The story is about a guy named Ram from Bangalore aged 26 an IT professional. He loved one girl named Haasini. Both were school mate. And in school days they didn’t feel any love for each other but after the school they fell in love. They had to join college and again were separated as Ram had to go to another city for studies. But meanwhile that girl began dating with others. But before this they both loved each other sincerely. They had fucked more than 1000 times on mobile chat and net chats but never in real. Ram came to know that Haasini was dating someone else. Then one day both had heavy fight on it, so they split out and broke their love and relation.

She was heart broken and got married with one guy named Anand. Few days prior to their marriage Ram and Haasini chatted for almost a week prior to marriage. Ram tried to convince her that he still loved her and wanted to marry her so she should for go the ensuing marriage plans and come to him else he would tell his husband about their relation and will produce their net chat records.

She went to his place to beg for her life. She succeeded in smothering him and they compromised and went to sex chats again. Ram presented her a nice gown. She was happy to see it. He asked her to try that dress and show him. She locked the door and began changing her dress. She did not notice that Ram had placed 2-3 cameras in the room and all were taking her photos in nude. She came out in the outfit and she looked ravishing in it.

They patched up and kissed goodbye and they compromised with a promise to keep in touch with each other but after the marriage Haasini got too busy with her daily life that she didn’t reply to Rams messages or phone calls. And in due course of time she got pregnant. When Ram heard this he was very sad and angry.

At the 5th month of pregnancy they met in facebook chat and so far Ram had too much irritation because of her not replying for last 6 months, she did not have any reply. So he thought to teach a lesson to her. He had her nude pictures taken when she was changing her clothes in his home.

That day they normally chatted then Ram asked to do sex chat but she refused and went offline. Getting furious Ram called her more than 50 times on her phone but she never picked up so Ram got irritated and planned some thing in mind. He decided to have fun chat fun again with her. As she was 5 month she responded to Ram’s message. Being 5 months pregnant she was little horny so decided to have chat fun.

She received a message from Ram which jolted her from her happy life. He messaged her saying that he was having her chat history which was having sex chats of both and also having her nude pictures and he would send those to his hubby and tell him all about their affair. Haasini began shivering, she din’t know what to do. She thought of begging Ram not to do any such things.

Earlier Ram used to call her 50 times a day but now she was calling him to ask him not to do this. Ram was not ready to listen he wanted to blackmail her. He said she would just have to sex chat with him whenever he wanted or else he would forward her nude pictures taken from his hidden camera and post it on net besides sending it to her husband. He then forwarded her one such photo in which her bare back was visible. He said he had many such nude pictures of her.

Haasini had no choice but to accept his demand. She cried a lot as she got scared that this would ruin her married life. She phoned him and accepted his request his sex chat request but with different id. Then they started sex chat for 2 weeks. Slowly Haasini began to trust Ram again and they came a little closer too. The fear in her mind also escaped. Actually Ram didn’t know that her nude pictures taken from hidden camera which were not so clear would help him so much. Gradually Haasini opened up to him and started sharing everything with him. Ram was enjoying chatting with her. Gradually they would chat for whole day after Haasini’s husband left for work. Since no one was at home she would chat whole day. One day after 10 am he asked her to come to yahoo messenger for video chat and seeing her nude body in web cam. Haasini was not ready for it but anyhow Ram could convince her for it.

Initially she let him see only her upper portion but later she let him see her full nude body. Her tummy swollen with pregnancy looked very sexy. He got very excited seeing her nude and recorded her nudity. He was enjoying her pregnancy nude and also masturbating before camera. Haasini also became horny and responded by fingering her pussy. Slowly she was falling for her childhood love again. She felt pity for him and wanted to make Ram feel better. One day when Ram was online with Haasini, saw her fully nude he welcomed her and asked her to masturbate for him calling his names.

After her 5th month of pregnancy, she planned to come to her home town where Ram also used to stay. Ram was waiting for such occasion and planned to fuck her in real by seducing or blackmailing whatever he had to do. He was having her nude with pregnancy and he was horny for her and even Haasini was hot for him. When Haasini came to her parents’ place Ram called her on phone and asked her to come to his house. She agreed and fixed a date to visit him. She was 6 month pregnant when she came.

He decided to seduce her and for that he had to make her drink some drug laced drink. She was normal looking but with big boobs of 36 size and her age was 21 only. Ram arranged food and drink for her. They had nice party where in he offered her vodka and asked her to drink fully. First she refused. Ram cajoled her and in matter of time she drank the glass of vodka. The alcohol was having its effect. She decided to go home before things got out of her hand. Ram asked her to stay but she was adamant to leave so Ram got irritated. He decided to make her his slave.

