I am a successful businessman from Guna. I am married to Silvia, a beautiful girl from Lucknow, for last 8 years. We have a good family life and a daughter who is 5 years old. Silvia was virgin at time of our marriage but coming from educated background worldly wise and ready to learn and enjoy sex. Over the years she had started to take initiative in bed and gave me no reason to have a boring marital life. She is maintaining her figure very well and with a height of 5.6 she can carry any dress on her choice. She usually keeps her hair open and they are usually trimmed below her lower back. Her thick hair at times covers her boobs when she brings them in front.

Since Guna is a small town, Silvia and I used to drive down to Gwalior for our entertainment. Silvia is found of driving and once we leave Guna I always allowed her to drive my car. One morning Silvia was wearing a short kurta and pajamas below it, giving both western feels and Indian looks. My daughter is a heavy sleeper and usually does not wake up for six hours once she fells asleep. That Friday morning I had some business at Gwalior and I had decided to take Silvia along to spend a weekend at Gwalior. We started at 9.00 AM and were cruising along enjoying the view and journey. Silvia wanted to drive, I was in no hurry and changed the side. We must have traveled for 50 KM, when suddenly we were overtaken by a fast driven open jeep. Silvia was slightly shaken and shouted out Idiot.

The Jeep driver must have heard her because he started to slow down. The road was narrow and Silvia had no option but to slow down near the jeep. We saw the jeep was carrying 7 young boys between 19 and 25 years of age and the Boys were well built and rowdy looking. All boys looked from a certain community.

Three boys got off the jeep and were standing by side of our car in a moment. Before I could understand two boys who were on either side of our car had pulled out revolvers and asked Silvia what were you saying madam. Silvia and I were scared and begged pardon.

Meanwhile one of the boys from Jeep shouted Let us take them to Chachu’s farm house and then let them say sorry. All three boys got in our car back seats and one of them pointed gun on my head and asked Silvia to drive on. We were following the Jeep and after 10 min the jeep turned left on an unpaved but regular road.

By now I knew we were in hands of local Goondas. I was sure that they would take all our money and let us go. I was carrying Rs.50,000 for my business and tried to offer some to boys. The boys laughed and then threatened me to shut up or else they would shoot my daughter who was fast asleep on back seat. By now Silvia and I were scared out of our wits. We drove for next 10 min in silence and I noticed that we had left behind any sign of habitation. We came across a make shift gate and some kind of fence running along for a long distance. The gate was already opened by boys in Jeep and we were forced to drive in the compound.

There was a main building with tube well on side and next to tube well was a place for standing and having bath. There was a huge darkish man sitting in covered verandah on a big takhat and sipping hookah. He had a cruel look on his face and he asked the boys about us. One of the boys said “Uncle this bitch had called us Idiot on the road and we thought you would like to teach her a lesson in manners.” All the boys burst out laughing. Uncle got up from his seat and smiled.

It was then I realized that he was about 6-2 inch and massive in his built. I started to walk towards him and pleaded that there was a mistake on our part and that we were ready to apologize for our mistake. That you will, that you will was all that he said. All this while he was appraising Silvia and disrobing her with his eyes. He then turned towards me and said I will accept your apologies and let you go only on one condition; your wife will satisfy our every need. I was boiling at his statement and started to rush towards him to beat the shit out of him.

One of his nephew blocked my way and said “Not so fast, turn around and see.” I turned around to see that a boy was pointing revolver at my daughters head. I stopped cold with fear. Now I knew the meaning of impotent anger. I knew I could not take any action and at the same time it meant that my wife who was virgin till our marriage would be plaything for 8 men.

I started to beg him again saying how sorry I was. Silvia was also crying and begging forgiveness. Boys all around were laughing. Uncle called out Rashid have you forgotten your manners. Please tie this man on a comfortable chair. They pushed me inside verandah. There was a chair meter away from takhat. My hands were tied to the arm rest. The boys now turned towards Silvia. Seeing me tied and a revolver next to our child’s head finished all fight in Silvia. Uncle, who was in Verandah called Silvia towards him. He said I will only explain once, if you take care of me and boys then we will let you go. Faster you do it, quicker you can go. Also, if at any point we feel that you are not enjoying then we start again. I am Robert; boys are Haroon, Rashid, Aslam, Hamid, Karim, Ismil, and Latif. You will enjoy every thing that we do or ask you to do. If I feel any resistance or if you say no to any demand we will shoot all of you..

