I am married to a very beautiful girl, who is very cooperative and submissive in the bed and open for variations in our sex life. Our sex life is fantastic and we are loving and caring couple with very good understanding for each other. Although I have few premarital and extramarital affairs and I feel myself very lucky to have avail the opportunities arrived.

I am a peeping tomb and enjoyed my sex life by seeing nudity and live sex of others through secret places, which was most enjoyable. Besides this I also enjoy reading sex stories and I get aroused and excited which prompts me to masturbate with full passions. I don’t mind if any one watches us doing sex secretly for that reason I enjoy sex with my wife with the lights on and curtains off.

Although she does not have any premarital and extramarital sex experience, but she is very hot and horny besides get excited easily and starts demanding with her legs raised for excessive orgasm. Yours erotic sex stories have prompted my sex desires to add spices in our daily and getting dull sex life by getting my wife fucked in front of me by some strong & sexy person.

Although I have a very good friend circle and one of them is of my choice and fulfills all the qualities of a hunk, but she is reluctant to lie down with known person. It took long time to bring her on line and come forward willingly for the extramarital affair. I started to please her with expensive gifts, taking her for outings,

encouraging her to wear sexy dresses and reveal her nudity, Making her to drink, read porn stories and see blue films for women. All these things added fuel to fire and I succeeded to bring her hidden sex desires to surface one by one. One fine night when she was in very good mood, we started drinking and discussing sex.

I narrated my fantasy about her and succeed to arouse her passions, and then I proposed her for fulfilling my desire to see her enjoying sex with some one in front of me. Initially she hesitated and tried to evade, but finally agreed when I convinced her and insisted for a change and variations.

She confessed that after seeing various male organs in the porno movies for women and reading sex stories on Internet, she was getting horny and her cunt started demanding big cocks. She agreed willingly and told me that let the opportunity arise and she will act freely accordingly to make it an event.

Some of the hints of the sex stories helped us to fulfill our desire and we started to find out suitable hunk for her on Internet. There were lots of options available and we could find a very interested and like-minded couple with good experience. We discussed every thing and exchanged our views frankly. We also purchase web cam to see each other and show nudity.

We were very much impressed, but finally we came to know that the couple is from Nepal and our union could not materialize. We were not discouraged and became the member of adult friend finder, her e we found many interested males & exchanged few mails with selected strong and sexy hunks.

My wife was impressed with one of the people who were having good personality of he-man and big cock of her choice& he probed most suitable stud to satisfy her. He was a local person and we fixed up meeting with him in a posh restaurant and bar. She was looking very happy and dressed in her best sexy out fit, exposing her nudity to maximum to seduce him at first sight.

Before that she went to beauty parlor for waxing, body massage and waxing legs and arms to look attractive and sexy. We met him on the designated place and time and were badly attracted to each other. Both of them were looking each other with passions in their eyes and sexy smiles.

Her eyes were gazing his big bulge at the crotch under the tight jeans and he was gazing at the bulging of boobs, which were exposed to the last limit. Besides her sexy navel on her flat and sexy navel. We exchanged warm hand shake and hug with soft kisses. The beginning was very good.

We occupied a corner seat and ordered chilled beer to start with and exchanged our views, desires and were fully impressed with the outcome. And Things went well in the right direction and all of us were feeling free and friendly in cozy atmosphere was glad that my wife looking smart and taking active part with keens interest.

She wanted to avail this opportunity and make the event memorable. Then we decided to go to nearby picture hall to come further close and take advantage of darkness and closeness. (This idea was taken from one of the sex story I read on the Internet). We occupied back seat in the deserted corner. She gladly sat down in between us.

Soon the picture started and it became dark. I initiated and started hugging and kissing her to instigate and arouse her passions. He also became active and started playing his hand on her bare thigh to explore her pubic region. I advanced further to support him and held his other hand and placed on the boobs of my wife. And pushed her towards him.

He took full advantage of the opportunity and started hugging and kissing her passionately. The heat was on and the atmosphere became very hot when I lowered the shoulder straps of her dress and released her boobs out of her dress. She became topless. He was badly excited and played with her naked boobs for some time and then he bent down to suck her nipples.

She was cooperating fully and submitted herself to him. His other hand was exploring her bottom and she raised her one leg to give him full access for free fingering. Every thing went well and we all were very happy the way things were taking shape. There after we decide d to move to our house to give final act practically for physical contacts in the bedroom.

