Hi, I am Sumeet 31 yr old married to 28 yr old girl. My wife’s name is Haasini. We are very much settled down in Mumbai. We both are working class people. We got married 2 years back. We are very good couple as having much better understanding in between us now rather than the initial stages. The time we got married my wife was very conservative and shy about the things to be expressed. Whereas I m very open minded person in that sense in every way of my life. I take life positively and love to try some new things in everything.

Well that was our life. Now we both have such a good understanding & more beautiful and spicy hot life. Let me come down to the story. Since Haasini was very conservative especially in terms of sexual life was concern. She never liked to exposed only used to wear proper blouses and dresses. But she was very hot when I have taken her virginity in first night. Let me tell u her stats she is 5.9”tall, good busty boobs which can make anybody crazy, good round big ass swells good while walking specially when she wears sarees tightly around her ass.

Slowly she started to enjoy the sex. She started to wear some tight chudidars from the big one in which her muscular thighs used to look very attractive . I also started noticing that other men looks at her thighs very lustfully& she started enjoying. Never given me a hint that she likes that. Slowly we started having sex by seeing the movies where group sex , 2 men taking one woman, 2 woman enjoying one man, wife swapping videos. She started enjoying the things & started fantasizing the same while having sex , started moaning also a lot during our sex sessions.

As a open minded person I liked that, I wanted her to be more open so that sex can be enjoyed very well. Sex is one of joy specially when husband & wife is open minded u can enjoy more. I also started liking couple, wife swapping videos , group sex. I started encouraging her while watching , she also started enjoying that & I also started feeling good as she was enjoying. I love Haasini very much and wanted her to be good in bed and also wanted to fulfill every of her fantasy even with other men or her boyfriends.

Slowly she started coming up with her feelings of let’s do it today Sumeet I am feeling hot . I started loving this. Sometimes she used to push me to see the videos I started encouraging her.

One day while seeing the video she was very hot. The video was of girl goes to a theater for a date and the boyfriend of her arouse her and presses her boobs licks her nipple , by putting his hand in her dress removes the panty and licks her pussy very wildly and fucks her with his big fat dick and the girl spreads her legs and gets fuck very wildly.

I have seen her expression were very wild and after that Haasini told me that she cannot control want to have a fuck right now. I guessed that she might hv gone thru the the same incident in back that’s why she is wild. I just taken her in my arms and started licking her nipples and after that I started licking her all the body parts. I started licking her pussy then she gone wild and asking me to fuck her. I slowly asked her in the ears about her ex -boyfriend as I had a hint after the marriage that she liked a guy in her friend circle. She have not said anything rather just moaning.

She was still recollecting those happened moments. And started pushing my dick in her pussy and started pushing her to fantasize him having a sex with her in a theater. She started moaning a lund in the bed room. I got the point now that he must have done something with her in a theater. The more I started pushing her to fantasize her ex boyfriend she started moaning a lot and suddenly took his name & said “Rohit aur karo aur jor se” aaaaahhhhhhh……. Aur jor se karo Rohit aur jor se…….

I also started talking to her loudly now “ yes Haasini take my lund in ur hot wild pussy more deeper Rohit is fucking u wild now” Haasini now was out of control and started taking his name wildly and at the timing of coming she suddenly shouted Ohhhhh…. Rohit. I am cumming now….. Pls jor se karo…..& she came. After the session she felt so shy and embarrassed. It was Saturday night. I haven’t said anything after coming out from bathroom. I have seen that she is tensed. While sleeping I just took her head kissed on the forehead and said good night. I really enjoyed today as much as u enjoyed.

She was relaxed now. In the morning when we had our afternoon food. I was again horny as recollecting the yesterday night’s moment. I was going horny as my wife started liking being open minded to fulfill her sex desire. I took her in my arms in the bedroom and asked her about her boyfriend. She initially denied but when I said I am ok with her past life and even she wants to meet him now also I am ok with it. There is no harm in meeting and talking my dear. We all are human and every men and women have these fantasies.

It’s good that we are sharing with each other not hiding with each other. Be a open minded person. Haasini in a lower voice asked me “ Sumeet pls don’t break any relationship with me after knowing the things u want” I confirmed her about the same. After the comfort level Haasini said “yes I had a boyfriend I had crush on him still he calls her up & his name is Rohit” I was horny. I asked her about the theater experience. Haasini was shy firstly then told me that she visited twice thrice with him & he had put his hand many times in her panty and bra.

Pressed her boobs many times. I was very horny to know the sexual encounters of my wife. I started licking her ears and stared pressing her boob and told her in ears that she can fantasize Rohit now having a sex with her. That time we had a very wild session , both of us. Haasini now boldly and loudly taken Rohits name while fucking her. After this I asked her to be sexy now bold. She started wearing tightly wrapped sarees , tight salwars and chudidars where she started getting the attentions from the other men.

