My best friend Vikram who lives in Jaisalmair City in Rajasthan came to Delhi for study. He was doing his studies in Fine arts (vocal) he is really a good singer. My family (my father and mother) treats him as another son, they cares him a lot. And the same was with me whenever I went to his native place, his father and mother treats me like their elder son. Therefore there was more close relation between us.

After completing his study he went to his city and appointed as lecturer in Jaisalmair collage and I also joined a service in private concern. After 3-4 year he got married with a beautiful girl, I attended his marriage. After 2 years of his marriage I also got married with Haasini, she is really most beautiful girl, having figure of 34-29-32 on the time of our marriage. Days passed and after 2 years I got a beautiful daughter.

After 4 years of my marriage my mother expired and after 5 years my best friend came to me, on that time I was in office. He called me and informed that I am at your home, when I am coming back, I told him stay there I will be there in hour. I took the leave from my office and reached my home. There he hugged me tightly like real brother and started crying with complaining why I didn’t informed him about sudden demise if my mother.

I was speech less on that time. Any way then I insisted him to stay at my home and he readily agreed. He commented on my wife, that you have got really a beautiful wife, I took is in casual way and thanked him. In night he took permission with my wife that my we drink together, if she doesn’t mind. My wife does not objected (where as she does not like that I drink with friends)

I don’t know why she agreed on it. I bought a bottle of rum, My wife brought some snacks along with two glasses. He again insisted to my wife “Bhabhi please bring one more glass, you have to give us company, and otherwise I won’t drink”. My wife does not drink in front of my friends or relatives, but this time she again agreed and bought one more glass.

My wife took my daughter and with giving her dinner she left her in the room of my parents. We sat in my bedroom, he filled three glasses and we three started drinking freely as there were not one in my room except My friend, my lovely wife and myself. I took two drink one by one, he also took two pegs and my wife also took two pegs. Then my wife left the room to prepare food with saying that you enjoy your drink, I am coming.

Then he filled another peg and started a gazal in my new Audio Deck, and complimented that I have got a good audio system, I again thanked him. My wife called me from kitchen I left the room with saying excuse me.

Haasini (My Wife): Anil what should I prepare for your best friend.

I (Anil): Any thing darling, anything you prepare always nice.

My Wife: Ok don’t take too much pegs. I like you’re this friend. In all your friends, I felt he is a real friend. This thing I took in a very normal and told her yes he is my best friend. I again went to my bed room.

Now my friend asked where is washroom. As he wants to fresh up I showed him bathroom which was outside of our room, as it was common bathroom in our small flat, near lobby. Our kitchen door also opened to lobby, and my bed room door also opened in lobby. I came back to my bed room and shut the door of my bed room so that my daughter does not disturb us and does not see us taking drink.

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I started enjoying gazal which was playing in music system. After 5-7 minutes when my friend does not came back, I came out of my bed room to see, if any thing he needed. He was not in bathroom, I went to our kitchen. And a shocking seen came to my view to which I could not believe till today. My wife was standing facing towards kitchen door and my friend was standing just after her (as his back side was towards kitchen door)

His both hands have hold of my wife head and he was kissing on my wife’s forehead. My sudden presence disturbed my wife and he noticed it by her eyes, and he changed the topic with saying “Haasini Bhabhi, I am really happy that today by your grace we old best friends meet again. I could not understand, I was being cheated or it’s only my doubt.

Anyway I immediately left them alone and went back to my bed room. Immediately my best friend came to me and asked Anil don’t mind, what I was doing, it was only his affection. Don’t take it otherwise. I told him it’s Ok I know you and my wife both are very good to me. Lekin mere dimag me Shak ka kira kulbulane laga. I was disturbed completely.

In angry mood we took our dinner, I tried to show them that I am normal, but my face was showing some thing different story. Any way after dinner, I made arrangement for his sleeping in our drawing room with putting a bed there. We good night each other and me & my wife came to our bed room. She again started admiring my friend’s nature, just to make me normal.

Then she asked can she have one more peg with me. I was in a disturb mood, so took two big pegs and gave one to my wife and gulp my peg at once. Now rum was showing effect in my mind and I started feeling that I want to sleep. My wife came in three piece nighty (which she wears once), I felt my cock started responding with looking her actually she was looking very sexy.

I immediately grabbed her and started enjoying her body, we both enjoyed our sex about 45 mintues. After it I went to sleep. In mid night my eyes opened as I was feeling thirsty due to drink which make throat dry. I was shocked with looking that I was alone in room. I thought that my wife may went to toilet which was in lobby, I wake up

I went to kitchen to drink water without making noise so that my friend does not get disturb as our drawing room portion was attached with lobby. When I was returning I hear voice of my friend and my wife, like they were taking. I went near drawing room where a curtain was between drawing room and lobby. There was total darkness in lobby and a dim light was on in drawing room. I tried to listen the talks:

Vikram: Haasini, I was mad when I look you.

My Wife: Vikram, It was same with me.

Vikram: Sweety if your husband woke up, then it will be very awkward, when he does not found you near.

My Wife: No way, he is drunk totally; he won’t wake up till morning.

Vikram: Does he fight with you when I kissed your forehead in kitchen.

My wife: No, I satisfied him with showing him that its normal and you are best friend of him, he also convenience so he didn’t notice it.Vikram: You had shown with your face expression in kitchen, otherwise there got to be a big trouble.

