I’m Rajesh. Today left home at 3PM to prepare to go to Vinod’s home to drop Swathi there and pick up Haasini and come back to my home. Swathi appears to be in excited mood and she got ready with her favorite Kate winslet costume.

As usual 20% of the boobs are popping out of on top of her dress, she carefully and softly applied rose powder with soft brushes to make it appear glamorous and did proper hair dressing and every inch of her face is appearing happy and excitement.

I’ve also dressed well with my favorite T-Shirt and jeans and got ready to leave to Vinod’s home. Haasini has packed all her dresses in stroller suit case and also she packed some fruits and some other eatables in a separate bag and when I enquired about it she blushed and said “don’t ask it”. I left it and I haven’t asked her anything more about that.

We left our home and started driving to Vinod’s home and I started dreaming about Haasini and how I should treat her in my home and started coining the dialogues that I needs to say her. I also recalled her request to not advance to sex fast. I sincerely decided to honor her request and spent time to talk to her and melt her with my love so that she itself come forward with luv to give her to me.

With all these running thoghts, finally I’ve reached Vinod’s apartment. Left the car and helped wife to pick the stroller suitecase from the trunk and I rolled the suit case and rang the calling bell of Vinods home. As if they are waiting for us, immediately Vinod opened the door and Haasini is also standing with him while he opened the door.

As soon as they opened the door, noticed Haasini with her traditional and sexy saree attire and said within myself “oh my god, she is damn sexy”. I could see the same with Vinod’s face seeing Swathi. Vinod and Haasini with their smiling faces invited us inside house and we all walked and sat in the sofa in hall.

Though we talked about this swap over phone call, this is the first time all four of us in meeting physically first time after the decision has been made. Now nobody has courage to talk openly about swap or anything related to our plan. We never attempted to go closer with other couples at this moment in front of other couple.

I really admired that we all are strictly following this even without planning. I started thinking “mm it seems this is what the culture and sensitivity somewhere sticked within our DNA” We all just chat normal topics without talking anything about the exchanging our wives.

After the phone “swap oath” decision of swap from all four, first time seeing Haasini, so just I looked her and she also looked at me, just both of eyes meet for few seconds, she become shy and she moved her eyes away from me quickly.

Haasini called Swathi separately and Swathi left the hall and went with Haasini to kitchen, I could see that Haasini started explaining, showing the kitchen items and its grocery item location to Swathi, and she took Swathi to other areas of home and made her to accustom to house, electronics, washer, dryer etc.

After few minutes they both returned to hall and Haasini said “Ok I’ll prepare tea for all” and she left to kitchen. So me, Rajesh and Swathi were in hall, as soon as Haasini left the hall Swathi and Vinod started staring each of them lustfully and just we three chat in general. I’m bit out of control and my started cock screwing me to go to kitchen and see Haasini there.

She was so beautiful to resist seeing her. I gently asked excuse with Swathi and Vinod and said let me to go to kitchen and get some water. Swathi teased me “oh going for water?? Mm carry on (with giggle)”. Haasini couldn’t hear this comment as kitchen is bit distant and not directly visible. With heavy heart beat I progressed to kitchen to see Haasini in bit of privacy/separately.

I went to kitchen, I could see she is boiling milk in gas stove. She turned her head towards her right as I’m standing there and gently with a cute smile “Yes Rajesh?” I stammered “De.. Dev. Dvi., can I get some wat., wattter” Oh my god I struggled to say that one sentenced completely. I felt shame on myself to stammer like that.

She with cute smile “Vinod, Please help yourself, here is the water filter, she pointed to the filter on left side of her” I slowly moved to her left side, she is focusing on boiling milk to ensure it not overflows on stove and slightly she is looking at me with her side view without turning her head. As I’m standing left side of her, I could see her side beauty, her silky open waist/hip area is glowing like anything.

Gentle breeze from somewhere is slightly moving the saree away from her waist belly making a cave like opening between her saree and her belly. She gently used her two fingers to catch hold of the saree and just pulled it back and just sticked it on her stomach. Her fingers are slender with long nails polished. While she moved her hands, the sounds of her bangles created a romantic sound.

