Part 1

I thought that the servants will not leave my beautiful mom till night and I became very horny as well. Suddenly I heard something fell in my room, so from the balcony I entered into my room and I was shocked to see Silviya in there and I’m sure that she must have saw me watching her fucked by the servants. When Silviya saw me she tried to get out of the room,

I became nervous and I want to console her and in my mind I thought that this was the good chance to fuck her so I went behind her and pulled her to me by her shoulder and hold her in a tight embrace from behind and started to feel her bare navel with my hands from the side of the saree and kissed her ear lobes, neck, etc, Immediately a light moan came out of her mouth and the small hairs on hands stood up indicating her excitement. This encouraged me to go further. And my cock became very hard and started to press on her ass crack above her saree.

I made her to turn towards me and started to kiss everywhere on her body and finally I locked my lips with hers and started to French kiss her she also responded to me by kissing back. And when I was about to go further she stopped me and said “shall we go to my house because we might disturb your mom who is having good time in the next room” for that I said yes and we reached her house. Before going further in action she asked how I know about her being fucked I narrated her from the starting, seeing her fucked and servants decision to fuck my mom, etc, she smiled cunningly.

And I enquired her how she caught me, she told that she also want to know whether my mom submitted to them or not so she came there and saw me seeing my mom fucked. Then I told, leave their matter and I went to hug her, again she stopped me and gave the tablet to with stand long time I swallowed and proceeded further. I slowly started caressing her chest and stomach. I slowly removed her pallu at that time and my cock became very large by seeing her curves and especially her cleavage and her boobs looks like going to bursr out from her blouse because her blouse is that much tight and later only I realized that she is wearing my mom’s old blouse which is two size lesser than her actual size.

Then I removed her black Saree totally, now she is in blouse and petticoat. Slowly I started to caress her boobs and thighs, slowly opened her blouse hooks one by one now I removed her blouse now she is in black bra. Wow what a sight that has been for me just like a sex goddess for me she was just awesome. Now I made her hair loose. Slowly from back side I removed hooks of her Bra. All of a sudden my eyes were lightening by seeing her big boobs they were large and huge.

Her boobs were so big and her areola was around 6cms (approx) in diameter if I’m not wrong with 1cm nipple. Her areola is in light brown and I was looking her boobs so close and it absolutely looks like tender coconuts. Then I undid the knot of her petticoat and it felled down making almost naked with only pink panty. I squeezed her huge butt over the panty. And I put hands on both sides of the panty and lift it by holding them. With that, the back side of the panty got disappeared in-between her butt cheeks. She let out a moan when the panty pressing against her ass hole.

I squeezed her ass madly she let out a soft cry and started to moan, she seemed to be getting aroused by this act. And I started pressing her boobs Oh my god! I haven’t seen such big boobs ever in my life. They were so nice and round and seemed so soft. My palms were not enough to keep those biggies. I got mad with the feeling and pressed her breasts so hard making her scream in pain. She got weaker with his acts. And I understood it was the best time to take her to bed. On the bed i again started licking her boobs and I almost sucked her life out of her.

Then my attention was changed into her hairy armpits. I started licking the hair of her armpits while holding her hand over her head. I lifted her head for a while and said, “Oh Silviya, your armpits are so salty. Yes dear, those are real womanish armpits with lots of smell.” I then came down to her body and stopped at her fleshy belly. She got aroused by the touch and started struggling. I put his tongue in her deep navel and started moving it round. While doing this, I pulled down her panty and made her completely nude. To my surprise she was completely shaven.

First time in front of me one woman was standing completely naked. I stared enjoying her and started running my tongue on each and every part of her sexy body. And I thought that it was the time to go for the ultimate act. I sat on her body and started removing my cloths. Once I removed my underwear, my big Lund came out like a pressed spring. My cock was 10 inches long and very thick one than my servants with a huge reed top. She was stunned by seeing it and said Oh my god I haven’t seen such a thickest cock in my life. Her mouth got open and I saw a slight fear from her eyes.

When I was about to put my cock in her mouth “Oh no….” came out of her mouth. “What’s wrong Silviya. Haven’t you seen a Lund before?” Recently you are given a nice fuck by two big cocks, then what I asked her. “Oooo…h No… It’s so much thicker than those cocks.” She moaned. “How big is your husband?” I asked while rubbing the Lund on her cheeks. She felt shy and turned her face away. “Tell me Silviya. How big is he?” I asked again. “Mmm….h o…h not as big as you. Just half of your size” She moaned. I got even aroused by hearing it. And I tried to insert my cock in her mouth. But her mouth was small to my thick cock.

After lots of struggle I inserted1/4th of the cock inside her mouth and started too and fro motion and she co-operated to me well and I caught by her hair and started to fuck her really fast half the size of my thick cock was inside her mouth and fucked her nearly 15 minutes. Later I felt the pre cum and I don’t want to waste my cum in her mouth so I took my cock out of her mouth and I went down to her pussy and started to lick, from the very moment when I started licking she started to moan this made me to go mad for licking and started biting her clit and figure herPussy and did this very fast both licking and figure fucking her she started to scream in unexplainable joy and she started to shout that she can’t take it anymore and her thighs started to shiver and I understood that she is going to cum and even she pushed my head away but I didn’t let her succeed in pushing me away. Finally she cum in my mouth and I drank all her juice, then she told that this was the most enjoyable orgasm that she ever had in her life, I thanked for her complement and proceeded to next step.