We left the picture in the middle at half time and visited wine shop and fast food joint on the way back. Every one of us was fully excited and none of us was in hurry for the intercourse. It was very clear that he is going to give his company staying overnight. Ultimately we were supposed to enjoy sex whole night. I asked him to feel free and be comfortable, beside homely.

Meanwhile she started arranging drinks and food. While she was bending forward during dressing center table and serving drinks, her boobs were fully exposed and his eyes were fixed to have a glimpse. The changing color of his face due to passion could be made out. We started with the red wine, chatting and discussing our private life.

We opened up in no time, as we were good old friends. Both of them were behaving like true lovers freely and frankly, cutting sexy jokes and teasing each other. The atmosphere became very hot and sexy. When I disclosed that she is good dancer and swimmer, he expressed his desire to see her in swimming dress and do strip tease dance if possible.

She was in very good mood and her sense of humor prevailed. She gladly accepted his offer and went to bedroom to change her costume and refresh her. She was looking very sexy and attractive in the dress, which was almost suitable for the performance. She inserted the right type of CD into music system and started dancing to the tune of sexy music.

She was swaying her hip and boobs, besides shaking her body according to tune. After giving sexy performance for some time, she started stripping and dropping her top and bottom one by one keeping suspense. Now she was in a two-piece bikini on her body, which was just covering the vital portion of her boob and cunt, leaving her nudity almost exposed.

She was looking very attractive and extremely sexy in bikini. There after she approached him while dancing and asked him to pull the string of her top to release the knot. She dances for some time by holding bra in place with her hands and then turned her back towards us and suddenly dropped the top.

Now she was top less and turned her face towards us but cupping he boobs with her both the hands. Then she danced and removed her hand for a moment to give a glimpse of her fully developed and firm boobs. There after shoe cane near him and asked him if he is really interested to see her boobs. He was very much excited and pulled her towards him, holding her from waist.

She released her boobs and pressed them against her face. Then she gave him a passionate kiss on his lips and turned back. Now she was dancing topless shaking her boobs and hip creating sensation. There after she turned to me and got her panty unhooked and moved away without taking out of place.

Then she danced for some time and pulled away panty but covered he pubic region with her hand. Finally she danced freely showing her nudity at full. She then exhibited her cunt from back side by bending forward. The flesh of large lobes of flesh was clearly visible sticking out of her bald cunt.

Then she exposed her cunt fully wide open from the front by sitting down on the floor and raising her legs apart. Her flowering, pink cunt was looking very attractive. After finishing dance she came back and sat beside him and held him in her arms. While both of them were busy making love I left the alone to release pressure and giving them liberty enact freely.

When I came back, I found him sitting nude and they were sitting in compromising position, hugging and kissing like a lover and she was holding his cock in her hand. I also joined them and removed my clothes. There after we moved to bedroom with our glasses in hand. He had a good physique with muscular and attractive personality.

His cock was defiantly bigger and thicker than me, looking very attractive due to circumcised fore head. It must be approx. 8” long, whereas my cock is 6” long. He disclosed his strong desire to see live fucking and expressed to start us with oral sex in our favorite “69” and that he will also join in between.

I lied down on the bed and she positioned her cunt fully exploded on my face. We started sucking and licking each other’s genital, while he watched closely. Soon she was aroused and filled with passion. Her cunt started bulging to explode with pleasure, while I parted the lips of her pussy apart.

He could not resist further and started spanking with his hands on her butts until became red, to make her wild with passion, which was affective & worked well as she was enjoying well besides demanding more. Then he held his cock and positioned on the backside on her cunt. Then he held her at her waist with both the hands and pushed his cock fully deep inside.

She screamed with pleasure and adjusted her ass accordingly. I was very much afraid, if she would be able to take such a big and thick cock inside completely. To my surprise she was feeling very comfortable and started demanding fucking harder. I was watching each and every movement very closely from down below and enjoying her fucking.

Her boobs were shaking with the thrusts and the large lobes of the flesh of her labia were also moving in and out with movement his cock. It was worth seeing actions so closely. I was thrilled when he discharged and filled his cum inside her cunt and simultaneously her body jerked with waves of pleasure and she attained heavy orgasm with spasms.

After he removed his cock, I licked her cunt and she enjoyed aftermath spasms once again in her cunt, squeezing our sperms. She was lying cool and calm relaxing in his lap after the erotic and strong fucking. Her eyes were full of passion and showing ultimate satisfaction. We relaxed for some time and regained for another stormy session of intercourse.

This time he made her to lie down on the edge of the bed with a thick pillow to raise her ass. Thereafter she raised her legs and spreader apart and invited him to fuck her. He sat down in front of her and had a good close look of her flowering cunt, which was stuffed with large lobes of flesh of clitoris and attractive large clitoris above.

