I was going through a friend’s profile, where I saw his comment on a pic posted by my friend that had me in it. I pinged him and we started talking. Over the next 2 days we spoke a lot about each other and started enjoying each others company online, obviously staying up late, due to the time difference.

Slowly the chats started to get a bit too personal and once he shared a topless pic of his. He was a body builder and looked damn hot in the pic. I told him so. Next he said he wanted to connect with me on skype. I called him and saw that he was in the shower in a pair of tight and short boxers. He looked sizzling and I started getting hot looking at him like that.

I felt like biting his neck and his taut nipples. I had prior experiances with a guy before and was no novice to sex.I wanted this man badly, the moment I first saw him in shower. As he was wiping himself, he expressed the desire to see me in bath too. And I was more than willing to show a bit of myself to him as well!

Describing myself, I am average looking, average height and average facial features. My figure is 34-24-38. So the highlight of my body is my ass. Round and protruding. Growing up, I was embarassed by it, but when the time came, I earned my a lot of ogling stares from guys all around me!

I got into my bikini and got into the shower and called him on skype. The bikini bottom was the tying style (Like a G-string), and the top was of the halter type – tying at the back of the neck and back. It was damn sexy and looking at me, he had started hyperventilating! I was enjoying his gaze on me as I was soaping myself – feeling myself up with each stroke.

I rubbed by neck seductively, pressing my boobs, sliding my hands inside the bikini top and rubbing my boobs, squeezing them and crushing them, pulling my hard nipples. My face was showing my condition ‘down under’ and it was getting too much for him to handle too. He had started shagging and moaning loudly. I was able to hear him over the shower.

“Oh yes, Silvia..Oh yes…do it more. Baby I want you..I want you to be my bitch..ahh..I want to be inside you…Ohh yeah baby…oh I want you…” Just then, I turned and he just went full throttle seeing my bare back and my ass. The tiny bikini bottom hardly covered my ass.

I started teasing him by sliding the bottom down ever so slightly. Then I acted like I was about to untie it and all this was making him go wild. “Oh show me the ass baby! I will lick it and bite it and suck it. Aahhh…..I want to lick your pussy…Silviaaaa…I want you..I want to mate you.

Ohhhh….you are mine baby..I am going to pounce on you and be inside you. I want to tear your pussy and drink up all the juices…”and he went on and on and on, moaning and grunting and screaming all the while.

All the dirty talking and the moans drove me crazy and I just disconnected the call. I took my vibrator and masturbated and had a couple of shuddering orgasms. It was quite late at night but I had to talk to him. I pinged him on fb again. He said I was amazing and just wanted to fuck me – He said he wouldnt be able to wait all those months for me to return to India.

After this experiance, he would become very desperate. After a while, I slept off. We didnt repeat the shower scene, but used to sex-chat a lot.Almost every night I would masturbate either talking to him or dreaming about him. I knew we would meet as soon as I returned to India and the sex would be so steamy that it would run a steam engine for a few hundred kilometers, if not more!

In anticipation, I even got my pubic hair removed through the laser treatment. it cost me a bomb, but I had a part time job, which I hadnt told my parents about. So I used up almost the entire earnings of 8 months (I was working before I met him) for that purpose.

Even after all these months of sexting, I hadnt seen his dick, nor had he seen my pussy. We were saving the best for the D-day. He had just told me that his tool was 9 inches when fully erect. Ummmmm…my mouth and my vagina both watered when he told me that. Even my vibrator was just 7 inches and had faithfully given me a lot of pleasure.

I knew, when we met, he would claim me like a caveman and mate with me like an animal. Night after night, I would see pure carnal desire in his eyes and his face while he shagged away like nobody’s business. He would describe in detail about when we would finally meet, how he would fuck me, and in what positions.

He seemed to remember my body quite vividly from the shower scene, and he shared his fantacies of tormenting me by biting the mole on my right breast this way and sucking the birth mark on my lower back that way. One day, I had an orgasm just by hearing his voice, seeing his mad eyes and listening to his fantacies.

