This is true incident about my wife which I am going to share with you all today. Let me first introduce you with my extremely hot and sexy wife Haasini. She is 27, around 5’3 inch and well endowed (like a large boobs and a very round and sexy ass) lady. She is working with a real estate firm. She is very sluttish by nature, even in one of my office outing few of my juniors managed to touch and caress each and every part of her lovely body, though she is not aware about the fact that I knew this.

This incident happened last month when my wife asked me to join her in a party hosted by her company. Initially I refused but later I agreed for it since the party was going to happen on a Saturday evening and I don’t have much work in my office. So we decided to go together. On that day due to some urgent work I called her up and shown my inability to attend the party. I also informed her that it will take a lot time and I may return in morning. But later one of junior told me to leave since he can manage the issue alone. So I thought to surprise her by directly catch her right there in the venue i.e her office.

The party was at their office premises only. Let me give you a brief description of that building. It’s a 15 story building and the building is owned by Haasini’s company only. So the top 2 floors that is 14th and 15th floor where occupied by there company. When I reached at her office it was around 9:00 p.m. the party was in it’s full swing. Most of guys where already high on spirit, loud music was on, the conference room was turned to a discotheque. I was looking for my wife I tried her number but it was switched off. I met some of her colleague whom I already knew and asked them about her. They told me that she must be around, so I thought let’s have a drink then I will look for her.

So after few drink I went to for a fag on the terrace of that building. I took the elevator from 14th floor which stops after 15th floor and from that place there where 3 sets of stairs towards terrace. The stares where not lighted properly but bright enough that you could see across. Then I had a smoke on the terrace and stand there enjoying the view from that height. So then after some time I thought to go back and search Haasini.

While coming back after first few step I heard some voices. I moved a bit towards the voice, and recognized that one of the voices is of Haasini. Then I lean a bit to see with whom she was standing laughing. I saw that she was standing there with two quite older guys. (One of them must be in late thirties and other around 45). All of them are holding their drinks in their hands and the way they are talking it was very much evident that all of them were drunk. My wife was wearing a mid length skirt with a deep cut backless top showing her sexy cleavage. I was able to hear them since the place is vacant except 4 of us. The chatting was more than friendly, the guys where sharing some filthy jokes with her and even they are discussing about her assets.

I intended to join them but somehow I stop there and decided to watch them. I go back few steps up from where I had a clear view of them. Then I realize that these guys are my wife’s bosses (His name is Mr Batra and super boss (Mr. Agarwal) I met them in couple of occasion. Then I noticed that while talking, Mr. Batra was caressing her back and occasionally patting her nice round ass while Mr. Agarwal was holding her hand. When they where doing this it seems that she was also enjoying that too.

Initially I was bit shocked but later I also felt it exciting since I always want to swing or go for a threesome but never able to broach this topic. There discussion where like this:

Mr Batra to Mr Agarwal “Sir It seems Haasini’s husband is really working hard on her breast see how big are they looking” and three of them laughing a aloud.

Then Mr. Agarwal said with a nasty smile “Hey Haasini why don’t you give a glimpse of your lovely assets after all we two want to be lucky tonight”

Haasini said with a naughty smile “How can I show you here? anybody can come”

Mr. Agarwal said “Don’t worry I have already stopped the lift and will ask the security not to allow anybody in terrace”

So she said “Sir are you guys serious I was just joking and thought you are also joking like any other days”

So then I came to know that these types of discussion are common amongst them.

Now Mr. Batra said “Hey Haasini don’t be a spoil sport now, we only want see and moreover I think you are aware about your promotion which is due, just take it as an special assignment” and he passed a smile and moved towards to down stairs (may be towards security)

Mr. Agarwal said “So Haasini please don’t break our heart “

Haasini said “Ok” with a naughty smile “but no touching! Right”

By that time Mr. Batra was back & two of them said “Right”

So she slowly pulled off her top and she reveled her low cut black bra. I can easily able to understand their situation since by sight of that even I am getting a hard-on.

And after say a minute she said “Ok now can I put it back?”

Both of them said “NO”

Mr. Batra said “The deal was to show your boobs, it is only Bra darling”

I was stunned whether she will take of her bra in front of two guys or will she refuse. But by the time I was thinking about it, suddenly I saw her hand was already on her back to undo the button of bra. And within a second she was standing topless in front of two guys other then her husband. Her 36D Size boobs was free for their view. Her tits where already erect and she look more slutty with that black skirt and high heels on.

Both of them where ogling on her and by their expression anybody can make it out that they want to fuck her right there.

Mr. Agarwal to Mr. Batra “Batra I think we underestimated her husband the actually better then what we are thinking” and three of them start laughing.

So then Haasini tried to put her bra on. So Mr. Agarwal offered to help her to do so. She gave her bra to him and he swiftly throw it to Batra and both of them start laughing.

She said “Sir please give it back, this is not fair.”

On this Mr Batra Said “Jaan everything is fair in love and war. Hey you know how greedy people we are, let make another deal for your Bra & Top?”

She asked “What now?” with a light smile as if she knows the deal.

