how are you? Did you like the party? I am a little drunk, please excuse me. I smiled and said Yes Mr Gupta, I am going to miss you guys so much. He smiled back and said – I know, and started to walk into the bedroom. I quickly interrupted him and said, Mr Gupta – if you don’t mind, can I sit in the living room for about 2 hours.

My husband’s alarm goes off and he will realize he locked me out and will hopefully open the door. I knew I would not be able to go to sleep here but I was still buzzing from the vodka. He said, of course – please do feel free and walked into his dark bedroom. I must have turned back and taken three steps and I heard a loud thud and something crash.

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I quickly walked into the bedroom and put the light on to see Mr Gupta face down and one of the coat stands was down over him. I lifted the stand and tried to wake him up but he was knocked out good. I tried to push him over but he did not move an inch. I got some water from the dining table and splashed some on his face and he woke up.

He was real groggy and reached out to me for help, I used all my strength to pull him up on his feet and he lifted his hands as if to signal he was ok and started to walk towards the bed. He seemed like he was about to fall on the bed when he realized that his shorts were wet. He mumbled something about his wife would not like it if he slept on the bed with wet shorts.

He turned towards his cupboard and took out another pair of shorts and absolutely oblivious to the fact that I was standing in the same room he pulled his shorts down and stared to put the other pair on. This happened in a flash of a second, I was standing there looking at his dick and his struggle to get into the new shorts.

Now, I am a senior nurse by profession and have seen a lot of naked men. So, I moved in close and asked him to rest his hands on me and with his other hand he tried to put on his shorts, about a minute into this struggle. I reached out and tried to pull the shorts up for him and ended up touching the back of my hand on his dick more than once.

He stopped and turned to me and said, “Haasini – I like you” and smiled with all his teeth showing. I laughed and said “thank you” and continued helping him put up his shorts fully. But he had other ideas, he turned his face to me and kissed me hard on my lips.

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The stench of liquor and the barbecue was strong in his breath and there was nothing gentle about his kiss, he had a small stubby beard and that was scratching my face too. For reason I am yet to contemplate, I did not stop him or push him away but stayed there while he roughly kissed me and bit my lips for what seemed like forever.

He reached out and grabbed my hand and put it in his shorts and moved it around suggesting I rub him which I obeyed. He pushed me on the bed and started to rub and feel me all over like someone who had not seen a woman for ages. He put his hand inside my pants and stared to rub my pussy roughly and I was starting to get real wet.

He pulled my pants off and almost tore my shirt off and started to suck my breasts and bite my nipples. There was more pain than pleasure but I felt as if I was living a fantasy of humiliation and domination from this man. His penis was probably only half the size as my husband’s but he pulled me close to his crotch and shoved his dick in my mouth, I could taste a little bit of pee but he kept face fucking me.

I arched in such a way that I was able to control his thrusts and started to proactively suck him. He started to abuse me calling me a whore and cheap and started to fuck my face harder. My eyes were watering and I was gagging but he continued his ridicule and pushed me back on the bed and roughly spread my legs wide and without any signal he just thrust into me and started to pound me.

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It did hurt a bit but it was started to feel good after a minute, he would control his orgasm by pulling out and sucking and nibbling on my nipples and once he was ok – he would continue ramming me. Everytime I showed pleasure, he would slap me and abuse me in hindhi.

And it seemed like everytime I was close to an orgasm he would pull out and bite my nipples but soon he pulled out one last time and spurted his cum on my left thigh. I started to rub my pussy to have my orgasm when he tightly slapped me and asked me to stop. I was confused, he got in between my legs and started to tongue fuck me. It just felt weird.

I was really dying to have a release, I quickly wrapped my legs around his face and turned and sat on his face and rubbed my pussy on his mouth furiously. He tried to push me away but I had a really tight grip on his face. I could hear his legs beat around the bed but I mercilessly face fucked him for about 2 minutes. I came as if I was peeing, the orgasm lasted forever!!

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I took a few seconds to recover and released my grip on his face and fell back on the bed. I lay there watching the ceiling and catching my breath for sometime and realized if something was wrong, I got up and saw Mr Gupta lying passed out on the floor. I quickly jumped and checked if he had a pulse, he did. I poured some water on his face and he woke up coughing.

I quickly put on my clothes and dashed into the washroom, wiped off all the mascara that was all over my face and took a hand towel and went back to the terrace. Everyone had left, I waited there contemplating what had happened in the past hour and knew Mr Gupta would never tell anyone if I did not so I just stayed there till it was time for my husband to wake up and went back downstairs.

We moved as per schedule and did not Mr Gupta ever after that, I have confessed to my husband about that night and he was supportive and we have involved BDSM and have an amazing sex life…

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