He was touching 40 but had a body and sexual need of a 30 yrs old man. I wanted to see how much sexual energy he had in him. He was a divorcee for the past 8 years and although he had had a few casual flings, he said his sexual needs were far from getting satisfied. I wanted to fuck this animal sitting in front of me, although being thousands of kilometers away from me.

Just a week before I left to India, I got a tatoo done just above my left ass cheek saying “All Yours”. I didnt show that to him, neither did I tell him. I wanted to see his face when he saw it on me.

Soon the day came to leave for my motherland. The past few months had increased my anxiety to reach home and I was relieved that the wait was soon gonna be over. I was going to Mumbai and after a week, on the pretext of a friend’s wedding, I would go to Delhi to be with him for 3 days and 3 nights of marathon sexathon!

The week in Mumbai just flew off and I didnt get much time to chat with him. We just watsapped each other a few times and just before boarding the flight to Delhi I called him. His voice was shivering in anticipation of what would ensue in just a couple of hours…

He had taken up a hotel room and and forwarded me the details. He had also arranged for a cab to pick me up at the airport and drop me at the said hotel. There were butterflies in my stomach all through the flight and by the time of landing, my legs were abandoning me and I was in a good mind to return to Mumbai, and probably even to New York! I was so nervous.

But there was an invisible magnet between us, so strong, that whatever I did, I wouldnt be able to go back now. I saw the driver with my name card. I waved at him and took a deep breath and walked briskly towards him. He smiled at me, and I wondered if he was used to doing this service for this particular client of his.

I chided myself at this though, saying this is none of your business, Silvia and allowed him to take my suitcase from me. On my man’s insistance, I was wearing a short skirt, showing ample of my legs and a spagetti top. Beneath that, I was wearing the same bikini top and bottom. I had changed into this attire soon after landing at the Delhi airport.

The one and a half hour drive to the hotel seemed never ending. We reached and I took the suitcase and tipped the driver. I went straight to the elevator and pressed ‘4’. My heart was pounding against my chest and was sure my heartbeat would have been audible to the others, had they been present. I walked to room 410 and knocked.

I could hear footsteps and my heart started racing to a mile a minute. I saw the knob turning and I just wanted to turn around and run, but my feet betrayed me and they just wouldnt move. Suddenly he was standing in front of me. For what seemed like eternity, we stood staring at each other. I became aware of my heavy and short breathing and suddenly, he pulled me inside.

He closed the door and whispered “Silviaaaahhhhh”. And I said “Mohitttttt….”. His mouth came crashing down on mine. I shut my mouth tight..and with his mouth still on mine, he pressed my cheeks hard with his right hand. The sheer force made my lips open and from then on began his carnage of me.

He started kissing me hard. I dropped the suitcase on the floor and reciprocated with equal voracity.My palms went into his hair and I pushed his head further towards me. This made him more hungry for me and started sucking my lips and tongue really hard. His hands were all over me. He started feeling my thighs, my back, my breasts and then he came to my neck.

With a jerk, he pulled the string of my halter bra and that very instant my breasts sprung loose inside my top. I moaned loudly inside his mouth. He dislodged his mouth just for an instant to look at me and started again. Then slowly he started sliding his right hand beneath my skirt. I was becoming hot and slowly started burning inside.

With his lips still on mine and his tongue still exploring the insides of my mouth, he moved his thumb on my pussy over the bikini. “Ohhh….” I moaned. He again looked up and saw me looking like a slut with my mouth open and eyes closed. An expression of raw desire written all over my face.

“Oh…you like it huh?” He said and again ran his thumb over my pussy above the fabric of the bikini. he started playing with the string of the bikini bottom and acted as though he was about to pull it open. Oh how I wanted him to! But he didnt. He left it and slid his hands inside my top onto my back. He slid my spagettis down my shoulders and started caressing my neck.

He was still kissin me. Our smooching went on for about 20 mins while he kept exploring my body as though he hadnt felt a woman’s body before. He again slid his hands under my skirt and started feeling my upper thighs. He was totally avoiding my ass area, the thing that attracted him the most.

