My name is Anil and I am 41 years old averagely-built guy. I am married to beautiful women named Haasini, she is 36 Years old. She is extremely beautiful and her body is still like young girls even after having 2 kids of 14 and 8 years of age. She has maintained well herself. Her ass is the attraction of her body.

And even I have tried so many times to break the virginity of ass and she has never allowed me. I would like to explain my sexual life, my tool is only 3-4 inch long small tool, which I feel never satisfied my wife.Because I felt my wife never had orgasm during sex.

And she has never shown intrest to have sex.And I felt that she never had the taste of orgasm otherwise, she would have insisted me sometime for sex, which she never did. The incident occured few months back when I was walking outside my house

with my wife and 3 guys aged between 20 to 22 years crossed 2-3 times on motocycle rashly.I shouted on them and they stopped their bike near me, and started arguing, I asked them that what are they doing here again and again.

I have also noticed they were staring my wife badly specially on her boos and ass.One of them seems to be their boss warned me that they will tell me later that what they were doing here and they started their bike and went off.

And after few days in the morning, after sending kids to school, was enjoying cup of tea with my wife and my wife was looking beautiful in her pink coloured salwar and kammez which was little transparent and her undergarments were visible in that.

I was always felt guilty that I could not ever satisfied my wife sexually and I had a dream that my wife should get real hard fuck might be with somebody with bigger tool.But I was not understanding what to do for that.

Suddenly our door bell ranged and I opened the door to see, who is on the door.The moment I opened the door.Three same guys entered in our house with knifes in their hands.They came in shuted the main door.They dragged me to the chair and tied up me with the rope.

My wife was surprised and she was stunned with this, suddenly three of them, who were giantly looked, must be 6 feet tall, reached near my wife and one of them seem to be their boss held form behind and told me “Ab tujhe batate hain ki hum yahan kyon aate hain, hume teri biwi

bahut pasand hai and we were in chance to fuck her hardly, specailly her beautiful GAAND.And I have seen fear in my wife’s eyes but I realised that today she will be hardly fucked rather raped by three of them.

I don’t know but this has aroused me that I will see her been fucked by someone else. Then the boss type guy told my wife ” Janeman hum jo bhi kahte hain aaram se karti ja nahin to humein jabardasti karni padegi, aur jabardasti mein jyada taklif hoogi aur tere husband ki jaan bhi ja

sakti hai”.He told my wife to took off her cloths and she hesitated and refused.Then boss slapped her hardly on her face, she started crying.He again oredered her to took off cloths.It was really difficult for her to take off cloths in front of someone but realising the situation,

she started opening the buttons of her kameez and meanwhile boss started moving his hand on the ass of my wife, which she could not resist.Then slowly she took off her kammez slowly, now her upper portion was only having bra, her back was in front of the boss.

He pulled her towards him and started kissing on her naked back and he was still moving his hand on her ass and then other guy came near my wife and tried to held her boobs over bra, but suddenly Boss shouted on him

“Ise sabse pehle main chodunga aur us ke baad tum is ke sath jaise dil chahe karna.Abhi meri help karo is ko chodne mein.Then suddenly he put his hand on the knot of her salwar and torn off and her salwar falled in her legs.

Now her Panty covered gaand and legs were in front of them.I was feeling aroused. Then the boss ordered my wife to bent down and open his touser zip and he ordered her to take his tool in her mouth. Which she refused and he again slapped her

and held her by her hairs and pushed her towards down to his tool.Then she opened the zip of his trouser and took out his tool.She feared after seeing 10 Inch long and nearly 2 inch thick tool, but she was helpless.

He ordered her to kiss the tool first and told her to take in mouth.She holded his fully erected tool in her hand and then she moved her lips towards his tool but soon she moved back after shiffing stinky smell of the tool.

Then boss shouted” Sali Randi darr kyon gayi abhi to yeh poora muh mein lena hain,Then he forcefully opened her mouth and inserted the tool in her mouth and started fucking her mouth.he has given full length in her mouth, which she was hardly swallowing.

Then other guy came near and said “Boss jab tak tum yeh kar rahe ho humein is ke kapde uttar ke nanga to karne do.He allowed him for the same.Then he nearly torn off the panty and bra of her and he started playing with her ass.they all were seem to be very much found of her ass.

