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I slowly entered the room and took the pictures of my mom along with servants, which may be helpful for me in future. I left the room silently and went to Silviya’s house. When I reached her house, she was under shower and I waited for her after 5 minutes. She came out with towel tied to her chest which just covers her pussy. She came towards me and asked, what they are doing? Are they finished with her? I told yes but they are still sleeping. I dragged her towards me and made her sit on my lap and started to kiss her neck and ear lobes and slowly my cock started to gain momentum.

She too felt my cock on her ass and told that she was tired so she don’t want again. As I was also little bit tired, I responded positively to her. Then she asked me, am I having great lust towards my mom? I told yes and I showed her the photos I took, she was shocked and asked why I took these photos? I told her, I have lot of lust towards my mom, I am sure I will fuck her. If she resists or she want to tell my dad about my activities means I will blackmail her with these photos. Silviya told that I was really a cunning fellow.

I asked Silviya to help me in fucking mom she smiled and said that, she’ll definitely help me. I became very happy kissed her on lips and she too responded by kissing me back. I don’t want Ramesh and Prabakar to know about my plan, so I told Silviya to keep my intention as secret. After an hour I again went to my house to check them and I found all the three were dressing up. My mom told them thanks for giving her wonderful sex which she had after a long time and she gave them Rs.5000 each, but as she doesn’t want the relationship to continue, she asked both of them to find another job.

Both the servant as well as I was stunned to hear this from mom. Mom told them that someday this relationship might get revealed to others, so only I am asking both of you to get out. As both of them were very poor they pleaded mom to forgive them. Both of them promised that they will never repeat this again, until she asked for. Mom thought for a moment and said ok. As the conversation was over I managed to get out of the house and came after fifteen minutes through front door.

As I walked into the house my mom was sitting on the sofa and both of them were ready to leave they said bye to me and went out. I went near mom and asked how was the day passed? She told that it was fantastic and she enjoyed the day and I told that I too had a great day. A month passed by I didn’t saw any change in behavior of mom towards Ramesh and Prabakar. They too also didn’t show any change, I am sure this was because of the condition of mom.

In that month I had nearly 5 times sex with Silviya and she also said that the Ramesh and Prabakar doesn’t want to lose job, so only they are not concentrating on mom but they fucked Silviya for nearly 7 times in that month, which Silviya told me. One day I got a very good opportunity to fuck my mom, at that time my dad as usual went to 15 days business tour and my friends planned to go for Ooty for 10 days and they asked me to arrange for servants to do the works there for 10 days. Immediately my mind started to think cunningly.

As I don’t want Ramesh and Prabakar to be around, while I am fucking my mom. I asked both of them to accompany us. On the day when we are supposed to leave I told that I was not feeling well and I told that I’ll send servants to one of my friends house, after so much compulsion my friends agreed to go without me. I informed mom that I’m having some important work here so I’m not going for Ooty she told that its all right. I sent Ramesh and Prabakar to my friend’s house.

As Silviya heard all my conversation she wished me all the best and gave me the tablets. I ignored the tablets she asked why I showed her another two set of tablets which I got from France. She asked wat was that tablet for. I explained that the tablet was used by porn stars (men) which help in increasing the segregation of cum and other helps in temporary increase in size of penis and stamina to last for long time. She told that I’m really a lustful fellow. I planned to fuck my mom in night.

So at afternoon, after having lunch, I had one tablet which helps in increasing the segregation of cum (supposed to consume at least before 7 hrs of sex). Finally time became 9:30 p.m. after having dinner together she went to bed. At that time I had another tablet. I asked Silviya her to stay in the hall and I told her if anything I was in need means that I’ll call her to help. She said ok enjoy and kissed me on lips from that time onwards I started to feel pain on my cock. I entered the room and locked the door, I saw my beautiful mom lying on the bed with pink saree.

Her navel was exposed and her curvy hip made me mad, I sat beside her and kissed her navel strongly, she woke up with a shock and let out a scream. I quickly closed her mouth, she kept quiet, then she asked me what I was doing here, I explained her about the lust that I had towards her and my intention to fuck her, then mom got up and went far away from me and asked what are you saying? Are you gone mad and asked me to leave.