Silvia started to turn and go towards the room. Robert laughed and called “Is there any one here who has not seen all your charms in their naked glory or will not see it in next few hours?” Silvia did not know what to say. She just stood there. Robert said “I do not bother to go in, my nephews and I enjoy our meals and all activities here in open and as far as your husband is concerned he should also get to watch, after all he is also a male and would enjoy the site of us giving you pleasure” Silvia started to cry again “Please do not add to my humiliation. I will do what ever you say but please take me in the room”. Rashid laughed and said “Chachu she is begging to be taken. Shall I start removing her clothes forcibly and take her here.” “No my dear, she will come to senses. The best way to enjoy a woman is when she does everything on her own. She will love each one of you by the time she is on her way home. And if she does not start in next five minutes shoot her daughter and her husband and then we will fuck her.” Silvia cried out “No don’t do this I will do what you want and way you want it”.

Robert extended his hand and lifted her in Verandah. Seeing them side by side was a study in contrast. Tall darkish man and my very fair and lovely wife. Robert held her closely and admired her. He kissed her cheeks and inhaled her fragrance as a lover would. I could see Silvia tense in his arms. She had not stooped sobbing. Robert said some thing in her ears, she shook her head as if to say no but he repeated his command and this time his threat could be heard; he was asking her to disrobe and to keep all her clothes on me. This was for me to bear the shame of seeing her naked. He continued to hold her; and was slowly rubbing her back and bums. He was slowly kissing her cheeks but not her lips. I could see his one hand gone inside her Kurta. No imagination was needed to realize that he was massaging her boobs. He let go of her and Silvia turned around and came near me. She was red with blushing because of the attention that she had received.

When she was about a foot away she said “I Love you and nothing is going to change that” I saw a steely resolve come in her eyes. She opened the buttons of her kurta and lifted it over her head. She placed folded kurta on my shoulder. Boys were hooting lustily and watcher her with great interest. Robert on the other hand was enjoying the hooting of boys and smiling at my discomfort. She then removed her pajamas and now she was standing in her bra and panty and her heels. Silvia is fond of good undergarments; naturally this pair was no exception. Her figure of 37” 22” 36” was displayed at its full glory. She had very flat stomach and big boobs planted on top. As I had said earlier she is very careful about her figure. The child birth marks had vanished and her slim form could give competition to any model. Her black panty of silky material and black matching bra were possibly worn as preparation for the night. Boys did not miss that. There was a complete silence as if the lust had been upgraded with desire.

Even in my condition I was starting to get a hard on. All boys except one who was sitting with revolver at my daughters head came near verandah to admire her charms. She next removed her sandals. She moved her hands back to unhook the bra. I saw a drop of tear come to her eyes. She took off the bra and placed it on my shoulders with other clothes as if I was a cloth hook. Next came her panty which was also placed next to all her clothes. She was now standing in all her naked glory.

Red faced with shame, her very trimmed pubs, waxed arms and legs, waxed underarms. I started to cry knowing that this body which only I had enjoyed till date was on display to eight pairs of hungry eyes. She stepped forward and hugged me saying that we had to live for our daughter and that all this would soon be over. She turned and walked back to Robert.

Robert was sitting on the takhat and waiting for her to come over. This time he did not get up. He beckoned her on his lap. She sat down with her head down. As he did earlier he slowly started to rub her back. With one hand he lifted her face towards him and kissed her lips softly. He then dropped his hand from her face to her boobs. He said some thing in her ears. She moved her arms around his neck like a lover. His hands were roaming over her body slowly but with all surety of an experienced lover. One hand was on her bums and other hand was massaging her boobs very lightly.

He gave some instructions. She moved her hand from his neck to lift his kurta. Now the man could be 45 but he had a body of 25 years old; all muscles and no fat. She had to get up to take out kurta completely. Her navel was now very close to his face. He kissed her navel, then her mount of Venus and then her trimmed pubs. All this while his hands were holding her bums. He brought his hand forward and licked her outer lips. Even from where I was tied I could see her shaking. Her mind was saying no to the whole thing but her body had started to accept it. He slowly blew on the clitoris and it jumped at the attention.