She even started wearing sexy blouses at some occasions when we 2 only go out. She started teasing me while having a sex sessions that in the office also lots of my colleagues I am attracting. She started feeling the confidence now & became more bold and sexy. We started having more fun now in the bed as she also openly started taking Rohit’s name or sometimes some office colleagues’ name who used to make her horny in the office by looking at her body.

The day came where our life changed and we became more open with each other. Haasini had a phone call on Saturday at 9 in the evening and it was Rohit. Let me tell you, before that also Haasini told me lot of time that during or after office hours she had spoken to Rohit lots of time and he started crossing his limits on the phone while talking. What I did is I put the earphone one in my ear and other in Haasini’s ear and told her to speak to Rohit. He first casually asked her about where she is and is Sumeet (Me) around.

Haasini looking at me with a naughty smile told him that she is at home and Sumeet is not here. Then he started talking to her naughty thing used the word boobs , her wide ass, her lots of other body parts too. He suddenly asked her that if Sumeet is not there tonight can he come to make her happy today? Haasini looked at me I told her to tell him to come tomorrow in the evening. Mainsha was confused I told her to just do that. She invited him on Sunday night for the dinner at home.

The time she kept the phone I told her about the plan first she denied but because of her love and lust for Rohit she said yes. I told her only if she is comfortable then only we will go ahead. The time came Sunday evening The doorbell rang at somewhere around 9. Yes I forgot to tell you that it was a first day of holi and the second day will be Colour holi. I told Haasini to wear her low cut blouse which was of Cream colour & was very open back blouse.

I told Haasini to wear her netted designed black bra which was clearly visible thru that thin material blouse with the very wide and clear cleavage because her wide neck which was almost with the bra cups hardly covering her big melons in the tight blouse. Her nipple impression was also visible thru that. She also agreed and wore a saree 3 inch below her navel and very low as if somebody put the figure from the back then her ass crack can be visible.

The saree was very thin plane cream colour as the matching blouse was and thru her petticoat her panty impression was clearly visible as the same was tightly wrapped on my wife’s wide big ass.

The time doorbell rang I purposely told Haasini to open the door and I was watching from the bedroom door. Rohit was stunned to see Mainsha. His eyes were wide open to see her. He asked that Sumeet is here? She told him yes, he was nervous then.

He asked him where is he? Haasini told him that he is taking a bath. Immediately having a eye in the other room Rohit told Haasini that she is really looking hot wild and sexy. He would like to make her love here itself & he held her waist , Haasini to tease him smiled naughty called me. I came in a minute where Rohit didn’t have any more chance to do anything further. I greeted him very well and given the wishes of holi by meeting him in each other’s arm.

I told Haasini to greet him and wish him liked I wish Rohit. Rohit was shocked to hear this. I told yes why not I m not a conservative husband. I am very open minded person and u both r friends from a very long time. So no harm in wishing like this. With no time Rohit took Haasini in his arm and wished her in front of me and while departing he purpose moved his full hand on her round tight ass. After some talks I told Haasini to get some food and Even thandai with a little bit of Bhang.

I told Rohit that it’s a bhang mixed since I don’t have a habit much pls bare if I go out of way. We had bhang of 4 glasses each and Haasini with 2 glasses. I started acting after atleast an hours time of talk like I am out of my senses. I started taking Haasini in my arms even in front of Rohit. I made Haasini sit in between me and Rohit. Suddenly the topic turned to sex. I immediately made a comment that Haasini is very horny and sexy in the bed. Rohit immediately said yes she should be.

Suddenly a silence in the room and I laughed loudly and I said as I am not in my sense acting the same U know Rohit Haasini really have very sexy Boobs and a very wide ass which I like most. Rohit is now looking straight at her boobs and Haasini was enjoying his straight attention getting horny. Horny with the feeling that the things she used to fantasize about Rohit is now getting in reality where Rohit is going to make her wild love in the bed with her husband’s permission.

She naughtily smiled at him and said messaged frm her eyes as if she is inviting Rohit to make her wild love. Rohit got the signle and made me drink 2 more glasses of bhang even after my deny because I am getting out of senses. After that I acted as if my eyes are even not opening. Both of them took me in arms Rohit in Left side and Haasini in right side. I thought to myself that the plan of acting is working very well and also getting horny that my wife’s fantasy is getting fulfilled. It’s a wonderful feeling.