He has also took out his tool which was nearly 8 inch long and he started rubbing his tool with her ass.And my wife was busy in sucking boss’s 10 inch tool.He ordered other guy “Is ki gaand tayar kar, then other guy went in the kitchen and came out with some butter in his hand,

he started applying the butter on her ass hole.She feared with act because by that time she undertood that boss will enter form the rear and that too 10 inch tool and till date she was vergin form ass.

Suddenly boss took out his tool and told her to be in doggy style, but she tried to run away but two other guys helded her tightly and forcefully dragged her near boss, who slapped her again very hard and told “agar nakhre karegi to jyada dard hoga,

chal sali raand tyar hoja apne aap.After listning this she laid on the floor in doggy stlye.And boss sat behind her and opened her ass cheeks and kissed on ass hole which was full of butter he entered his tongue in ass hole and tasted the butter.

Then he took his tool in hand and kept on ass hole and pushed little as asshole was lubricated nearly half tool went inside,my wife screamed with pain and opened her mouth the other guy not missed the chance and inserted his 8 inch tool in her mouth.

Now she was been fucked form rear and she was also sucking the tool.Both were enjoying and even I have also started enjoying the way she was been fucked.The boss increased his speed and started abusive language.

Third guy who was watching all this now took off his trouser and took out his 10 inch tool in his hands he came near and laid down under my wife, he started playing with the boobs of my wife.By the time boss was fucking hardly and second guy

was also fucking her mouth hardly, then third guy adjusted my wife and given his tool in my wife’s pussy. The seen was amazing boss was fucking ass, other was fucking mouth and third one was fucking pussy.She became sandwitch in beetween.

I was enjoying the seen and by that time I realized that my wife also started enjoying the great fuck.She has started moaning ‘ Karo aur jor-2 se karo, mujhe kabhi itna maza nahin mila, she had 2-3 orgasm by that time.Now three of them increased their speed.

the boss has inaugrated her ass today he was very happy.Now it seem that they were about to cum.Then everybody of them took out their tools and they told my wife to lay down on the floor.Then they all exploded at the same time and they spreaded their cum

on her whole body.And they told her to lick the same. Then boss told her to turn around, and ordered her to raise her ass.He once again entered his tools in her ass and exploded his balance cum in her ass.Then they all laid down and ordered my wife to lick and clean their tool

with her tongue whcih she obeyed happily.This seem she enjoyed the fucking. Then they went off kissing her When they left I have seen my wife still standing nude and when I looked towards her,

she smiled with shy.That shown she has enjoyed the fucking session.But when I asked her “What to do now, should we report for this. She replied ” We should not disclose this to any body. Then I asked her ” how did you felt”.

She told “Thier looks was scary like they were tall fair cloured but with unshaved beard and even smell of drinks coming out from their mouths, but I will not hide anything ‘ I was scared in the begening but later on I have enjoyed.

I again asked her ” I always tried to fuck you from rear I you always refused me and you have never taken my tool in your mouth ever, but you have given good blow job to them and you enjoyed ass fucking.

She replied ” sach bataon aaj tak jab bhi tum ne mere sath kiya hai mujhe even pata bhi nahin chala ki kuch ander gaya hai, tumahara bahut chota hai aur unka itna bada tha, specially unke boss ka, ki pehle to main dekh ke darr gaye thi,

par jab usne mere muh main dala to itna bada chusna bahut achcha laga.Kash ki tumahara bhi itna bada hota.Aur tum bhi to chahate the ki main koi bada tool enjoy karoon. Even I have not felt that bad realising that the pleasure

I could not give has been given by someone else and she is satisfied.Then I asked ” Ab kya hoga agar woh phir se aa gaye, kyonki woh bol kar gaye hain, aur woh log bahut badmash type dikhte hain”.

She replied ” Uski tum worry mat karo main unke boss ko handle kar loongi” After few days one saturday she called me on my mobile around 11 a.m in the morning and told “That their boss named Sunil came and told her to be ready for the whole night.

Then I asked her how you will handle them and how we will manage the kids.She replied ” we will send our kids to their granny’s house (in the same town where we live).” Her answer shown me that she too is intrested.

In the evening when I came back to home, my wife told kids “Aaj tumahari nani tumhe yaad kar rahi hai, woh ghar par akali hain isliye aaj raat tum wahin par rahoge”. Then I dropped my kids to their granny’s house.

When Icame back nearly 7.30 P.M, I asked my wife ” when will they come “.My wife replied ” Not every body only Boss (Sunil ) will come and she has told him to come alone. Then I asked her ” What is the programme for night “.