I’m not at all on earth. I pretended filling my glass with water from the filter tap. I slowly filled my glass with water, my eyes started staring her hip area and my favorite black mole on her hip started calling me. I couldn’t control me any further, I kept the glass on kitchen top and I don’t why/how I got the courage, without any hesitation and any thought, I just took my hands over her hip and just groped her hip hard.

Her face turned immediately red and she lost smile on her face and I could see heavy panic on her face, she immediately made a little sound “shhhhhhhhh” and pushed me away hardly. With her hard thrust I almost went back and lost balance if I’m going to fall down. She has not made any noise/sound where Swathi or Vinod could hear her.

I completely came back to reality and realized the terrible mistake I did. I cursed myself for the act I did. I started scolding myself about my impatience and started thinking “She had dressed well and it seems she is getting mentally prepared, but I’ve spoiled her mood by behaving in such a way.

Despite her polite request thru Swathi asking me to progress slowly, I’ve shown my impatience and touched her like this” I started really worried for what I did. I started feeling how much fear my act will bring with her. If I’m behaving like this at her home and while her husband is in hall, what she will think about me and my behavior in my home.

I got distracted from my thought with her serious look on me. I said to her “I’m extremely sorry” and I just put heads down and started walking to hall. I came back to hall without showing any disappointment on my face and joined Vinod and Swathi. After few minutes back Haasini came back to hall with cups of milk for all, I curiously started looking at her face to see her reaction.

She is not showing any unhappy or sadness on her face. I don’t know whether she is normal or she is pretending to be normal to not affect others mood. I cursed myself for taking such a bad move on my very first interaction with Haasini.

Then for next few minutes we talked general topics and Swathi opened up the topic and said “Ok all listen, it doesn’t make sense to all be silent and not talk about the main topic of the day. We don’t want to talk in depth, but let us have some thumb rule so that we don’t create problem by our self.

Swathi and I believe that talking bit arousing xxx topic in group is exciting, but we should talk with sense, just talking without purpose will create suspicion. So Swathi started her arousal topic talking with sense and purpose. Swathi started talking in bit commanding and advising voice “All Please listen, especially you both guys” she started addressing her note especially to me and Vinod.

She continued “Listen guys, though I and Haasini doesn’t like this idea of swapping initially, we have gave up our stand and made sacrifice to accept your desire. We did this because to show how much we love you as your wife, so you should understand our love and respect we have on you”

As she purposefully pulled Haasini and termed that their acceptance as “sacrifice” Haasini strongly agreed to what Swathi said and Haasini said “Absolutely, What Swathi saying is 100% right, we made sacrifice and accepted as we love you” I and Vinod cannot control our laugh and we laughed within us without revealing it out wondering “Swathi is giving such speech quoting her act as sacrifice where as in real she is master planner”

Swathi continued “Ok, so now we decided to do this, let us follow some basic thumb rule, discipline so that we don’t create problem by our self while doing all these” Haasini curiously watching to Swathi’s statement, Swathi continued “Ok, as both couples will be enjoying the coming days,

we should be careful that we don’t take photos or videos of our intimate moments in excitement or happy, it is like a suicide attempt. When I say we should not take photos, that doesn’t mean that we are not trusting each other, we trust each other, but taking photos is very risky”

Haasini started admiring Swathi’s thought and vision and strongly supported her “Swathi, you are so thoughtful, yes we should not take photos” Swathi continued “I’m not talking about nude photos alone, even avoid taking normal together photos, we can’t explain our parents or kids in future when they question why our husband is not in those photos”

Swathi continued “Rule # 2, both the couples can go anywhere outside as you like, you want to go honey moon, or want to go to resort, hotels? Go anywhere as you like, even you may plan to go outside countries to enjoy as you all have money, but don’t go to India and caught red handed by our relatives”, she started giggling.

We all laughed and said that we will not do that Swathi continued in serious tone “Another important rule and serious rule, we should never get pregnant with our exchanged partners during this time.” Haasini started to feel shy as Swathi is now talking about pregnancy with new partner.

Swathi continued “Yes this is super critical, but guys you don’t need to do anything, girls we (Swathi and Haasini) will take care of this by taking contraceptive pills, all you need to do is to remind us to see if we are taking pills regularly” Haasini continued to be shy and started to have smile with shyness and Swathi continued

“We girls will be busy with 100′s of work like taking care of home, etc, in excitement we may forget to take pills, you as responsible husbands should remind us time to time about taking pills.” Swathi continued “See I and Haasini would have asked you to use Condoms, but we have not done that, you should really appreciate us.