He pressured her to drink one more glass. She said last drink so she started to drink. This last drink was too much for her and she started feeling dizzy and lay down on the bed. She could see and hear but could not do anything or move her body. Ram seized this opportunity and kissed her on her cheeks. Then he pressed her boobs from above the blouse. Haasini could not protest only an inaudible sound came from her mouth. Within minutes Ram got nude. Haasini saw him nude and wanted to run but her body was not in her control due to the alcohol.

Ram stopped her and asked her to suck his dick. She refused. He opened her mouth and inserted his cock in it. She had no option but to suck. She sucked his cock as if it was lollypop. She was jerking her mouth on his cock. Ram wanted to enjoy so he stooped her jerking moth and pissed in her mouth ask her to drink. She gulped the piss. He removed her blouse and bra. She had 36 size breasts swollen due to pregnancy. Her nipples were darkish brown and areola was as big as one rupee coin.

Ram then planted his mouth on her breast and began sucking her nipples. He sucked her other breast too. Due to Ram’s action along with vodka’s effect she was also feeling horny. A loud moan was escaping her mouth. He began licking her armpits and pressing her ass cheeks. Her armpits tasted like salted biscuit. Ram rubbed her pussy from above her saree. Ram removed her saree and petticoat. Inside she wore pink colored panty which had wet patch now. Ram understood Haasini was also hot and horny due to his sucking.

Ram removed the panty to reveal a large tuft of hair on her pussy. Her cunt was blackish in color and her inside was red. She was almost wet for him. Ram loved hairy pussy. He licked her pussy lips. He swiped his tongue like a dog. He opened her pussy crack to see the inners. Haasini opened her legs to facilitate his movements as if she also wanted him to suck her pussy. Ram loved her pussy taste. Within seconds he located her clit and began sucking it. He bit the flesh which made Haasini jump in air. She caught his head and pushed him deeper in her pussy. He inserted his tongue deeper in her pussy hole which was now fully wet and oozing liquid.

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Ram began chewing the clit. This was too much for her and she cummed in his mouth. She passed away due to sucking and the drinks. Within minutes she felt asleep and fell unconscious because of vodka. Ram had another idea too. He called his friend Vino with a video camera. Vino came within minutes. Ram gave handy cam to Vino and asked him to take the video of fucking. Vino was surprised to see nude Haasini laying unconscious on bed. He asked Ram about it. Ram told him everything and even offered him Haasini’s pussy for fuck if he shot the fucking session. Ram began sucking her cunt again and within seconds it was wet again. Haasini also started tossing in her sleep. She was returning back to consciousness. Ram’s sucking was doing magic on her. Ram bit her clit in frenzy.

She started moaning, “Oh God I really love this……….nowwwwwwww SUCK MY LONG HARD CLIT…………………LIKE A SMALL PENIS………OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO



Ram was also getting horny. He inserted his middle finger in her anus. Haasini again yelled, “NOW INSERT


…….YESSSSSSSSSSS……………KEEP CHEWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING MY CLITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY !!!” And within minutes Haasini cummed in Ram’s mouth. Ram tasted her discharge and relished it. Ram said, “Now I want to fuck your pussy like I always wanted to.

Saying this he lay on Haasini and inserted his hard cock in her wet and lubricated cunt. His cock went in easily. He started jerking his body forward and backward. His cock was entering her pussy like hot knife going through butter. He increased his speed and was fucking her in abandon, while Vino was recording the entire proceedings.

Haasini was enjoying the sex, and was calling Ram to fuck her more, “Come on…….I love you…….I am spreading my thighs for you…….uuuuuggghhhhhhhhh

……..fuck meeeeee……….sooooo nice……..make meeeee cummmmmmm………









Haasini cummed within 10 minutes but Ram kept on hammering her as he was not done. She was wet again. Ram started to fuck her like ghost as he was fucking without mercy.

Ram also called her, “I am cumming tooooooooooooo………….Where you want me to cum? In your pussy……………………….”

Haasini replied,

“Yes yes yes……..Cum in my pussy……………..Fill me up…………..My cunt is waiting for it.”

After fucking her without mercy for 15 minutes Ram also discharged in her pussy. The entire scene was filmed properly by Vino which Haasini noticed later.

She got shocked and asked him to delete but he said. “No, no, I will not delete it. It is our passport to heavenly enjoyment. I will not forward it to anyone just whenever we call you; you should come and serve yourself to us. Else this clip will be downloaded to internet and send to your husband and in laws. You let Vino fuck you now else we will send this to your family members now.”

Then she accepted as she was left with no option. If she did not accede to their demands her family life would be ruined. Vino undressed in a hurry and began sucking her boobs. Ram took the camera in his hand and began filming. Vino was grateful to Ram for providing him such a nice pussy and boobs. He got lost in her both swollen boobs.