She told ” It will now depend to him, the way he wants the things, we will decide after when he came”. We had our dinner around 9.15 P.M and start waching T.V, but I was little tensed about what will be going to happen with her for whole night,

thinking of his 10 inch long and 2 inch thick tool and rather I found him ass fucker. Around 10.45 P.M somebody has jumped in our house from backside, our backside is open area, when I opened back door, I seen standing Boss ‘he pushed me back and said

“kahan hai meri randi ?, I felt bad listning this word but I was helpless.I told she in in drawing room. He said ” Tumahara bedroom kahan hai. I shown him our bedroom.He went inside and told me ” Chal yahan se ja aur meri raandi ko ander bhej de”.

When I came in drawing room I seen she was not there ‘She came out from bathroom, she changed her dress, she was in pink coloured transparent sexy nighty. I realised that she is ready for hard fuck.I told her “He is calling you in bedroom,

today you will stay with her in the bedroom with him”. She has given naughty smile, she told me that she has also shaved her pussy.She gave me long kiss on my lips and told “aaj mere bina raat gujaro, main uske sath suhagraat mana loon. After saying this she went to bedroom.

I was little curious to know that what is happening in, I already planned for the same.In the room adjacent to our bedroom we have a common door, and I have already arranged a good big hole from where I can see whole bedroom and also listen everything,they will not be aware.

When she gone in, I ran towards other room and peeped form the door whole, the moment she stepped in.He said ” Aaja sali raand, meri kutiya,kahan thi toon”.Aa mera lund kab se tera intazar kar raha hai. She replied ” Please aap aise baat mat kiya karo,

mere husband ko bura lagta hoga”.He again replied ” Mujhe uski koi parwah nahin, kyonki toon meri raandi hai main tere sath kuch bhi karoon. And he ordered her to came near.She went near, he dragged her towards him and started smooching on her lips

hardly and also he started carresing her boobs with one hand and with another hand he started exploring her ass in his words “Gaand”. Then he told her ” ja apne husband se bol, mere liye paani layega and he took out the bottle of whisky.She told him ” Main lekar aati hoon “.

but he said ” To yahin par rahegi, chal kutiya usko bol paani lane ke liye aur apni nighty uttar jaldi se nahin to main ise phad doonga”. She was well aware if she will not follow his words, he will do something wrong. She stood in front of him and took off her nighty

slowly and thrown aside, now she was in white coloured embroided bra and panty.She was looking great her boobs are beautiful and round shaped and her Hips(Gaand) is wide and rounded, she is fair coloued and she was looking stunning sexy standing like this.

She called me. I felt very embarrasing but helplessly I went in side ” She told me to bring cold water bottle from the fridge, one glass and something to eat from kitchen”. When she was saying, he suddendly putted his hand in side her panty and started moving his hands inside,

he has also kissed at her hips and seen me with smile, as if he is saying” Dekh main teri biwi ke badan se khel raha hoon”. I don’t know but I was excited to see this. I came out and took cold water, one glass and some cashew and peanuts to eat with and I served him in a tray.

Then he told me to go out, and I obeyed. I immediately came to another room to see the scene. He poured wine in the glass and filled nearly half added cold water and drank in one shot. And again he made another glass for him and kept aside. And started eating cashew.

He was sitting on our bed in half sleepy situation.Then he ordered my wife ” Chal dekh kaya rahi hai, nikal apne khilone ko bahar aur khelna shuru kar”.She sat down near his legs.She opened the waist belt, opened the buttons of trouser nad pulled down.

he was busy in sipping his whisky and watching smilingly doing her all such things.Now he was in brown coloured frenchie.His ten inch tool seems to be errect in his underwear. He then shouted on her ” Chal saali raand ab dekh kya rahi hai,

ise bahar nikal aur apne khubsoorat hoothon se chuum kar chusna shuru kar “. She putted her hand in his underwear and took our 10 inch long,errected tool in her hand.She bent towadrs his tool and kissed on the tip of his tool and suddenly she rose her head and told him

“Isme se bahut smell aa rahi hai, pls. ise dho lo, main bahut achchi tarah se chusungi.He slapped hard on her face and told ” Sali toon meri kutiya hai, raand abhi to main tere muh mein yeh daru pekar peshab bhi karoonga”. She little afraid but she was also enjoying.