We thought that asking you to use condom may decrease your pleasure and increase the head ache of searching for it and wearing it before every sex. As we have lot of love on our husbands, we decided to let them enjoy in natural way without restricting them, so you both should appreciate our love”

Now Haasini could not control her shyness as Swathi started talking bit wild, Haasini gently pressed Swathi’s shoulder and pressed and smiled to indicate to leave the topic and Swathi also stopped that conversation and jumped to non xxx topic and continued saying “All of us can enjoy our life with new partner, no body should feel shy or guilty, but at the same time, let us be in control of taking photos of our self.

Please refrain from taking photos or videos in compromising position. Though we trust each other, we shouldn’t take photos of each other together even if it is going to be decent photos. This will be an issue for us in future” Now Haasini started talking “Moreover we all are doing this after lot of thought and we know that we are not betraying our spouse as our spouse is ok with what we are going to do.

We will not know how God will see our act. So Please all of us come with me to puja room and let us offer our prayer to God to forgive us if God thinks that what we are doing is Sin. By this statement I could see that Haasini is god fearing and she is slightly guilty.

We don’t want to debate further, so Swathi shook her shoulders and we followed her and she went to puja room and Haasini lighted Deepam(lamp) and started sincerely praying closing her eyes, to accompany her Swathi and Vinod also started praying closing their eyes. I kept my eyes wide opened and started enjoying her body with my eyes.

I decided to not pray and use the silent “closed eye” moments of Haasini to enjoy seeing her. I know it will take few more minutes to complete the prayer, so I kneeled down on ground so that my face could directly reach the hip of Haasini. Without my face touching Haasini, I started sniffing her hip and started enjoying her soft fragrance.

I started looking her hip from few inch distance and started admiring her soft fleshy skin tone and her hour glass structured. In next few minutes I stood up and everybody opened their eyes. I was tempted to leave their home with Haasini, but I don’t have courage to say that as I’ve made bad move with Haasini. So I was looking for someone to open the topic.

As I expected Vinod itself opened it up “Rajesh, I think it getting late, you need to drive in night. So you and Haasini can start now without further getting late” and Swathi also said the same I looked at Haasini and Haasini said “Ok we are leaving” I just helped to roll her stroller suitcase and came out of the apartment and our car is parked in front of the apartment,

so I started walking to car, and Haasini started following me and I kept her suitcase in trunk of my Accord, and I occupied driver seat and she sat in front side passenger seat” Vinod and Swathi came up to car and wished us for safe journey and wonderful night (with giggle).

Haasini blushed for Swathi’s “Wonderful night” wish I drove the car, Vinod and Swathi started waving their hands cheerfully to send us off, and I drove the car away from the apartment and after few minutes of drive, I came to main road where there is no more visibility of apartment. I couldn’t believe my beautiful angel is sitting next to me on my car.

I don’t know what to speak as I’ve screwed my choices in her home by making a quick move of touching her hip. I started looking at her with my side view. As she is seated, her waist line has slide fold (not heavy tire) that enhanced glamour to her waist line. I started looking at her hip in side view and thru the rear view mirror without her noticing me.

There was a thick silence from both of us. I could sense that she is looking at me, I don’t have any courage to talk to her. I played music in car, I played my favorite IR song “ooru sanam thoongidichi” song. This song and the situation was mesmerizing. Dark night, riding on the road, angel next to me, playing a romantic song in car. All these made the environment happy.

Occasionally the vehicles passing from opposite direction flooded their head lights and with those lights I could see Haasini completely glowing with her saree and ornaments, I enjoyed those fraction of flashy light moments. I started coining words within my mind to start the conversation with Haasini and break the silence.

I was just about to say Sorry, I heard from Haasini “Sorry…” I surprised to hear “Sorry” from Haasini and she continued to talk “Rajesh, I’m sorry for what I did to you in kitchen. I pushed you too hard to the extent you lost balance and you were about to fall.” I started curiously listening to her and she continued ” I should have asked you to politely stop, I behaved too harsh.