He licked her cunt allaround, up and down and then parted the lips aside to explode her cunt. Then he inserted his middle finger deep inside and worked on her G-Spot until it became active and she started moaning with pleasure. Her face flushed hot and filled with passion fore head sweating.

Then he started playing with the mouth filling labia and clitoris, nibbling, stretching and throbbing. By this time she was in full heat and moaning with pleasure and demanding his cock inside her wet and dripping pussy. She could not resist further and pleaded him fill her demanding pussy and make her cum.

He then got up and positioned his dick in the center of slit and guided with his hand until ¼ the portion of his cock entered inside, then he pushed the whole length deep inside, filling the hole up to hilt. She screamed with pleasure due to tight and forced entry, because she had never taken such a big cock before. I was having doubt but she succeeded to grab whole length.

He bent down over her and played with her boobs and kissed her passionately for some time. She placed her legs around his waist and asked him to fuck her hard. He started fucking her with strong thrusts and full stroke, which stirred her cunt with piston action. Her whole body was shaking and the boobs were moving in the rhythm of thrust,

while she was responding each thrust by raising her ass. Finally he held her by shoulders by putting his hands under her arm and clutching her. She enjoying fully and moaning with pleasure. She reached in ecstasy as her legs were flying in air, giving full and free access during fucking.

Finally both of them reached the heights of climax and while shuddering his discharge in her cunt she also experienced heavy orgasm and calmed down. They remained in tandem position until his cock became loose and slipped out. I was very happy to see my wife fucked hard and enjoy sex with him. He too seemed overjoyed by fucking my hot and sexy demanding slut.

He expressed his happiness by showering kissed on her face and all over body and conveyed his satisfaction through his eyes. The relaxed for long time in each other arms. Thereafter I fucked my wife in front him and finally once more he fucked her in doggy style once again before leaving.

There after she became extremely horny and developed uncontrolled, excessive sex desire, besides crazy demand for big cock. It was difficult to find out equally good person with all these qualities for further change. She had a very close intimate friend of kitty party with lot of sex experience and exposure.

They were keeping any secret among them and were always disclosing and discussing their private sex life freely. She married to an officer in merchant navy who remained away in the sea on the ship months together. She was feeling lonely and sexually starved in his absence. Initially she accompanied him on foreign trip and was exposed to the glamorous nightlife

of different countries and enjoyed strip tease, body massage and live sex for added fun and pleasure. She also enjoyed spouse-swapping experience with a British couple on board for a change and variation to add spices in her sex life. When my wife disclosed her our recent sex experience and discussed about the desires and change in her sexual behavior,

she proposed & convinced her most suitable and alternative solution to fulfill her burning sex desires. Before intruding her to the club, her friend invited us for drinks and dinner to meet me and discuss every thing prior to registration. We were badly attracted to each other on first sight and I could sense a very good time lying ahead for me due to her warm welcome

and decent behavior. She showed great interest in me and became free in no time. My wife had given her very good impressions by disclosing my sexual life and behavior. Our discussion started with the drinks. I was badly attracted and seduced by her sexy figure and exposure of her vital parts through her sexy out fit.

The bulges of her ceramic flesh of her boobs were fully visible while she was bending forward to dress up table and serve drinks. Her boobs were fully developed and firm with nipple pointing up. Actually she had silicon boobs, which she confirmed later. Her left legs were fully exposed up to her thigh joint through the long chalk on one side of her European dress.

She was tastefully dressed as she had developed & influenced by European culture. She discussed regarding the activities of the club in full details, as she was the part time member and used to fulfill her sexual desires and requirements time to time with added fun and spices. When I asked her, if she can give live demonstration of body massage,

she gave a sexy smile and told that she does not mind, if my wife does have any objection. My wife was in very good mood responded positively in favor to witness live sex in between us, as she was to do the same in near future with the guests of the club. She was leading a posh life with the extra income besides enjoying sex.

Thereafter we moved to bedroom and she went to bathroom to refresh. She came out after some time with a towel around just covering her boobs and bottoms up to thighs spreading sweet fragrance of perfume. She then stripped me nude and asked me to lie down on the bed with my face down, besides taking a good look of my muscular body and manhood.

I could see happiness and passion in her eyes. Then she started giving me soothing massage on my back with hands on, starting from the feet to shoulders and ending at arms and hands. My eyes were close and I was feeling the difference and heat of her hand all over my body. Then she gave the magic touch of her boobs creating waves of sensation all over my body.

