I am Razia, 24, waiting for either marriage or chances to pursue my studies further. Lonely daughter to my working parents. finding it difficult to spend the time except by watching porn in my laptop. God has given me very good features and a good face. But the boy coming to marry are all undereducated and not with good background.

My mother one day told me that her sister’s son is coming from Dubai to continue his studies here and he is 18

and I may have to help him to choose a good course and guide him properly.Next day Kadir came with a shoulder bag and a suitcase. He hugged my mother and told me Hi. He was almost a 6 footer and big frame of body, fair in colour.

We sat in the sitting room sipping tea, watching TV, discussing about his plans for further studies.He had no idea about the courses available and which suits him. My mother told him to sleep in my room where we can discuss more in detail. After supper we moved to my room. He could have been asked to sleep in the sitting room in the sofa cum bed.

But my Umma wanted him to feel at hom and asked him to sleep in the same cot as me. Kadir changed into a lungi and a armless vest. I told him jocularly that he should not push me down the cot. He laughed and said no, no. Apparently he was not familiar to wearing lungi and he was clumsily wrapped it around him. We talked about life in Dubai.

Besides his parents he had a sister. he said. I told him to get up early so that we may engage an auto and go around the colleges making inquiries. he slept the moment he hit the bed. I too slept but I got up after about an hour to go to the bathroom. I put on the light and found that the lungi of Kader is all in disarray. He was sleeping stark naked with his cock of 8″ standing erect like a flag post.

I WAS surpirsed. Such a small boy of 18 has such a big cock, what will he have when he reaches 22. I went to the bathroom and found my panty wet. I came back and sat in the bed and looked at this new tool. It was very shapely and red top shown glistening. I sat near and wanted just to touch it. With a finger tip I touched it.

With two fingers I just held it. Kader was in deep slumber. I grasped it with one hand and then used both the hands to hold it. It was solid like a rock but with silken skin. Kader was moving in his sleep. I just kissed the tip of the cock and looked at his face. He was awake and was looking at me. I asked Kader what kind of manure he is putting it to make it this big.

He laughed and said that it is all looked after by his sister who sucks it daily. What, I asked. Ramila applies some oil on it and sucks it daily to make it big. Is it that big. I said yes, it is really big. If Ramila his sister can suck it daily why no I try it once, I thought and opening my mouth widely I took it in.

Kader said, one of his mother’s friends used to call him to her house and make him fuck her secretly. Oh, then he knew about fucking also. I rolled my tongue around his cock and kader very carefully mouth fucked me. He then asked me to lie down, removed my clothes, opened up my legs, leaned forward to kiss my pussy. His hands were searching for my boobs.

HE unhooked my bra and his hungry mouth sucked my nipples. When I was sixteen, my uncle who came to our house was sharing my bed. On the second night he just embraced me, pulled me closer, bent and sucked my boobs and his monster was poking my panty.

He got up pulled my panty down, make me open my legs, sat between them and placed the tip of his cock at the entrance of my hole and pushed it in.I had severe pain, but he pacified me and said the pain will be for a short duration and thereafter it will be pleasure and pleasure only. It was true but the pain indicated that he has taken away my virginity. Some blood also was oozing.

But later his cock gave me immense pleasure. He fucked me in different poses and I lost all sense of shame with him. He was there for one week and within one week he fucked me in all poses and then made me enjoy sex very much. Then he went away. It is four years later that a boy with such a huge cock is sharing my bed. He is younger to me and hence I can dominate him.

When I was sucking his cock he turned his body and placed his mouth in my crotch and was licking my cunt. His sharp abrasive tongue was all over my cunt and it was lifting me to the heavens.Occasionally he poked it into my fuck hole and it was heavenly for me. My fluids were flowing profusely and he was licking and drinking them.

I just rolled over and made him to lie in the bottom and I straddled him. His hands were pressing my bottoms and he was rubbing his face all over my pussy. I holding his huge cock was trying my utmost to bring him to an orgasm. Finally I gave up and asked him to fuck me. I lay on the bed with legs stretched apart and he bending over me took the tip of his cock and placed it at the entrance of my fuckhole.

His cock was huge and I was afraid he will cause me pain. It really pained me. But he was considerate and he pushed his cock in slowly in small jerks and he bend down and licked and sucked my nipples. His entire cock was inside me and I felt it is entering my uterus. He started to fuck me in slow strokes and then gradually increased his speed.

His movements inside me were touching very sensitive spots and a wave of pleasure was sweeping through me. I raised my legs up and wound them around his waist. I hugged him and pressed his chest against my boobs. My mouth searched for his and wanted to suck his lips.

But he was busy fucking and breathing heavily he was pumping vigorously. I dont know how many times I reached orgasm. But he was going on pumping and finally he was arriving at his peak. He breathing was fast and he shot his sperms into my interior and collapsed on me.

His cock was throwing fluids into me continuously for a long time and his fluids and mine were overflowing and were draining into the bed. I made him to get up and with a hand towel I wiped my cunt and rushed to the bath room to clean myself up. We made it a practice to fuck daily in the night two or three times. We obsrved safe period and during unsafe I used the pill.

When Kader when to gulf to spend his holidays I felt miserable without sex. In the meantime my family fixed my marriage and I had no other alternative but to share my bed with a new bride goom.

He was sexually very strong and hence I did not feel the absence of Kader very much. But my husband goes to office during day time,and in the night only I have sex. But Kader used to fuck me when he comes for lunch. Two cocks everyday is just heaven, which woman gets this luxury.

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