In the early morning when Rosy was brushing her teeth standing in the veranda, she saw bedraggled Raju going out of the room of Silvia closing the door behind him. Rosy was shocked. Does it mean Raju spent the night in the room of Silvia.

Silvia was her friend and they talk about sex quite often. Rosy was just 22, beautiful, tall and fair and having done her PG got recently employed in the IT sector with a fat salary. Silvia also was similarly placed and hence they had close intimacy.

Rosy went to the bathroom, cleaned her mouth of the paste and washed her face, towelled it and then rushed out to go to the room of Silvia. Silvia’s room was bolted from inside. It being a holiday they were not in a hurry to get up and start the routine.

But Rosy banged the door and Silvia came mumbling a curse and opened the door and seeing Rosy she smiled and said “Hi” and went to her bed to stretch.Rosy entered the room and her sharp eyes caught many things out of place. Silvia’s undergarments were all strewn around.

Usually she keeps them hidden or puts them in the bucket in the bathroom. There were cups of icecream on the table uncleaned and one cup had something left behind in liquid form. Ice cream spoons were all lay scattered on the table.

Rosy searched for the chair to sit, but there was some fluids on the chair. She wiped it with her hand and saw them viscous and sticking to her fingers. Silvia was enjoying her lazyness by closing her eyes and stretching. She did not notice the eyes of Rosy searching the room.

Rosy took the panty of Silvia lying on the bed to wipe the chair. But the panty was full of cum of Raju and it was a bundle of stickyness. Instantly she dropped it on the floor and took a towel and cleaned the chair and sat on it.

Suddenly Silvia remembered about the previous night and got up alarmed and looked around for any tell tale evidence which may catch the eyes of Rosy. But Rosy knew by now that something seriously wrong has taken place in the room.

Keeping a smile on her face she looked at Silvia and asked her what news. Silvia got up tied her hair and collected all the icecream cups and spoons and dropped them in the waste basket and collected her dirty clothes and dropped them in the bathroom

and came back and sat in the bed and turned to Rosy. Rosy asked her what is the matter to celebrate with icecream etc. Who was with you. Silvia suddenly felt defenseless and gave a dry smile and tried to avoid the question and said it is very hot let me open the window.

Rosy insisted and asked who was with you yesterday night. Who took so much of icecream with you. Oh it was Raju, poor boy, he bought some biriyani and ice cream for me and asked him to take one with me. But what about the third unfinished cup, asked Rosy.

I saw Raju going out only in the morning. You mean to say you both were eating icecream for the whole night, Rosy asked. Silvia was caught unawares. She just laughed and wait I will tell you all that has happened and narrated the whole incident to her friend, Rosy.

Rosy was amazed and became very jealousy of her friend, Silvia. This was going on for quite some time and you have not told me a word about it so far. Silvia fumbled and said she wanted to tell but where was the chance. Rosy was angry now.

You wanted to enjoy it all alone and thought if you tell me I will demand my share, is it not. No, no, Silvia said I will ask you to do things for you and he is a nice boy and he will certainly do. Ok, then send him to me said Rosy and went away to her room. Silvia called for Raju.

He came running. She asked him to go to the room of Rosy and hinted to him that she has discovered about their affair in the previous night. Raju was scared, but Silvia said dont worry just go and ask her. Raju went and knocked the door of Rosy.

Rosy was reading some paper and when she saw Raju standing at the door, she called him inside and asked him whether he will do some small work for her. He said certainly. She asked him to clean her clothes in the bathroom and then carry her laundry to the dry cleaners

and then get some breakfast from the hotel, omlette etc. Raju went inside the bathroom and saw her undergarments in the bucket. He took one panty and sniffed at it. He did not realise that Rosy was watching him doing it. He took each panty and sniffed and thn dipped it in the water.

By the time he finished all the six panties he was in full erection. The smell of the cunt and cunt juices made him horny. Rosy came to the bathroom door and lifted her nightie and pulled down her panty she was wearing. In the process Raju saw her pussy. She told him to wash this also.

She turned and saw him sniffing at it. She too was aroused. Her cunt was wet. She came back to the bath room, took a wet panty from the hands of Raju and lifted her nightie and wiped her cunt with it. Raju was amazed and looked at her pussy. This Rosy madam is not shy at all.

She is showing her pussy to me so many times. He put the panties in the detergent powder and poured enough water and got up. He said he will wash them on return from the dry cleaners. She gave him Rs.100 and asked him to get breakfast soon.

He rushed outside, gave the laundry to the dry cleaner, collected the food from the hotel and came back to Rosy madam’s room. To his surprise he saw Silvia madam and Rosy madam standing in the veranda and talking.

Raju went straight inside and heard Silvia telling Rosy, you have him today in the day time and I will have him in the night. We will have a combined session late in the night. Raju kept the food on the table, went inside the bathroom finished washing the clothes and went outside to dry

them. Rosy called him to come to her room when comes down the terace. Silvia went to her room. Rosy had plenty of fucking experience in the school and in the college. First her tuition teacher while she was in the school fucked her when he came to her home for tuition.

Her parents were abroad and her grandmother was not watching her. The first experience in fucking was very interesting and they had it for more than six months. Her servant who found out the secret also fucked her in her bed room.

When she was in the college she had a boy friend who was interested only in fucking her. She knew that and she too was interested in sex only. Her parents returned and she had to regulate her life. Now it is more than six month that she never touched a male.