Thereafter she asked me to change my position and lay down with my face up and asked me how do you feel. My face and eyes were telling the story of my satisfaction and enjoyment. Again she started from toe to tips and gave special attention to my chest and pubic region, which aroused my passions. Finally she rubbed my vital parts with her boobs and pussy.

I could feel the heat of her pubic hairs which she had never curt. She belonged to a Sikh family and married to a sardar ji and maintaining natural growth. She had groomed her soft and silky pubic hairs, the growth was limited only above the mound in a cluster like a plume which was further extended up to her attractive navel in a thin streak of hairline.

She disclosed that lot of person got attracted at first sight, when she wears her sari and jeans low on the hip. The fine line of soft hairs becomes the center of attraction. Then she offered me drink and we started kissing hugging and caressing each other passionately. She cooperated me fully and submitted herself completely.

Meanwhile she described that there are three packages and according to the cheapest package the guest is given hand job to blow the cock and in the second package he is give blow job through mouth and in the top package, one is entertaintained with hugging, kissing, oral sex and finally unlimited fucking in any position until he is fully drained and ultimately satisfied.

In my case I made her to ride above me in my favorite position ”69”, spreaded her pussy lips apart and started licking all they way around au and down and sucking the flesh of her labia and clitoris, by nibbling, stretching and throbbing by blowing to excite her. Thing started working well and in response her cunt started bulging out to burst with pleasure and tasted very good.

She started demanding sucking more and more to make her cumm and she started applying pressure from inside to come heavily. As a result her cunt started squirming &she; leaked her urine dripping into my mouth. This made me crazy and I drank her urine all the way. In this process her ass started rising higher and higher and finally,

she reached the climax and her body jerked with heavy orgasm with shudders in abundance. Finally she calmed down after the storm. When I touched my tongue once again on her cunt, she moaned and experienced aftermath spasms in her cunt once again. It was my best sex experience with exceptionally hot and passionately Sikh lady

with nicely groomed soft and silky natural pubic hairs beyond the limit of pubic region, extending up to the navel in a fine streak. After few days we met her in a shopping mall with her husband. She introduced him to us and we all were very happy and extended warm welcome. We joined them and shared coffee in BARISTA besides chatting and sharing happy moments.

I noticed that sardarji was very much attracted and impressed by my wife and extended invitation for a dinner next day at their house. When I discussed and asked the opinion of my wife, she smiled and expressed her feeling about sardarji in favor of him. Next day it was a nice and memorable meeting. My wife was dressed to the taste and looking very attractive and sexy.

We were welcomed with warm and passionate hugs and kisses from both of them, which gave a positive signal. Then we started with drinks and after finishing first round of drink we were feeling free with each other and discussing every thing freely. We discussed sex life of seamen on the ship.

His disclosed every thing that on the foreign going ship he mostly works with foreigners who are open minded and believe in free sex. Mostly officers keep their wives and girlfriends on board with them, other wise their ladies cannot afford to stay without sex for long time and find out another boyfriend or alternative sex outlet.

They are fun loving people and spouse swapping among them is very common to have adding spices and variation. When I asked his view on swapping he smiled and told frankly that he does not mind if the couple is up to their standard and really interested in fun loving sex for a change.

I was prompted by his opinion and asked him what about us and how do u feel about us. He immediately accepted our proposal and agreed to avail the opportunity. It was the right time and every one jumped with pleasure. He then introduced her to a high end posh club, famous for quality services with guarantee with full enjoyment of sex life with all the latest facilities

for relaxing and soothing full body massage massage in nude along with hot shower and drinks in the company of beautiful, attractive &cooperative; humorous girls, well trained to fully satisfy the guest by fulfilling his sex desires and demands & draining his heat fully. She was also the part time member of this club, which was run by an NRI woman on European pattern.

There was a good source of extra income besides fulfilling ones desire and enjoying world-class sex. Most of the guests were rich, from high society looking change and variation in their sex life for fun and pleasure. They were in the age of 20 to 45. She also registered her and opted for availability on call on weekends.

She was fortunate enough to find out alternative outlet, where she got the best opportunity to exercise vide selection of her choice to see different type of persons with varied size and shape of cocks including circumcised. She was then interviewed &asked; to step nude for physical check & examination by the lady owner and examined by the doctor separately.

She was selected and given on hand practical training under the senior girls with the clients. The clients were very happy to enjoy sex with two girls for payment of one. I am proud of my wife who changed our life style and we purchased new car with the extra money. Her contacts with reputed persons helped me to get good contracts and our business started flourishing

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