Then I tried to convince her, but my beautiful mom shouted towards me angrily to leave, I too got angry and I pushed her on bed and said no way I came here to fulfill my great lust towards you and not to leave you. By hearing this from me she got much angrier and started to beat me, I again pushed her on bed and took my mobile phone and showed her the photos I took while she was with the servants, she was shocked and tears started to flow from her eyes. I went near her and took her hand in mine kept it on my penis and said, you have done this and now you got to do something.

Then I said just co-operate with me otherwise I’ll show these photos to dad, she didn’t tell anything but tears were flowing from her eyes continuously. Then I made mom sit on the edge of the bed and removed my pants off and then underwear. At that time I felt lot of pain in my cock and I was amazed to see my cock because the tablet I had really worked my cock was grown at least 3-4 inches than my normal cock size of 10 inch that is it looked like it was around 13-14 inches in size. My huge monstrous cock stood out straight pointing at my mom.

The first thing mom said is Oh my God! I cant do this please leave me, it’s a sin, I said don’t worry mom there is nothing sin it, nothing will happen, you will enjoy it, then I guided her mouth towards my cock, then what followed was the most surprising thing to me which I thought was never going to happen, my beautiful mom closed her eyes and was saying please, while I put my had through her hair and cupped the back of her head and pushed my huge cock against her lips, I heard mom say mmm… mmm… mmm…. no please mmmm.. and then with one firm push

I could see her open her mouth and my huge tool enter her mouth, It was great to have my beautiful moms mouth on my cock and I let away a loud moan and kept my cock pushing in her mouth, I could hear voices of mmmm….mmm… from her and her hands was on my hands trying to stop me from pushing her face more, it was wonderful to have her lovely lips warped against my monster cock, as my cock grown large. I wondered how she was going to take such a huge thing fully in her mouth, still only the head of the cock and an inch more was in her mouth, then asked her to take more and pushed more in, till half of my cock went in, I felt the head of my cock push against the back of her throat, then I stopped and put both my hand around her cheek and cupped her cheek in my hands, she was holding on to my hands, then I pulled my cock out slowly.

Then I removed my cock from her mouth and said you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen mom and then asked her to suck my balls and I guided her face to my huge balls, she took each of them in her mouth for about a minute and then I again put my cock near her mouth, this time without saying anything my mom opened her mouth without any resistance and took half of it in her mouth and held it like that and then pulled away and then in again, I was in heaven close my eyes and really enjoy myself, this went on for five minutes and then I said, mom take the whole thing in, this time mom removed my cock and said no I can’t, it’s too big, I said just push it into your throat and breathe through your mouth(which Silviya do while sucking my cock to take whole thing in her mouth), and then mom took my penis again in her mouth and this I put my hands behind her head and pushed her slowly in, after half a little more went in and mom started resisting.

I said shhhh….. don’t worry, breathe through your mouth and saying so I pushed more and more of my huge cock went in and I could see moms eyes closed until finally her nose touched my pubic hair, I held her there for some time and then pulled out, mom coughed and said please, I simply pushed it in again and deep inside then pulled it out, did this for five minutes, then I sat on the bed and told mom to sit on the floor and take my cock, she immediately kneeled down on the floor and took my penis in her mouth half way and then I pushed her head she took it fully in and this went on for 15 minutes, I could see my mom sweat and me too and I was moaning and moaning and telling mom I love her and so on, and told her, come on sweetheart do it faster and my lovely mom immediately started taking my huge cock in and out of her mouth fast, I could feel the heat on my cock and I felt lot of pain in my cock and I too started to mouth fuck her.

She was not able to cope up with my speed due to my huge cock, now I realized that my cock increased few more inches. Then I took my whole cock outside and again pulled her towards me and this time she kept her mouth going up and down on my giant cock, She was able to cope up with my rhythm I guess she loved it too. This went on for five more minutes. After that I made her to lie on the bed and put my hand around her bare waist and pushed it up towards her breasts and pressed it hard, mom let out a moan saying aaaah! ouch! and I pressed her as hard as I could, she was literally screaming saying ouch its paining no… Then we started kissing again and this time mom wrapped her arms around my head and kissed back and then I broke the kiss and looked into her eyes and then I asked are you enjoying mom?

I could see her becoming sad. She said “I just want to make you happy and I don’t want to commit sin by fucking with you” and said till now whatever happened is happened leave it and go away, I said no way, from the time I saw you fucked by Ramesh and Prabakar I planned to fuck you, she said no and said it is sin to have sex between mom and son, I became angry and said shut up you prostitute you had sex with servants and all then why can’t you have sex with your own son.