While taking to the bedroom Rohit was pressing his hand on Haasini’s right boob on the blouse. The moment both of them put me on bed I held Haasini and started taking in my arms as if I am not having senses. Haasini was very wild till that time. Haasini was on me and I was pressing her round ass in front of Rohit. Rohit was enjoying this. I made a further move of taking Haasini’s pallu and throwing it apart.

Suddenly I got more pressure on me it was Rohit who was pressing Haasini’s round ass over her saree. Haasini was also getting wild now didn’t object . Rohit has got the ok signal now even from Haasini and started removing her saree and made her on blouse and petticoat. Now Haasini was not pulled by Rohit as I was in drowsy voice said where are you going she said I am just coming back in some time want to take a bath my dick was hard and I taken it out and said first you take in a mount for some time and then go.

Haasini started doing the same and Rohit started kissing her on her back . he suddenly made his move in her petticoat and started kissing her things and upper part of thighs she now was wet with the situation that she is having a dick of her hubby in her hand and her boyfriend is sucking her thighs. Rohit put his hand on Haasini’s panty and told her that u r really wet inside your panty.

Haasini was just moaning and enjoying every situation as fantasy of every woman of having 2 men at a time and with her husband’s permission is seriously coming true. Rohit also made himself nude and shown his big dick to Haasini. She was amazed to see his big dick. Rohit immediately pulled Haasini take to the bathroom where he made her stand below the shower. As we have 2 bhk flat our bed room is a master bed room.

Now Haasini was full wet and showing every of her body part to Rohit . Rohit started sucking her everywhere. Haasini now started moaning loudly “ Rohit pls lick me everywhere. I was dying for this from a very long time… pls lick my pussy and its my fantasy that u should lick my pussy in front of my husband Sumeet”. Suddenly Rohit put his hand in the wet petticoat and pulled down Haasini’s panty and took her back to the bed.

Rohit told Haasini to suck My cock in a doggy style. Haasini removed my pant and started stroking my cock I acted like I am drunk a lot and then Rohit on his back on the bed started sucking Haasini’s pussy. The time he put is tongue on her pussy and started licking she moaned very loudly…. Oh Rohit u r making me mad ….put ur tongue deep inside and lick it oh Aur jor se Aur jor se Rohit…. Aur jor se chaat….aaj mein paagal ho rahi hu… I am going so wild.. I have 2 dicks in the bed today…

Rohit started pinching Haasini’s nipples now and she was going wild and started stroking my cock faster in her mouth…Rohit pulled Haasini back and made her sleep beside me. Rohit was also became animal now. After making Haasini sleep on her back started licking her nipples hardly. Haasini started moaning again loudly…aaaahhhhh……ooohhhh……pls suck these nipples more after 5 mins of sucking Rohit again moved to Haasini’s pussy and told her….

I will fuck u in front of your husband only, I made u nude in front of ur husband … I sucked ur bare big nipples and hot wet pussy in front of ur husband now …..u suck my hard cock in front of ur husband…See Sumeet is also enjoying his cock is als tight … Haasini started stroking is cock in her mouth. Mainsha now was very wild. Rohit pulled his cock out of

Haasini’s mouth and put her head on my stomach told Haasini to stroke my cock with her one hand and started massaging her pussy with his dick. Haasini was getting impatient now and told Rohit in a very demanding way that “ Rohit don’t tease me anymore pls puck ur hard long dick in my pussy and satisfy me” I was now horny and cannot keep my mouth shut . I just got up. Rohit was now stopped like paused the things. I told Rohit about our plan now and given my cock in

Haasini’s mouth. Rohit started fucking Haasini with his hard cock full in and out in the pussy. Haasini also widen her legs fully to take Rohit’s cock full inside. Rohit’s hard cock is now hitting Haasini’s pussy in full faster way. Haasini was now on her full swing closed her eyes stroking my cock and moaning very loudly .Oh Rohit …. fuck me fuck me harder… Aur jor se …Aur jor se karo… fuck me more harder…. see Sumeet I am enjoying a lot now, Rohit is fucking me nicely…

I am going wild now Sumeet… he has got much bigger cock than yours….Ohhhhhh…fuck me harder Rohit . Fuck me in front of my husband……ooohhhhh harder Rohit harder now…. I am going to come please Rohit hit my pussy harder while saying this Haasini held me with both of her hands on her head positions and Rohit is stroking harder as if he was also coming both came together and Haasini moaned loudly while coming oh Rohit i am coming

Fill my pussy fully with your hard dick….ooohh yesssssss, Both of them came at a time. We had food after that and had 5 rounds in the night. We became very good friends after that. As it opened the doors for both of us for the spice in our life. Me and Haasini are happy in our life having better understandings with each other and also yes love for each other. Rohit sometimes visit our house on some occasions. We still enjoy good sessions at home.

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