After joining in one of the tea estates as an office staff, on a two days holiday I, Raju went to stay in one of the forest lodges close by. It was four structures of one double room each with attached bath room. They had a kitchen where cook was preparing food in most hygenic conditions. The rooms were very large and the attached bath room had huge bath tub.

I liked to wander into the forest and come back for food. They served nice non vegetarian food. I had carried two bottles of whiskey and hence it was very pleasant and enjoyable. In the evening on the first day when I returned after my first tour on foot I noticed lights in another room, presumably somebody had occupied the next cottage.

When I went inside I heard some vehicle coming and going. I changed my dress and came out to the veranda clad only in dhothi, I saw a female standing in the veranda of the next cottage. Because of the brisk walking I was perspiring and when I stand in the open the cool breeze gave me a pleasant feeling. I pulled a chair and sat in the veranda.

I stood up and made some hand movements and bending the body forward and sidewards just to relax my muscles. When I saw that lady she was smiling leaning over the piller. I put on the foot wear and went to the edge of my veranda and asked her “Where is your husband where did you come from” She said her husband had a call asking him to come and he had to rush.

Perhaps he may be away for two days or more. We came from Coimbatore. I told her I am from a nearby tea estate and I came to spend the week end. I called her to come to my side of the veranda so that we can talk sitting. I pulled another chair from my room. She came and sat with me. WOW, she was quite young and beautiful. May in her early twenties.

The housekeeper of the lodge brought us two cups of tea and some snacks. I asked her name and she said Renu. I told her that her busband must be lucky to have such a beautiful wife. He is due to retire shortly, she said. I was shocked and asked how it happened. She did not want to reply, but just smiled and took the tea and then asked about me.

I told her about my background and incidentally she studied in the same school where I studied may be three or four years my junior. We talked about the school and the teachers. She knew almost all the teachers and there were lot of funny stories to be told about them. I had my stock and she too had her stock of stories. It was quite chill outside. I asked her whether we go inside and talk or…

She said she will come with me inside and she has never had such interesting talk and she had never laughed so much in the near past. We dragged the chairs inside and closed the door. She said she will go and lock up her room and come. She went out and came back within five minutes.

She was wearing a full length and full sleeve nighty and hence I could not judge her vital statistics. She sat very much relaxed and was ready to continue the talk. I asked her whethre she would take a little liquor. She asked what brand. I told her I have got whisky. What would you take. She said she had never taken whiskey. She took brandy or jin with her husband.

I Went out and asked the house keeper whether he can get some brandy or jin. He said he had jin and lime juice cordial. I collected it from him and poured it for her and I took whisky for me. I asked about her friends in the school and college. She sipped her glass without any reservation and I took mine.

The housekeeper brought us some snacks and we continued to talk about our school and college days. I asked her about her boy friends, she mentioned about one Joy with whom she had close relationship. When her people came to know of this they got her married immediately. I asked her how is your married life. She said casually that it goes on.

She asked about my girls friends. I had to mention about Geethu who was my classmate. I told her we had come and stayed in this lodge for two or three occasions and Geethu wanted to marry me and I too wanted to marry her. Her father died suddenly and they had to shift to their native place and she married her cousin and went abroad.

In the meantime Renu had gulped two pegs of jin. House keeper came and asked whther he can serve food in my room. Renu said ok. He set the table and served chapathis and other dishes. Our talk now chose sex as the subject. She asked me whether I had sex with my girl friend. I felt embarrassed. I told her yes, but with her consent. I asked about her. She said no.

Though she very much wanted to have sex and her boy friend also wanted, but the situation was such that we could not and in the meantime we got separated. So you were a virgin during your wedding, I asked. She bowed her head and said yes, I am still is. I asked her how, but she said please dont ask. We went to eat our food. Renu was eating with great appetite.

