My beautiful wife Sweetie and I took a vacation trip to a beach town. Our hotel was on the beach, and during the day my gorgeous 26 yr old wife and I lay on the sand soaking up the sun. Sweetie’s five foot five inches, 53 kgs frame looked great in her small thong bikini. The guys on the beach couldn’t help but check her out.

One day I noticed three college age guys a few feet in front of us, talking among themselves and smiling while glancing frequently in our direction. Soon they got up and began throwing a football around, but their real focus was on my sexy wife.

After a while I got up and asked the guys if I could join in, and as we threw the ball around, we started talking. One guy mentioned how sexy and good looking my wife was, and then said he hoped I wasn’t offended. I told him I wasn’t.

We took a break and sat down. One of the guys offered me a beer, and then asked if Sweetie might like one too. I called her over, and we all introduced ourselves and began chatting. The guys’ names were Amit, Raj, and Sid. The three of them continued checking out my wife as we talked.

Sweetie was sitting with her legs bent and slightly parted, her feet flat on the sand. This position enabled the guys to see her bikini covered crotch as well as a bit of pussy hair peeking out the sides. I noticed their interest and so did Sweetie, and she was seemed to enjoy it more and more.

After a while Sweetie asked Raj to rub some lotion on her back, and he readily jumped at the offer. Sweetie rolled over onto her belly, treating all of us to the sight of her perfect ass. Raj rubbed the lotion onto her back, starting at the shoulders and worked his way down. Sweetie was purring like a cat.

She spread her legs slightly and Raj took advantage of the implied invitation to rub the lotion on her upper thighs. He covered the backs and insides of her thighs, working his way up as high as he could. Then he moved to her ass, rubbing and kneading it. He glanced over at me, and I smiled to show him I had no objection to what he was doing.

Sweetie spread her legs a little wider and moaned softly as Raj rubbed her harder. Then suddenly she stopped him and said that was enough for now. Raj reluctantly stopped and we continued our conversation, although there was a lot of tension in the air. Sweetie went on lying there her legs spread.

About half an hour later, she rolled over and asked Sid to put some more lotion on her. Sid began spreading it on her upper chest as the rest of us looked on. As he neared her tits everything got quite. Sid rubbed the lotion on the slopes of her boobs, down to the bikini top. Then he skipped to her stomach.

Having covered that, he moved down and, starting with her feet, began to work his way up her legs to the tops of her thighs. Sweetie spread her legs once again. Sid massaged the lotion into her ass cheeks, and then slipped around to her inner thighs. Sweetie’s breath began to come faster as his fingers worked around her crotch, eventually rubbing her pussy through her thong.

At one point Sid boldly slipped his finger under the bikini bottom, and then actually slid one finger briefly inside her pussy. Suddenly Sweetie sat up and said she had to go back to our room. She gathered her things and was gone in a few seconds. The guys looked puzzled. I apologized and said may be we’d see them at the club later.

I went back to the room and found Sweetie lying on the bed, rubbing her pussy vigorously. I immediately stripped and got on the bed, and we had a wild fuck. When we were finished, she said she had gotten really turned on by the guys, and we decided to continue the adventure that evening.

When we went out that night Sweetie wore black miniskirt and a black lace top with a matching bra and thong panties, as well as sheer black thigh-high stockings. When we got to the club the place was packed. After about an hour I ran into Raj at the bar. As we stood there and talked I glanced around the place and saw Sweetie talking to a guy with long hair. Raj and I both watched them.

Soon Sweetie and her new friend were out on the dance floor, moving flirtatiously and rubbing against each other. At one point Sweetie turned around and bent over, wiggling her ass against the guy’s crotch. He grabbed her hips and pulled her to him, pretending to hump her from the rear.

As the song ended he put his arm around her and they walked off the dance floor and found a seat. Raj and I were joined by Amit and Sid, and the four of us watched as Sweetie and the guy got more intimate. Eventually they were rubbing each other brazenly, his hands sliding over her thighs and hers exploring his groin.

Then he was kissing her deeply, his hands moving between her legs. He must have been fingering her pussy, because her expressions were blissful. For a moment the movement of the crowd his them from my sight. When the view cleared, the two of them were gone.

I told the guys I would see them later and went off in search of my wife. I finally caught sight of her on a deck outside the club. She was still with that guy, and also another guy, apparently a friend of his. Both guys’ hands were all over her. They were fondling her beneath her skirt, front and back. As I watched, the three of them left the deck and headed down to the beach.

I followed them from a distance. They went about a quarter of a kilometer up the beach, the men squeezing Sweetie’s little ass from time to time and reaching under her skirt to rub her thighs and finger her pussy. They stopped at a dark, deserted spot under a pier and began kissing.

Sweetie undid both the zippers and was soon stroking their hard cocks while she kissed them. One guy hiked her skirt up to her waist and pulled her panties off. Then he lifted her up, leaned her against a support pole and slid his cock into her tight pussy. Sweetie wrapped her legs around his back and continued kissing the other guy while still stroking his cock.