He again felt my vagina over the cloth and teased me like before by acting to pull open my bikini. I pulled away my mouth and pleaded “Please remove it and feel me, Mohit. I am waiting for you.” He laughed. “Not so soon, honey”. Immediately I started to pull open the strings and he immediately held both my hands with sheer masculinity.

He took my hands, raised them above my head, pushed me to the wall and pinned me to it. He looked at me and said “I am your caveman, remember? I am going to mate you today.” I was already on the verge of my first orgasm and when I heard that statement, I shuddered and started rocking. He realised what was happening and immediately bit me hard on my neck.

He pulled my hair and made me arch my back and started biting and sucking my nipples over my top. His saliva made a wet

patch on the fabric on both sides. It felt cold on my hot body. I was still shuddering. My orgasm was continuing. With his hands now holding my hands above my head, pinning me to the wall again, he bent down and pulled up my top with his teeth to expose my stomach and navel. He started biting me there.

When he licked and bit my navel, I shuddered and rocked uncontrollably and my back arched. A few seconds later, my orgasm ended and I just wanted to fall on him. But he wouldnt let me rest. He used his strength to keep me pinned to the wall. “Mohit, let me…” He didnt let me finish. With his hands still on mine above my head, he brought his lips on mine and crushed my mouth beneath his.

He pressed his crotch to my vagina and I could feel his erection under all those clothes. It was pure heaven! His kissing was now hurting my lips. I was sure my lower lip was bleeding…but he just kept licking and biting and sucking. There was no softness about the smooches. It was all rough and animalistic. He was an animal during the act of mating. He was brutal and I loved it.

If his mouth was not on my mouth, it was on some part of my body biting or sucking…but tormenting me. Suddenly he looked at me and freed my hands. “Silvia I am going to loose all control of myself now. You have driven me to this point. I am going to tear you apart and fuck you like a posessed male. Dont tell me I didnt warn you before.”

I shuddered at the thought that there was still more craziness left in him! With that he pulled my top over me and threw it on the floor. My bikini top was anyway free from the neck and was only tied on my back. He untied that as well. Before he could hold my hands tight again, I started pulling his t-shirt over his head. He helped me and we were both standing topless in front of each other.

I was speechless looking at this thing in front of me. He had a tout, well muscled chest and the nipples had gone hard. His abs didnt have 6 packs but definately had at least 2 packs and were flat at the navel area. He was wearing a low rise jeans which hung loosely at his hips. I tried to unbutton his jeans and he immediately held my hands. “Not so soon, bitch!”

He again pinned me to the wall with my hands raised above my head and started eating my breasts (literally!) Crushing, sucking, nibbling and biting my breasts alternatively. I was screaming in sweet agony that this animal was inflicting upon me. I had never experianced even a fraction of anything that was happening that day.

“Oh Silvia…you are amazing. Hmmm…I want to eat you and savour you till my last breath. Umm…this milky white body…ummm…these moulds of flesh….ummmmmm,…” His seductive voice laden with animal passion and unbridled desire was enough to drive me crazy.

He unzipped my skirt and it fell around my legs. He was gazing in my eyes. without breaking the gaze, he bent down and lifed me and carried me in his arms to the other end of the suite to a full length mirror, and carefully placed me down, me facing the mirror. I saw myself and immediately felt so shy that I closed my eyes.I was in my tiny bikini bottom and stringy heels.

I definately looked like a slut. “Mohit, give me my clothes. I cant see myself like this”, I cried, with my eyes still closed shut. “Oh dont be prude, Silvia. Look at you, how hot you look!” With that he pulled open my bottom. And there I was, standing in just my heels. “Oh my God!!! Fuck, Silvia…I cant take my eyes off you!” “Oh Mohitttt…”

He started kissing me all over my body, starting with my mouth and face. I opened my eyes and saw myself beyond him. My neck, breasts and stomach were black and blue at multiple places, where this man had released his animal on me. Even now he kept biting me all over my frontal.

