To the outside world, my wife Sylvia and I are about as average as you can get. We are in our late twenties and we both have normal corporate-type jobs; we live in suburbs and have a child, a dog, a cat a minivan, and a sedan. No one meeting us would think we have anything but a normal, straightforward sex life.

I go to the gym twice a week to lift weights, and Sylvia is a runner. Sylvia is foxy types and very fair complexes with brown hair. She is five feet six inches tall and weighs about 54 kgs. She has very sexy legs, the kind with long, tight runner’s muscles,

and an ass that is firm and tight and round. Her habit of running up hills has kept that ass from sagging, which is nice for me, since I am an ass man. Sylvia keeps her pussy shaven, and she loves it when I “swab her decks.”

That’s what she calls it when I spread her legs wide and hold them in the air as I lick and tongue her sweaty cunt and asshole after she runs, until she pleads with me to fuck her. A good old fashioned missionary fuck in her cunt with her legs on my shoulders is her favorite, but she loves to take it up the ass too.

Sylvia knew that I had a strong desire to watch her have sex with another man, but she wasn’t comfortable with doing something like that in front of me. An exhibitionist she is not. She did have fantasies of her own though,

one of them having a fuck with a black man using her body to pleasure himself. She had never had interracial sex, and really wanted to try it someday, but not with me there watching her. However, we did play a lot of fantasy games on our own.

For instance, sometimes Sylvia would ask me to blindfold her and fuck her hard, as though she was some cheap slut. Then she would take off the blindfold, leave the room and come back in with my come running down her legs.

She would lie on the bed and I would lick her clean while she told me how her fantasy lover had just fucked her silly. This would get me hard again in no time, especially if she came again while I licked her, and then I would enjoy my own sloppy seconds.

Another of our games involved our meeting at home for a quickie at lunchtime. I would bend Sylvia over a chair and bang away as hard and as fast as I could, ravishing her cunt or her ass. This was like foreplay to her; it would make her hot. Then we would bolt back to work.

When we went to bed that night she would be all over me. She would get me to tongue her ass while she told me how her lunchtime lover had made her scream with ecstasy as he fucked her there. One Sunday morning, the after my twenty eighth birthday,

Sylvia surprised me with a very hot birthday gift; she had gotten up at six in the morning, as usual, to go running. On the way out she told me that she wil be having lunch with her friend at some restaurant. It wasn’t until about two o’clock that Sylvia got back home,

and she certainly looked as if she had been running a long time. She was carrying a DVD disk. “Happy birthday, dear,” she said, smiling at me. “Would you like to swab my decks? Well, watch this first.” And she slipped the disk into the player.

The DVD began with Sylvia looking the camera and wishing me a happy birthday; but what caught my attention was the Blackman standing in the background. In a moment she turned to him and…………..they kissed.

While she held onto his neck, he ran his hands down to her butt and pulled her running, shorts up into the crack of her ass. “Man, what an ass,” I heard a voice saying, and then I saw a second black man walk up behind her and kneel down to fondle her backside.

This startled Sylvia enough for her to break off her kiss and look down over her shoulder. The guy holding her whispered something to her, and Sylvia closed her eyes. The guy behind her then pulled down her shorts and panties while the first one held her in arms.

The second one ran his hand up between her legs, bringing a gasp from her. I could tell that he was fingering her pussy. “She’s wetter than any woman I’ve ever felt before,” he remarked, as Sylvia stepped out of her shorts and panties and spread her legs wider,

allowing him more room to finger her. “Taste her,” the first man said, and Sylvia gasped again as the one behind her pressed his face into her ass and pulled cheeks apart. This went on for a couple of minutes, and soon Sylvia was grinding her ass into his face harder and harder.

“Man, this chick is too much,” the second guy said as he stood up and removed his pants. His cock was fatter than mine was, but not quite as long. He pressed himself against her from behind, and from the way he pushed himself forward I could tell he was entering her pussy.

My cock was throbbing at this point as I watched one guy holding my horny wife while another fucked her from behind. Sylvia rested her head an the chest of the man in front of her. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was open.

The one fucking her was pumping into her so hard that her heels were lifted off the floor with each stroke. I watched in fascination as Sylvia cried out that she was going to come saying,” yaaaaaaaaa harderrrrrrrrrrr deeeeperrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I mmmmm cummmming.

“Yeah, baby. Come for me,” the one fucking her growled. When she did, it was quite a thrill to see her wedged between the two of them, spasming and squirming. After pulling out of her, the second man led her to the bed that stood near one wall,

and laid her back with her butt at the edge of it. He then lifted her legs, and Sylvia bent her knees and spread them apart. Her back was to the camera now, so I couldn’t see her cunt. The first man now started stripping, revealing a cock that was longer but thinner than his buddy’s.

I watched as he took the other man’s place between her legs. Sylvia’s head fell back and she let out a low moan. Suddenly the camera started moving around the bed; the second guy must have been repositioning the tripod.