Silvia could feel the betrayal of her body and did not want me to see that. She bent down and whispered to Robert “Let us go in the room, there I will be able to enjoy and give you pleasure better.”

Robert said loudly “No my dear I need to teach these boys the joy of giving multiple orgasms to a woman; and besides you have to think of your daughter and your husband.” The underlying threat was very clear. Robert was enjoying his woman slowly only because he wanted to do so. The cruelty of his nature was very evident and could not be taken lightly. Silvia was standing holding shoulders of Robert, her legs were spread apart by push of his hand and her lower body was drawn towards his mouth. Since he had positioned himself and Silvia so, I could see their side profiles and every action of his hand, mouth, tongue were clear to me.

His hands were very gently caressing her bums and his tongue was playing with her labia and clitoris. Boys were now standing below the verandah and watching with fascination. I could sense the change in Silvias’s

body. Slowly but steadily she was getting close to her orgasm. Her nipples were hard and pointing. Her eyes were closed and lips quivering and her breadth shallow. She suddenly opened her eyes as if to stop her body from losing control. She tried to move away from Robert’s mouth and tongue. He held her firmly by her bums. One hand came forward and started to stroke the inner thighs slowly he pushed his finger inside her moist passage of cunt and started to move it. Robert must have given his attention for 10 minutes and I could feel that she is very close to her orgasm. Her hands were no longer seeking his shoulders for support but running through his hairs as if to bring his mouth closer. Her pelvic were rocking on his tongue and she was almost fucking his mouth. Silvia

let out a cry and started to have orgasm. Robert continued his ministrations till she could take it no more.

Boys were shouting vulgar comments now and Robert was smiling as if he had won a major victory. One of them called out to me “Have you seen your wife enjoy so much?” I could not explain it to him that this was our normal routine and that two three times at night was still normal for us although frequency of these nights had gone down from every day to two three nights a week. Silvia was now again in his lap this time booth her legs were on takhat and her boobs were pressing against his chest and he was stroking her back.

He again whispered something in her ears. Silvia got down on her knees and opened the tahmat he was wearing. Silvia let out a cry. I could not understand for a moment but when Robert’s penis came in full view I could understand the reason of Silvia’s shock. His prick, not fully hard was a good two inches longer then mine and about an inch more in diameter. Since it was circumcised the purple head of his prick looked very intimidating. He said “Now return the favour.” And smiled at the boys.

It took Silvia a moment to understand what he wanted. She hesitated and looked at me. I could not do anything and was only hoping that the nightmare came to an end. I just closed my eyes to signal her to go ahead. Robert asked “Boys I hope the guns are still ready” This was signal enough to Silvia. She bent down and started to kiss the head of his prick. As I had mentioned earlier, we were both very open about sex and used to enjoy everything, sometimes blowjob was Silvia’s way to say good morning after a satisfactory love making at night.

I could see Silvia licking the top of Robert’s prick and then try and fit the head in her mouth. She was not very successful but continued her efforts to get Robert off. Robert slowly pushed her head down and at best she could take one or two inches inside. Her saliva and his precum were now flowing down from his prick. Her hairs were covering part of her face but even then her discomfort was very evident.

Robert realized that this was not enjoyable for her and that she was uncomfortable due to sheer size. He asked her to get up and lie on takhat in such a way that her face was towards me and her body in opposite direction. I could understand that Robert wanted to show her bliss and orgasms to me. I expected him to immediately climb on top of her and start pumping. But to my dismay he came and lay down next to her and started his slow caress of her boobs and her body. He was also kissing her lips, eyes and face like a long time lover. The act was such that anybody would have thought of him as her lover and not a rapist. Between his kisses and soft caress he moved his head to her boobs and started to lick and suck her boobs. His hand moved between her legs which were open to receive his hand. His finger was busy on her cunt although I could hardly see it.