Then he lay Haasini on bed and came over her body. He inserted his cock in her cunt and began jerking his body. Now Haasini who was silent till now began moaning. She was enjoying the fuck. Vino was sucking nipple and pressing her breast. The room was filled with the sound of their horrendous fucking. Ram kept on recording the proceeding.

Thap thap tahp thap thap thap……………

Fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk fuk……………..




Ram said, “Vino you fuck her ass. I think it is virgin.” Haasini said, “Noo. Not my anus. I can’t bear the pain. No fuck my pussy four times but don’t touch my anal hole….Pleaseeeeeee……Ram don’t make me your slut.”

Ram did not heed to her request and asked Vino, “You insert your finger into Haasini’s ass hole to make the hole little bigger and easier to insert your cock. Lubricate it further with your saliva and coconut oil. Meanwhile I will suck her pussy to her more hot.”

He did it and it again ignited her fire. She was calling his names and saying, “Oh My GOD,………PUSH YOUR FINGER DEEP INTO MY TIGHT, SLIMYYYYYYYYYYYY ASS HOLEEEEEEEEE……”

Vino was rimming her ass hole with finger while Ram was sucking her boobs. Then suddenly Ram stopped him from fucking and asked him to fuck Haasini’s ass hole. He spit on the hole and fingered a lot. In few minutes his finger was able to go inside her ass. Haasini was crying due to pain but also enjoying the treatment meted to her. But again she began enjoying it. Vino inserted his cock in her ass hole after applying oil on his cock.

And again he began fucking action. Ram was filming and also pressing her boobs. He inserted his erect cock in her mouth. She was enjoying the fuck. She was very vocal while fucking. She began shouting, “FUCK……FUCK……FUCK MY ASS HOLE…….SHOOT YOUR HOT SPERM INTO MY ASS HOLEEEEEEE……AAAAAAA………….AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO…………YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS DEAR…………..THANK YOU……..I CAN FEEL YOUR HOT SPERM NOWWWWWWWWWWWW……….FUCCCCKKKKKKKKKKK MY ASS HOLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE !!!”

Ram lay below her body and began sucking her pussy from below. Haasini was in heaven. Vino was fucking her ass hole and Ram was sucking her cunt and pressing her boobs at the same time. She never dreamt such day for her. Two guys rimming her at the same time. That also without her seducing any one . She was calling Ram’s name and saying, “COME LICK MEEEEEE AND MAKE ME CUMMMMMMMMMM……….I am your bitch in heat…….I want your big cock nowwwwwwwwwwwwww…………FUCK MEEEEEEE HARD……….FUCK MEEEE AND MAKE ME CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM !!!”

And Haasini cummed with a loud yell, “I am cumminggggggggggggggggggggg…………You also cum in my ass hole……………” Ram drank her discharge and wiped his face. Hearing this Vino came in her ass. Then Vino removed his slimy cock from her ass. Haasini licked and cleaned his cock for him. He licked some sperm from her tongue too. She kissed Ram and thanked him for such a nice fuck.

Ram phoned his three friends who lived nearby to come to his room. They were at doorsteps in minutes. They were Ajay, Lokesh and Vinay. All were in their 20s all well built and desperate for sex. When Ram opened the door in nude they were surprised and shocked to see him. When they entered the room they were further shocked to see Haasini in nude on the bed along with Vino also nude. The room smelled of raw sex.

Lokesh said, “Hello Haasini. What are you doing here in Ram’s room and that also in this state of dressing?”

Haasini was ashamed and could not reply so Ram replied, “Hi guys. Meet my girl friend Haasini. She is here for a nice sex from us.”

Ajay said, “But if she is your girlfriend. Why you want us to fuck her?”

Ram said, “Today she is free for all of you. You want to fuck her or not?”

Vinay was the most eager one, he said, “Why not but let us ask Haasini.”

Haasini just hid her face and started crying, “Don’t do this to me. Don’t make me your slut……..please let me go……………….I can’t take it any more.”

Ram said, “If you would not agree we will share your video on net and send it to your family members. Will you let them fuck you or not?”

Haasini kept quite and nodded her head in affirmative. Lokesh asked, “What videos are you taliokng about? Are you blackmailing her?”

Ram told, “Lokesh don’t ask silly questions, you fuck her pussy, Vinay you take her ass hole, Ajay will fuck her mouth and Vino will be jerked by hand, while I would record the proceedings. So, Lokesh you suck her cunt and others suck her boobs. Ready all of you? Any questions………..”

Saying this he adjusted his camera. Haasini shut her eyes further to escape the embarrassment. Taking cue Lokesh planted his mouth on Haasini’s cunt and began licking it. He got the taste of her cum along with Ram’s and Vino’s spent cum which was still in her pussy and oozing out. Lokesh liked the taste and began lapping up. All guys had massive erection by then. Ram saw thier reaction and smiled knowing what had happened and what was in store for them. Ajay began sucking her left breast and Vinay was sucking her right breast. Vino brought some more oil to lubricate Haasini’s ass hole. Haasini was in heaven she never dreamt of such nice fuck in her life ever. Four guys were fucking her and one was recording and giving instructions to others. Two guys sucking her each breast, one guy was fingering her anus and one guy was sucking her cunt.