Now I could see between her legs but all I saw was the butt of the man who was fucking her. But he soon began to slide her across the bed with his powerful strokes, until he was on the bed with her, on his knees as he drove into her.

Now I got a better view of my wife’s dripping pussy being penetrated. She kept sliding across the bed until her head hung off the far side. The man fucking her put his hand under her head and held it up as he kissed her again. She responded avidly, with openmouthed,

passionate kisses. I saw him tense up and I knew he was coming, filling her pussy with his jism. He seemed to go on coming for a full minute, and when he pulled out, Sylvia’s pussy gushed with his sperm. “Clean me up, baby,” the man said, standing up next to the bed.

Sylvia had never been much into come swallowing with me, but she didn’t hesitate. She got down on her knees and licked his balls, then tongued his shaft up and down a few times. Then she took as much of his limp cock into her mouth as she could,

cleaning it of any trace of his come, while he slowly fucked her face. She sucked him until he was hard again, then got up on the bed again and lay down on her back. The second man now got on the bed and moved between her legs, spreading them wide.

He pushed her running bra up so he could suck her tits. Soon she was panting and caressing the back of his head. Again I watched my wife being fucked, but this one was much slower and gentler. At one point her head turned sideways to face the camera,

and I saw the look of pure satisfaction on her face. When this man finally came and pulled out of her, Sylvia just lay there on the bed, her boobs rising and falling as she recovered her breath. Finally she sat up, her hair all in a mess, and asked where the washroom was.

I saw the large wet spot on the bed as she got up and left the room. When Sylvia returned she again lay on the bed, this time face down, grabbing a pillow and clutching it into her boobs. Her ass stuck up in the air like an obscene invitation, and I knew what was coming next.

Sure enough, the taller man now appeared with a tube of jelly. Squeezing some onto his fingers, he worked it into her asshole, and Sylvia held her cheeks apart to make it easier for him. As the man lined himself up with her asshole,

my wife turned her head to the side and looked directly into the camera. But the moment he pushed into her ass, her eyes closed and she buried her face in the pillow. After a moment I saw that she was pushing her ass toward him as if urging him.

“Oh god, you’re huge!” she moaned. The man continued to slide himself inside her, taking it easy, until he had buried his whole shaft in her anus. Then he started fucking her slowly, in and out. “Oh baby,” he growled.

“I’ve dreamed of taking your sexy ass ever since I saw you first time running.” Well, now I knew how she had met them, or at least one of them. Through her running. And it was obvious that the man had stamina. He screwed her in the ass for about fifteen minutes.

I know, because I timed it. Halfway into it, Sylvia reached beneath herself, and I knew she was playing with her clit. Shortly after that she started bucking against him, and then buried her face in the pillow and let out a muffled groan as she came.

He went on, quickening his strokes until finally he stiffened and shot his seed into her ass. When he pulled out of her his buddy immediately took his place, grasping Sylvia’s hips and pulling her up onto her elbows and knees.

Her ass must have been dilated from the previous fucking, because even with his thicker cock he was able to push into her more quickly and easily than the first man. He really went to town on her ass, too, fucking her like there was no tomorrow.

He slammed into her over and over, so that her butt cheeks rippled with impact, and her tits jiggled beneath her. “Tell me how it feels baby,” he grunted. “You like getting your ass fucked hard right?” Sylvia lifted her head and panted,

“Yes! Yes! Fuck my ass Yes harder…….haaaaaaaarder… faaaaaaaaasterrrr .please…Yessss!” As she spoke her head jerked back and forth along with rest of her body. At that point I lost it. Sylvia had started stroking my cock through my pants as we watched the DVD,

and now I let go a really big load, making a large wet spot on my trousers. Sylvia just smiled at me. But even after I came I was still unable to take my eyes from the action on the screen. The guy fucking my wife’s rear now asked her if she wanted him to come in her ass.

Her response quickly made me hard again, “Yessss!” she groaned. “Pleeeeease commme in my assssss! Fill my nasty ass; fill it with your come!” He did, too. He came hard, grinding against her and then collapsing on top of her as he emptied his balls in her ass.

Then, before he even pulled out of her ass, the DVD ended. “Well, dear, what you thought?” sylvia asked. She stood up and removed her shorts, her bra and come stained panties. “Would you like to swab my decks?” She lay down on the floor in front of me.

There was dried come all over her pussy and ass, and on the insides of her thighs. “Baby,” she said, “if you eat me until I come, I’ll do anything you want, whenever you want. Eat me out and show me how much you like what I did.

When she put it like that, I couldn’t resist. I got down and started licking. Her taste was hard to describe, but once I got used to it I decided I liked it. I licked all around her pussy, down her legs and back up again. I tongued her asshole,

sucked on her pussy lips and tongue-fucked her squirmy cunt. Finally her stomach began to twitch, and then she came. After that I got on top of her and fucked her pussy wildly. Then I turned her over and nailed her sexy gaped asshole. I screwed her that way until we both came again. It was utterly fantastic for both of us.

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