The first guy fucked her hard and fast. Sweetie was moaning and panting and gasping, and she climaxed while he continued fucking her. After a few minutes the guy grunted and came in her pussy. He went on pumping for a little longer and finally pulled his wet, shiny cock out of her.

The second guy took my wife in his arms, turned her around and bent her against the pole, then slipped his cock into her and fucked her from behind. Sweetie moaned louder than before and began to talk, telling him to fuck her hard and saying how good it felt. She also begged him to come in her pussy, saying she wanted him in her pussy up.

He let out a gasp as he shot into her, and then pulled out when Sweetie slumped over. After a few minutes they straightened themselves out and started back to the club. I hurried and beat them back there. I found Amit, Raj and Sid and was talking to them when Sweetie came back in by herself and walked over to us, saying she had just gone for some air.

I said maybe it was time to leave, but Sweetie wanted to stay, so we did. The four of us took turns dancing with her. During one slow number I put my hand under Sweetie’s skirt and felt the come running down her thighs, making them slick. She continued dancing the night away with her pussy swollen and come running down her legs.

The guys rubbed against her when they danced, feeling her up and occasionally even kissing her. When the club closed we walked up the beach toward our hotel, all four of us feeling up my wife along the way. Finally I grabbed her, spun her around facing me and kissed her. She dropped her shoes to the sand as wrapped her arms around me.

Amit came up behind her and began rubbing her ass beneath her skirt, and she spread her legs to allow him better access to her pussy. At this point Raj suggested that we should move to somewhere less public. We composed ourselves and continued walking until we came to a screened-off area near out hotel that had beach chairs with umbrellas.

It was about three in the morning by then, and nobody was around. Once again I turned to grab Sweetie, but when I did I saw that Raj had beaten me to it. He was smooching her passionately, his hands moving down to clutch her ass. Amit came up behind and started rubbing against her. Sweetie spread her legs as before, and soon his fingers were in her pussy again.

Amit yanked his zipper down, as did Raj, and Sweetie once again had a cock in each hand, as she had earlier that night. As Amit furiously fingered her pussy Sweetie sat down on one of the lounge chairs, then took Raj’s cock into her mouth and began sucking it. Amit pushed his cock at her lips also, and she alternated between the two, first sucking one, then the other.

Sid dropped in front of her, spread her legs and began kissing her thighs and licking her pussy. He was caught off guard when he tasted the come in her cunt. He looked up at me with an expression of surprise on his face, then after a pause started licking her again.

Amit pulled away from Sweetie’s mouth and shot his come all over her chest, soaking her tits and her dress. Raj immediately took his place between her lips and swiftly came down her throat, moaning as she swallowed his seed. When they were done, Sid stood up and pushed her back onto the lounge chair. She spread her legs and he slid his cock into her well used pussy.

He fucked her hard, causing her to groan and gasp for breath. The lounge chair rocked in the sand and almost broke apart before he came in Sweetie’s pussy, while she was taken by an orgasm of her own. When Sid pulled out of my wife, I stood her up and then lay down on the lounge on my back, so that she could get on me and ride my cock.

She straddled me and did just that, riding me hard and sucking Amit’s cock back to stiffness at the same time. After a few minutes, Sweetie’s receptive pussy took in its fourth load of the night. When my wife got up off my cock, Raj slid onto the lounge and Amit bent her over so she could suck Raj’s cock while Amit fucked her from behind.

Sweetie’s head bobbed up and down on Raj’s straining cock as Amit drove fiercely into her body with strong thrusts. Once again Raj gasped and came in Sweetie’s mouth, and she swallowed it happily. Amit pounded into her for another ten minutes before finally giving her her fifth load of come for the night.

When he pulled out, come ran down her thighs to her stockings tops like a thick white river. She collapsed on top of Raj, moaning and quivering and gasping for breath. When I looked at my watch it said four fifteen. I roused my exhausted wife and told the guys good bye, and said that maybe we’d see them again sometime.

I helped my thoroughly fucked wife to our room, where we slept almost all the next day. That evening Sweetie was packing and I was in the bathroom when there was a knock at the door. I heard Sweetie answer it, but couldn’t hear anything else. When I came out, I found Sweetie smooching Raj deeply and jerking his cock.

She looked at me and explained that Raj hadn’t gotten to sample her pussy yet. I shrugged and said okay. They took off their clothes and lay on the bed in a 69 position, and Raj ate Sweetie’s pussy while she sucked his cock. Raj stopped her before he came this time, then maneuvered around and got on top her and pushed his cock into her pussy.

Sweetie gasped and curled her legs around him. Raj fucked her slowly for about five minutes, and then began fucking her so hard that the bed was bumping against the wall. Sweetie’s mouth was wide open, and she was moaning passionately. Raj fucked her like that for another few minutes, and then flipped her over like a rag doll,

pulled her onto her hands and knees and rammed that cock into her doggie style. Sweetie was screaming and begging him to come in her pussy. Raj finally gave a shout, and with one final thrust flooded Sweetie’s womb with a massive load of his come. When he pulled out and rolled over, I climbed on the bed fucked her till we both came. Thus ended another sexventure.

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