I made her to lie on the edge of the bed and positioned my tip of the cock on her pussy and made her to spread her leg to maximum and slowly started to penetrate her “Oooh no it hurts” Silviya cried in pain. But by the time, I was deaf for her cries and my cocks top was now inside her pussy, she lifted her head up and saw my monster disappearing in-between her thighs. And she screamed loud because of maximum pain of her life. I slowly started going up and down and Silviya let out a cry for each stroke because of pain. Her big boobs started to jump up and down. After fifteen minutes of struggle I was completely inside her.

After reaching the full depth inside her pussy, I started giving her deep strokes. Silviya was struggling with both pain and pleasure. She was unable to hold any more and asked me to slow down. But I got more and more aroused by her cries and moans. It was so hot seen to watch the naked women struggling on the bed, I started to fuck her as fast as I could, she cried because of pain and after fifteen minutes she nearly cum for 7-8 times and her cum juice made some lubrication to her pussy and she started to enjoy the fuck session. I fucked her for some half an hour in different positions and finally it became time for me to cum.

I started to thurst her deep almost talking my cock out fully and thursting it to the maximum depth and I did this very fast and I started to groan, by now she understood that I’m going to cum and she too co-operated to my cock to reach the full depth in her pussy and finally I thurst my cock fully inside and shot a loads of hot cum inside her pussy. Both of us were very much tired because of this entire act. I was lying on her still my cock inside her pussy for 15 minutes. We both were kissing each other passionately and I was fondling her boobs and played with that for some time.

And I slept on other side of her for 10 minutes and when I got up. Silviya also got up from the bed and immediately she bend down with some pain. It seems that my huge member had done some interesting operation inside her. She went to bathroom to get clean up. And came back to room and started getting dress. She was putting some effort on wear her panty and while having a look at her half covered body, I got hard again. I lean towards Silviya and pull her on me by holding her panty. She just said “Oh no, not again” and started to kiss me on my lips.

I want to do something different from the previous sex and I told her that I’m going to do something different. She asked what’s different, for that I told first suck my cock as good as you can. She also started to suck my cock really good than previous time and this time with lots of struggle she took 3/4th of my cock in her mouth. And I took my cock out of her mouth and made her to lie on the bed showing her shoulder towards me and tried to part her ass cheeks and she understood what is to come and she begged me not to do this but I consoled her by telling that this is the first time for me and I love ass fucking the women and please co-operate me, she accepted with little hesitation.

I happily put my tip of the cock on the entrance of the ass of Silviya. And when I tried to push my cock inside as usual because of my thick cock she screamed because of pain but she didn’t stopped me this encouraged me and I started to push further, her saliva on my cock helped me little bit to get my tip inside her. But she can’t take anymore so she stopped me and asked me not to penetrate her ass with my thick cock. But I have no idea to stop so I tried to push more inside her ass. ‘Oh, no Krishna…please…. Why you are doing this to me’ Silviya cried. ‘You want to know why…

This is a dream that I had from the age of 18 years and I was dying for this opportunity to fuck your ass, Not only mine, I’m sure it’s a dream of your husband, friends or anyone who sees you to fuck this big ass. And today, I got that opportunity and I’ll not miss that chance for anything. So, don’t even think about getting away’. By telling, this I strongly thrust my cock on her ass. Silviya almost jump and cried in pain. I became so horny by seeing her act. I was now pushing again and again my cock inside Silviyas ass.

And my 10 Inch monster was disappearing more and more in-between her ass. Her cries got louder with each thrust. I saw her butt was shivering with pain. And finally I went all the way inside her ass and my balls were pressed against her butt. By now I was successfully in and released her hands. Then I put my hands under her armpit from behind and got hold on her boobs. Then I lifted my body up and took the cock half way out, and gave her a deep hard thrust. Silviya screamed and struggle hard. But have controlled her well. And gave her another one hard thurst. Then I slowly increased the speed and started fucking her Ass. My monster was hitting hard against her big butt.

And a thump.. Thump..’ sound came out. Those fleshy buttocks were jumping up and down and I was sure that she had fire inside. She was moaning and by now she started to enjoy the hardest ass fuck of her life and I was also enjoying it. I fucked her like a machine and Silviya got weaker and weaker. And finally I groaned loud and pushed her hard against the bed. And my thighs started shaking. Yes, I was filling her with my thick cum. Silviya was feeling my cum inside her ass and she relaxed little bit by losing the grip of the bed. Then after coming I too became tired and fell on the side of the bed.

I slept for some time and got up and saw Silviya was still sleeping. I went to the bathroom and cleaned myself and I want to see my mom. It was 7’o clock in the evening and I went to my room’s balcony and looked into mom’s room. There was also all the three of them were sleeping naked. My mom was between the center of two servants. Prabakars mouth was on my beautiful moms boobs and Ramesh hands were on my mom’s pussy. That scene made me very horny and created pain in my cock. I slowly entered the room and took the pictures which may be helpful for me in future. I leave the room silently and gone to Silviyas house

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