I’m sorry that I’ve disappointed you in our very first Interaction” I’m happy to hear this from her and she continued “Rajesh, I’ve not did that with any intention, basic instinct of security and femaleness made me to take this move. As Swathi and Vinod are around and I’m not prepared for it, so I pushed you off. Please don’t feel bad about it”

I’m touched with her justification and polite way of expressing her situation, I started replying “Haasini, you no need to feel sorry, you had not done anything wrong. I should be sorry for this. I’ve lost control and I took that move. Though personally I know you and your requests thru Swathi, I shouldn’t have done this. Something has pushed me at that weakest moment.

I’m happy that you apologized me” She giggled and said “I know that what has pushed you to do that to me “I surprised with her statement and asked her with smile “What you know?” she said “I know why you touched my hip losing your control” I shy fully asked “What?” she blushed and said “I know that your favorite black mole on my hip has made you to lose control”

I got shocked to hear that she knows that her black mole on her hip is my favorite, and immediately asked her with surprise “Hey Haasini, how do you know that?” she replied with cute expression “mm, Rajesh, not only this I know many things about you. Swathi told me about you a lot” I thanked Swathi for helping me a lot on this.

Haasini continued “Hope you came to know about my request thru Swathi?, I hope you are not disappointed with my request?” I said immediately “No Haasini, not at all. Enjoyment with you just not lies only with sex. See this moment I’m enjoying your closeness, I enjoying you sitting just a feet away from me. I enjoy seeing your cute face and smile.

Sex is not something I’m under estimating or considering as sin. That is also enjoyment, as you said, let it come naturally for us. Until then I’m going to enjoy our togetherness and your presence around me. So ultimately I’m not sad about your decision” Haasini was touched with my “love boy” speech, she giggled and said

“Thanks Rajesh for understanding me, when I mean I need time, it is only for taking the climax step of doing sex, there is no objection from me for you talk to me, romance me, hold my hands or even tease me.” She giggled and said “And also there is no restriction for you to see my hip directly in front of me, you don’t need to do see it like school boy when I’m not noticing you”

I bit my tongue with kind of shy, she identified that I’m frequently staring her hip with my side eyes. I laughed at her comment and continued driving. With all these small talks we reached my apartment. I was completely happy that there is no more room for embarrassment or shyness over my action. I believe with this level of intimacy and closeness there is bright chance of opportunity today itself.

We entered our apartment and she started looking curiously as if seeing new place. I helped her to keep her suite case in home and I took her to different part of home to make her comfortable. While I’m taking her within home, I gently placed my hands on her shoulder and I walked her to kitchen and explained.

I enjoyed walking close with her keeping my hands on her shoulder, she never mind my hands on her shoulder. I took her and introduced to washing machine and other electronic appliances in home. I’ve gave password of the system so that she can use it. Made her familiar with the home theatre system.

I told her “Haasini, from this moment this is your home and you are my wife. You have rights to every single inch of this home, you don’t feel or think whether I can open this, or whether I can use this, etc. Money for all house hold expense or what so ever is in safe, and safe password is “xxxx”. You can open it and use it, no questions asked.

There is no protected or privacy documents in home, feel free to explore and be yourself in this home. Don’t feel like that this is somebody’s home and you are just guest” The way I encouraged her made her happy and she smiled and said “thanks” I took her to hall and she sat in sofa, I sat next to sofa.

She requested “I used to watch TV serials, can I watch for some time?” I said “With pleasure, I streamed youtube on big LED tv” she started curiously watching that and started chatting with me. Not much useful topics we chat, just we chit chat few things. I placed my hands on her shoulder.

I was thinking to advance my hands to my favorite area ( her hip), with slow courage, I moved my hands close to her hip and I just touched her hip gently with two fingers, she smiled and looked at me and started in teasing way “mm in front of Vinod and Swathi, you aggressively came and grabbed my hip, here in privacy you act like good boy and slowly touch with fingers?”

and she giggled and I don’t know what to respond and I smiled, she looked at me passionately for few seconds and she took my hands in her hand she opened my fingers one by one and she took my hands to her hip and kept my hands on her hip and pressed it soft on it and looked at me and said in teacher’s warning tone with smile

“Ok, I know you like this area, and as I’ve disappointed you in our first interaction, I’m allowing for this. Keep your fingers and hand there like good boy and don’t make any additional moves” she smiled. I felt as if I’m in heaven as soon as she took my hands and kept it on her soft hips. I closed my eyes and started feeling the softness of her hips.