She don’t know what to say and she said your thing is very huge, I can never take it please, then I said it is just 4 or 5 inches longer than Ramesh cock, so you can take it and said any way I’m going to fuck you so better to co – operate and enjoy rather than putting up a fight, I could see tears in her eyes and she said please…… I just started kissing her madly, I became too hot by just sucking those lovely lips of my beautiful mom, she started saying please this should not happen…

I didn’t listen to her, I just kept kissing her and both my hands were around her bare waist his thumb pushing into her navel and then cupping both her ass globes and squeezing them. She seemed to be enjoying because her hands were around my head but she seemed to be afraid. Finally I broke off the kiss and slid the saree pallu, I seen mom naked only from distance and so was very much exited to see her naked body, and I slid down her saree pallu and moved on to her waist and held the saree where she had tucked it in near her navel, She caught my hand and did not allow me to remove it, she hold her saree strongly and pleaded to me saying please I cant do this I’m your mother and you are too big for me, I cant please let me go now, but I just gave a final hard pull and her saree was loose I kissed her and in the process I pulled off her saree fully and threw it away and it landed on the floor!

Then we kissed madly and I pulled her on me and from behind pulled her petticoat up and put my hand on her ass and pressed it and that was when I saw my beautiful moms eyes went up bite her lips herself and I realized she was actually enjoying , I felt myself really lucky, but mom showed resistance while pulling her petticoat down, but I got grip in her panties and pulled her black panties down but her petticoat was still on her, then I lifted her petticoat and saw her lovely ass, milky white and round and plumpy, I then pressed her lovely bare ass and put one finger inside her ass she stopped resisting and was moaning like anything, she was aaahhh aahhaaaahhhh, I pushed it in and out 10 to 15 times and she just kissed me and was shaking, she must have had an orgasm, then pulled away her panties and threw it beside her saree on the floor and she shouted No! again I kissed her and said remove your blouse mom and saying so I laid her on the bed and got on top of her, she showed some resistance to remove it so I tried to remove it but then finally I saw my beautiful mother opening her blouse for me to enjoy, we were kissing while she removed her blouse and finally that too was thrown away near her saree,She was wearing a black bra, it looked so beautiful and then I put my hand behind her back and unstrapped her bra and pulled it away, that was the treat of my life to see her huge soft breasts in view with oval shaped huge pinkish brown areolas was around 5cms in diameter, it looked so beautiful.

I was just looking at it and then I opened my mouth and lowered it on to her breasts and started sucking and biting on it while I pinched the other nipple mom moaned aaaah krishhhh, ooooh please… And then this went on for 15 minutes after which we kissed again, this time more passionately and my mom was mine, I sucked her boobs again and went down and kissed her navel and her belly and kissed her between her legs on her pussy , she just put her head up and bit her lower lip and moaned like anything, the sexiest cries from my mom really turned me on and I started to suck her trimmed pussy hardly she did not resist one bit, instead she was moaning, I was kissing her knees then moved up and was kissing and licking and biting her thighs, that’s when mom did the most beautiful thing, she herself pinched her nipples and pushed her, I again put my face on her pussy and she spread her legs and put it on my shoulders and caught my head and pushed it deeper into her and she started moving her head from side to side and moaning like anything and was repeating the words I love you! and then I started bite her clits and inserted one finger and finger fucker her while biting her clits ,She was moaning like anything and pressing and pinching her breasts.

This went on for 20 minutes, then finally mom was moaning enough krish, please… enough, I love you these words are said only by her mouth but she kept on pushing my head with her hands and legs and she started to scream I know she was having her orgasm and immediately huge load of her orgasm hit my mouth. Then after two minutes my mom loosened her grip on my head then I came up and I could see my mom’s beautiful pussy, it was reddish.. but her hole seemed so small to grown up cock. Then I got up and kissed her a lot and told her to remove the petticoat, she said please don’t hurt, be gentle, I said don’t worry, it will pain a little, but it will be heaven after that. I saw her hands move to the nada of her petticoat and she pulled it and the petticoat became loose, I removed it too and threw it on the floor.