Lokesh was biting her clit and making her wilder and wilder. Haasini knew she would not be able to escape so why not enjoy the scene. She was bucking her ass up in air to meet their tongues. Three tongues were working at one time. Then Vino brought oil and was inserting little in her ass hole too. All had become nude five cocks were dangling right left. Her pussy was wet and she was hot again.

Haasini called them, “WHAT YOU WAITING FOR ………..


All got up and took their position as planned. Vinay lay on bed facing up with his cock in air. Haasini was lowered on to his cock by two Lokesh and Ajay. Imagine the scene Haasini is lowered on to a erect cock by two guys and Vino is holding his cock in position so it enters. But due to circumference it does not go inside and Haasini feels the pain and starts crying. To stop from crying, Ajay inserted his cock in her mouth. She was unable to wail and began sucking his cock. Vino applied some oil on his cock too.

Then Haasini was lifted again by Vino and Lokesh and again planted on Vinay’s cock. This time it went more. Gain they raised her and brought her down on his erect lubricated cock. Now most of his cock was in her ass hole which was paining but still she tried to adjust. “Brave girl” said Lokesh and made her lie on her back on Vinay’s body.

Then Lokesh placed his cock on Haasini’s cunt mouth and pushed. As it was fucked three times before and was wet due to his sucking the cock went inside. He gave a big moan and was happy to see his cock disappear in her hole. Now Vinay was under Haasini and Lokesh but was pushing from beneath. Due to the combined weight of Haasini and Lokesh his cock was now almost in her ass.

They began jerking their body. And Ajay also began jerking his cock in and out of her mouth. She didn’t let his cock slip from her mouth. Three cocks in her three holes. Then Vino placed his cock in her hand. She began jerking his cock too. She wanted all the cocks in her pussy.

She was instructing them which could not be understood, “Lokesh, push in..push in slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy..NO NO NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO


..NONONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUGHOOOOOOOUGHOOOOUGHUUUU..FUCK ME NOW..fuck fuck fuck fuck brotheeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..good fucking..good fucking..good fucking..cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing now.”

Lokesh was pumping his cock in and out like a mad man. At same time Lokesh pushed in and Vinay pushed from beneath. Haasini was sandwiched between two cocks. She was unable to keep her eyes open due to the immense pleasure and shyness too. She was bobbing her head up and down on Ajay’s cock giving him ultimate enjoyment. While with her hands she was jerking Vino’s cock. It was a scene to witness and Ram was recording all. Haasini thought, “To hell with the recording I should enjoy this moment to the fullest. Let other think what they want to think.”



Hearing this Lokesh felt his balls boiling and the surrounding sex scene had its toll on him and he felt the orgasm coming out. He yelled, “Oh Haasini I am about to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm…Where you want me to cum?”

Vinay was also not left behind, he called,”Haasiniaaaaaaaaaaa…………I am cummingggggggggggggg in your ass hole.”

Haasini told Lokesh, “Cum in my pussy………..fill my womb with your seeds………make me feel like a queen bee.”

Lokesh was cumming in threos “Ooooooooooohhhhhh Haasini…………Take my seeds in your pussy……………………….Yes yes yes yes yes “

And following this Vinay also cummed in her ass hole. Within seconds Vino cam in her hands and seeing his jerking cock she pointed his cock at her breast spraying his cum on her nipple. Seeing all go limp Ajay also cummed in her mouth filling it up with his hot cum. Within few minutes all cummed and Ram had perfect shot for his video. Due to utter exhaustion Haasini passed away for few minutes. Then they had great session again that day till 8 at night that day.

She came back to senses after 15 minutes. She got up from the bed drenched in sweat and cum. Lokesh escorted her to bathroom to clean her. All the guys followed her. He opened shower and cleaned her sweat and cumm from her body and soaped her well. Imagine, 5 pairs of hands were feeling her nude and wet body soaping and molesting her, pressing her boobs, inserting fingers in her ass hole and pussy. And she was enjoying her queen like status. She was patted dry by the guys. She got ready in few minutes.

She thanked all the guys for such a nice time and fuck. Ram also thanked her for coming and giving them such opportunity. She agreed to come to his place whenever asked. Then the asked to have two cocks at same time in both ass and pussy. Though she didn’t have any other option but she refused as she said she was pregnant so it will difficult to double penetrate. Ram tried to convince her but she refused for double penetration.

After too much persuasion agreed later she would have it that is she agreed after pregnancy she will come to their place and have two cocks at the same time.

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