She agian bent on his tool and kissed and she started licking tip of his tool with her tongue, she also licked his tool from top to bottom of his tool and now she took nearly more than half tool in her mouth and starting giving good blow job, which she ever never given to me.

She was sucking his tool like lollypop and he was also enjoying the same and he held her form her hairs and started pushing her hardly towards his tool and almost filled her whole mouth with his tool and suddenly,

he picked up her and dragged her ass towards his face in the position of 69. but surprisingly he started hitting her ass, he slapped hard on her right bum and then on her left bum, he kept on hitting her ass for sometime,

by that time she was in her panty and the impression of his fingers were noticable on her ass, it was hurting her but she was also enjoying this brutal act. I also felt aroused and took out my tool in my hands and my small 4 inch tool was errect, I started masterbating.

I was also watching continously in the room.Then he placed hands on his boobs over the bra and started sqeezing them and suddenly he opened the hook of her bra and took off her bra and sniffed and then he thrown that aside.

Then he took her nipples in his hands and started sqeezing them.My wife who was sucking his tool vigrously satrted moaning and started humming sound like “hmmm… hmmmm.. aaaaj….hmmm. Her sound excited him and he has took off his shirt and baninyan

and laid without cloths.then statred fondling her boobs badly and at the same time he brought his mouth near her ass (he gone mad afetr seen her wide very fair, rounded ass (Gaand),he took off her panty kissed and thrown away,

he kissed her ass crack first and started licking her Gaand with his tongue.Then he inserted his tongue in her ass crack and he opened her gaand with his hands and started licking her asshole, he was licking her ass hole like dog,

then he picked up his glass of wiskey and started poring on her gaand and he started licking drops of whisky on her gaand. Then he has done something which I never expected, it seems he came with full prepration, he took out one capsule form pocket of his trouser

and consumed with drink, that seems to some sex capsules which help increasing sexual power and delay orgasm.I understood that today I will see very long fucking session and I was also worried about my wife, who was busy in sucking and not aware of that.

Then again he brought his mouth near her gaand and opened her carckes and inserted his full tongue in her ass hole, he started fucking her gaand with his tongue. My wife started moaning with tool in her mouth.She started moaning mmmm….mmmmm….mmmm..aahouch….

Then he told my wife to increase the speed, she was already putting her all efforts and sweating and he has told her ” Apne husband ko bol, kitchen se butter lekar aaye. She replied “Please aaj mujhe aage (Choot) se pelo, phir bad mein aap ka jaise dil kare karna,

main kuch nahin bolungi.He replied “Chal raand main pehle teri baat hi manta hoon par toon apne vaade se phiriyo mat, iske baad jo bhi main kahunga to bina kisi shart ke manegi, tabhi main tujhe pehle aage se pelonga. She accepted.

He told her to lay down on the bed in missionary position. She laid down.He took his 10 inch lund, swollen by sucking in his hand and first moved to wards her mouth and started fucking her mouth, his balls was hitting her chin. Then he took out his tool and sat in between her legs.

He took her legs and kept on his shoulders, buy doing this her choot was opened and her ass hole was also clearly visible. Then he put his tool on her choot and pushed little.My wife closed her eyes in pleasure, he pushed little more and putted nearly half of his tool in her choot,

his tool was toring her choot.She started screaming aah…aah…aaah…aaah….aaaah. The more she was screaming more he was inserting his tool.Now full tool gone inside and my wife started raising his ass in response, she was enjoying.

She cried in pleasure”AAJ meri choot ko asli mard ka lund mila hai, maine zindagi mein kabhi aisa maaza nahin liya, mere pati ka to itna chota hai ki mujhe pata bhi nahin chalta ki kuch ander gaya hai”.I felt with her these words but true.

He was stroking her badly and she continued ” Aaj mujhe aise chodna ki meri pyaas bujh jayee, main pata nahin kab se pyaasi thi.aaah….aaaah……aaaaah. Tumahara lund kitna bada hai. Mujhe hamesha isi tarah se pelna main hamesha tumari raandi ban kar rahoongi.

He gave broad smile and increased his speed.I was watching his 10 inch big tool was going in her choot like big shaft and liquid started flowing from my wife choot and flowing on ass hole. He kept on pumping hard.

She was moaning like anything and then she exausted and met 3-4 orgasm by that time.But he was still fucking and not reached to orgasm because of capsule.She cried ” Bus karo main mar gayee tum to mujhe mar hi daloge mere raja.