He kissed me on my lower stomach, inner thighs, dangerously close to my pussy, but didnt touch me there. He was making me go wild. Alternatively I kept opening and closing my eyes, bending forward, backward, but he wouldnt let me rest my body and let me sit. I wanted him to be on top of me..feeling the whole of him on the whole of me, but he wouldnt give that to me.

He just kept feeling my legs with his hands, lips and tongue. Finally he reached the strings of my heels and pulled them open one by one with his teeth. He kissed me so passionately on both my ankles. I went mad with ecstacy. I never knew that my humble ankles would give me so much pleasure.

All of a sudden, he kneeled and before I could anticipate, he licked me over my pussy. His tongue felt very rough on my tender pussy skin. I moaned out loud and he suddenly inserted his middle finger into my mouth. I started sucking and biting his finger as if it was his dick.

I started doing it so hungrily that he could no longer control himself and he immediately unzipped his jeans and pulled it down along with his boxers. I saw him but my mind didnt register his body at that moment. I simply bent down and took his monster in my hand. It was throbbing and fully erect. And surely was it a monster! 9 inches long and had the thickness to match.

I was sure he was going to tear my tiny hole, but I so wanted him inside me. But he had other plans. He again lifted roughly and carried me to the bed and threw me on the huge spring mattress where I bounced and fell on my stomach. There, my ass and my back was in plain view for him. “Silviaaaahhh…when did you get this?”

He grunted, looking at my tattoo…I was not in a condition to speak…I just moaned as he rand his thumb over the tatoo and on my soft fleshy butt. Soon, he started kneading my ass. He bent and started licking and biting and sucking and kissing my back and ass. I tried to turn around. But he was very strong. He held my hands over my head and continued.

Alternating between soft, hard, rough and tender. He sucked the skin over the tatoo again and again. All of a sudden, he left me and was gone for a few minutes and returned. I kept lying like that. Suddenly, out of no where, I felt something very cold on my back. It was ice! He sild an ice cube over my back and immediately, moved his hot mouth where the ice cube had left its trail.

I was taken aback with the sheer pleasure of that act. The sensations that the cold and hot combination produced was mind blowing. And there, I had my second orgasm. I kept shivering long after it was over. I was feeling cold and hot at the same time. I asked him to turn off the AC and give me the blanket. I was shivering so badly.

He just turn me around and came on top of me and hugged me tight. He did that till I came back to normal. He looked at my face and smiled. He was still fully erect. I was amazed that even after 2 hours of action, he was still erect. He said he had shagged just before I came. He had done so that he could keep himself up for a long session.

I was so happy for that, that I kissed him long and deep. And suddenly, I started feeling something strange. I just felt like fucking the day lights out of him now. And he was ready for that. I mustered all my strength and toppled him and now came on top of him.

The tables were now turned and it was my turn to show him who the boss was. I started biting him and sucking him on his face, mouth, neck and chest. My passion took over and I bit his nipples hard. He let out a cry and that encouraged me. His body was so yummy. He had done a bit of a modelling in his college days and kept up strictly with his gym routines.

Strength oozed out of every inch of his body and I relished it to the fullest. While passing on from his stomach to his thighs, I just brushed my fingers against his dick and balls. He went wild. He started breathing heavily on short gasps. “Silviaaa..oh..Silviaaa…aahhh…Silviaahhh…” he started chanting. I loved it to see the pain of desire on his face.

“Take me in your mouth..pleaseee…I am dying here”. “Not so soon, I am your bitch, remember!” And I continued enjoying his body. Every now and then, I would brush my breasts or fingers or hair against his throbbing dick and he would almost jump up in agony. I was enjoying the act to the fullest. As I reached his feet, I stopped and gave him a feet massage.

His tension was relieved and bit and I turned him around. I could see no excess flesh anywhere on his body. Only muscles! His back was a sight to behold. Broad at the shoulders and tapered down at his torso. I kissed and licked it everywhere. Occasionally I would lighlty place my boobs on his back and ass to make him feel my nipples.