Mr Batra Said “Just want to see darling how you look without any clothes” and winked.

She said “WHAT? No way, I am not going to do this”, and turned her back to them.

Mr. Agarwal said on this “Haasini are you planning to go downstairs topless”

Listening to this she smiled and turned back to them and said “Ok but this is final”

They said “Yeah absolutely, and passed a wicked smile to each other.”

Now she slowly started to strip her skirt. However she got difficulty to remove it due to her big sexy ass. And finally she managed to get out of it. Now she was in her black matching thongs which is hardly covering her clean shaved pussy and high heels. Her skirt was kept a aside.

Mr Agarwal said “Rani aab isse bhi utar do aur sabr nahi ho raha hai. Tumhari chut dkehne ke liye aankhe kab se taras rahi hai” On this she smiled and said “sari mehnat kya main hi karu aap kya karoge phir” I was astonished think that I must be dreaming since it was like one of my wild fantasy. My wife was standing in a flimsy thong in front of two old man who where now going to lick and fuck a sex starve bitch.

After that Mr. Agarwal went near to her put his hand straight in her pussy and start fingering her from sides of her panty. I thought that she will protest but she start moaning, by the time Mr. Batra was start sucking her right boobs and squeezing her left one. Now Mr. Agarwal was smooching her and I suppose her hand where on his zipper.

Now Mr. Agarwal unzipped his pants asked her to get on knees and suck his cock. It is a quite big, around 8 inches. I know that she always fantasies about big cocks since mine is average 6 inch. Once she put that cock inside her mouth Mr. Agarwal closed his eyes and hold her hairs. In the mean time Mr. Batra was getting undress. When she was sucking Mr Agarwal he said “That’s very nice bitch keep sucking that way.

Batra while she is busy sucking me why don’t you strip that panty off”. On this Mr. Batra said “Ok Boss” she also stand that way only while keeping Mr. Agarwal cock in her mouth. Mr. Batra went behind a few seconds he stairs her perfectly lovely round ass (may be admiring) then peel her panty off. Now she was completely naked and looking a prefect slut with a cock in her mouth.

When she was sucking Mr. Agarwal’s dick Mr. Batra start lick her pussy from behind. After a minute or two he said to Mr. Agarwal “Boss you don’t belief how wet this bitch is, I can easily able to slid 3 fingers” and again back to his job. Listen this I got unrest because I was unable to see what Batra was doing from where I was standing, so I moved and went other corner from where I can see Batra.

His tongue was completely inside Haasini’s pussy and at the same time he was applying her pussy juices in her asshole. Mr. Agarwal was squzing her tits while she was giving her blowjob. I was so horny that I can’t control and I took my penis in my hand and start rubbing it. Suddenly Haasini shout “ahhhh” I saw that Batra inserted his figure in her asshole and still licking her pussy. Then Mr. Agarwal said “Batra now can you please let me inspect that pussy with my rod” and all of them laughed again.

Now Haasini hold wall and Agarwal put his saliva dripped cock inside her, she said “Ohhh it is so big” on this Batra said “Boss I think her husbands lund is not big as yours” Mr. Agarwal was fucking her wildly and sometime slapping her ass cheeks very hard. So hard that she was screaming loud but not asking for stop. While fucking Mr Agarwal asked her “Darling are you enjoying my lund” she said “yes very much” on this he ask her to utter the whole sentence “yes I am enjoying your lund” after few more stokes Mr. Agarwal pulled his cock and discharged the whole semen on her back.

Now it was Batra’s turn he asked Haasini to bent on stairs, she did so. And he also put his cock from behind. His penis was not as big as Mr. Agarwal but he is wilder then him. He was also slapping her ass cheeks but he was continuously abusing her like “Haasini meri randi kya mast chut hai teri. Kab se soch raha tughe chodne ko, par aaj jake mauka mila. Teri yeh mast moti gand bhi lunga aaj to main” listenting this Haasini got more excited. She start screaming more loudly “ahhh ahhh oooo yess aur jorse karo plzzz”

Suddenly we herd some steps, Oh there was a security guard standing he saw Mr.Batra and Haasini in this posture fully naked and Mr Agarwal without his pants. Mr Agarwal shouted “what happened how dare you come upstairs without my permission?” He said “extremely sorry sir, but Madam was looking for you and asked me to check upstairs since lift was not working. It is not my fault” By that time Haasini and Batra start dressing. Mr. Agarwal said “Ok you go and ask madam that I will catch her at dining space” he said “Ok sir”. Then Mr Agarwal told them “let’s go now we plan for this session again and Haasini not to mention your promotion and a fat hike like your ass is fixed” Mr Batra also said “Yeah, your best slut I ever fucked in this office” and all of them laughed.

But Haasini asked “boss he saw us all doing this, if he tells this to others then?” On this Mr. Batra said with a cunning look “Do you no how your friend Malini got promotion?” listening to this she shockingly asked “She too” and both of them nodded.

Then they left and after few time also left while going down I was thinking to go back home or meet my wife, suddenly a security guard standing their winked me and said “Sir, enjoyed the show” I quickly gave him a five hundred rupee note and said “Yes”

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