Silvia loves slow love making and it turns her on very fast. I knew her body very well and could see the small body moments that only I had enjoyed till date. Robert was bringing out the best in her sexuality and enjoying every moment of it. Silvia’s head was at the edge of the takhat I could see her face flushing with desire. Her body was now dictating over her mind and she no longer cared who was watching. Her hand moved towards the back of Robert’s head and brought his ears close to her. She whispered some thing in his ears. Robert kissed her lips and said “I cannot hear you speak loudly”. Silvia shook her head and again said some thing in his ears. This time there was urgency in her whisper. Robert bent down to suck her boobs and his hand was still in her cunt and moving slowly like a piston. Silvia’s frustration was clear and with her face only a meter away I could read what she was asking for. Robert lifted his head and without slowing his finger in her cunt again said “Louder.”

Silvia shut her eyes tight and brought her hand in between their bodies and laced it on his prick pulling his prick towards her cunt. Her other hand moved below his body and she tried to pull him in between her legs. Boys now understood that she was very hot and wanted Robert’s prick in her wanting cunt. They started to shout their comments to Robert. He just lifted his head and smiled at them. He then turned his face towards me and gave a triumphant smile. He had conquered my woman and she was now begging him to fuck her. He moved in between her legs and said “Tell me what you want.” Silvia opened her eyes, looked at me as if saying that she was sorry and said “Please take me.” Robert was not done playing with her. He was holding his prick in one hand slowly rubbing outside Silvia’s cunt. From my position I could see that the prick was coated by Silvia’s juices. “Take you where” he said, kissing her boobs and rubbing her cunt with his prick. I could see Silvia move her hips to position her cunt to envelope his prick.

Robert continued to dodge her cunt and frustrate her and said “You have to ask what you want my dear”. His penis was touching her cunt but only an inch was inside. She moved her heels on his hips and her arms were around his neck. It was clear that she was begging for him to move inside her body; to push his prick in her cunt and make love to her. He was enjoying teasing her. She cried out “Please put your prick in my cunt, make love to me” So that was what teasing was all about. Robert was raping Silvia’s body, mind and soul. He had taken her desire to a level where it did not matter to her that her daughter and husband were close by. She was a woman and she needed her man. He grinned looking at me and then at the boys. He was telling me that at this moment he possessed my wife. He slowly pushed his prick in her cunt. She was so lubricated that in spite of his size and discomfort she was feeling she was trying to get more of his prick in her cunt. He was not even three inch inside when she let out a cry and started Cuming. It was a sight to see. If my trousers were open I would have masturbated.

He bent his head and started to lick her nipples very slowly. He was pumping her and she was in state of continues orgasms. Her hair were flowing down the takhat; her legs were wrapped around Robert’s hips and her arms were around his neck, She was meeting his thrust with full vigor and was whispering endearments that normally drive me over the hill. But for the fact that it was my wife who was being raped and under threat of her daughter and myself being shot I was enjoying the fucking in front of me. Robert and Silvia were both perfect in body. I also maintain an exercising body but Robert was better any day. Their coupling was spell binding. It was clear that they were making love to each other, Silvia may have been forced into the situation but right now she was enjoying it to the maximum.

Robert pulled out of her cunt and with a swift motion turned her. He placed her on all four and was kneeling behind her he pushed his prick inside her again. In this position she was facing me and only a meter away. Her hairs were wet with sweat and her body was also coated with layer of sweat. A lock of her hair was covering her face her breast were dangling and moving with each push. Robert gave her few minutes of slow strokes in this position. He brought his hands in front and caressed her boobs. She was again climbing the high she was experiencing earlier. With one hand he brought her hair back while continuing to make love to her. Her face was not clear and ecstasy was writ on her face. Robert signaled one of his nephews to bring something to tie her hair.

I could not understand this part of it, but then I realized he wanted me to see her face in total lust. It was not enough for him to have forced her to have sex with him, her submission and desire were also not enough he wanted me to witness her want and desire.

His nephew brought a rope and gathered all her hair on top and tied them. Silvia was getting irritated at the interruption. Although to Robert’s credit he did not stop or pull out. When the person had finished tying the hair, Robert bent down and with one hand caressing her boobs the other hand paying with her clit. His chest was covering her back and he was kissing her ears, licking them softly. He asked her to turn her face towards him. Moment later they were kissing again as if their life depended on it. His tongue was in and out of her mouth. The kissing and caressing continued for few minutes, I could see from the profile she was in seventh heaven again; very close to her orgasm. He asked her to look at me with her eyes open.