And each time he would moan and try to trun around and I wouldnt let him. When I felt I had tormented enough, I got up and got my toothpaste. I turned him around and blindfolded him. This was my answer to his ice treatment of me!

I applied the toothpaste on his dick. It felt cold on him. I filled my mouth with a bit of warm water and took his dick in my mouth still with the warm water. The expression that I saw on his face was one of surprise and sheer pleasure. “Silviaaahh…what have you done, my darling!” I cant take it any more…” I started blowing him in that position.

Slowly I swallowed the water and licked off the toothpaste. Finally his naked 9″ tool was in my mouth. My wild passion made me blow him more vigorously and bit by bit, I was able to take him in fully. Once I removed him totally from my mouth and saw his glistening monster. I took him again and within a few minutes of the blowjob, he filled my mouth with his cum.

He was shudderring uncontrolably and still amidst that, he suddenly pulled himself out and splurted the remaining cum on my face, neck and breasts. To make him go wild, I seductively wiped the cum from my face and moved down on my neck and breasts. He saw it and pulled me down and put his face between my thighs and started tongue fucking me.

He sucked me and licked me and inserted his tongue into me and fucked me like there was no tomorrow. He even bit me and sucked me over my pussy. I was in my own world now and had no other senses left. I was only aware of what was going on down under. My head was spinning and I could only feel his tongue inside my vagina.

I didnt realise when I started coming, when I started shivering again. All I could feel was his tongue. He licked every bit of me till the very last drop and came up to hug me till I was back to my senses. I kept my eyes closed even when he dislodged and went into a deep, deep sleep. I dont know for how long I slept.

I was still half asleep when I started feeling his lips and tongue over my body again. I found it hard to open my eyes and started enjoying the seductive kisses over me. I was moaning with my eyes closed. “Mohitttt…ohh….sweetheart…ahhhhh…jaaannuuuu…I want you my sweety….make love to me..” He was so gentle and and so loving this time.

I was in a good mind to open my eyes and see if it was the same person, same animal who had been unleashed on my body sometime back. I even felt like pinching myself to make sure I wasnt dreaming! But his scent was the same. The same scent, which can drive any woman crazy!

His soft kisses fell on my body like petals. I loved it as much as the crazy session we had previously. I kept enjoying the new sensations with my eyes closed. In no time, I was wet again. “Silvia, I am going to make sweet love to you, baby. I am going to make you mine…” He whispered into my ears, raising goose bumps all over me.

He carassed me over my breasts, stomach and thighs. His smooches were soft and long. He first fingered me so make sure I was wet enough. He then slowly started inserting himself into me. It was painful for me, as I hadnt taken such a monster before. Tears started flowing. But he continued, unapologetically, but every so slowly.

After what seemed like eternity, he was fully inside me. I let out my breath that I was holding for a while. He remained in that position till the pain had passed. Then he started moving. Slowly. I started enjoying and letting out slow soft moans. It was just amazing. His thrusts assumed speed.

And as if in a symphony, I started moving with him. He was nibbling on my neck, face and earlobes and I was doing the same to him. I was also playing with my clitoris to further heighten my pleasure. His movements increased in intencity and he was now easily removing and inserting fully. I again came with his penis inside me. But he was far from done.

He pulled me to the end of the bed. My legs below my knees were dangling. He lifted my left leg and placed it on the bed and spread it away from my body. He stood at the leg of the bed and kept his right leg on the bed and inserted himself again and started thrusting. He was just amazing. I was like his puppet moving on his instructions.

He was executing all his fantacies and imaginations he had conjured up during our time apart. Next he fucked me doggy style. My favourite as well as his. He kept rubbing, carassing, spanking and biting on my ass all through the fuck. His thick penis kept pounding into the deepest of my interiors in this position.

He also kept rubbing my clit which heightened my pleasure to no bounds. I felt his balls banging into my asshole with every thrust. The entire process was driving into what was going to be a big orgasm. Just as I thought something was going to explode inside me and I could take it no more, he hit my g-spot and I came hard and shuddering.