He then took out his tool and inserted again in her mouth and statred pumping and now he said ‘ Maaza aaya ?, She replied ” Bahut…. bahut … bahut maza aaya, maine zindagi main kabhi aisa nahin liya.Then he told her “Tujhe apna vaada yaad hai.She replied ” haan “.

He said Mujhe peshab aa raha hai “. She told ” toilet sath main hi hai ‘. He said ” sali raand meri toilet yahin hai “. She asked” kahan ? “.He signaled towards her mouth and said “Mera lund muh mein dal aur ise chooste hue mera peshab pi “.

She cried ” nahin yeh nahin ho sakta”.he then slapped her hardly ” Sali kutiya itna bada lene ka shounk to hai ab vaada tod rahi hai, sidhi tarah se manja nahin to zabardasti karni padegi aur yeh ek baar hi bura lagega, phir iski aadat pad jayegi.

I started looking intrestingly that how she will do that, because I know this is tough job for her, but the way she has been fucked and enjoyed, she might compromise because she will not like to loose the big 10 inch tool.

She replied ” Achcha thik hai par yeh main ek baar hi karrongi aur please dhiree -2 karna, taki main dhiree – 2 pee sakon. He gone mad with pleasure of her acceptence.He ordered her to sit down in doogy style on floor.

Then he opened her mouth and inserted his tool and slowly he started pissing in her mouth, she has strated drinking his yurin slowly, some was coming out from her mouth and falling on the floor.After completing his yurin in her mouth, he spapped her

“Sali itna sara to tune bahar gira diya. Ab meri doosri shart hai ki main teri Gaand marunga, jaise us din mari thi, is mein to tujhe koi problem nahin hai. She accepted happily.He told her “Apne pati se bol butter lekar aaye kitchen se.

She called me and told me to bring butter. When I reached in with butter, I seen he laid her in doggy style and sniffing her ass hole. I gave packet of butter to him and requested ” agar tumhe manzoor ho to kya tumahare sath main bhi apni wife ke saath kar sakta hoon.

He shouted ” saale yeh meri gaand hai, agar meri absence main bhi ise chodne ki koshish ki to jaan se maar doonga”. My wife signaled me to go out, and I came out and started peeping. He then took some buuter and kept on his tongue.

He then inserted his tongue in her gaand and started fucking with tongue.He took out his tongue and again took some buuter in his tongue and said to her ” Main teri gaand itni chikni bana doonga ki tujhe bilkul taklif nahin hogi, kyonki ab agle ek ghante tak main ise hi peloonga.

He agian inserted his tongue in her ass hole and applied almost all 200 gm buuter in her gaand. Then he took his tool in his hand and kept on her ass hole. He pushed little of his tool in her gaand and took out and came to her front and given his tool in her mouth and said

“Toon bhi chakh le ki teri gaand ka swad kaisa hai “. He again took out his tool and came to back and inserted his full tool with a jerk in her. She screamed with pain and Told ” Pls. dhire-2 dalo”. But he never listened to her rather increased her speed

and started fucking her vigourously, she was enjoying and raising her gaand, but also begging to slow down.But he was gone mad, not litened to her, kept on stroking her gaand.She was moaning aaaaaaah……aaaaaaah….aaaaaaaah.But he was fucking her gaand mersilessly.

He was also slapping her ass cheeks and abusing ” Saali raand, teri gaand ka aaj main band baja doonga, yeh meri hai mera jaise dil karega waise daloonga”. He increased his speed and she was badly sweating and nearly unconsious,

he was fucking her from nearly one hour and not even reaching near to orgasm.She begged “Pls. mujhe chod do main mar jaungi “, but he was fucking like monster ” Bus thodi der aur bardasht kar le mera hone wala hai”.

Then after fuking her from behind nearly 1 and 1/2 hour, he seems to reach near orgasm.He took out took from her gaand and told my wife “Chal ab ise apne muh mein lekar mera sara maal pija “. She got relief and she happily taken full length in her mouth and he started stroking in her mouth.

Then with big moan he exploded his full cum in her mouth, which she drank and some came out form her mouth.He took out his tool form her mouth and like last time again inserted in her ass hole and exploded balance cun in her gaand.

The sence was amazing my wife’s choot, gaand and mouth was badly fucked and liquid was coming out from all three places.Even I came in my hand after seeing this. He then caught her from her hairs and brought her near and kissed her lips

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