I could feel the warmness from her hip and waist passing to my body. She kept her hands pressed on my hands so that she is securing the grip position so that I don’t move my hands either upwards or downwards. I started feeling arousal inside my pant, she started concentrating on TV without moving my hand further with gentle press and with finger, I started feeling the softness.

I attempted to move my hands further up to feel her boobs, but she is holding her grip stronger on my hands so that I don’t move it up or down. My shoulders are pressing against her shoulders. I started looking at her lap and I felt it would be good to put my head on her lap that too while she is in saree. I waited for few more minutes to stop annoying her with very frequent requests.

I let her to watch serial for some time, and then I politely asked “Haasini, can I put my head on your lap and just lye while you are watching serial, so that I can relax a bit” She just thought for few seconds and said “ok” She moved to one end of the sofa so that I have more space to lye my body on sofa.

I’m super thrilled to keep my head on her lap, I gently put my head near to her knee so that she don’t feel unconfortable with my heads brushing her thigh or boobs closely. As I kept my heads almost near her knee, she gently pulled my head towards her and kept my head on her lap. My back of my head is touching her bare belly while I’m seeing tv screen along with her.

My head is hardly touching her hip, belly and I could sense her boob is just above my ear. I know if I turn my heads to look celling my mouth can kiss her lower part of the boob. I don’t want to embarrass her and I liked this posture, so I continued to be in the position and started enjoying it.

I could feel her thigh on soft saree, as my head is hardly touching her hip, she rested her hand on my head for grip and started sliding her fingers within my hair on fore head and she gently started massaging my forehead with her slender, cute fingers while she is concentrating on TV.

It was a soothing experience for me to feel her cute slender, nail polished fingers to rub my hair and massaging my fore head. While her left hand is playing with my hair and forehead, I hold her right hand and started playing with her fingers. She was concentrating on TV, I literally started enjoying her touch and started fondling with her fingers.

I felt that I want to feel her touch on my body. I thought to lift my T-Shirt and keep her hands on my bare stomach and decided that would be too much at this moment and instead just I took her hand kept on my chest over my t-shirt and I called “Haasini” she looked at me, and I said “You are here” as her are resting over my chest/heart. She blushed and continued watching tv.

With her kind caress and fondling, I slept in her soothing touch. She woke up me after some time “Rajesh, get up? You slept?” I got up and smiled and said “Haasini, It was heavenly feeling for me to put my head on your lap and enjoy your fragrance, as you were caressing my head, I slept in soothing feeling”

She smiled and said “ok it is getting late, it is time for dinner, tell me what you would like to have for dinner? Shall I make some noodles?” I declined saying that I’m not hungry and she is not ready to leave me “No, you should eat something, shouldn’t go to bed with empty stomach” As I don’t want to argue with her, I said really I’m not hungry, hence you are requesting,

I’m ok to just take milk, can you give me a cup of milk, mischievously I looked at her boobs while I asked for milk. She smiled, Ok I’ll prepare it, and meanwhile you go and take bath. I surprised “Bath? This time?” She said, usually “Vinod will take bath before going to sleep, in that practice I’ve asked”.

Again I don’t want to disappoint her, I decided to do whatever Vinod does to make her to feel that I’m just another Vinod. Without making me to further think, she pushed me from back by gently keeping her hands on my shoulder to bath room to take bath. I smilingly went to bathroom and took bath. I completely become nude and I started seeing my cock.

My hard erected cock is not too black or brown, it is in wheatish color. It is almost 6 inch in full erection. It is now fully erected and I started looking at it and started talking to it “Hey I don’t know how much you are lucky today? I don’t know you will get chance today or tomorrow, but be ready to impress her once you get chance”

I took bath and changed my dress to just vests and short and came to kitchen, she started preparing milk with humming a song. I felt that she is getting accustomed to this home and getting comfortable. She smiled and served milk in a cup and I started tasting the milk in cup and she was looking at my curiously.

I started thinking why she is staring me like that and then immediately realized and said “Haasini, milk preparation is super” I know she is looking for my feedback. She is happy to listen this. She washed the cups and I said to her ok let us go to bedroom.

We walked and entered bedroom, I said to myself ‘My God, all happening today is true? Finally my angel is in my bedroom going to sleep next to me in bed’ I distracted by her smile and looked at her…

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