My wife: You know Vikram, till today I could not get complete satisfaction with my husband, His sex power is too much but he could not make it linger on, so very soon he get discharged.

I tried to peep through one side on curtain; from there I got view of both. As there were dark in lobby but a night bulb was on in drawing room, so I can see everything but they can’t see me. My friend’s hands reached on my wife boobs over nighty, and started fondling it’s lightly and she started moaning. Ahhhhh yeeh its feels very good, please keep it up vikram.

Do it more and more, he put his lips over my wife’s lips and she started enjoying French kiss (Lip to Lip), their tongues were tingling inside each other mouth and saliva was being exchanged. She again said that Vikram you don’t have mustache so I am enjoying kisses, otherwise my husband mustache came when we try to kiss. About 4-5 minutes they was in this intact position

Whereas vikram hands were roaming over night on boobs, then he inserted his one hand in nighty, inside nighty my wife does not have bra, as I opened it when she was having sex with me before. As soon as his hands touched her one boobs, she started pressing hand of my friend over nighty with showing him that she need more attention on her boobs.

He understood, and removed overcoat (of net facric) of nighty (as it was three pc.) as soon as he removed overcoat of night my wife golden low cut under piece of nighty was making her more sexy my friends lips came to naked shoulder of my wife and started kissing you know that neck portion and shoulder of every women is really very sensitive.

My wife started enjoying his kisses with kissing allover neck, shoulder he was going down towards deep cleavage (sorry to mention after birth of my daughter my wife boobs size grown to 37) and his kisses were continuous. Then he removed the second pc. Of nighty over her head, now my wife was with panty only and her both boobs were standing like two mountain.

Her pink nipples were completely erected and my friends got understand that how she was feeling. He put his lips around nipples and started chewing with little pressure my wife was on extreme her moaning was getting loud and her both hands was pressing head of my friend over her boobs my friend was enjoying both boobs one by one his tongue was exploring both boobs one by one.

This game ran about 30 minutes my wife was out of control and her hands were not roaming over boxer of Vikram and cock of Vikram was in salute mode and she was pressing it harder and harder then my friend got naked with removing all clothes and make my wife too in birth suite. My wife’s pink pussy was looking very sexy in that blue light now Vikram asked my wife to suck his cock but she refused that she does not like it.

And don’t want to do he didn’t compelled her for it but asked her can he suck her flowing juices from her cunt my wife permitted as she always like it. Now his mouth was over my wife pussy and his tongue was inside her cunt and roaming in side my wife’s juices were flowing which was shining in dim light and he was drinking every drop of it. Now my wife was not in mood of more waiting so she requested him vikram please now do it

My pussy could not wait more please come with your cock Vikram asked her to do it in missionary position but my wife want to lead it. He asked we will change in between. First Vikram put a pillow under my wife hips and then he started rubbing he cock head over her pink pussy lips my wife was requesting him again and again please Vikram come in side now then Vikram gave a gentle push to his cock

As her pussy was with juices so it does not took too much long to accommodate the cock his more than half cock went inside very smoothly he started giving gentle strokes in my wife cunt my wife sound started coming aaaah please Vikram do it gently slowly come on do it in a rhythm he was stroking regularly he asked my wife how many strokes does she need to reach orgasm my wife asked him and she need

200 gently pushes and 300 hard pushes he asked to start counting my wife was counting 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7 ahhhh and counting was very rythematic and vikram was doing with putting his lips over boobs his mouth was busy in sucking the both boobs and some time chewing lower lips of my wife counting approached to 200 and now his gentle strokes started little wilder.

Now my wife was counting 201 ouuuuh 202 push more 205 ouch 210 215 221 250. I am dying 299, I can’t hold it more darling give me more 325 and the her counting stopped at 418 and she asked Vikram to release his loads too, as she has been discharged twice in this encounter but Vikram was having very good stamina he asked my wife to start counting from 1 again my wife was not able to tolerate him more

She again requested him please release it now counting started again and resumed till 300 and on and on and counting reached to 350 and Vikram asked her where he should release his load. She asked please release it outside he agreed and discharged his load outside on her pussy lips the load was very thick and his cock was shining in my wife juices. My wife started kissing him lip to lip and told him that she never got this pleasure till today.

Her orgasm was 4 times in this session their lip locked for about 10 minutes and vikram again started chewing my wife boobs and he told to my wife that the sexiest part of her body is her boobs and he want to sleep with putting his nose in her cleavage and she said uts 2:00 am she will be here till 4:00 am till then he may and he happily started playing with boobs of my wife and my wife got a deep sleep that night.

I came back to my room with holding my half erected cock in my hand I could not sleep whole night. At about 4:00 when my wife came back, she tried to inquire about me sleep found me awakened she asked what happened. I told her nothing I am feeling thirsty, she brought some water for me and inquired again when I got awakens. I want to enjoy her cheating so told her I could not sleep from last 4 hours.

Her that face I can not forget till today but I didn’t tell her that I know what ever happened in drawing room. She tried to make me sleep with hugging tightly with pressing her sexy boobs over my chest as she know they were my week ness in morning my friend left to his town leaving behind my cheating wife to me from that day I never meet with Vikram but from that day my sex desire became more and more

My wife noticed that drastic change in my sex power so many time she enquire how I got this power I had sex with my wife where in every session she requested me to stop please stop now she can’t tolrate such thrust in her pussy but I never listen her request and when ever we had sex every time their (my wife’s and Vikram session) made me fuck my wife wilder

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