I could see the fear in her eyes, I heard her ask please wear a condom , I said come on mom don’t spoil the fun, u didn’t asked those workers to wear condom but I’m your son, so don’t ask me to wear condom and then I got up and sat and told her to suck my cock, she got up immediately and started sucking like a whore. After 5 mins I got her away and made her lie down, she was all afraid and tears in her eyes, and scared and she said, please I beg you, if it pains me then please leave me alone, and I said don’t worry mom. Saying so I got on top of her with my monster cock hanging and then I put moms legs on either side of my shoulders and kissed her, she kissed me back and then I positioned my monster cock on her tiny pussy and I could see fear in her eyes and she started crying while I started pushing into her, what a beautiful site, I could see her tiny pussy open up to take my cock and it was really stretching, and mom cried out, aahhhh krishhh noooooo its paining….

Please stop, she was literally screaming and crying, her screaming and crying made me more horny, so I started to pump more and more against her wish to stop, I pushed more and she was crying and pleading like anything, then I made my thirsting very slow and gentle, my huge punch was coming in the way so I took it out, my mom said thanks, I said we will try again don’t worry my dear mom, she said no but I pulled her to the edge of the bed and had my legs on the floor, perfect position, I again put her legs on my shoulders, she already started crying and this time I told her don’t worry honey we’ll just try once and then finally I my mom took my cock in her hand and put it against her pussy and I immediately pushed forward and she cried aaaahhhh pleasee!! no krish!! pleaseee I’ll die, I said shut up bitch! I saw her cry and moan, to stop her cry, I said shut up bitch or I’ll ram the whole thing in, she said no please slowly and was crying like anything and moaning too and pinching her breasts and touching her pussy where I was entering.

she put two fingers on either side of her pussy and was pulling it apart, Trying to take my cock in, then suddenly I pushed more in nearly half way in her pussy, she really screamed, I said shut up, mom kept quite with tears flowing and she bit her underlip and down it was a beautiful sight to see her little pussy being invaded by my cock, it stretched out and was tightly holding against my huge thing, slowly I again started pushing it and she again said no, then I pulled my cock out and wow, mom pussy was open, I could see inside a bit and again I pushed my cock in and it went half way and then to my mom’s surprise, I gave a damn hard push and I could feel my balls against her lovely pussy, and my mom really screamed aahhhh krishhh! My mom screamed “its pushing against my womb”, and then I said, don’t worry mom its all in, don’t worry, then I started pulling out slowly and pushing back in and mom was still in pain, but she kissed me a lot and wrapped her arms around me, then I started doing it faster, and mom was moaning aaaawww, aaaawww, aaaaah,, aaaammmaaa… oooohh, aaaaaiiii, aaaaahhh, kkkkrrrissshhj, aaaahhhh, sloww, please, I love you aaahh, and then I started hammering her damn hard and her pussy lips became damn red.

I pulled it all the way till only the head was in and then push the whole 14 inches inside, she was crying, moaning and kissing and what not, I was happy to see mom enjoy and getting the fuck of her life, that no one else could give her, other than her own son. She was moaning and screaming, kkrriisshh!!! slow please noo, aaahh ooooh and kissing and kissing, I bite her nipples from time to time and then while fucking her hard it was wonderful to see moms breasts bounce up And down so violently and she was moving her head side to side and moaning and biting her lips and kissing my lips and it was wonderful to see her pussy lips tightly clench my cock and milk it out, aaaahh ahhh ooohh went on for 25 minutes and mom tightly clenched me and bit herself, she had her orgasm many times, she said son please stop or I’ll surely die.

But I didn’t listen to her, just kept on mercilessly ramming in and out of her and then I picked my thrusts pace up and started to groan, she understood that I’m going to cum’ she wrapped her legs tightly around me and put her arms around me so tightly, finally I thirsted deep inside her and started to cum deep inside my mom pussy and mom was moaning aaaaaaaah….. aaamm….. kkrriisshh…I kept cuming for nearly 1 minute, her pussy was not able to hold all my cum, it overflowed all over her thighs and mine as well and mom said, oh krish there is much so of your cum inside me, I’m full with your sperms, I can feel it, we kept kissing and kissing and then I could see sperms leak from the sides of her pussy and then with a final kiss.

I got up and pulled out my cock, oh my God, my moms pussy was stretched so wide and my semen just flowed out of her pussy and there was slight blood also with it, she was bleeding slightly because of my monster cock, mom could hardly stand, when she stood she was going to fall, I caught her, my sperms mixed with slight blood flowed down her thighs, it was such a beautiful sight, I laid her on the bed and I too laid next to her by sucking her boobs. I saw Silviya seeing all these actions through window from the balcony which is common for my room and my mom room.

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