I too liked the food and we stopped drinking and concetrated in our food.We left the empty food trays outside and asked Renu whether she would like to sleep in my room or go to her room and sleep alone. She gave a thought and told me that she would prefer to sleep in this room. Ok, then get ready to sleep or shall we sit outside and chit chat for awhile.

Time was 10 pm and there was nobody outside and it was pitch dark. Elephants and other wild beasts have withdrawn to their abodes. Even bird chirping was not heard. Except a small light in my room there was no ligh outside at all. Even the house keeper seem to have gone to bed.

Renu pulled her chair near to mine and told me that she has never been in such a romantic atmosphere before. Her husband was interested in drinking and once fully drunk he would go to bed and sleep. Sex never came to his mind at all. I asked her forget all those things, shall we have sex. She looked at my face and said yes.

You should not blame me for taking away your cherry, I said. I was a good sex, that is what I want. That I will promise you, tell me when you are ready. We both moved inside, bolted the door from insdie and in the dim light of the small lamp I embraced her and kissed her on her cheeks. She was like a tigress, she offered me her lips and saught my lips and tongue for sucking.

She gave me a good kiss and she sucked my lower lip and searched for my tongue in my mouth. In the meantime, I slowly undressed her removing her nighty. She was stark naked inside. she had removed her bra and panty. That means she had preplanned this sex with me. I caught her boobs, which were full and round and the nipples were stiff.

I ran my hand on her back and touched her raised ass. It was beautifully shaped ass. That hand came forward and touched her navel and pussy. Thee was no public hair and her pussy ws soft and damp. I slowly pushed her towards my double bed and made her to sit on it. I had only a dhothi on and no under garments. She untied my dhothi and saw my dick in full stiffness.

Her eyes wide opened and she caught my cock with both of her hands and bent low to kiss it. She said she had never seen such a beautiful piece of cock. She foldled it with her hands kissed it at the tip, again she fondled my ball pouches and kissed it. I licked andkissed her nipples, sucking them.

She moaned softly I just pushed her onto the bed and opened her legs wide and took my face close to her pussy. Her pussy gave a peculiar fragrance. I kissed her pussy and then licked it thoroughly from bottom to top. Renu was very much aroused and was moaning. I located her clitoris and licked it thoroughly and mildly sucked it.

There was a sudden change in the tenor or her moaning. She kept her hand over my head and pressing it so that my face may go deeper into the cunt. My this onslaught brought her closer to her orgasm and she hugged me with her hands and legs. I got up slowly and took my erect cock and touched her cunt with it and found her fuckhole and slowly inserted it.

There was resistance in the penetration. Her cunt muscles did not allow a sudden intruder. But I pressed it in and it went in fully and I got it in up to the hilt. I fucked her gloriously and I needed more time to come to orgasm. Next she wanted to stride me and she got on me and her boobs were pressed against mine.

She took my organ by her hand and inserted it into her and started the action by herself. It went deep well inside and she asked me to press her boobs. With very great efforts she got her orgasm. We lost count of how many times we ogasmed. We both were tired. The effect of the liquor faded away. She wanted one small peg of Jin and I took a peg of whiskey. And fell in the bed and slept sound.

Next day Renu told me that a great ambition of her life has been fulfilled. She had good sex, good quality sex and she is very much satisfied with it. She said she is going to her room. and went. I went to my bath room cleaned it up and took bath, changed into fresh clothes and set out for trekking into thehills. By evening we came back, we were tired.

We just wanted to drink a peg of whiskey and then to go bed since our stomachs are full with wild meat. But Renu called for me. I went to her room. She said stay in my room for a day, just a day. I said I m sorry I am very tired and weak. By tomorrow her husband may come and she may be taken away. Today is the free day she has and she wanted to enjoy it to the max.

OK, OK, I said and went to her room and took the liquor and fucked her three times. She was a tigress. She knows how to get her things done. When my third fuck was over in the early morning, She gave me a kiss and left. I went to sleep for hours.Later when I got up they told me that her husband came and took her away. I never bothered. She gave me a good fuck. I am thankful to her.

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