She was in deep thought when Raju came. Raju just watched her standing at the door. She was fair and beautiful, youthful with glowing skin. She was more attractive than even Silvia. But Raju did not want to take initiative. Let her call me he thought.

Suddenly she raised her head and saw him and she called him to come near. He was in a lungi folded half at his knee. Two of the top buttons of his T shirt was open. She saw him, young, strong with large limbs.

She just stared at his face and could sense small movements inside his lungi. She just touched his bulge and found his cock in erect condition. Parting the ends of the lungi, he took out his cock and saw the beautiful piece of flesh all erect and glowing and pulsating.

Both Raju and Rosy were horny. She just kissed his cock and licked its tip with a rotatory movement. It was huge and bigger than any she had taken in. Cream coloured with veins protruding it gave a magnificent picture.

His balls were shrunken and she ran her hand over them.She just opened her mouth and took the tip of his cock in her mouth. Raju just softly pushed his cock into her mouth and mouth fucked her. In the meantime he took her boob in his hand and pressed as if to test its softness.

Her nipples were hard and erect. He unhooked her nightie and made her totally nude. It was late morning and there was bright light coming from the window. Raju pushed open her legs and ran his hand over her pussy. It was leaking and in a mess.

Raju pulled his cock from her hand and positioned himself between her legs and kept his cock at the entrance of the cunt. Rosy, half closed her eyes and wanted Raju to lie down on her and she pulled him down. But Raju was smearing the viscous liquid taken out from her cunt on his

cock. Opening up the cunt lips with his fingers he inserted his cock in her cunt. It was tight and was not going in at the first instance. He pulled half it out and again pushed it in. The vaginal muscles held it tight and a huge cock entering her body sent goosepimples all over the body of

Rosy. For Raju also it was a thrilling experience. One of the most beautiful girls lying in front of him naked with her legs wide open and her cunt pierced by him gave him a thrill. He pushed and pushed and his entire cock was inside her upto the hilt.

She held him tight with her hands and wanted to enjoy the tightness. He made small jerky movements with his hips so that his cock may make small movements inside and invigorate her nerve ends. Rosy was enjoying the whole thing.

She reached orgasm and each small movement of his was enhancing her orgasm. He was sucking her hot erect nipples. That gave more pleasure. The fellow with his left hand fingers was rubbing her clit. Oh God, what a pleasure.She raised her hip in jerky movements.

He got the message. He withdrew his tool and gave a deep powerful thrust. She cried out Ahhh…hha. She held him tight so that he may not withdraw and go away. His huge cock sent messages through her nervous system that this was the cock meant to give her pleasure.

It went on and on. Rosy gave soft moans for every movement of his cock. Raju was fucking her slowly in deep shots. It gave him length of time. Since he was on top, he would not be tired at all. Rosy was getting series of orgasms, all small. Viscous fluids was flowing out of her cunt.

She was keeping her hands on her knees to hold them back. In the meantime, Silvia, in the neighbouring room could not contain her curiosity. She just wanted to peep in and see how things are progressing. It is always pleasurable to watch a fucking scene.

She came, just pushed the door slightly and peeped in without the fucking couple knowing. Silvia was thrilled to see the scene. Her owncunt was wet. She just pushed herself in. and closed the door behind softly without attracting attention.

Raju was leaning on Rosy and he could not see since Silvia approached from his behind. She came closer and sat on the ground and saw his cock entering the cunt opening. She just removed her panty and was about to take bath and in the meantime she thought she will watch

the progress. The fucking scene and the moans of Rosy made Silvia also horny. She pressed her own boobs and nipples. Fucking went on and on and there was no signs of stopping. Rosy was moaning closing her eyes.

Raju had tremendous capacity to hold on and hence he can go on fucking for one hour. The fluid took care of the lubrication and hence no question of hurting. Suddenly Rosy shouted make it fast. Raju like a steam engine started doing it real fast and within no time they both reached

orgasm. Silvia was rubbing her own clit and she was also nearing her orgasm. Suddenly all three reached the peak of their orgasm. Raju hugged Rosy and she held him tight with her legs and hands. Silvia put her own hands around and tightened her body.

After couple of minutes they got separated and were suprised by the presence of Silvia in the room. Rosy was totally nude and also was Raju. Silvia’s flimsy nightie revealed more than it concealed. Seeing the erect cock of Raju,

Silvia pulled him to her side and sucked his jewel which was smeared with his own fluids and the fluids of Rosy. Rosy who ran to the bath room came back nude and came and embraced Raju and then Silvia. All three were hungry.

Rosy game him a lot of money and asked him to bring breakfast for all the three. She insisted for double omlette, corn flakes, fruits, juices etc. Raju is not happy with this kind of small things. He wanted some solid since he needed more energy for handling two ladies.

He took four fried eggs, two masala dosa, couple of idlis, vada and strong tea. He collected the stuff the girls wanted and took the food to their room. In the meantime, the girls, Silvia and Rosy were planning why not move into a separate flat and keep Raju as the caretaker and pay a fat

salary to him to fuck both of them everyday for at least three or four times. When they told this suggestion he said he cannot come since this job gave him permanency and going with two girls will put him in the streets once they get married and go away or go away on transfer.

He promised them he can come and fuck them whenever they want but he would continue in the employment of this lodge. Ok they said and they started with their breakfast. They asked Raju to lie down between them and they remvoed his lungi,

applied jam to his cock and then started to suck his cock. This life of Raju went on like this between the two girls for quite some time. Rosy got married and went along with her hubby to US. Silvia got transferred to their Chennai project and she wanted Raju to go along with her.

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