He immediately withdrew his penis and inserted his finger to feel the remains of his plunder. The way he was wriggling his finger inside me made the orgasm even better. And then he removed his finger and thrust it inside my mouth. I could smell and taste myself on his finger. He found that so sexy that he jumped on the bed and lifed me and placed me on his fully erect penis.

So now I was on top and I was banging him hard. He was playing with my bouncing boob while I was massaging his balls below me. I was also contracting my vaginal walls every time I took him inside in a thrust to heighten his pleasure. He was moaning and biting his lips and I was just loving to see him like that. Suddenly, he pushed me down and extracted himself.

“Oh Mohit…why?” I whispered. “Because I want to do you in the shower. I am gonna fuck you mad there and take you into a different world altogether.” “I cant wait, baby!” We went into the bathroom. It was big with a bathtub on one side and a shower cubicle on the other. He had put on the tub tap some time when I was not in my senses and it was already filled up.

He lifted me and took me into the tub. The water felt very refreshing on our tired bodies. He lathered up the water and we took a nice warm bath together. It was my fantasy to be in a bath in the arms of my man, and I was living the fantasy. We were carassing each other’s bodies and the whole experiance was very sexy.

Then he rose and put on the shower in the cubile and again lifted me and started smooching me deep and passionately. Without unlocking, he took me into the shower. Again in the cubicle, under the jets of warm water, he started becoming an animal. “Silvia, I have fantacised about this ever since I saw you bathing the first time that day. I just cant tell you how much I have wanted this. I am going to have you the way I have wanted to all this time. Tujhe chodunga nahi main. Chod chod ke chod chod ke phad dalunga tujhe main.”

It was the first time I heard him speak this filthy and I got scared to hear those words. That time, I knew, he has really lost his senses. I could see his eyes burning with desire. He inserted his finger and started finger fucking me very roughly. And kept licking me, biting me, sucking me all over.

He turned me around and pinned me to the wall and with loud grunts and roars, he bit me hard all over my back. The he bent and licked my ass hole all the way up to the nape of my neck. He then went to my tatoo and bit me hard over there. Then he began the spanking of my ass. He spanked on ass cheek and bit the other alternatively.

And then from behind, he started licking my cunt to my ass hole. Then all of a sudden he started giving me a blow job and turned me around. My expression was that of agony and he loved it. He started the blowjob and I had dug my hands into his thick hair and urging him to go deeper into me. He went on and on and on till I orgasmed again.

He licked up every bit of my juices like a blood thirsty animal. I began to fall on him and he used his might to keep me upright. I was so tired, but this man didnt show any sighs of exhaustion! What he did next is beyond compare! He lifted me and asked me to grip him by tying my legs around his hips. He held me by my thighs and entered me.

I had just seen pictures of this position till now and here I was actually doing it with this man! “Aahhh…Mohit, this is amazing! Ohhh….aaaahhhhhhhhhh….Ohhh Goodddddddd!!! I am just loving this!” It was like being in a rain dance and being fucked by the most desirable man I have been with in this world.

This was heaven, and as he had promised, he had taken me to an entirely different world, altogether! He started fucking with greater intensity with each thrust. “Aaahh…Silvia, I am about to come…oohhh….Silviaaaaaaaaa….” I knew he was cuming and I began to hit my orgasm too. I arched my back and sharted rocking along with his movements. We both released our fluids.

He was shuddering very hard, and it looked like he was in a trance and had no control of his body. His orgasm was mighty. When it ended, he was finally exhausted and when his penis went limp inside me, he came out, placed me down and gave me a long, long hug. When he released me, he looked at me and said thank you and placed a nice warm smooched on my mouth.

I returned to this world again and reciprocated to his hugs and kisses. We both sighed, bathed and cleaned ourselves. After hours of sex, we were both famished and exhausted. We ordered some room service, ate and slept off, only to wake up the next day, to continue our mind blowing sex!

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