She refused; he stopped all activities except light kisses and again asked her to look in my eyes. She knew that he would not let her have that orgasm that her body was craving for. Robert was cruel. He could twist the soul. He first made her say that she wanted him to fuck her and now he wanted that look on her face and eyes. Last time at least she had her face looking the other way and was in her own world. Tears started rolling down her face, her body was demanding release and yet it was from another man the worst part was her husband, I was watching at a meter away.

It was erotic and it was painful. I could understand her turmoil. She wanted release. She could not look in my eyes as her pleasure was sinful; but then what pleasure is not sinful. Robert was continually massaging her clit. I crooked “Silvia, do what ever he says.” She turned her head and looked in my eyes, still guilty of her pleasure yet librated in a way. She started to hump back at Robert.

Robert also was nearing his orgasm as he had raped me and my wife. He started moving faster his hand were unrelenting in their message then he shouted “Open him”. Boys came on my side and fumbled with my knots as they were only interested in sight in front of them.

Robert’s face was no longer relaxed; I could see that he was nearing his orgasm. Silvias’s face and body was shining with perspiration. She was meeting Robert’s thrusts with full force and rivers of sweat were flowing down their faces and body. Silvia started to peak into orgasm again. This time possibly her cunt contractions pushed Robert to his edge. He held both her boobs and kept on pumping his seeds in her. Their combined orgasm lasted for two minutes. Robert pulled out his prick and turned her around. Still on her knees, he held her close to his chest like lovers. He winked his eyes to his nephews and smiled at my discomfort. He picked up a soft towel and cleaned his prick then he cleaned the inside of Silvia’s leg.

Robert slowly lay Silvia down and called his nephew. Silvia who was now breathing normally, said, ”We have enjoyed our lovemaking, please do not pass me like a whore to all of them”. Robert said “We enjoy all women together at best I will ask them to treat you softly”. His Nephew quickly disrobed and got in between Silvia’s legs. He was possibly the youngest of the lot. He was so excited by the prospect that he immediately pushed his prick in her cunt. He would have barely reached the bottom and he came.

He started to cry due to feeling humiliated. Robert smiled at him and said “Latif this happens to everybody at first time”. Other boys followed fortunately Silvia was well lubricated for sperm overflowing from her cunt.. Two of them wanted to cum in her mouth. After an hour of pounding all boys including one who was in our car watching our daughter had cum. Silvia lay exhausted. I looked at my watch for the first time since the start of the ordeal. It was almost 1.30 PM. Robert had, in the meantime, sent two boys to get food.

I got up and wanted to give Silvia hand to get up. Robert said “Take her to that tube well and let her have her bath. As I had mentioned earlier, the tube well cum pump was near verandah. One of the boys started the motor. There was a crude filter at the top. It was like shower at full speed. Silvia just stood there trying to wash away cum and sweat of the afternoon. She just stood there for a good part of 15 min. I went to our car to check on our daughter and get fresh cloths for Silvia. As she put on her dress boys came with food and Robert asked them to serve our plates first.

After having the food, Robert asked me where we stay and who else are there in our home. I told him that we are from Guna and we stay alone in our house. Then he warned us that we should not try to lodge complain to the police because he works for some potential politicians in our area and all the senior police officers knows him very well. Then he dropped the ultimate bomb saying one of his nephews recorded all the actions between he and my wife and it’s not looks like a rape. Then he added “I often come to Guna for my business and I would like to spend night with your wife. If you don’t agree then I may distribute the video recordings that my nephew captured in his mobile phone. Then he asked me to write down our residential address and contact no’s. I wrote down my home address and telephone number. Then he allowed us to leave.

He became a regular visitor to our house in every 3- 4 months gap. Silvia always acts like that she hates it but I know internally she waits for those nights very eagerly. I spent those nights in a small store room just out side of our house. Every time when Robert comes to our house she cooks some special dishes for Robert and his 2 body guards, she sends our daughter to one of our relatives house in the evening, and she enjoys her night with Robert in our martial bed. When I enter in my house in the morning, I always found her in the bathroom taking bath or washing herself. When she comes out from the bathroom she always hugs me saying thanks god that bustard is gone. Every time she acts like that the night she spends with him is like a nightmare to her but I know that’s not true. But I must admit that she still loves me like before and after Robert started coming over to our place to sleep with her, the quality of our sex life also increased dramatically

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